Posted on August 31, 2012

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Doug Wead: Romney's Revenge 18:46:00
Kennedy interviews Ron Paul on Stossel's Show 15:48:36
Quantify the Movement: The Case for Gary Johnson 17:12:42
Tom Mullen Interviews Peter Schiff and Doug Wead at the 2012 RNC 10:14:25
Watch Out! Maine GOP About To Declare Our Entire State Convention Void? 09:50:00
Colorado Delegate Speaks out on Morton Blackwell's Minority Report Blocked from Entering the Green Zone 09:22:15
Ron Paul: GOP 'Not His Party' 09:13:23
Daily Show Exclusive: Michael Steele on RNC Treatment of Ron Paul - "Height of Rudeness and Stupidity" 12:34:57
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Enjoying Amy... 23:59:15
It is time to start actively campaigning against romney. Here is a start 23:49:47
The Forces Coming In The Gold & Silver Market Are Tremendous: Peak Silver Is Here! 23:45:58
It Is Time For The Ron Paul Revolution To Move Beyond Politics 23:44:14
The 'Terminator' Talked To The Hand, 'Dirty Harry' Talks To A Chair 23:36:36
A Message To The Revolution 23:31:22
2days of Truth in NYC: Tom Woods! Peter Schiff! Lew Rockwell! Walter Block! Joe Salerno! Oh My! 23:01:05
How Hyperpowers Rise to Global Dominance – and Why They Fall 22:57:21
It's time for a MASSIVE education campaign! 22:57:13
Indexing the world: Google gets patent for software that can intelligently identify any object on the planet 22:51:41
It's a Blue Moon Tonight! 22:51:16
Morton Blackwell confronts John Sununu after Rules Committee 22:49:56
Argentine Tax Agents To Track All Credit Card Buys 22:45:31
Psssst, Romney Detractors…Part 1 – To the Ron Paul Supporters 22:42:30
Clint Eastwood PUNKS Mitt Romney and the RNC! 22:42:01
Why I intend to vote for Mitt Romney for president. 22:37:16
Iowa GOP Operative voices feelings about Liberty Movement... 22:28:00
Here's A Thought... 22:25:32
Vote: Would you support Ron Paul if he chooses to run 3rd Party? 22:23:24
Mitt Romney tells 533 lies, In 30 weeks!*DOCUMENTED* 22:09:22
This could be our best chance to stop Romney and Obama. 21:35:47
Video; LAPD Officers Body-Slam ‘Defenseless Woman’ Into the Pavement 20:57:00
FIRST acceptance of nomination speech that didn't mention war since 1952. 20:55:46
I'd Like to Report a Crime... 20:47:47
It's Official: Keep Your Money In This System & Lose It All 20:47:09
Another option we can do, if people don't want to vote? 20:38:16
Inappropriate Name Calling: We Can Do Better Than This! 20:37:07
Obama is deeply concerned that Azerbaijan pardoned Ramil Safarov. 20:20:14
Stop The Revolution Start The Evolution 20:12:12
Newt Gingrich Thinks 90% Of Ron Paul Supporters Are IDIOTS! 20:01:54
I think we need to leave Dr. Paul ALONE! 19:55:16
Is there a single location documenting primary and RNC fraud and unethical behavior? 19:50:48
GOP Convention Plan Explained - Humor 19:44:25
Enough Is Enough: Ron Paul, Please Run as an Independent! 19:44:21
Brandon Raub: Former marine held involuntarily over Facebook posts now plans to sue FBI 19:43:32
Ron Paul Sticker Bomb Campaign 19:37:22
RP Staffer Says Ammo PLANTED in Baggage 19:18:36
Romney Should Step Aside And Endorse Gary Johnson 19:17:04
Rand Paul on RNC Scam: Ron Paul 'Represented Very Well' 19:12:05
Justice Dept. Rules that CIA officers accused of torture are above the law 19:05:39
Putin is demonized whilst democracy fails in Amerika 18:54:18
Even If Obama Or Romney Win The Election... 18:54:10
The Ethical Voting Stance 18:34:27
A Post for Tea Parties 18:26:57
Willard 18:16:28
CIA Asset Susan Lindauer, swears under oath, she knew about 9/11 in April 2001 18:06:30
Write In Ron Paul 17:44:04
John Stossel on Ron Paul and the GOP Convention 17:37:29
Is anyone going to push the illegal campaign contribution issue? 17:25:17
Rand Paul Hangs Out With Billionaire Peter Thiel At GOP Convention 17:13:47
Has There Ever Been A Better Time To Start A NEW Party? 17:05:19
Open Letter to Republicans and Ron Paul Supporters: The GOP Must be Punished for Their Actions at the RNC 17:05:02
TSA Launches 18 New Twitter Accounts In PR Drive 17:02:24
Email to Local News. I Hope Everyone Does the Same! 16:55:47
Fed Hints at Third Round of Quantitative Easing 16:51:28
How About An Organized Mass Exodus From the GOP... 16:50:18
Poll Yahoo Finance - Bernanke Should the Fed act? Vote NOW 16:41:53
Libertarian candidate’s place on the PA presidential ballot to be determined by state judges 16:41:09
So, who will the elite pick? 16:37:37
Iowa Judge to rule on Libertarian ballot case Tuesday 16:36:07
An introspective of the last 8 years. 16:32:02
U.S. Scales-Back Military Exercise with Israel, Affecting Potential Iran Strike 16:29:25
Morton Blackwell, Sarah Palin, and Richard Mourdock 16:26:29
Mitt Romney's Bain experience - a thorough analysis to quash current fallacies 16:20:17
About Rand and the future 16:15:01
Ron Paul Supporters Warm to Gary Johnson, Not Mitt Romney, at RNC Convention 16:12:28
I Love Rand! He Poked Romney in the Eye by Speaking at Dad's Rally 16:10:47
You don't know MITT! Protest the GOP 16:08:22
P-LIB with Gary Johnson 16:06:00
Realize what Ron Paul has built, stay united, dont divide it 16:05:31
Top US military commander: 'I don't want to be complicit' if Israel attacks Iran 16:05:28
Ron Paul vs. the Red Dragon 15:52:11
Gary Johnson's only shot at being included in a debate this year. 15:50:22
Libertarian and Constitution Party should unite! 15:46:08
It's Still Possible - Call Ron Paul And Tell Him That You Would Support A Libertarian Run! Serious Post - Not Hype 15:43:03
I Have No Process Left, There is Nothing Left for Me But to Prepare. 15:28:41
The Ron Paul Write-In Campaign Is Underway - And We Need Your Help ASAP 15:27:04
Should we vote for Romney? (Please read before commenting) 15:23:48
Ron Paul Support Pledge 15:21:53
RNC 2012 - We Will Not Forget 15:21:21
'Go Get Them Gary' Money Bomb Sunday September 2 15:21:06
Watch 2 Canadians Discover That The US Is Now A Police State 15:20:55
You say you want a revolution ? 15:06:26
Why Republicans Must LOSE in Order for Liberty to Win 14:57:41
Vote Obamney 14:49:52 asks shall he run as Independent 14:47:54
Unwanted, Unneeded 14:47:32
Matlarson10: Ron Paul To Have Special Announcement On The Jay Leno Show - 3rd Party Run?! 14:43:41
Run Ron Run! Here is how I see a Paul-Johnson/Johnson Paul announcement breaking down. 14:38:35
To all the GJ supporters who just don't get it. Ron Paul is still winning the race to promote Liberty, Freedom, 14:35:30
Huge News! Does This Line Up With His Special Announcement On The Jay Leno Show? 14:24:22
Socialism is as Socialism Does 14:24:08
Former RNC Chair Michael Steele and Jon Stewart Blast Treatment of Paul Delegates 14:21:37
The Gun Control Act of 1968 14:17:23
A New Party with New Energy 14:04:26
FB - Pro Ron Paul account hacked? for Romney? 14:00:36
Good news from Tampa 13:57:11
GOP name changed 13:56:54
Dr. Paul - Now it's time to run as an Independent - PLEASE! 13:54:18
Should Gary Johnson step aside for Ron Paul? 13:48:16
Mitt's Own Son Admits: He Can't Even Change a Lightbulb! 13:47:44
I was proud to Vote Ron Paul in the primary 13:45:25
"Don't They Only Wish!"? Why I may vote Obama 13:42:57
Ron Paul Happy About Clint Eastwood's Remarks: Bloomberg Interview 13:35:59
Ron Paul washes his hands of Keynesian, fiscally irresponsible Republican party 13:31:41
Election reporting accuracy (by referendum) 13:27:27
The Time Is Now! Make The Republican Party - Our Party - Here's How! 13:24:01
. 13:17:11
Just In Case: State of Alaska to Stockpile (but should pay attention) 13:16:37
Watch out for the 2 headed monster! 13:10:44
Doug Wead 2016, Rand Paul VP! 13:09:29
It's Blowback Time! 13:04:46
How Amnesty International became the servant of US warmongering foreign policy 13:04:01
Vote for Obama and reward Reince Priebus and Romney with a major defeat 13:01:15
125 Harvard students cheated on exam 13:00:49
John Tate (RP Campaign Manager) Admits RP was cheated. 12:44:59
Are there legal grounds for a new Republican (Liberty) Party? 12:42:43
Tom Woods: Wead on Benton, Romney, etc 12:41:27
Unheard voices from the RNC 12:40:27
RNC Breaking News: Morton Blackwell's Minority Report 12:36:17
What about a GJ money bomb from RP supporters? 12:30:51
Another Mass Shooting by a Mentally Ill Marine? 12:25:37
Apple Rejects App That Tracks Drone Strikes 12:24:49
Liberty band "Corrected Axiom" performance at PAULFest 12:20:32
Bradley Manning: "Apathy Is Its Own 3rd Dimension" 12:11:44
Romney Snub Of Ron Paul Supporters Is Dumb 12:09:11
Food prices jump will hit poor, World Bank warns 12:08:44
Milton Friedman on the Euro 12:05:30
Justice Department sued for hiding secret NSA surveillance program 12:02:59
Gary Johnson heads to North Carolina and South Carolina to campaign 11:45:52
Empty Chair vs. Empty Suit 11:39:48
Efff It! I'm voting for Vermin Supreme 11:39:39
Vote for Mitt 11:36:49
I guess I am coming out and throwing my support for Sterling Holloway for president. 11:29:50
It's time to Honor Ron Paul 11:26:44
Sometimes a little break is in order. 11:26:35
"We Agree" Coalition - 2008 11:23:41
Keeping the Voices of Peace, Liberty, and Sound Economics Alive 11:17:11
An Unofficial Poll of the DP- How will you vote in November? 11:00:12
Maryland, USA . Nuclear reactor license denied — Only 2nd time in history, 1984 & 2012. 11:00:10
Ron Paul Recants The GOP, Just Says No To Keynesians 10:59:10
It Is Time For The Ron Paul Revolution To Move Beyond Politics 10:57:25
No Way Is Mitt Romney Getting My Vote November 6 10:50:38
Chinese industrial fluoride suppliers openly list sodium fluoride as 'insecticide' and 'adhesive preservative' 10:50:18
Convention Surrealism, Soviet Realism 10:48:11
Stefan Molyneux: Ron Paul, RNC Corruption And the True Political Education 10:46:23
Bernanke paves the way for more stimulus 10:41:36
Anyone in Cincinnati or NKY interested in a protest/sign wave 10:25:32
It Is Time For The Ron Paul Revolution To Move Beyond Politics 10:17:12
(VIDEO) Obama Puts Heat on Fox News to Prevent Sean Hannity from airing this piece. 10:08:17
Eastwood's Smoking Gun 09:45:25
Idea: Let's fund a film expose of the RNC and release it by Election Day 09:42:09
Tsunami warnings after 7.9 quake strikes off Philippines 09:39:07
Yay! Romney Rocks! 09:38:10
I Am Going To Just Say It, Third Party Run Now ! 09:30:40
Are you a liberty lover? ~Don't give in to Defeatism!~ 09:23:48
DHS Source: “It’s going hot” 09:06:28
The Republican Party is Dead. The US Needs Democracy. 08:58:22
White meat or dark meat, in November you will still get the same Turkey! 08:37:20
Paul Craig Roberts - The hypocrisy of the West, is nauseating. It makes one ashamed. 08:18:19
Time for Turk 182 and $2 08:14:29
Harvey Golub Fmr. AMEX Boss Lists Ron Paul's Economic Principles Today 08:13:39
Now that the RNC is over 08:10:15
By Snubbing Ron Paul, the RNC May Have Cost Romney the Election 08:09:12
Ron Paul could make huge difference in ballot access for Libertarians in 2016 08:04:21
Mitt Romney Tells 533 Lies In 30 Weeks Documented 08:03:56
Mexican metal fabricator to Michigan Governor? 07:51:57
Ding Dong The RNC Is Dead - What Happened At The RNC Convention In Tampa? 07:51:06
I am getting active on Huffy Post 07:48:44
I'm voting for John Travolta. Here's Why I am. And Why I Think You Should. 07:19:50
GOP Nominees Didn't Always Run As Bellicose Nationalists 07:07:34
My Drill Will Pierce The Heavens! 07:03:55
The RP Revolution is over: What are you going to do about it? 06:34:23 Inside the REAL Military Ind. Complex Arms Trade; The Business of War: SOFEX, Jordan 06:20:36
The Solidarity of the Liberty GrassRoots 06:13:49
If You Were Ron Paul And You Were Considering Whether Or Not To Run 3rd Party What Would Your Barriers/Hesitations Be? 06:01:10
The Revolution is Over – Long Live the Revolution! 05:43:21
What did we get? 04:59:52
Just another day at the peanut factory 04:37:45
Would it make sense to petition Obama and his attorneys to investigate the RNC? 04:16:29
Reince Priebus Jokes About "the Opinion Of The Chair" - Hears Crickets... 04:04:03
Will We Weep, Or Will We Keep? 03:41:26
"We will become the tent!" 03:41:05
Fake Wrestling 03:24:19
Don't bother considering Constitutional Party candidate Virgil Goode Jr. for President 03:18:40
What's The Difference Between Barack Obama and His Dog Bo 02:54:59
Steve Quale guest Prophetic word to America by brother Marcus (IMPORTANT) 02:10:25
How can people be this ignorant? I would like to see their faces in 2016 when their world is upside down 02:10:20
The spaces between the lines are vast my friends... 01:58:43
It's Lose-Lose for the GOP Faithful. 01:56:31
Nevada Delegate on Convention Floor to Priebus and Boehner: "F*ck You, Tyrants!" 01:15:07
If the Ron Paul delegates can find that bus driver... They could Unthrone Romney. 01:03:10
Did the Gary Johnson 2012 Republican website talk about racist newsletters? 01:00:24
How Ron Paul Could Still Win The Presidency 00:58:37
My favorite part of Paul Ryan's speech was when he talked about his upbringing. Funny joke 00:58:04
Being old and disabled in the new world order 00:55:01
It's Not the Winner, it's the Spread. Why We Must Vote Obama to Sweep Out GOP Leadership. 00:47:39
RNC just committed a massive crime? Federal Law in regards to "Election Fraud"... Read the code here: 00:39:25
... 00:32:58
St. Paul Police Officer Kicking Unarmed Defenseless Man In The Throat! 00:20:07
Should I stay or should I go? 00:17:23
The RNC and Tampa 'jail project' failed miserably 00:15:13
Mitt Romney said what?! 00:13:23
Where We Are Going & The Absolute Influence Of The Liberty Message 00:08:15
RNC Bus Driver “Gets Lost” Forcing VA Delegates to Miss Crucial Rules Change Vote 00:05:16
Never vote for Mitt! 00:03:47
poem about our nations fall and the rapture. 00:01:38