Posted on September 1, 2012

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GOP Shocker : Republican Platform Endorses a Value Added Tax Or National Sales Tax 19:23:48
Paul Craig Roberts: GOP Brownshirts Stomp on Paulians 18:37:41
Grassroots Press Conference On Youtube 18:56:05
US disowns Israel over Iran strike- No weapons or military 14:23:17
Ron Paul on Bloomberg: "I don't see a significant change in policy" 12:02:14
Clint Eastwood is a Genius 10:02:23
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Leonard Nimoy Gives Mitt the A&E Biography Treatment on the Daily Show 23:57:47
A case for Gary Johnson 23:53:10
North Carolina Liberty Delegate to RNC: Rebecca Christenbury 23:46:53
Will Ron Paul run third party or endorse Gary Johnson? 23:43:22
9/11 Person of Interest Joe Allbaugh (FEMA) Get's Served on C-span 's Washington Journal 23:39:48
"the Vote Partnering Plan' 23:31:47
How the GOP Stole the Nomination 23:31:02
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Gary Johnson Will Protect the 2nd Amendment 23:20:21
The Liberty Movments Hour of Prayer 23:09:24
Republicans Who Say They Like Ron Paul Except His Foreign Policy Are Really Democrats! 23:00:56
Ron Paul: "I Will Drop Out if Someone Gets Inaugurated Next January" (Subtle Hint?) 22:57:33
Michael Boldin of The 10th Amendment Center: A Message to The R3VOLution 22:38:43
Congress to 'investigate' Obama WH to MSNBC Payola, to Olbermann and Maddow 22:22:55
Gun Gripes Youtube show 22:18:04
Al Qaeda’s Next Target After Syria is Bahrain – Then Saudi Arabia 22:12:27
Ron Paul 3rd Party Teleconference! 22:10:37
Ron Paul interviewed today by Bloomberg 21:59:31
When Will True Patriots Begin To Wage War Against a Corrupt US Government? 21:56:49
Untapped Potential: The 40-60% That Weren't Planning On Voting! 21:54:40
Benn Swann's Reality Check made it to YouTube's homepage! 21:45:37
Jim Clymer - VP of Constitution Party 2012 21:43:51
Painting Car magnets 21:42:34
Romney's bounce from convention looks short-lived: Reuters/Ipsos poll 21:39:39
Armed National Guards at Local Hurricane Isaac Relief Station 21:34:09
#GoGaryJohnson Twitter Bomb on Sunday, 9/2/2012 - 2 pm ET 21:31:19
Will Ron Paul make an independent run in 2012? 21:26:58
Spread far and wide the liberty tentacles. RP 3rd Party And Gop Takeover Is a Double Whammy! 21:17:55
The 2012 Rnc Is Proof 21:09:02
Peter Schiff: “Washington is the Biggest National Security Threat” 21:03:11
Greece opens detention camp for immigrants as election looms 21:00:26
Points that prove that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are exactly the same 20:56:11
Ron Paul...3rd Party Can WIn 20:52:46
European Debt Crisis Providing Opportunity For Global Government 20:51:40
Anyone have a complete list of RNC rule changes? 20:49:29
What you can do in secret? 20:45:05
Fictitious Fiat Money, the Singularity and Root Cause 20:35:01
Why Peter Schiff & Sheriff Mack Should Reconsider Wasting Vote on Romney 20:31:53
Gingrich Confronted By a Delegate: "There's No Way in Hell 90% of Ron Paul Supporters Vote for Mitt Romney" 20:27:02
Ron Paul the new chairman of the FED - if you want it. 20:22:11
Doug Wead 'Unaired' Video Clip (2011): Running for President is Like Building a Mall 20:14:06
This isn't the zaniest idea I've ever had 20:03:23
Obama is the plan 19:58:48
China Now Using a Cruise Ship to Haul Troops and Tanks 19:58:07
Virgil Goode Imroves his Platform 19:53:36
"One is reminded of Santiago from Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea " 19:49:15
Walid Phares equals (Bill Ayers + Jeremiah Wright)^2 19:44:59
Federal Reserve Charter Extended Indefintely? 19:31:12
Before You Decide How to Vote 19:30:41
GOP is in a pickle now. 19:28:36
It's Not Either/Or, It's BOTH 19:26:40
House Panel Probing Whitehouse Payoffs to Keith Obermann and Rachel Maddow 19:14:15
Examiner:How the GOP stole the nomination 19:06:20
. 19:01:27
How would Dr. Paul running 3rd Party fix anything? 18:43:53
Fox News Considers Canceling Sarah Palin's Contract 18:37:47
PR Nightmare for a Ron Paul Delegate regarding Todd Akin 18:28:01
Report from Maine? 18:23:28
The clash of conscience - Should I stay or should I go? 18:21:36
"Peter Schiff on the RNC"..interview by Tom Mullins of the Washington Times 18:21:24
TO: Dr. Ron Paul - You Cannot Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come 18:18:44
Defending Dirty Harry 18:16:05
TN Police will draw blood on "No Refusal" weekend 18:10:57
Did the RNC Also Snub Santorum & His Supporters at the Convention? 18:10:36
Urban Warfare Training Over Minneapolis (Video) 18:05:37
Alan Keyes: Socialist Obama vs Socialist Romney "Where there is no choice, there is no election, only a powerful fabrication..." 18:02:41
From Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Twitter feed 17:39:51
Bix Weir: If Palin Supports Ron Paul 3rd Party Candidate Game Over For Gop 17:27:23
Moving on with the future 17:17:32
Ron Paul: I Don’t See Significant Change in Policy - Bloomberg 16:56:00
Ron Paul the GOP is Not my Party Remark is Why He is a True Conservative 16:52:31
European Commission Recommends Banning Mercury Fillings 16:46:44
Stop Using Facebook and Join Diaspora 16:45:15
Deaf preschooler in Nebraska told to change his signed name because it resembled a gun 16:37:36
So they COULD stop an idea whose time had come - But they had to CHEAT to do it. 16:37:18
Will Romney's name even be on the Maine ballot? 16:33:19
Changing the GOP from the inside: Mission Impossible? 16:28:36
Statement of trust and support for Ron Paul 16:16:21
VIDEO: Jesse Benton Wears Bullet Proof Vest to Meeting With Maine Delegation (from EPJ) 15:59:07
Public pension funds stung by Facebook's falling stock 15:57:39
So you love Ron Paul? 15:34:25
Bullets Planted in Luggage of Ron Paul RNC Delegate 15:18:24
The French National Anthem, “La Marseillaise”, by Mireille Mathieu 15:15:42
Chris Hightower 15:09:57
What Now? Forget POTUS, Get RP Congressional Candidates Elected! 15:04:51
Wayne A. Paul: Ron Paul's younger brother on constitutional money and the IRS 15:02:32
Team pyro - very popular young Christian blog weighs in on 3rd party voting. 15:00:23
It's the end of the world - and they know it 14:53:08
What Anthony Antonello saw as a Delegate at the RNC 14:48:25
An Open Letter To Our Leader, Ron Paul 14:39:23
Dr. Paul We are Spoiling for the Fight. Let Us Keep Waking People Up. 14:35:13
"The intellectual is dead. Long live the intellectual." 14:33:32
The Final Race, The Final Lap For Your Freedom 14:24:27
Please read pages 3-6 - 1953 14:22:28
All This Talk About Johnson is Starting to Push Me Away from Johnson 14:14:28
"Ron Paul 'Skeptical' of Romney's Speech" 14:12:40
Ron Paul Stolen Democracy 14:02:38
Who are the ten fat guys sitting around a table? 13:59:33
moneybomb to make and air commercial of rnc corruption and air it on national channels 13:45:30
Eric Margolis: The Gop Becomes The Party Of The Bible Belt 13:42:01
According to Jeb, brother George "is a man of integrity, courage, and honor, and he kept us safe." 13:41:57
Write-In Ron or Vote for Gary? 13:37:15
Harvard probes plagiarism involving 125 students taking course titled "An Introduction to Congress" 13:33:28
Why Do Some Ron Paul Supporters Hate Gary Johnson? 13:21:08
~ We were warned about Reince Priebus in January 2011 - We missed it. 13:14:19
Poll: How many here supported Bob Barr? 13:11:15
Banned From Public - Truth Behind Ron Paul's Message 2012 13:07:00
The Gop killed themselves this week Time For The Liberty Party To Rise Up! 12:57:53
Richard Engel compared the convention to the Soviet Politburo 12:52:36
"Step Into My Parlor," Said The Spider To The Fly 12:49:23
Compliance 12:46:14
The "REVOLUTION" encompasses many roads. No need to fight 12:46:01
GOP Corrupt To Its Very Core 12:44:44
Why Can't We Do This To All Of These Criminals? 12:41:42
Are You Anti-Science? 12:39:40
I changed my career because of Ron Paul 12:34:42
Dr. Gelman Liberty doctor 12:33:13
Abortion in the United States - The Reality 12:28:10
FP 50 Inadvertently Reveals Israel’s Dominance of GOP 12:22:30
(Video) Tampa RNC Cop Gets In Trouble For Being Nice 12:15:11
DOJ drops abuse of power charges against AZ Sheriff who claimed Obama's birth cert. fake. 12:00:46
Jesse Benton Tried to Derail “Paul Fest”, but Ron Paul Attended Anyway 11:56:38
FUTURE: Time to fly around the country and spread the wisdom! 11:54:21
(VIDEO) Jesse Benton Tried to Derail “Paul Fest”, but Ron Paul Attended Anyway 11:53:52
Johnson campaign has had enough of Republican ballot shenanigans 11:49:03
Hitler 1933, Romney 2012 11:44:25
Portland Press Herald: Maine GOP Committee now faces convention fallout 11:21:41
Eurozone unemployment nearing 12 per cent 11:20:23
Zombies... 11:09:17
Ron Paul Supporters Fight RNC Shenanigans 11:07:35
Arms Sales: Obama’s Only Growth Industry? 11:04:31
Time to ‘Speak Out, Not Hold Your Peace’ About the Kellogg-Briand Pact Outlawing War 11:00:35
The GOP's pickle state. 10:49:22
VIDEO: Juice Rap News' Take: Zeitgeist vs. Ron Paul R3VOLution 10:47:14
So what's next? 10:40:40
Vote: Would you accept a 5% VAT for a $1trillion cut in the first year? 10:39:12
Tenth Amendment Center: A Message to The Revolution 10:33:48
How much corruption in your state? 10:33:39
Stefan Molyneux To Ron Paul Supporters: I'm Sorry 10:31:43
So why was Ron Paul's nomination really rejected? 10:31:16
Needed: Documentaries on Party and Media corruption - anyone? 10:29:35
Ron Paul Speaks! Ron Paul Says you should look at Gary Johnson (Video) 10:25:20
What I Saw at the Convention (by Karen Kwiatkowski) 10:16:36
Are you or somebody you know suffering from the delusion of democracy? 09:59:51
What if they gave an election and nobody came? 09:45:03
impossible possibilities? 09:41:17
Ron Paul Can't Run 3rd Party, Independent, or Write-in Campaign 09:38:09
Heart Surgeons Kill First Man on the Moon: Neil Armstrong 09:14:03
NJ State Sen. Mike Doherty 08:57:34
Cop Shoots And Kills Active Duty Soldier On Domestic Violence Call 08:35:31
Romney, The Disposable Candidate: Does the RNC Really Want to Win in 2012? 08:27:59
This video made me sick. I stopped watching when troops started beating a sheep to death 07:58:59
Did your Vote Count? ...Will it? 07:57:24
Humor: Behold The Romney Rapture 07:56:56
Our government is terrified of the Ron Paul R3volution 07:35:37
The GOP Committed Suicide At RNC And Showed What We Knew All Along. 07:32:15
How the neo Republican Party was created 06:58:19
Gary Johnson, Ron Paul Revolutionary! 06:35:05
Ron Paul Republican National Convention Tribute Video, 8.29.2012 06:34:11
... 06:20:02
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Video: Ron Paul's 1990 Speech at International Society for Individual Liberty Conf., San Francisco, CA 05:22:08
Help: Reply to Romney request for donation 05:16:32
After meeting with the delegates and 03:50:41
David Koch Supports Gay Marriage, Pot Legalization, And Ending Wars — And You Shouldn’t Be Surprised 03:16:09
Hollywood Conditioning & Anti-Liberty Propaganda 02:57:03
Republican? What’s in a name after all? Everything! 02:49:21
Ron Paul Party vs. Mitt Romney Party 02:13:02
Why I Do Not Intend To Tell Anybody Whom To Vote For, Nor If It Is Even Relevant 02:04:56
Nigel Farage "Europe is led by communists" 01:59:22
The Free Market Doesn't Work! 01:54:43
How the GOP stole the nomination 01:35:49
Clean Slate is Needed 01:26:22
Is any sort of class-action suit possible after the insanity that happened at the convention? 01:24:58
Ron Paul on Jay Leno 9/4/12 01:21:39
We have to put the turd in the Oval Office 01:18:21
Karen Kwiatkowski: What I Saw at the Convention 00:44:24
Ron Paul on an Independent Run 00:40:06
What does the Internet think? 00:34:10
Jeb Bush Admits GOP Won't Cut Debt! 00:04:43
MasterCard for addicts 00:00:12