Posted on August 28, 2012

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Anger At Convention Over GOP Corruption 22:03:11
Video: Maine Delegate Exposes RNC Corruption 21:40:19
Ron Paul's Maine Delegates Erupt After Getting Barred from Republican Convention 21:27:58
Video compilation of votes cast for Ron Paul at the RNC 20:23:23
Video of the Nevada delegate naming the six states who nominated Ron Paul at the RNC 20:20:22
Final Delegate Vote Count at Convention 17:12:29
Video: Paul Supporters Chant as Ron Paul Enters RNC Convention 15:57:37
VA Delegation Bus being Redirected away from Convention to prevent them from voting against Rules Committee Power Grab 14:38:23
Ron Paul Appears on RNC Convention Floor to Show Solidarity with Delegates 15:56:37
Video Update: Ron Paul on Cavuto @ RNC - 8-28-12 16:31:45
Rules fight not over; 2:00 pm today fight continues.. 12:42:55
"Even though the establishment seems to be victorious right now, don’t get discouraged." -Ron Paul 10:05:21
Colorado Paul Delegates Won't Support Romney 09:58:35
RNC Debt Clock Joke 07:42:50
AK · AZ · OK · VT Congressional Primaries Are TODAY... Go Vote For Liberty Candidates 10:04:21
Ed Vallejo on Ernest Hancock's Show Tuesday Morning! 10:00:20
Post-We Are The Future Rally Interview: Dr. Paul directly discusses Brandon Raub's case! 00:02:02
Ron Paul Presence at the RNC: We Can Do Better! 00:42:49
RNC Live Stream + Open Thread: Mitt's Acceptance Speech, 10pm ET 12:16:20
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Don't Lose Heart! Keep Carrying The Torch! 23:59:57
GOP Takes Big Step Toward Gold 23:59:54
Getting something trended on Twitter 23:51:03
CNN's Dana Bash Interviews Ron Paul Delegate at Convention 23:49:30
EPJ: Wow, Rand Paul Throws His Father Under the Bus 23:47:22
Is There Any Question That The Process Is Controlled &That Presidents Are Selected, Not Elected? 23:47:15
organized TSA protest 23:37:10
Spamming Romney 23:33:29
GOP Commits Suicide By Nominating Romney and Ignoring Ron Paul! 23:29:50
Ron Paul must run as an independent! 23:28:28
ATTN: Delegates! 23:25:18
subtle apparel 23:20:47
Ron Paul Trending On Yahoo Homepage 23:17:17
One of two things are going to happen in my opinion 23:15:34
Graphic Post regarding war and our actions in the Middle East and what Obama/Romney will bring to the table 23:12:24
.. 23:10:43
It has become impossible for the cabal to hide the truth; they are being defeated 23:08:23
Every Paul Delegate Please Grab The Reporters And Tell Them The Gop Cheated 23:07:15
Ron, please run 3rd party and take the GOP down! 22:51:06
The Rebirth of Liberty 22:48:17 down? 22:46:15
Bringing new people into the liberty movement 22:41:02
PLEASE! Don't Quit The Party! 22:39:22
We need Ben Swann, Rachel Maddow, or John Stewart to expose and shame the RNC for what they did to the Maine Delegates 22:37:19
America Can Bend Over And Kiss Her Fat Ass Goodbye 22:31:19
Spread the Message on how Maine was Shafted - Remember the Maine 22:29:01
So proud of you, DELEGATES! 22:22:01
A day of revolt 22:11:04
Justin Amash 22:10:20
Who to vote for... who to vote for... 22:09:46
Rule Change for Having a Candidate Placed into Nomination from 5 States to 8 States 22:05:13
The Five Stages of Grief 22:03:33
When Does Rand Speak? 22:02:02
Huge Problem for Romney. - RNC can't substitute Each State's Electors 21:59:33
Ron Paul will not endorse Gary Johnson and this is why 21:59:23
GOP Trying To Keep Elderly Voting Base Alive Until November 21:56:04
Great idea for delegates... 21:52:59
Remember, Remember the 6th of November 21:52:48
Republican Party Uses Democracy to Rig Election & Cheat Rules - Republican Party NOT republican at All 21:37:31
Boehner Cheating - Link to Video 21:33:11
My Awakening, and the Bottom Line 21:31:14
The Ron Paul Rebellion: It Got Loud - Slate 21:31:11
Paul/Johnson ? 21:27:37
The People's Party 2016 - Re-Branding the Republican Party 21:27:02
I Hope Ron decides to make another Run at it in 2016! I think he would win it finally! 21:16:49
The next time I get something from the RNC or the Romney campaign in the mail 21:16:21
A Plea For Unity in Attacking the Establishment in November 21:09:52
To Stay in the GOP or to go? 20:57:40
PURGE the Republican Party during the next four years. 20:54:08
My Pledge to Myself and to Liberty 20:53:45
Is Johnson/Paul still a possibility? 20:51:38
Why voting for gary johnson is important. (and why you liking him is irrelevant) 20:50:03
So What Do We Do Now? 20:48:20
TPP - Worse Than Acta? 20:48:12
Huff Post :Ron Paul Delegates Cause Mayhem At Republican Convention-Excellent Footage ! 20:45:56
Huffington Post: Ron Paul Delegates Cause Mayhem At Republican Convention 20:43:31
Republicans Work to Remove Gary Johnson from Iowa Ballot 20:42:17
If You Leave, They Win! 20:38:25
It's Information War Times And I Just Had This Crazy Idea... Of A Liberty Pulse Day (Weekly) 20:36:02
Will Ron Paul endorse anyone? How does it work? 20:33:29
Letdown 20:21:20
We will win in the end 20:19:07
Congressman Stark: One Subject at a Time Act is a "simple-minded bill" 20:15:48
The perception of unity 20:11:00
RNC's Theme of the Night: "We Built It!" But what's IT? 20:10:59
Independent nominee? 20:04:28
Now That Ron Paul Didn't Win The GOP Nomination, Will He Run As An Independent For President? 20:03:11
An idea to the creator of the website Michael Nystrom 20:02:57
Cheat, Lie, and Disenfranchise 20:00:06
This Ron Paul supporter just donated to Gary Johnson 19:58:24
Advice Please! 19:58:02
Ok, can we sue the GOP for cheating & breaking their own rules and demand a re-vote? 19:57:38
I just changed my voter registration in solace with the Ron Paul delegates 19:55:38
To Hell With Rand Paul 19:46:24
We could get behind the Republican Nominee with Rand and vote for Romney 19:36:51
America, It Slipped Through Your Hands! 19:36:25
Republicans Stealing The Election From Ron Paul. 19:33:16
Join TX, ME, and OK For After Party at Whiskey Joe's at 9:00 pm 8/28 19:28:53
Thank you Dr Paul 19:26:56
The Announcement from Ron Paul that would restore my trust in the Revolution 19:25:43
Don't quit the party, but don't vote Romney 19:23:57
Cavuto Interview Presidential Candidate Ron Paul at RNC 19:19:52
Did anyone else hear "End the Fed" 19:15:57
Gary Johnson VS Obama/Romney - Take your pick 19:11:21
Thank You Dr Paul 19:09:04
Obama Just Won the Election, Unless Ron Paul Runs Third Party and Wins 19:03:26
Ed and Ethan 2X3.5 August 28, 2012 19:02:16
An angry post about leaving the party. 19:00:52
Official: The Delegates have walked out 18:58:30
No One But Paul! NOT Gary Johnson! 18:56:53
Long Live Ron Paul 18:56:33
The entire GOP drama is to prevent Ron Paul nomination 18:51:28
We Ron Paul Supporters Can Take Credit For The Rebuilding of America 18:49:55
The Daily Show facebook getting Ron Paul bombed 18:49:54
12 hours of PaulFest in HD 18:49:52
Message to Mitt Romney and his supporters 18:49:02
Blowback: Gary Johnson Money Bomb August 29 18:45:07
What about the Constitution Party? 18:44:30
The Revolution will not be televised 18:39:05
Message from Iowa delegate at the convention being kept from getting to Convention 18:37:40
It Is Not Over 18:37:16
Gop Vote Is Invalid – Failed To Allow Ron Paul Nomination Speech 18:36:46
If Ron Paul Has Any Guts At All 18:35:13
Message to RNC and the Republican Party - I will NOT vote for Mitt Romney... Period 18:34:38
Everyone, continue visiting here regularly 18:31:57
Gary Johnson counting on Ron Paul's backers to Switch 18:30:03
Gary Johnson vs the Duopoly 18:27:35
I pledge to do everything in my power to prevent Mitt Romney from being elected. 18:25:22
Thank You Delegates! 18:22:05
Bye bye! 18:19:10
Peter Schiff: "The Party is Over". 18:17:14
"GOP blames Ron Paul supporters for loss to Obama" 20:15:59
Do not allow for Goldman Sachs robot to become president 18:14:02
We Just Witnessed the Last Nail 18:12:15
We can still send a message to GOP and rnc 18:10:51
Delegates: The Entire Vote Is Invalid No Nominating Speeches For Paul 18:08:14
Truth Is Treason In The Empire Of Lies 18:07:56
Game Plan for the Future of Liberty 18:07:43
Ron Paul supporters walk out of GOP convention 18:07:33
Urgent - Delegates And Alternates - Do Not Leave! 18:06:52
Nothing is over until WE decide it is 18:04:06
You know those 200 delegates that the campaign always said we had? 18:03:39
Conservative Claims Obama Runs Eugenics Program to Kill Black Babies 17:57:36
News: Republicans nominate Mitt Romney for president 17:56:07
Well Delegates 17:48:01
Hope You all Heard 17:47:22
Is it done then? 17:45:07
Gary Johnson 2012 17:40:47
Rand Paul: GOP Needs My Dad’s Followers 17:37:38
RNC = Disgusting pigs 17:36:29
Ron Paul To Cavuto: ‘I Have No Plans To Endorse’ Romney/Ryan Ticket 17:25:52
A Video for the delusional fools who think elections are real. 17:23:28
Delegates And Alternates Remember The Alamo! 17:21:27
The biggest Fraud in USA is the RNC ! 17:20:38
Chris Matthews speaks to several Ron Paul delegates/supporters 17:18:47
Peter Schiff: All the coverage Ron Paul got was why he couldn't win! 17:15:00
God Bless the Ron Paul Revolution 17:14:01
The Real Mitt Romney 17:04:04
Ron Paul backers boo GOP credentials report 17:01:04
OMG! 16:57:20
RNC Turns Off Microphones So Delegation Can't Voice Motions To Reconsider & Calls For Division! 16:55:53
Sarah Palin pushing for floor fight on rules 16:55:51
Just heard on fix I mean fox Romney to accept nomination at 5:20 16:54:25
Ron Paul Supporters Are Verbally Disrupting The RNC 16:53:24
Ron Paul Arrives At The RNC - Let Him Speak ! 16:38:33
What Is Goin On States Are Backing Paul,it's Crazy Here 16:37:44
Bu+ +head Boener Just Falsely Calls VoteTo Accept Power Grab Rules! 16:33:53
Rince Pubis Falsely Calls Vote To Accept Credentials Without Duly Elected Maine Delegates! 16:28:32
Delegate Interview - You Must Say Romney Cheated You Must 16:25:58
Fat Libertarian Rant Against Convention Speeches 16:22:21
6 state plurality paper work has been turned in for nominating Ron Paul as presidential candidate. 16:16:30
Mainstream Republicans might be jerks... 16:07:26
Paperwork filed to nominate Ron Paul at RNC 16:03:34
Ron Paul w/ Neil Cavuto 8/28/12 16:02:07
The Mystery RNC guest speaker 15:58:28
RNC a Microcosm of Corrupt America 15:54:50
AArrg 15:54:09
Romney Facebook unofficial poll 15:51:06
I wanted to share with you a song of revolution (edit) 15:43:25
Floor Fight - Minority Report signatures! 15:38:49
Video - Illegal Aliens in Moscow slave shop deported 15:37:06
QUICK! Please email my Georgia delegate friend who thinks he is bound to Romney! 15:35:51
NBC:Ron Paul gets hero's welcome at convention visit 15:22:08
Ron Paul On CNN Right Now!"Romney Is Not The Only Candidate! #tampa #gop #paz #libertad #Isaac 15:15:40
Romney Camp Now Removing Rules Committee Members Who Don't Support Their New Rules 15:13:58
Rand Paul Confronted Again By Luke Rudkowski 15:03:33
Things about to get real up in the RNC 15:02:04
Texas Plurality? 15:00:54
Rhode and Virginia delegates are still in the bus! The Convention doesn't allow them to come in ! 14:59:42
Ron Paul refuses to speak at RNC to avoid endorsing Romney 14:59:37
Report from Paulfestival Security with thanks to DP community. 14:55:57
Epic times call for epic Paul music 14:53:02
Any update on VA and IA delegations making it into the convention? 14:52:02
Is anyone twittering from the convention? 14:36:38
Just got off the phone and it appears that despite the best efforts of Romney & GOP, Ron Paul will be nominated from the floor 14:35:55
Can you feel the heat from the Fire in the hearts on the Floor Listening to speakers? 14:34:45
Arresting Roney and Staff on election fraud charges 14:28:18
Prayer Bomb For Nomination! 14:11:26
What an abomination! Rabbi prays for Romney/Ryan as 14:09:10
Ron Paul has arrived at the Convention. 14:02:14
Paul to Be nominated from floor with plurality of delegates within hours! 14:00:38
The "Corrupt" GOP Critical Information 13:57:16
~ Took My Breath Away - They Didn't Give Up - They Didn't Let Us Down 13:51:36
Ron Paul is on the floor on cspan 13:37:49
More Dirty Tricks? 13:35:22
YT Ron Paul Delegate Party (8/26) vs. Mitt Romney Delegate Party (8/27) 13:25:57
The Popular Vote Is A Psychological TACTIC To Weaken Your Mission To Nominate Paul 13:23:16
Everyone call cspan and inform them of the upcoming battle and what romney is doing 13:13:54
Just an other great man explaining how the game works 13:08:23
Ron Paul speaks at Iowa Republican breakfast (link) 13:03:08
Ron Paul To Make Appearance On Gop Convention Floor 1:45 Pm Et Today 8/28 12:59:06
As last ditch effort lets have Romney arrested 12:58:30
Paul Ryan, the Neocon 12:48:47
Civilians Told Not to Fear Blackhawks Over Minneapolis 12:44:20
Paul supporters on Chris Mathews. the guy from Detroit, many of us crashed at his place in Tampa...GO Charlie! 12:44:14
Contact INFO Your Rules Delegate to TAMPA-call or email ASAP 12:40:09
Mini Documentary Reveals Full Extent of ‘Stellar Wind’ Domestic Spy Program 12:39:21
Brandon Raub Local Interview *NEW* 12:34:07
The First State's 1st Liberty Champion 12:32:47
von Mises: Congressman Ron Paul has been swindled out of the nomination 12:26:22
Ron Paul...Surprise Visit To The Floor 1:45pm Today 12:25:41
Can A Photocopy Of A Driver's License Be Used Instead Of A Notary At The Rnc For Nominating Papers? 12:20:23
Two ballot issues that need to fail in SCC Missouri. 12:15:39
RNC promotion video 12:13:22
Ron Paul attended the International Democrat Union event in Tampa, anyone got proof of this? 12:12:45
Ron Paul to make appearance on Convention Floor @ 1:45 EST 12:10:50
When Ya Got Money In the Bank 11:59:54
Death of Poltics As A Course Of Action 11:54:11
Coal miners say they were forced to attend Romney event and donate 11:44:40
What if Romney gets the nomination? 11:35:21
In Defense Of Liberty Extremism 11:25:12
IDEAS on flying the flag in Tampa 11:24:53
Mike Huckabee to Ron Paul supporters: You lost, move on 11:24:37
Among the Paulites in Tampa - Jeff Taylor 11:19:51
Turn Your Eyes Toward Tampa, Save The Republic 11:14:59
Check out the Top Comment 11:09:47
We are LIVE with an open show on FBN, Talk Tampa, RNC, the Future, and more 11:08:04
Robbing Ron Paul (my new Nolan Chart article) 11:00:14
Live From Tampa: "We've Already Won." 10:23:45
Minnesota GOP conventioneers, mostly Ron Paul backers, seated in back 40 10:11:37
Abstinence: The only way to prevent an unwanted presidency. 09:42:28
Need Help - Liberty Candidate Rejoins Race for ND State House! 09:41:33
Obama's real legacy $10 trillion in new federal debt over just four years 09:37:24
Delegate Strategy VS Ballot Access Strategy 09:36:58
Average U.S. Household Has Lost 5% in Annual Income Since Economic “Recovery” Began 09:36:18
POLL: Over/Under 10 years If Robama is elected. 09:34:43
CEOs of Major Defense Contractors Earn More in a Day than Average U.S. Worker in a Year 09:20:48
Obama Steps Up Foreign Weapons Sales, Overwhelming Other Arms Makers 09:17:58
Opening RNC Speaker "Should Be in Jail". (Makes sense to me; Mittens "Should Be in Jail" too.) 09:12:12
Maine Patriot hero Brent Tweed interview about Stalinist opposition 09:09:16
WOW Christie would not give up NJ statehouse because he didn't think Mitt Romney could win. 09:06:07
Iraq vet arrested on terrorism charges after jogging with training rifle 09:04:38
A Message from Australia 09:00:59
Mike Bloomberg And His 11 Homes Think New York Homeless Shelters Are Too Damn Nice. 08:57:54
Oak Ridge Boys Fox & Friends (Ron Paul included) 8/28 - UPDATED w/ Link 08:57:37
Paul Ryan protest pics from his hometown rally 08:54:13
Obama's Brother calls up Dinesh D'Souza for money to help with his kid's hospitalization!video 08:51:52
Mitt Romney's unpaid family bill and scandalous family history 08:50:16
The little App that could of 08:48:03
Bachmann Welcomes Paul delegates 08:45:46
Why is this lawsuit not on here? 08:43:52
Delegates to protest @ RNC over not seating delegates... 08:31:56
14 minutes of the REVOLUTION 08:22:42
Slate's poorly articulated "opinion" of P.A.U.L. Festival and the "We Are The Future" Rally 08:21:49
Doug Casey - "There really are no political solutions at this point." 07:59:09
I "killed" the messenger last night 07:51:41
How can Romney already have an acceptance speaking spot scheduled? 07:27:03
HAARP Activated to Subdue Hurricane Isaac 07:20:27
If Anyone Sees Lori Sotelo At The "Republican" Convention In Tampa... 07:16:37
Israeli Court Rules Death of Rachel Corrie was an Accident 07:05:31
Embracers of the Constitution are baffled by what’s really in it 07:03:03
Russian Expert Predicts Obama Will Declare Martial Law in America by End of 2012 07:02:24
Is Romney an undercover Obama campaign operative? 07:00:27
Canadian Newspaper 06:42:08
Ron Paul is a laughing stock and Public Spectacle 06:16:47
URGENT Does Anyone Have Access To And Know How To Use A Pdf Editor? As In Right Now? 06:11:25
Consumption VS Production What Makes An Economy? 05:53:10
Linda Bean- The Ron Paul Delegates Are Not Going Away Easy 05:52:06
Herman Cain Now on Board for Romney 04:42:52
The Republican Party is no longer the Party of Reagan 04:03:21
Question: If RNC can change rules on the fly, can the States change theirs on the fly 03:48:34
They are fishing for the real vote count 03:48:34
We Made the New York Times! Eve of Delayed Convention 03:08:15
Time To Declare Ron Paul Win 03:04:38
You're daily digest of 2 hours of intellectual AWESOME! 03:02:16
Romney Power Grab Shows Stalinist Mentality, Disqualifies Him from Nomination 02:46:56
US Arms Transfer Agreements Largest in History (USA supplied 77.7% of entire Globe in 2011) 02:34:38
RNC Tightens Noose On Delegates In Last Minute Rule Change - Cynthia Kennedy Reports From the Trenches! 02:25:02
Romney: OK, Buy the RNC, Sell off Their Offices, And Downsize the Grassroots. 02:23:56
Priebus asks a question 02:22:02
Not afraid of the storm... 01:53:22
Might be something to the rumors of Romney delegates dumping him 01:49:58
The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation 01:35:56
Bullied? Tell Them, "You are breaking the "Voting Rights Act". This is a Free Country.Please Desist." 01:29:56
Repulican Convention Schedule 01:15:44
True Republican Mutiny at the RNC 01:01:41
No "Compromise" Here are the Magic Phone Numbers: Rules Committee. Have People Call All Night. 01:01:12
Anyone have a copy of the Romney pledge 00:59:20
You don't have to pay Federal Income Tax? 00:51:21
One Rule To Change Them All 00:50:42
(video) Where have the Rothschilds disappeared to? 00:43:49
blog talk radio live- these guys KNOW what they are talking about! listen delegates... 00:42:07
Ron Paul: Meaningless Words In Politics 00:38:26
RNC Brokered Convention or Death of GOP? 00:31:49
Spoken From The Heart Of A Ron Paul Supporter! 00:31:41
RNC still frightened of Ron Paul 00:31:14
Maddow Covers RP Delegate Nosebleed Seating 00:29:31
Libertarian Solution to School Shootings? 00:24:40
Raging Grannies Respond to Todd Akin (funny video) 00:24:12
(video) Shocking Facts You Did Not Know A Minute Ago 00:17:32
Brent Tweed: Maine Delegation Chair AVTM (Video) 00:15:30
Who to Vote For? 00:13:49