Posted on August 26, 2012

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Audit the Pentagon! 20:39:37
Politico: Ron Paul delegates get nosebleed seats 19:06:46
Over 10,000 supporters brave Tropical Storm Isaac to see Ron Paul speak at USF - PICTURES 17:54:04
Live blogging at the Sun Dome 12:40:01
The World is Watching 12:15:55
Tidbit of News from the Sun Dome 11:05:21
Hurricane Crist Blows Romney Away in Florida: Former Republican Governor Backs Obama 08:35:18
Liberty & Fairness Implode As RNC Rules Committee Wields Iron Fist 07:59:52
Another Veteran Declared ‘Mentally Defective’ Has Guns Seized 07:06:08
RNC reports that the convention is postponed until Tuesday due to Hurricane Isaac 21:55:21
NY Times: Ron Paul: "I can't fully endorse Romney" 12:31:23
Ron Paul Sun Dome Rally/ P.A.U.L Festival: Live Stream Links + Open Thread 18:34:55
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Live Audio/Video Ron Paul's Entrance To We Are The Future Rally 23:58:49
Everyone must unite against Romney GOP Rule Change 23:51:52
More TSA Body Scanner Fraud 23:27:34
Ron Paul followers in Tampa ready for their revolution 23:22:04
GOP Try To Keep Gary Johnson Off The Iowa Ballot 23:12:45
Bob Dole to Romney: Ditch the Tea Party 23:10:17
Sal Russo Admits: Tea Party Over in 2014 23:05:25
A Winning Strategy to Get a Libertarian Nominated in 2016 by the GOP! 23:03:03
AP Admits: "Republicans officials have reduced the ranks of Paul delegates" 23:00:15
(VIDEO) Ron Paul: "If I Was In Charge The People Killed on 9/11 Would Still Be Alive" 22:57:12
Scientists Successfully ‘Hack’ Brain To Obtain Private Data 22:56:06
VIDEO: Jesse Benton calls Grassroots ran PaulFestival "A Fringe Element", wishes it would go away 22:51:46
Reuters gives Ron Paul rally much deserved publicity. 22:49:22
SC Sentator Tom Davis speaking at the Ron Paul Rally: "Ben Bernanke is a TRAITOR." 22:48:48
Tracked, Traced, And Databased + Georgia 22:45:49
Somebody Please Tell Me 22:45:02
Let the GOP Exodus Begin 22:42:58
What Is The Problem Here!?! 22:41:39
Braveheart Mooning Scene 22:14:49
Monday Delegation in Tampa 22:13:20
Can we rock the vote using social media? 22:06:48
RNC Shuns Ron Paul, Supporters Root For Romney Defeat 21:35:58
Ron Paul urges his followers to stay engaged in GOP 21:28:46
Drudge: Links to articles about Prince Harry running around naked 21:28:46
Can Someone Enlighten Me? Did Fed Just "Print" $16 Trillion in New Currency? 21:22:50
Anti-Ron Paul bile on full display at and 20:53:03
News You May Have Missed - Headlines 20:46:46
This is for ALL delegates(and Alternates) 20:24:11
RNC to Adopt Minority Report, reversing the crap passed at the Rules Committee 20:23:45
Action Required: Stop The Establishment From Rewriting RNC Rules 20:12:35
Dont we have a majority of the delegates from Texas? 20:11:05
The Splendiferous Crash Of The RNC 20:08:32
Ron Paul's brother, Wayne 20:05:51
Defiant Ron Paul promises "revolution" will continue 20:00:36
Ron Paul on Romney: ‘I don’t fully endorse him’ getting thousands of great comments 19:50:55
Paul Delegates Please Hammer the Math to Romney Delegates: Romney Cannot Win. 19:50:05
Audit the Pentagon 19:49:51
Ron Paul urges his followers to stay engaged in GOP 19:48:30
Ron Paul stops of at local pub after Tampa Rally 19:37:21
What delusional world are people living in? 19:22:05
Don't play "Model United Nations." Don't be like little kids "playing house." 19:18:25
Ron Paul rally in Tampa, Florida robust and revved-up (as per usual) before #Hurricane #Isaac 19:13:17
California republicans plan to drown out any Ron Paul uprising. 19:02:29
Jesse Benton or Adam Kokesh? 18:49:55
In Defense of Adam Kokesh 18:49:19
Click Here If You Believe The GOP Was Taken Over By Neocons 18:46:51
I apologize 18:45:31
Stebbins: Paul supporters 'out to change hearts and minds' 18:43:58
Slay a Dragon for Liberty promotion has begun. 18:39:03
Ron Paul rally robust and revved-up (as per usual) 18:38:38
Romney Logo Satanic! 18:31:16
Hurricane of Truth Hits Tampa 18:27:18
Ron Paul - We are the Future rally (USF SunDome Tampa Florida) 18:26:15
Hey does anyone know where folks may be getting together BESIDES Whiskey Joes? 18:22:22
The whole Ron Paul rally was below average including RP's "final speech" 18:19:46
Paul says his backers will 'become the GOP tent' 18:12:12
Romney Chooses "Wrong" Paul (F*k Paul Ryan!) 17:56:39
No one religion is right or wrong 17:52:00
Who else wants the GOP return to a 3rd party status? 17:44:37
Video Tribute To Dr. Ron Paul 17:10:59
Pray for the 100% safety of Ron Paul and the Ron Paul delegates and supporters. 16:41:35
Well based on the Rand Paul Tribute at the Sun Dome 16:25:22
Paul Fest from home.. 16:12:02
I Am Really Loving Tom Davis For President 2016! 15:52:25
I am so confused! 15:46:56
Gary Johnson "Romney & Obama Are Scared" (Paulfest) 15:45:03
CSPAN Censors Amash 15:38:24
Justin Amash says, "there is no next Ron Paul." 15:36:34
Ron Paul vs Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, who will serve the country best? 15:34:59
"The speech the RNC does not want the rest of America to hear." - Ron Paul 15:30:16
"If you're looking for a leader, you're gonna get a master" 15:27:40
Call Flood : Peaceful Streets Founder Snatched Up For Filming Austin PD Stop 14:45:44
Pray and Meditate NOW for Ron Paul and all we have accomplished this Election! 14:44:14
Enemy of the State Pt.1 14:41:07
Wow - Did you see Ashley Ryan from Maine? 14:38:42
Barry Goldwater, Jr. Tells a Story at the Ron Paul Rally of How Government Works 14:37:38
A Wasted Opportunity for Our Movement 14:35:57
B.S. ALERT! 9,300 at Romney Rally? Really? LOOK here! 14:34:17
Rand Paul doing book signing at sun dome 14:30:35
The Real grassroots showed up for Ron Paul at Sun dome. 14:20:02
Watch the Ron Paul Rally LIVE While chatting with fellow Liberty Lovers @ 13:58:09
Ron Paul rally opens in Tampa; candidate called ‘a clean boat in a sea of garbage’ 13:57:29
Message to Rand Paul 13:35:25
Former Gov. Charlie Crist: Here's why I'm backing Barack Obama 13:34:47
What is it? 13:27:17
Ron Paul Rally on C-Span- LIVE - Coverage Begins At 3PM Eastern Time- Ron Paul Speaks @ 4pm ET 13:14:03
#Unite4GaryJohnson Twitter Bomb Sunday 8/26/2012 starts 2 PM ET 13:12:41
Government Corruption: For Profit "non-profit" Hijacks Justice Department and Homeland Security *vid* 13:05:34
What Is The Difference Between The Gop And The Mafia? 13:01:15
Seats available behind stage at sun dome 12:56:11
NYPD Shooter doesn't even fire in the DIRECTION of Gunman! 12:55:36
Where do we have 5 states *urgent* 12:53:29
Gary Johnson appeals to Ron Paul supporters 12:52:44
~ You Wanna' Be a Republican? Really? 12:49:51
Former FBI Agent: Surveillance State Trashing Constitutional Protections 12:49:21
Attention Tampa! Space Available Now! (8/26 12:45 PM) at "We Are The Future Rally" 12:46:31
Former FBI Agent: Surveillance State Trashing Constitutional Protections 12:43:54
Foreign Cash Disqualifies Romney from Presidential Bid 12:37:53
Chad Connelly is getting much better 12:28:45
Will there be a quorum at the convention? 12:20:54
Woods tells Paul supporters at Paul Festival to be an army of one 12:17:04
Maine Delegates Endure the Wrath of Romney 12:16:26
Attn Please VIDEOGRAPHERS -The Title of Ron Paul's Sun Dome Speech 12:11:50
Gary Johnson At P.A.U.L Festival 12:09:01
Men's hearts shall fail them 12:00:51
My Weird Voicemail 11:46:49
"We Want To Knock The Table Over!" -stirring Speech By Lew Rockwell At Paulfest 11:44:21
Delegates Please note: "RNC to Squeeze Welcome Party Before Isaac." Tropical Storm! 11:41:42
Nevada’s delegation of Ron Paul supporters finding it hard to keep hope alive 11:27:13
Lew Rockwell's Speech at PAUL Fest 11:06:18
Without a Face - The TSA Song 11:04:36
Ed and Ethan 2X03 August 26, 2012 10:48:23
Fractals - Hunting the Hidden Dimension 10:47:09
Minnesota Delegation Reacts to RNC Stripping State Parties’ Authority to Choose Convention Delegates 10:36:55
Paulfest flops needs to ask Benton and his apologists for donations to cover losses, not us 10:28:49
RNC move to Tuesday? Hold on a second. 10:24:20
Lew Rockwell speech in Tampa Saturday August 25, 2012 10:21:53
AP: "Liberty prevails! Ron Paul, I humbly accept the nomination for President of the United States" 09:02:52
It's time for a Johnson/ Paul Ticket 08:57:42
Lip Service from the RNC 08:28:17
RNC Credentials Committee“Rules? There Are NO Rules!” 08:01:03
federal reserve is unconstitution immoral and theft 07:52:54
RNC Rule Changes and their practical effects 07:35:53
Full of Mitt - Song Parody 07:35:03
Romney losing delegates at the convention - NEW 07:27:00
VIDEO-Peek of the RNC Stage as of Sat. Nite & California Delegates on Camera @ the Tradewinds St. Pete Beach 07:16:00
Top Economists: Iceland Did It Right … And Everyone Else Is Doing It Wrong 06:40:01
. 06:36:48
. 06:29:22
Republicans tease with gold standard is just that. 05:57:45
Saw a Sarah Palin Billboard 05:43:02
Many Iowa delegates gave money to Ron Paul 05:33:01
Former Florida Republican Governor Charlie Crist says he is supporting Barack Obama for president 05:31:29
Reminder For Sun Dome Rally Tickets Available On A First-come, First-served Basis 05:06:27
wars neo cons liberty and freedom 05:01:55
Will God/Universe/Karma punish the Republican Convention in Tampa with a hurricane of epic destruction? 04:20:02
Does the Republican Party deserve our future? 03:54:38
Paul Festival: The Fight for the Ron Paul Grassroots' Soul 03:47:41
Gold standard will ruin the dollar - from Reuters 03:38:32
Washington Post: Ron Paul’s fans throw a party without guest of honor 03:37:39
Gary Johnson's Speech At PAUL Fest 03:28:48
Bernanke says there’s room for Fed to act further to bolster recovery; defends actions 03:17:37
ALERT! Hurricane Watch was upgraded to a Hurricane Warning for Tampa 1 AM Aug 26 03:07:35
WARNING: Plan to plant weed in RP delegate room safes. Have safe opened by Hotel on Arrival. 02:58:11
Mitt Romney’s Dad Was an Alinsky Follower 02:33:28
Fake twitter followers 02:28:39
70% of Obama Twitter followers are fake 02:26:29
Great New Documentary Exposes Global Warming Hoax 01:51:55
From American Thinker 01:51:23
A question about Maine Caucus and the Governor 01:46:58
The hmaun Mnid Can Usedrtnnad Wdors Wteirtn In Any Oredr As Lnog as The Fsirt and Lsat Leettr Are Poreplry Plaecd 01:33:14
TMOT to the Rescue at P.A.U.L. Fest 01:21:02
The Revolution will fail. (Prove me wrong.) 01:10:16
Video #21 of 27: The Only Difference Between Romney and Obama is the Color of Their Skin 01:09:54
UPDATE>Does Anyone Know How Many States Have Sent In Their Notarized Document Formally Nominating Ron Paul? 00:56:42
Banking Fraud Special on Coast To Coast Radio 00:55:39
It's simply a steak 00:46:55
Show Up on Sunday? 00:36:00
Possible Solution to Still Vote for Ron Paul in the Election 00:33:31
Alabama Lt. Governor Caught Red-handed removing Ron Paul Sign in Tampa 00:33:19
Who Are the Real Domestic Terrorists 00:17:14
"I can save myself!" 00:10:05
Ron Paul delegates are finding weed planted in their hotel 00:08:54