Posted on September 2, 2012

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Delegate Texas-Romney Rule Change Backlash at RNC 21:52:54
I Was Stuck In The Left Right Thing And I Just Got Blown Out! 23:41:04
Doug Wead: Zero Chance of Ron Paul Running Third Party 20:48:50
What Do You Call A Boomerang That Doesn't Come Back When You Throw It? 19:56:52
At Jackson Hole, a growing fear for Fed independence 17:58:30
John Cusack Interviews Prof. Jon Turley on the War Against the Constitution 16:37:15
Update on that Ron Paul Third Party Conference Call: Had to get a larger room with a new number 20:47:58
8 ways to improve society when you opt out of voting and campaigning 18:16:44
Tom Mullen: The real story behind those Ron Paul delegates from Maine 17:14:36
Peter Schiff: "Romney is the lesser of two evils." 12:42:13
Tom Woods Gives Practical Advice For Prepping 11:18:49
Bullets Planted in Luggage of Ron Paul Delegate at 2012 RNC 00:30:07
That's it. I'm done. No more GOP, LP, GJ, or any of it. I'll tell you why - you can tell me why not. 22:25:19
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Learning to fly... just don't give up 23:59:49
Good Lyrics 23:56:05
A Sample of Bob Dylan's New Album, Tempest 23:54:50
The Real 3rd Party is the Individual 23:52:33
Confirmation needed on write-in votes 23:48:40
Very Troubling Indeed - Dhimmitude 23:46:54
ALL Illinois ( RP 3rd Party) 23:35:55
Lobby Ron Paul to Stay In 23:29:08
12 More Years Of Insanity Or Liberty Now. Make It Happen, Dr. Paul! 23:28:01
Sign Petition for 3rd Party Run 23:27:12
Rep. Amash Calls for Audit of RNC Over Treatment of Paul Delegates 23:14:37
Megaupload Kim Dotcom Announces Massive Global Network, 23:12:55
The Liberty Movement, The Republican Party and The Illusion of Unity 23:01:26
Stimulus cometh? 23:00:20
Romney is FINISHED-read this link 22:57:38
Sanctity of life act HELP 22:54:19
Gary Johnson/Ron Paul 2012? Obama, Romney odd men out! RP on Jay Leno, Tuesday Night! 22:50:12
I chartered my GOP precinct: For spiritual reasons I think I should abandon my post - advice? 22:44:27
Is Gary Johnson on the ballot in all 50 states and the islands? 22:38:27
LINOs in Our Midst: Those that Would Sabotage Us 22:29:57
Barclays makes £500 ($790) million betting on food crisis 22:21:12
Ron Paul for Treasury Secretary or Federal Reserve Chairman. 22:20:04
Secret Federal Bailout Saved Romney After He Ran Bain Bankrupt 22:08:56
I will never vote for Johnson now if RP is not a choice, you guys did it. 22:08:27
Charlie Cheater Threatened, Has to Move. I am NOT Happy. 21:58:28
All I ask is that people attempt to see the vision, the end result. 21:10:29
The RNC , Romney, Ginsberg And Sununu & Boehner are the ones to blame for an Obama win. 20:40:33
America, your hour is now 20:38:37
Live stream for the phone conference 19:53:57
The New American: Romney, the GOP, and Paul Supporters 19:22:39
"I worked on third party and Indy for 33 years." Submitted by The Granger on Sun, 09/02/2012 19:13:52
Did The RNC Honor All The "Parking Lot" Conventions That Happened Across The Nation? If So 19:11:38
North Korean film exposes Western propaganda, and they are right! 19:08:42
~ Not One Word of Thanks To Our Troops In Romney's Coronation Speech 19:03:17
We have got to stop the infighting folks, great movements are always destroyed from within! 18:56:58
Rand Paul with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business News - 08/28/2012 18:42:01
Stossel on the 2012 RNC (includes interview with Ron Paul) 18:41:23
Go read the Wikipedia article on Gary Johnson and you will be impressed. 18:40:29
Ron Paul on Bloomberg - the GOP is "not my party" 18:40:26
Why Should Any of Us Vote For Obama or Romney? 18:39:35
So, where is the email from Ron Paul that says he is quitting? 18:30:28
Mitt Romney "I will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose" 18:24:14
Everything You Need Is Already Inside: I am Ron Paul 18:08:59
Media blackout on Georgia Revolt? 18:07:42
The Duopoly platform 17:59:48
Please donate to and vote for Roscoe Bartlett, US House of Representatives 6th District Maryland! He needs help! 17:49:46
Mexican cartels now using ‘tanks’ (images) 17:45:14
Someone please make a video showing Boehner calling for verbal vote split screen with teleprompter 17:42:07
$16,000,000,000,000.00 in secret bailouts audit reveals 17:30:00
'Obama's justice department grants final immunity to Bush's CIA torturers' 17:21:36
Riots, Terror and Checkpoints: Washington’s “Future History” Is Now 16:31:02
Shading Earth: Delivering Solar Geoengineering Materials to Combat Global Warming May Be Feasible and Affordable 16:25:23
Obama's justice department grants final immunity to Bush's CIA torturers 16:20:29
We’ve Fought So Hard. Where Do We Go From Here? 16:20:18
They're Genetically Modifying Goats To Create Human Breast Milk Substitute 16:16:38
Neil Cavuto was Right about Ron Paul Running Third Party - "Biggest Threat to Obama!" 16:01:48
Calling All Journalists! Write for a Startup News Site! 15:59:10
No Confidence in Romney and No Confidence in Obama – President Ron Paul? 15:41:00
The Ron Paul R3volution: Where do we go from here? 15:39:47
Ron Paul Nominated for President in Tampa, GOP Changed Rules 15:36:10
Who is less evil? Romney or Obama 15:35:10
John Cusack... A Voice for Constitutional Accountability on the Left? 15:34:00
Rand Paul to Campaign for Mitt Romney 15:11:31
I just gave money to Gary Johnson, and it felt GOOD 14:49:08
The Kosher Tax most Americans dont know they're paying! 14:41:04
One of two will win, which one is better for our movement... 14:19:27
Paul supporters still influential in Minnesota GOP 14:18:49
Did the Republican Party commit suicide by forcing Mitt Romney's nomination? 14:12:04
Beating up on the minority delegates - DNC & RNC use same bullying tactics! 14:06:46
Maine GOP rebukes former national committeewoman 13:59:09
PorcFest Chronicles - Alternative Currencies (panel tube) 13:58:09
The real story behind those Ron Paul delegates from Maine (Video of march from floor) 13:55:55
Ron Paul Website Archive 13:46:43
FEC Deadlines & Possible 3rd Party Run 13:44:39
Just to clear my mind... 13:42:11
World Affairs Brief August 31, 2012. This Is A Must Read by Joel Skousen 13:35:27
Clear Distinction Between "Pro-Business" and Free Markets 13:27:35
West Nile Virus Outbreak Justifies Spraying Toxic Chemicals Onto U.S. Citizens 13:21:23
There Was A Secret Ruling Against The NSA For Spying On Americans 13:15:47
Official: Iran would take action if US attacked Syria 13:09:48
8 Ways To Improve Society Without the Political Process 13:07:25
The Gop Is Dead! 12:54:18
Repudiation of American Politics 12:48:24
Debating Militarists by Roger Young 12:43:33
Can Gary Johnson be heard? 12:42:42
Despite AG ruling, Gary Johnson determined to appear on Oklahoma pres. ballot 12:41:45
Ron Paul Movement: States Organizing via Grassroots 12:25:41
"1984 is not a business plan for running for congress!" - Ron Paul 12:21:04
A Very Loyal Four-Legged Ron Paul Supporter 12:20:51
Lpac, Cpac, Etc 12:18:15
Donna Brazille's comments on This Week w G.S. Show What We Are Up Against 12:16:06
Audit the Fed Question 12:15:26
Ed and Ethan 2X04 September 02, 2012 11:59:57
What time is the conference call today in EST? 11:40:29
Can You Really Bowl for Free? or Tax Cuts For the Rich 11:35:31
I am not bound to win... 11:33:25
Does the Republican Party still qualify as a NON-Profit since profit is so heavily involved? 11:21:15
Maine State GOP - Privatize Policing 11:08:17
EPJ: Rand Paul vs. Clint Eastwood at the Republican Convention 10:53:38
While researching the term "Jeffersonian" 10:33:56
The Final Race, The Final Lap For Your Freedom 10:26:38
(Repost)The GOP Is Run By Communists- 3rd Party Now! 10:15:24
A chance to get a msg out in UK mainstream media 10:06:56
Robert Wenzel interviews Livia Elena Araujo Pérez, Spanish Misesian who P0wnZd Krugman 10:03:45
3rd Party Money Bomb Pledge 10:02:51
We are Chief! 10:00:56
Survey on Social Security 09:47:26
Why I support Mitt Romney? 09:27:47
A Pitchfork, A Torch And Some Rope: Force Ron Paul To Run 3rd Party! 09:22:07
Proof the Republicans want More Government and Less Freedom 08:44:12
Unsubscribing from Republican emails 08:29:33
Feds shakedown blueberry farmers, Chicago-style 08:25:49
What happens in Tampa does not stay in Tampa, A plan of Action. 08:05:06
Expected Mass Arrests Of Banksters And Affiliated Government Officials by Military, Sheriffs, Militia For Committing Treason And 07:53:53
Hope Americans will never experience this 07:11:36
The Boot on the Neck of the Liberty Movement 07:08:21
Awesome Well Said Video: RP 3rd party and actually making real changes! 07:04:26
Cavuto was Right About Ron Paul running third party 06:46:19
S.202 Audit the Fed - Senate is back in session on Sept. 10th, 2012 06:30:09
The Case Against Mitt Romney 05:21:06
Ron Paul's Last Chance To Run 3rd Party 04:39:23
OK, the REAL R3volution Starts NOW! The Stomp Heard 'Round the World 04:09:24
Ron Paul run for the Senate 04:04:51
Call The Libertarian Party And Tell Them You Want Ron Paul! 03:44:55
Keep Ron Paul's name clean 03:44:46
I wonder, will you read this ? You don't have to, you know ! 03:00:33
The GOP: Do I stay or do I go? 14:54:06
Police Shoot and Kill Escaping Hostage in Motel Standoff 02:33:39
Full Video of Delegate Walk-Out from RNC 02:32:56
Video - Shortest scheduled airline flight in the world - 2 min ! 02:24:18
I just have to say this 02:17:35
Recorded song "Step Aside" Gary J. By Gary Johnson 02:15:22
Is It Just Me or Does It Seem Like Shinra Controls the world. 02:05:36
Our Dollar Bills are Calling For A Revolutioon 02:01:32
Best Possible Case Scenario (I Can Dream, Can't I?) 01:43:43
Would Ron Paul run with Gary Johnson? 01:41:22
Allen Quist, For Liberty? 01:34:32
Should Ron Paul mount a Third Party run? Online poll to be set up 01:30:38
Spread This Video! NOBOMNEY 2012 01:23:09
POLL: What Will Ron Paul do on Jay Leno? 01:19:18
Should we just follow the "Rules" and admit DEFEAT? Or back Ron Paul as a 3rd Party Candidate? 01:16:05
Vote Barack Obama;your very survival might depend on it! 01:11:12
A Video: Run Ron Run! Third Party! 01:07:49
Music Video: "Bring Them Home" - Corrected Axiom (Played PaulFest) 00:57:17
Manufacturing Dissent or How We, the People Have Lost Control of Our Country 00:21:50
Government As God 00:20:38
The Legacy Continues: Announcing, 00:09:28
Ron Paul Run Third Party 00:03:30