Posted on August 30, 2012

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Ben Swann: Did RNC "Scripted" Rules Change Start A Civil War In The Republican Party? 23:22:26
Doug Wead: Romney Threatened Ron Paul With PR A-Bomb 20:44:53
Liberty Delegates Conference: Live stream 17:29:53
Ron Paul Took Over Occupy Tampa Last Night! 12:23:24
Video: The Teleprompter Had the Results of the Vote Before the Vote was Taken! 11:23:38
Texas Students Revolt Against Mandatory RFID Tracking Chips 11:05:11
More Info on Today's Delegate Press Conference! "Just hours before Mitt Romney's acceptance speech" 09:34:05
Morton Blackwell: Fake Gop Convention Compromise. Conservatives Must Not Back Down! Demand Roll Call Vote! 08:10:55
Conservatives charge Team Romney with ‘political malpractice;’ nasty fight still possible at RNC 07:56:16
RNC Sham 2012 Video: "Assault on America's Last Statesman" 18:16:46
Ben Swann on the Jerry Doyle Show 05:14:39
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John Boehner admits "No One Reads the Platform" 06:51:44
RNC: Ron Paul Delegates & Friends Stage Protest, March Off Floor! 08:38:36
Video Update: Ron Paul Tribute Video + Rand Paul Speech from RNC 00:30:37
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Should we join the Republican Liberty Caucus en masse? 23:49:52
(Video) Rubio: More Government Instead Of More Freedom 23:49:50
Aimee Allen, Ron Paul Theme, Revolution Song, Tampa, 8-26-2012 23:46:35
The ONLY Strategy to Reach Our Full Potential in 2012 and 2016 23:40:06
In loving memory 23:35:36
Look What's Happening-Politico-Al Gore calls to end Electoral College-video 23:35:19
The speech that should have been 23:28:54
Did Rubio really say "We choose more government & less freedom"? 23:17:20
You want to get mad? Get even! Support Liberty candidates for Congress like Tisha Casida! 23:15:20
A Sign in the Sky Above Tampa: 'Don't Believe the Liberal Media' 23:00:53
TSA Harasses Ron Paul and His Wife in Florida 22:58:19
Ron Paul and Family Harassed By 8 TSA Agents- Potential Threat To Mitt Romney?! 22:48:06
Stupid Things Romney Says 22:48:01
(Visualize) Ron Paul on Jay Leno Announcing He Will Be Running for POTUS as a 3rd Party Candidate! 22:46:04
We need to unite behind a plan B candidate 22:37:08
Read the Constitution while he is speaking. 22:36:35
Go to C-span. Something is about to happen 22:36:20
Rubio Freudian Slip? 22:36:04
VIDEO: Rubio's Freudian Slip: "We chose more government instead of more freedom!" 22:33:55
*URGENT!* Does anyone know how to reach James Lightweis from VA ? 22:33:02
Clint Eastwood unscripted at RNC: Bring troops home TOMORROW! 22:31:16
The Lame Duck Coalition of 2012. 22:25:04
Sarah Palin and Shawn Hannity tonight 22:17:41
Dr. Ron Paul - Libertarian Presidential Candidate (1988) 22:08:18
National Media Fax Numbers for Lew Rockwell Article During Speech: "How GOP Establishment Stole the Nomination From Ron Paul" 22:02:44
One Thing I Guess We'll Never Find Out 22:01:28
Do not let the powers that be take Rand Paul from us 21:58:54
Clint Eastwood 21:39:47
Five Wonderful Years. What happens next? 21:37:35
Ron Can 21:31:34
VIDEO: Gary Johnson on "Humanitarian" Wars, Audit the Fed and the Meaning of Life 21:25:12
Treatment of Ron Paul Proves "Republicans not the party of small government" - MarketWatch 21:13:04
If you are in Colorado this Saturday come to Palisade for our festival. 21:06:12
Quit With The Bu|sh|t ! 20:59:33
What Ron Paul Supporters Should Do 20:57:04
Romney is truly compassionate, just ask those speaking at the convention... 20:50:15
Will Liberty Return Soon Enough? 20:48:07
BE Ron Paul 20:44:08
Dear Romney …. Yes you can buy the GOP nomination but NOT the Presidency 20:25:28
Sheriff Mack Endorses Romney? Josh Tolley Responds 20:23:36
I'm eating my last two Ron Paul Chocolate Bars 20:21:18
Brian Doherty: Ron Paul's Followers and the GOP: Where To From Here, and How? 20:17:02
Roger Stone to GOP: Payback's a Bitch 20:01:30
Daughter of Billionaire GOP Donor Sheldon Adelson Pushes Democracy Now! Staff, Seizes Camera at RNC 19:57:33
Petitioning Dr. Paul for an Independent Run? 19:54:42
Sheriff Mack To Be Interviewed Wednesday Morning on the Josh Tolley Show 19:54:10
Liberty Chat With Tracy Diaz Live tonight 9PM EST with Gigi Bowman 19:44:46
Connie Mack at RNC convention said 19:44:04
I would rather live in danger free, than to live in security enslaved. 19:42:38
VIDEO: Vermin Supreme Declares Presidential Run In 2016 and Names His VP Pick 19:41:49
Live debate on Yahoo 19:40:04
Epic Fail: The GOP’s Pitiful Attempt At A ‘Tribute’ To Ron Paul 19:35:02
Ron Paul is going to be back on the Tonight Show! 19:33:55
200 US Marines deployed to Guatemala in anti-drug operation 19:30:46
Make yourself heard by Congress! Here's an easy way to do it. 19:30:16
Grassroots Republicans' Address to the RNC Leadership (Press Conference at RNC) 19:28:23
Hate Love Indifference 19:26:32
Mitt Romney wont leave me alone! 19:19:13
Confirmed: Rand Paul Was Told Not To Mention Ron In Speech 19:16:08
Who or What Is Going To Stop The RNC From Rigging 2016? 19:13:29
Monsanto's point of no return 19:05:40
Just curious, why do you suppose Ron Paul isn't endorsing Gary Johnson? 19:02:19
Carcinogenic hexavalent chromium found in one-third of California's drinking water 19:00:37
GOP pushing Syria invasion 18:57:28
George W Romney: "A Republic No More" 18:55:19
Obama Preparing for Total Takeover 18:51:16
Need help with question on "Fair Trade Certified" cocoa 18:40:57
RNC Protesters Vastly Out Numbered by Cops 18:39:32
Billboards Warning of Martial Law Go Up in Florida 18:36:54
What Exactly Do We Need the Federal Government For? 18:36:08
Don't Watch The Convention! 18:27:03
Be Honest. Write In Ron Paul. That's Your Vote. 18:18:58
Vowing To Write In Ron Paul. 18:17:05
Tampabay Online Poll Please Vote Now: Who Do You Think Will Be The Perceived Star Of The Rnc? 18:12:05
will you allow me to give my take on what to do now? 18:01:54
Surprise Speaker - Clint Eastwood 17:55:46
Ron Paul w/ Leno on Sept. 4th 17:39:00
Email from Mitt to PAUL supporters 17:19:56
Yet another executive order 17:08:39
RNC and the State 17:01:46
VIDEO: Ben Swann has posted an EXPLOSIVE twitter/Facebook status update 16:56:03
Delegates stage a sit in! Its our last chance 16:52:52
Churchill words of wisdom 16:48:44
What Did Bernanke 16:48:33
GOV Jan Brewer Hopes President Obama will Get Re-Elected 16:44:03
Let's Work Together! 16:40:11
Spread! Conference at 6pm at Gate B of RNC! 16:39:48
Would you rather have Obama for 4 more years than Romney for 8 potentially? 16:18:18
Reince P. on C-span & just showed clip of "The Ayes Have It" 16:13:47
Delegates, your time is tonight 15:58:32
Mittromney.Com/forms/suggestions. You All Know What To Do. 15:48:36
11 15:44:47
Ron Paul will become a Legend. His story will last forever and they're be nursery rhymes inspired by him. 15:37:29
Video Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer ‘Endorses’ President Obama At Republican National Convention 15:35:08
Grassroots Time to Rise up ! 15:33:32
Hypothetical scenario 15:32:37
The Gold Standard Goes Mainstream 15:24:24
Headlines From Drudge 15:15:20
A red faced rant to the delegates before the convention. 15:04:23
Anti-Ron Paul Tactics by the RNC Leave Paul Supporters Disgusted 15:03:16
Former Murdoch Lawyer Arrested in Phone Hacking Scandal 14:54:13
Rand Paul SLAMS Paul Ryan's budget at RNC! Acknowledges he must prove himself to the Liberty Movement 14:53:32
RNC Skirmish August 28, 2012 14:41:37
Poll: Should Ron Paul drop out of the Race? 14:33:32
Judge Napolitano was right! 14:33:15
Rick Santorum - Mitt Romney needs to "Open Up", with PBS pundits. 14:28:55
Romney - How He Will Be Remembered 14:27:53
As New Mexico Governor, Johnson advocated executing 13-14 year old children. 14:17:00
Member of Occupy Boston May Spend Life in Jail on "Terrorism" Charge 14:11:21
Thank You Delegates 13:59:30
Post The Cheats Here 13:58:51
Obama just won the election 13:57:49
Agent Provocateur or Patriot? 13:55:05
Look at what Timothy Carney tweeted! 13:55:01
From Immokalee to Nevada to the RNC: An outspoken, unhappy delegate 13:49:47
I think it's a good time... 13:47:12
Gary Johnson's New Ad Praises Ron Paul 13:40:34
Washington Times Video Interview R3VOL Delegates: Unheard voices from the RNC 13:31:13
I Just Switched Party Affiliation 13:25:44
Web site ignites firestorm with pro-Obama comments 13:12:02
Hey, Thomas E. Woods Jr. We need frank talk like this. It's about time: Phil Giraldi on Ron Paul, the campaign, and the future. 13:11:51
Senators Herb Kohl and Ron Johnson respond in unison: "Federal Reserve should remain an independent entity." 13:05:25
We can still make an impact! 13:04:50
Vote for Ron Paul's Beliefs 13:00:06
Romney Party Yacht ‘Cracker Bay’ Flies Cayman Islands Flag in Tampa 12:59:16
Rudy Giuliani says Ron Paul is a "Kook" and is “not happy" with his supporters 12:58:42
A Vote Against Goldman Sachs is a Vote for Goldman Sachs 12:57:30
Protesters outside of Houston GOP office 12:47:18
Is Rand Paul the Ted Kennedy of the Paul Family? 12:42:01
Pole Dancing Republican 12:37:37
Ron Paul Family Detained by TSA Again 12:37:10
The HARD Cold Truth 12:33:23
Want Gary in the debates? 12:25:38
Jacob Hornberger: The Immorality of Small Government 12:24:05
Open Letter to my Fellow RP Delegates and Alternates 12:22:11
Nullify the convention vote. Replace RNC members 12:21:04
(Video) St. Paul Police Officer Kicking a Defenseless Man in The Throat 12:20:49
DNC’s Roll Call Respected Clinton, RNC’s Didn’t Respect Paul 12:19:49
If Paul's Out, Is It Over? Hell to The No! 12:19:35
China 3.5 Billion for 50 airliners 12:18:41
Help me argue the "every man for himself" myth 12:16:48
. 12:15:59
Ron Paul Family Detained by TSA Again 12:10:36
NC Winston-Salem Journal: Some NC Delegates Walkout with Maine (Video) 12:08:57
4 Easy Minutes: 12:04:47
Nevada Receives Sharp Criticism for Not Sticking to Binding - TS! 12:01:19
Mediaite Destroys RNC's "Pitiful" Attempt To Pay 'Tribute' To Ron Paul 11:57:33
Ron Paul Supporter Has His Business Boycotted 11:56:22
Paul Ryan Address: Convention Speech Built On Demonstrably Misleading Assertions 11:51:43
Thank You Ron Paul for your Service! 11:50:09
Five Predictions 11:47:40
The Pentagon is Like the Vatican 11:40:24
Sorry Republican Party - Too Little Too Late. 11:39:12
The speech Ron Paul was not allowed to give at Tampa 11:38:15
I'm already over the RNC scam-Where's the Money Bomb to kick Bohner & these a-holes out? 11:35:10
I'm Afraid We Are Wrong - USIP Party? 11:31:49
What Goes Around Comes Around 11:29:08
Gary Johnson Interview: Media Frightened to Let Me Debate 11:22:54
Tenth Amendment Center: Open letter to the Revolution 11:22:16
♠ Updated List of Liberty Candidates - EU edition 11:05:29
Why my family is not voting for Mitt Romney 11:00:49
Walter Bock - "Rand Paul Did Not Violate Libertarian Principle In Endorsing Mitt Romney" 10:48:01
Politico rates Rand Paul's speech 10:38:52
Oklahoma knocks Libertarian hopeful off ballot 10:36:03
Slate: GOP Beltway Lawyer Ben Ginsberg Behind Rule to Block Ron Paul's Name from Nomination 10:31:20
NATO Plot To Use Ambulances As Cover For Humanitarian Invasion of Syria 10:21:36
Journalists Intimidated For Exposing TSA Violating 4th Amendment 10:18:18
Who needs FEMA? Louisiana Father-Son Team Rescues 120 From Flooding 10:16:12
Every Troll who voted for rule 15 should not be allowed to be a delegate in the future.. 10:14:06
Invasion 10:08:36
Obama Has Stolen $5.3 Trillion... 10:07:40
They want us to support a compulsive lying politician (AKA Paul Ryan) 09:59:04
Alaska to Stockpile Mass Amounts of Food and Supplies in Giant Warehouses 09:57:32
Was result of RNC rules vote a bus driver's fault? 09:36:30
Iraq Executes 21 in a Single Day; 200 more executions are planned for the near future. 09:30:02
Change Starts NOW!...with the Debt Crisis 09:22:29
Delegate: RNC Rule Change Would Have Silenced Reagan in ’76 09:04:53
G.O.P. = P.O.S. 08:58:49
The GOP Establishment Wants Ron Paul’s Supporters, but Not Ron Paul 08:46:24
RNC Transportation (bus) Memo I received today 08:33:29
RNC Bus Driver “Gets Lost” Forcing VA Delegates to Miss Crucial Rules Change Vote 08:30:38
Gary Johnson's Views?-I Need Some Help! 08:27:45
nm 08:07:44
Esquire Magazine: Rule 15 and the Great RNC Screwing of Ron Paul 08:04:54
Collapse in 20 Years 08:00:01
Paul Ryan - USA not Doing Its Part in the World - Prepare for More Wars 07:59:13
The best thing that Romney could do today 07:56:54
FL: Critics say Boehner used RNC rules committee to quash internal dissent 07:47:44
Weakness is stronger than strength 07:45:42
Ron Paul Convention Delegates Accuse Security Of Suppressing Their Signs 07:39:12
Rudy Giuliani Still Has Sour Grapes towards Ron Paul 07:39:04
A party within the Republican party; 2nd tier party structure 07:30:11
Dear Mike Church - Bail on Your Silly, Pathetic Revolution & Support Romney 07:25:50
My dream for 2016. 07:08:02
Obama Uses Us To Make Ad Against Romney 06:58:24
Does Anyone Know How To Contact Sarah Palin? We Could Use Her Help! 06:43:26
The Ron Paul Historical Project 06:36:43
What Mainers should do now 06:30:24
The Revolution Party... 06:28:07
Carney: Republican leaders trample their grass roots in Tampa (GREAT article) 06:18:25
When people ask why I keep wearing my Ron Paul shirt and hat - 05:56:35
Should We Accept A Need To Form A New Party? 05:51:48
Why Didnt We Rush Down To the Floor As one Body? 05:51:23
The Romney Before the Election 05:50:50
Fox News Cancels Palin Appearance After Delegate Rule Criticism 05:41:17
Thank you Dr. Paul ! 05:12:55
Secret Service agent leaves her gun in the bathroom of Mitt Romney's plane 04:34:24
Austin Petersen P0Wnz Econ-Ignorant Thom Hartmann on Free-Market & the Future of R3VOLution! 04:25:00
The Federal Bailout That Saved Mitt Romney - Gov docs show legend crafted by Romney basically a lie 04:20:55
Rnc Sham 2012 04:12:16
Martial Law In Tampa 04:04:34
The Absolute Insanity Of The Romney/Ryan Budget Plans 04:02:45
Rand Paul = Our President. 04:01:21
Interview of Angry Alaska delegate about Corruption Convention 2012 03:58:07
Audit the Fed? How about Audit Electronic Voting Machines? 03:49:39
God Bless the Las Vegas Police 03:44:18
If you are Undecided like ME! 03:37:29
Amazing how much more open, uncensored, and unfiltered news is in other countries. Here's an exampe of a car crash in Brazil. 03:36:35
The Creation (not ratification) of our United States Constitution September 17 Anniversary 03:29:20
Our Favorite Videos... 03:27:16
Ousted Maine Alt. Delegate Talks About Walk Out at GOP Convention 03:06:36
Brent Tweed Answers Charge of Credentialing Problem in Maine that GOP Used to Unseat Maine 03:04:30
High quality video documenting Corruption Convention 2012 02:25:27
TXGOP-Evidence Shows RNC Rigged Vote on Rule Change at Republican Convention 2012 02:11:22
Some Paul Supporters Still Holding Out Hope Despite Romney’s Nomination 02:09:16
Presidential Electection Write-In Laws by State 14:56:56
Walter Block: Evictionism; A Not So Funny Thing Happened to Me in Tampa 01:38:03
The Fantasy Of Media Being On Our Side Needs To End Now! 01:33:35
Jimmy Vaughan performance”We are the Future" Rally in Tampa 01:24:00
An Open Challenge to Gary Johnson 01:12:04
Bretigne Shaffer @ LRC: The Revolution is Over – Long Live the Revolution! 01:09:13
And the sheep flock to Gary Johnson... 01:03:59
Why Willie Stark of "All the King's Men" Would Say We Must Vote for Obama if No Paul 3rd Party Run 00:59:00
No Doubt! 00:56:28
Ron Paul "WE are the future" Sun Dome Full Video 00:45:50
Ron Paul Enters the College Curriculum. How Will History remember him? 00:44:18
Romney Can Never Win Without Paul's Supporters - Do we Just Give the Election To Obama? 00:39:17
Hot.. Dr. Paul 00:37:38
TSA Harasses Ron and Carol Paul by Kurt Nimmo 00:37:01
The Great Compromise 00:28:57
Gary Johnson on FOX Business News 8/27/12 00:21:28
Vote for Romney? 00:14:23
Audio - Ben Swann Was On The Jerry Doyle Show Today - RNC Power Grab 00:14:20
Gary Johnson on CNBC 8/27/12 00:12:55
The Revolution isn't Over 00:12:23
Gary Johnson on CNN 8/25/12 00:10:03
Romney supporters, please tell me his plans to end the debt? I am genuinely curious. 00:48:42