Posted on August 29, 2012

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Justin Raimondo: The Platform From Hell 19:02:46
Ex-Marine to sue over detention for Facebook posts 16:13:18
Mitt Romney Nose Pin 15:27:14
HOT! Ron Left Tampa Yesterday 12:55:16
Rand Paul to Iowans: ‘You could argue you had a disproportional influence here’ 10:54:41
Ron Paul's 'Thank You' letter 11:13:04
Seal Team Six Book: Bin Laden Was Already Dead 23:39:26
Newt "the Clueless" Gingrich: "90% Of The Ron Paul People Will Be With Romney" 21:26:14
CNN's Wolf Blitzer Interviews Rand: "Republican Officials Clearly Snubbed Ron Paul." 06:00:56
Ron Paul Won 20:12:47
*ATTENTION* All Delegates! Important Delegate Press Conference To Be Held Thursday! 09:22:02
Reality Check: Ben Fact Checks His Interview With Romney - Pants On Fire! 07:55:04
Ron Paul Delegate speaks out About GOP Corruption on CNN 17:32:41
POLITICO: Ron Paul movement not ready to pass torch to Rand 01:02:21
Justin Amash Calls for Audit of RNC Over Treatment of Paul Delegates 11:43:24
Las Vegas Sun + NY Times Confirm: Ron Paul Got SIX State Petitions for Nomination 00:59:20
Video Update: Floor Fight! Boehner Just Cheated! 21:18:10
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Stephen Colbert falsely portrays Paul Ryan as Ron Paul type candidate 23:58:42
VIDEO: Peter Schiff Defends Rand Paul and Endorses Gary Johnson At Paul Festival 23:58:02
Romney Must Lose (please read) 23:53:18
VIDEO: Maine Delegation Walks Out from the RNC in Protest, full 20 minute video 23:42:47
Gary Johnson - 2008 Rally for the Republic and 2012 PaulFest Speeches 23:41:52
Interesting. Is this real? 23:35:56
My email to John Kasich, Gov. Ohio 23:30:31
Romney's Cayman Yacht Party: All Aboard the Cracker Bay 23:29:55
Attention Delegates: Time for a FORMAL Press Conference 23:27:56
Student ID's 23:24:24
Ron Paul wants us to stay and take over the GOP 23:23:58
Calling All Delegates, Pacs and all Liberty Lovers ! Please Rally To our Cause! 23:14:10
Ron Paul leaves Tampa, TSA harasses him 23:09:47
The gun owners vs. the power mad 22:59:18
Message to the GOP: This Doesn't End Here, Not Now, Not Ever 22:35:37
To: Rnc 22:26:23
A Few Ideas For Protection Of Liberty 22:24:50
Doctors and farmers find that eliminating GMOs prevents disease 22:24:22
Here is our next move. 22:19:03
Post-RNC planning - we don't have much time! 22:01:05
TSA Harasses Ron Paul and His Wife in Florida 22:00:59
If MR offered Ron Sec. of State or Treasury Sec. and Ron accepted, would that make a difference 2U? 21:58:14
We Are The Future Rally, Personal Sovereignty, and Ron Paul 21:54:19
JFK was right! 21:53:31
Keep the Faith boys and girls 21:51:23
Audit The Fed S.202 Get To Work! 21:47:25
Now is the time to put the pressure onthe way Ron Paul taught us 21:40:24
Financially Painful Enough to Move Reps or Dems to 3rd Party Status 21:38:07
Scientific data 21:36:26
The Triumph of the Reich-Publican Party 21:36:13
Does everything with three initials suck? 21:36:01
You can Vote for Gary Johnson, but you have to come back to the GOP or this was all for naught 21:35:57
How to cut $1 trillion in spending all at once, and without the consent of Congress 21:25:55
President Paul: Let the Grassroots continue! 21:25:51
. 21:15:24
If GJ offered Ron Sec. of State or Treasury Sec. and Ron accepted, would that make a difference 2U? 21:13:32
As goes Maine, so goes the nation! Ron Paul delegates march out in protest! 21:04:37
I should not have to post this on Dailypaul 21:02:54
Something fishy going on at the DOJ 21:00:15
Because Of Her Views On The RNC Powergrab, Fox News Cancelled Sarah Palin's 20:46:54
Who Voted for John McCain? 20:46:37
Why did the establishment push Romney so hard? 20:45:14
Cartoon - RomneyFish 20:45:11
Rand Paul For President 2016 20:44:42
Ron Is Right! If there's one thing we can take away from this... 20:43:26
This is not a day to be optimistic about the future 20:36:02
Can someone tkae a video of all the Ron Paul supporters outside the convention 20:18:26
I'm voting for Gary Johnson. Here's Why I am. And Why I Think You Should. 20:08:44
Walter Block on voting for Gary Johnson 20:06:07
So Seriously 20:02:27
The New Republic of Texas 20:02:25
Democracy Now! Reports on RNC deception. 19:59:56
RNC video tribute to Ron Paul‏ 19:59:51
Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital 19:56:32
Ron and Rand working together to save America 19:55:26
Replace The Ron Paul Video On The Homepage With The One From His Account 19:54:28
GOP liberty freedom and Ron Paul 19:52:54
Continue the rEVOLution for Ron Paul Money Bomb 19:52:02
Governor Gary Johnson for President is going to be in South Carolina next Wednesday, September 5th at 7:00PM. 19:50:09
Hear Me Out! How Ron Paul Could Create A New Political Party Who's Nominee Could Win In 2016! 19:41:51
Gary Johnson Please Call a Special Convention, Save Our Country: Paul-Johnson Libertarian Ticket 19:41:30
If One Day You Understand Ron Paul.. 19:34:53
My Message To Romney's Delegates And Followers - This Is You! 19:27:27
I don't get it, what's a Revolution without a fight? 19:26:24
Pledge to write in Ron Paul 19:21:14
Why The Establishment Would Want Romney To Win The General Election 19:19:41
Gop Corruption 19:18:09
Gary Johnson 2012 FUGOP! 19:17:13
Demons vote for Obama & Romney... 19:16:50
Rocky Balboa and Ron Paul 19:09:47
What Will America Be Like In 2016? 19:06:13
Fascist Wing of Single USSA Party Not Even Bothering to Pretend Anymore 19:00:10
Can Gary Johnson change his vice president choice this late? 18:59:12
2016 Presidential Race: Drafting One Liberty Candidate Isn't Enough 18:58:10
TSA Revenge Against Paul Family 18:53:24
This is where we are, this is what it is. Now. Think. 18:53:08
Gary Johnson Money Bomb 18:52:42
Intro To AnCap: Private Law Pt. 2 – How Can It Work? 18:41:24
"Obi-Wan Kenobi" of Liberty 18:40:13
Write-In Dr. Paul 18:33:05
Romney donors get VIP treatment at RNC 18:30:01
Libertarian VP hopeful visits UNC 18:24:00
Allegory of what we just witnessed at the RNC 18:35:41
End the parties 18:10:01
2012 RNC should be made into a movie 18:09:57
Speech by Ashley Ryan at We Are The Future Rally (video) 18:08:11
Ron Paul explains the corrupt election process and the need for a third party debate. 18:07:20
I think in four years we can have a real libertarian president! 18:06:45
Why You Should Vote For Romney 18:06:21
The only solution to our Problem 18:04:36
Not Ready To Die In Your War, Help Us Prevent War Between Israel And Iran 18:00:30
Do Something! 17:43:22
Peaceful Protest in Nov. Next Step for Revolution? 17:40:39
I Found the Perfect Ron Paul 2.0 Candidate 17:39:12
Will Coo-Cuccinelli Leave Himself Exposed? 17:32:19
Gabriel Iglesias Video - Laugh Some 17:30:01
VIDEO: From Ron Paul's Beach Party BBQ - MA Alt Delegate gives an Interview 17:28:32
Barack Obama doing AMA on Reddit now 17:26:28
President Obama is on Reddit right now! 17:26:17
Printable Gun Shut Down by Indiegogo 17:20:00
Should Romney or Obama win, WE have a job to do 17:19:10
Ron Paul & The RNC: Where Is The Liberal Media Bias When We Need It? 17:18:18
Ron Paul Reddit 17:10:32
S.202 Viability - Jon Kyl's words 17:10:21
As a Life Long Republican, I Will Not Vote For Romney. 17:06:02
As a Life Long Republican, I Will Not Vote For Romney. 17:04:35
Potential Romney Fed Chairman: Wants to implement a -10 % interest rate by invalidating currency with a certain ending digit. 17:04:10
Iowa Alternate Explains Corruption at RNC 17:02:59
Ask President Obama anything on Reddit today at 4:30PM ET 16:51:45
Jesse Benton addresses the disenfranchised Maine Delegation 16:50:56
Disenfranchised Maine delegation continued outside. 16:46:53
GOP's Final Word to Paul Supporters: 16:46:10
Wendell Phillips quotes, 150 years old and still timely 16:41:40
Ben Swann On Jerry Doyle Show Today 3:30 EDT 16:39:06
Fascist Wing of Single USSA Party Not Even Bothering to Pretend Anymore 16:32:40
Mainstream LA Times prints Paul delegate quote comparing GOP policies to NAZI Germany 16:29:34
Petition to hold VA Officials (Brandon Raub's Kidnappers) Criminally Liable 16:25:13
Rick Santorum to Paul supporters: a vote against Romney is a vote for Obama 16:20:22
Noonan and Rush are both UNderwhelmed by RNC Convention 16:12:05
Ron Paul Delegate speaks out About GOP Corruption on CNN 16:08:02
Rand Paul, are you starting to believe your own bulls hit. 16:03:33
An Analysis of the Voting Choices for 2012 16:03:27
GOP Soviets 15:59:03
UN on a decline, the comments are eye opening, 15:57:27
The Johnsonites Versus the Writer-inners 15:56:18
Very informative article on the RNC corruption 15:54:21
Gave more to Gary Johnson 15:48:42
Sheriff Richard Mack to Vote for Mitt Romney 15:47:07
The Revolution will continue with Judge Andrew Napolitano in 2016! 15:36:00
Illinois Write-in Campaign For Dr. Paul/need Signatures Turned Into Your County Clerk's Office By September 6th! 15:33:22
Ron Paul Leaves Tampa Before Rand Paul Addresses the Convention 15:32:41
10 15:30:38
The political process has failed. Time to take up a much more effective path to liberty: 15:23:10
John Boehner Calls For Point Of Order on House Floor, but Pretends It's Not Allowed at RNC 15:23:02
Within the next few years we all will have to make a choice! 15:12:49
In Defence of Jesse Benton 15:12:02
Former RNC Chair Haley Barbour: Snub a misstep, overreaching 15:07:44
Three little kittens 15:07:11
Heads Up Gary Johnson 15:05:40
The Nation: His Supporters Treated 'Atrociously,' Ron Paul Refuses to Back Romney 15:02:17
Blame the establishment for parading out weak candidates like Romney, counter the blame Paul memo for losing to Obama 14:53:01
They arrested 4 militia who "conspired to overthrow the government" 14:45:47
Anyone notice the delegate imbalance between AP and the actual results 14:29:23
The U.S. Air Force is Officially Seeking Cyber Weapons against U.S. Citizens 14:29:07
The Incredible Hulk of classical music 14:27:54
EVIDENCE: Hot Mic Catches Republican @ RNC Praising Censorship of Ron Paul & R3VOL! 14:24:44
Trashing the Mainstream GOP 14:23:07
Ron Paul's Maine Delegates Get Pissed Off After the RNC Cheats Them 14:20:45
Payback's a Bitch 14:19:19
Romney to Speak at American Legion Wednesday 14:16:23
Leave the RNC with a MASSIVE statement 14:15:13
liberty Crier:GOP Destroys Integrity of National Convention, Flagrantly Cheats Ron Paul Out of Nomination 14:07:00
Rhode Island Ron Paul Supporter delegate has sign confiscated on RNC floor 14:03:38
As Maine Goes So Goes The Nation 14:03:14
"I wish I could tell you we were doing well right now, we're not. Ron Paul has totally taken our state party over" - Jon Kyl 14:02:01
Who the Hell do we vote for now? 14:01:01
Thank you Joη 14:00:18
New Jersey Needs Your Help 13:57:12
What Paul should have done. 13:50:13
Hot mic bashing Ron Paul at RNC-Georgia 13:49:25
GOP's 'Titanic' is starting to sink 13:46:20
My Wish 13:39:58
Fanciful thought: would Dr. Ron Paul consider a 2016 Presidential run? 13:32:50
Yahoo reporting an 'ugly' incident at the convention 13:24:44
Mass Exodus from the Republican Party 13:24:34
So long, crooks 13:24:19
So Who Does Ron Now Support For President? 13:21:43
Ding Dong The RNC Is Dead -Robert Scott Bell Show 13:17:40
Help Ron Paul Chocolate Bars Send Chocolate (Love) Care Packages To Delegates & Alternates. 13:11:39
We Are The Light In The Darkness 13:11:07
GOP glad to rid themselves of Ron Paul supporters, the move to Libertarian Party 13:08:58
Strategy Question 13:05:47
Mods help please! 13:05:40
The TSA’s Retirement Gift to Ron Paul 13:04:13
Why I'm Voting for Gary Johnson 13:02:07
Ron Paul Full speech at the Sun Dome 13:01:43
Ron Paul and Company harassed at Florida Airport 12:57:30
GOP Platform Compromise Is Just Another Lie 12:53:18
What if Mitt Romney drops out due to a scandal before the election? 12:52:34
I now support a third party run with GJ 12:52:25
Just Got A Call From Campaign For Liberty Asking For $400 To Help Rand Get "Audit The FED" Through The Senate 12:52:06
Now the R3VOLution needs to... 12:47:05
Vote Paul, Johnson, OR Goode 12:43:43
Why You Should Quit Politics (And embark on a much more effective path to liberty) 12:43:39
~ Ron Paul Video: 2012 Republican National Convention Wed. PM 12:42:14
Jim Grant Introduced as the Next Fed. Res. Chairman (video) 12:40:03
Convention Update from Massachusetts Liberty Caucus 12:39:33
FBI developing Tattoo Database (to keep you safe) 12:38:05
Will Rand Paul become a whistleblower tonight? 12:33:11
National Responsibility 12:21:28
Video: How it should have gone 12:16:37
Romney & RNC betrayal of principles reverberates through blogosphere 12:11:43
"Ron Paul supporters put dent in unity at GOP convention" Video 12:10:40
Ding Dong The RNC Is Dead - Reaction To The Cowardly Behavior Of The RNC 12:05:54
Rumor: Delegates to Walk-out on Romney Thus. night 11:58:12
United We Stand - Divided We Tear Ourselves Apart 11:56:53
"It’s hard to get behind someone who’s cheated so hard to win.” 11:56:38
John Boehner read "the ayes have it" off the teleprompter! 11:55:14
2012: “Paultards” Not Welcome 11:54:58
CNN’s Dana Bash Interviews Maine Ron Paul Delegate at Convention (VIDEO) 11:48:24
R3volution Is More Alive Than Ever! 11:43:43
Last Minute Rules Change 2012 - Sources in media - first hand info 11:42:24
Gary Johnson: I Hope to Be a Presidential Election Spoiler 11:35:51
America's Sanctions prevent Iranian gamers from playing World of Warcraft 11:35:45
Gary Johnson and Buddy Roemer Appear on CNN - Video 11:25:24
Rep. Amash Calls for Audit of RNC Over Treatment of Paul Delegates 11:25:04
Don't Give up Hope 11:24:15
The time is here and the time is now! Get prepared 11:24:06
4 more of Obama maybe better for us 11:22:56
The Republican Party: Party of Great Moral Frauds 11:22:55
3rd Party MUST prevail now. RNC Rule changes have quenched ALL Grass Roots 11:16:25
HELP! Looking for lost footage from yesterday's RNC upperperklive live-stream! 11:15:21
Individual Messages to Dr Paul Here 11:11:49
GOP Soviets - Let's sweep 'em out. 11:02:37
Dems Decide Kochs Are an Election Issue: "Patriot Majority" Launches $500K Ad Buy 10:59:45
With the charade behind us, remember this: 10:53:55
Independent Liberty Ticket Money Bomb - Ron Paul 2012 10:52:04
NV delegates defy rules, vote for Ron Paul 10:47:50
Who Is Jesse Benton? 10:47:43
Marine Kidnapped Over Facebook Posts: ‘I Am Scared For My Country’ 10:41:29
Marxist Origins of the Republican Party *video* 10:38:30
Why do people think the GOP's goal is to re-elect Obama? 10:38:16
Regarding the spamming of the DP with Foolhardy and Rash "Burn it All down Man" (our hard won progress) messages 10:31:48
Now we are on a time crunch, less than a month to make this happen! 10:30:47
Ron Paul, Supporters Cheated by RNC on National Television 10:30:19
What country is this? 10:29:59
Prepare for blowback. 10:28:08
Has knowing the truth ever gotten you or your kids in trouble at school/work? 10:24:55
Hey now! 10:21:53
Ohio Elections Board Members may speak out against directives, "but they cannot disobey them" 10:19:55
Seal Book Contradicts Original Account And Depicts Bin Laden As Unarmed When Shot 10:19:36
A Vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson May Be a Vote For Romney 10:14:18
Did I Miss Something? Where Is Audit The Fed In The Platform? 10:12:18
Did Anyone Else Think Boehner Looked Scared? 10:09:44
listening to L. Ingraham, someone PLEASE shoot me in the face 10:07:09
Respect 10:07:02
Four illegally unseated Maine delegates update us all on what REALLY went down in Tampa yesterday 10:02:40
Summary of What Happened Yesterday (I made this update to share with my Romney leaning friends) 09:56:43
US Army suicide rate to hit record high in 2012 (Suicides leave Panetta "Frustrated") 09:45:31
Goal Proposal: Replace The Rnc 09:45:13
Honest Paul... 09:45:08
Ron Paul supporters rebel on convention floor 09:36:50
Book: Bin Laden Was Already Dead... <top Story On Drudge> 09:36:39
November Results Predicted: Obama: 46% Romney: 38% Johnson: 16% 09:33:09
Are we gathering outside of RNC in protest? 09:26:07
Video: Rand Paul on Hannity, Monday night 09:20:48
So now we Flank Right... 09:16:33
The 2012 elections are cancelled? 09:12:34
Why Pay Big $ to get Frisked, Fondled and Insulted by TSA Thugs? 09:03:55
Chemtrails: Why in the World are They Spraying? 08:54:13
Romney will lose! 08:51:23
After the Convention - Rethinking the Entire Approach. 08:42:00
Growing Opposition to the Canada-EU Trade Agreement 08:41:19
Make Liberty Media "Mainstream" ! 08:40:04
Send a Message to the GOP 08:39:51
Party Registration Bomb? 08:28:31
"Like A Clean Boat In A Sea of Garbage" Really! 08:27:39
GOP Commits Suicide By Nominating Romney and Ignoring Ron Paul 08:25:03
Turned in my resignation 08:21:58
This helped me a lot with my sadness and discouragement 07:54:21
Hot Mic Catches Republican Praising the "Censorship of Ron Paul" 07:38:25
"The Republican Party is an empty vessel unless we imbue it with values" 07:35:35
Show them our NUMBERS, counter some of the ridiculous propaganda 06:51:02
The comedy is over. 06:02:48
Lesson to Learn for the future 05:59:30
Republican Officials Clearly Snubbed Ron Paul (Video) 05:46:49
CNN Report On Paul Supporters 05:26:11
Just imagine 05:13:43
European Jews Are Not Semite = Proof 05:13:04
Three important questions I have 05:09:14
Anti-Mainstream Media Campaign 04:56:02
His Supporters Treated "Atrociously," Ron Paul Refuses to Back Romney 04:54:00
Lack of independent thought 04:37:00
Rand Paul: "pretty pleased with how the Romney side cooperated with us." 04:26:01
An amusing article with an air of accuracy... 04:18:17
Drudge 04:13:53
DEAD: Edited: Why the GJ movement disgusts me and Why we must not give up on Ron Paul 03:53:27
Screwing with Mitten's speech on Thursday 03:52:39
Doug Wead Tribute to Ron Paul 03:41:01
My Letter To Rand Paul 03:39:43
Theft and Squandering: How I feel about Ron Paul's Nomination Outcome 03:36:01
Ron Paul releases his 'Thank You' Statement 03:00:32
Jerry Doyle should interview Gary Johnson 02:51:14
John Nichols: After His Supporters Are Treated "Atrociously," Ron Paul Won't Endorse Romney! 02:48:18
We are a strong movement lets not waste it 02:29:41
Confused. What was the RNC afraid of? So What if Paul Got 30+ more Votes. 02:26:51
The Real Romney 02:25:16
Romney Obama Paul The Elites Corruption and the Bomb 02:23:15
Rep. Amash Calls for Audit of RNC Over Treatment of Paul Delegates 02:20:48
Obama campaign is planning courtcases against all members of RNC 02:19:05
RT talks to Gary Johnson about Ron Paul and 3rd party 02:17:24
Boehner Must Go 02:04:57
713K views - lets make it a 1M or more - share with all your friends - our only chance to win is to educate 02:00:35
Why did RP never clearly say "no" to a possible Independent run? 01:58:10
Two Awesome Ideas on What to do Next: Tom Woods as a Candidate and Infiltrate the Presidential Debates. 01:58:07
Please help me prepare for the collapse. 01:56:09
Report from Tampa by DP'er and national delegate 01:55:16
President of the United States: The LEAST Powerful Person In the World? 01:49:28
Why RepubliCAN and why not REPUBLICan? 01:48:40
Letter from Ron Paul 01:40:53
Where do we go from here? 01:33:26
What happened to the Constitution Party? (A serious problem) 01:31:37
Remember the principle of blowback. Our treatment will not be forgotten. Be Insipred Again 01:31:28
Ron Paul - Inspiration to Share 01:29:54
Letter from John Tate 01:26:11
Is Chris Christie Rand Paul’s Biggest Challenge? 01:25:14
Mr. Romney, you made my son cry tonight 01:20:17
Ron Paul, The REAL Republican Elephant 01:18:35
Nobamney 2012! 01:17:23
It's Time To Get Serious About Local and State Elections 01:15:58
Turn Our Backs, Cross Our Arms Throughout Romney's Speech 01:14:26
Video: Maine Delegation Marching Out of the RNC; Hold 'Rump National Convention' 01:12:11
It's Time For All Lovers Of Liberty To Officially Join The Republican Party! 01:10:45
Can it get any more obvious?!? 00:59:52
Stalinist Thug John Sununu Disrespects & Outright Lies About Ron Paul 00:57:22
Holy fascism batman!!! Marijuana cures cancer! 00:55:42
MotherJones: "FU, Tyrants!": Ron Paul Supporters Rebel On Convention Floor 00:55:42
Should Christians Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils? 00:55:31
If Ron Paul Moderated the Presidential Debates 00:46:56
Nevada Delegation From The Floor (Video) 00:44:51
Is Johnson an acceptable Libertarian candidate? 00:42:47
Open letter to Ron Paul... 00:41:12
Reality Check: The Truth About Obama and Romney On Welfare 8/28/2012 00:41:04
We will take over the Republican Party or DESTROY it! 00:40:08
UPDATED: We DID Get Cheated Out of the Nomination: the Brave Efforts of the Nevada/Iowa Delegation to Seat Dr. Paul 00:39:26
Local Race! $5,000 Moneybomb For N.D. State House Candidate 00:38:56
Mic Cut Off. 00:32:47
EX RP supporter sent a harsh open letter to Ron Paul after RNC 00:31:11
We all owe the maine delegates a salute. We should be very proud of our men and women. 00:30:59
Where do we go from here? 00:26:41
Bloomberg: "Donors Invest Millions in Romney for Billions in Returns" 00:23:25
I hope to God I am wrong, but I think we've been had. 00:19:24
Bloomberg Video: Ron Paul Nomination Was Impossible: Proof of Powerful CFR Romney Backers 00:19:22
To the people who think we should stop working within the GOP 00:17:18
My response to Rand's email via C4L; 00:10:59
Even my Democrat mom could see the fraud 00:54:53