Posted on September 4, 2012

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My Experience at the RNC 22:50:57
Here Comes Blowback! Virgil Goode on Virginia Ballot Despite GOP challenge 21:52:27
Roger Villere Elected RNC Vice Chairman 20:09:45
Apparently I voted for Romney 20:05:54
Judge Napolitano on Nullification and the Constitutional Powers of States 23:09:36
Ron Paul: Libertarian Johnson is “wonderful” 17:53:50
Market Watch: Stock Market Bears Come to Life Near Major Resistance 16:07:37
Tom Woods Asks: What’s Next for the Liberty Movement? 15:03:30
Video: Political Illusion Exposes Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, and Richard Mack's Bad Politics 13:54:11
Paul Ryan to CBS - "We agree with Obama's timeline of 2014 to pull troops from Afghanistan." 11:08:12
"Republicans Cross the Rubicon" by Paul Craig Roberts 11:01:59
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If Ron Paul Got 18% in This Poll Against Romney and Obama, Why Aren't We Forcing Him to Run 3rd Party? 23:57:18
Don't give up hope! There is still a chance! 23:32:52
*-Do Not Despair-* We Have Made Great Progress And Will Continue To Increase Our Influence 23:32:06
Ron Paul on Leno: Leaves door open for third party run 23:21:12
For Romney and Obama supporters 23:21:06
Ron Paul on Leno Links Just In 23:10:43
"Not Much" Means "a Little!" Then Paul Tossed off the Question with a Joke About 2016, or NOT! 23:07:19
Interesting bit about Gary Johnson 22:48:25
Ron Paul - Jill Stein Unity Peace, Constitution, and Recovery Ticket 22:39:32
Here is why people are wrong in supporting traitor Flip Flopney and Paul Ryan for President. 22:29:03
NBC clip from Leno Show: No third party run 22:24:47
The Fetus as Parasitic Invader: Murray Rothbard on Abortion 22:20:07
Awesome NASCAR meme: What the RNC/Romney did... 22:09:56
(Spoiler Alert) Leno: Any Chance you'll Run Third Party? 21:57:12
Ron Paul On Leno - Preview Video: Confirms He Will NOT Run 3rd Party 21:56:19
Gary Johnson on Looming Economic collapse. 21:56:19
Top 10 Reasons Why Writing in "Ron Paul" for the 2012 Pres. sElection is BEST 21:55:14
Pornography Reduces Rape - 21:51:58
Ron Paul On The Jay Leno Show *SPOILER* "Preparing For 2016" 21:48:44
Buzzfeed: Former Sen. Chris Dodd Calls Rand & Ron Paul Plan For Internet Freedom "Dangerous" 21:42:05
Gary Johnson Makes Virginia Ballot 21:40:15
GOP / RNC / Fans of Romney! 21:38:12
drone strike targeting al Qaeda suspects in Yemen killed 13 civilians 21:36:10
~ Power of the People - "Delta Flight 15 - A 9.11 Story" 21:08:11
DNC Video: "The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To" 20:56:39
Dear American Companies: Here's How to Fix the Economy 20:56:25
If Ron Paul runs third party... 20:52:14
What Ron Paul is going to do on Leno tonight. 20:50:39
Online Pornography Helping Lower Rape Incidents, Study Says 20:38:16
Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura Returns to TV! 20:38:07
The Conservative Lorax with an Appearance of End The Fed! 20:35:43
The Federal Bailout That Saved Mitt Romney (Really?) 20:28:57
Could Pro-Pot Candidate Gary Johnson Be Obama's Ralph Nader? 20:18:55
NeoCon US Military Brass in Open Revolt? First Dempsey, now Hayden says NO to Israel-AIPAC War vs. Iran? 20:13:33
Us National Debt Reaches 16 Trillion Dollars! We Need A "Ron Paul" In Office! 20:00:08
DEMOCIDE : Death By Government 20:00:02
Attorney Richard Gilbert (Lawyers For Ron Paul) Live Now! 8:45 pm EST 19:56:24
Big Write-Up: "Ron Paul "Willing" to Run Third Party, Considering Support, Says Delegate." 19:51:08
What If Dr Paul Had Given His Speech At The RNC? How Many Delegates Do You Think He Would Have Converted? 19:30:50
IMPORTANT Corporate personhood for RP and our party 19:22:47
Peter Schiff - Ron Paul Media Bias - FOX Business News 8/27/12 19:21:13
How do we now link to the old-style 3-column (videos in the middle column) forum view pages? 19:18:43
Watching DNC Live Day 3 19:01:43
Peter Schiff: The QE Debate 18:58:46
It's Official: $16 Trillion in Debt 18:56:31
"Hyperinflation Preparation" with Tom Garcia LIVE tonight 9PM EST 18:42:39
Poll: do you feel better off financially than you did four years ago? 18:37:43
Ron Paul Tonight On Leno and 3rd party run Wanna Bet? 18:30:30
Ed and Ethan 2X4.5 September 04, 2012 18:30:16
Zogby: Johnson at 10% among youth voters. Republicans and Democrats weaker than in 2008 18:28:03
Latest polls are VERY bad news for Mitt Romney. Obama's chances of winning up 5% 18:28:00
U.S. Companies Brace for an Exit From the Euro by Greece 18:26:45
Here is an interesting video I came across today. It explains how much gold the US would need if we went to a gold standard. 18:19:02
Why Ron Paul HAS to Run Third Party! 18:09:15
Drunk blogging DNC convention 18:06:47
I can not in good conscience vote for Gary Johnson - if you don't understand the LIFE issue you don't understand Liberty 18:04:02
Ron Paul Lecture - "The Great Enabler: The Rise of the Federal Reserve" 17:47:51
"Big announcement on Leno tonight!" 17:23:47
I Will Tell You Who Has Won - The r3VOLution! 17:20:58
Egypt and U.S. near deal on debt relief (16 trillion in debt but What?...lets give out more aid) 17:19:09
Pressure from Gary Johnson? Obama Courts the Stoner Vote - Video 17:13:14
Kurt Bills Campaign Predicts Ron Paul to Endorse Gary Johnson 17:13:12
Roaming airport screeners look for people with something to hide 17:01:01
Judge: Libertarian should be on Iowa ballot - YES! 16:58:47
Response to "Dr. Paul never accomplished anything in all his years in congress" 16:48:55
CNN and MSNBC to feature marijuana legalization ads during DNC 16:46:54
New GGW Video: “One Nation, Under Water” 16:38:46
Anonymous claims hack caught FBI spying on millions of Apple customers 16:35:10
Ron Paul Was Right All Along: Here is Why the Federal Reserve Does Not Operate For the Good of America 16:26:44
Why there is fire burning in my heart for...Gary Johnson? 16:15:23
The striking similarities between Barry Goldwater and Gary Johnson 16:10:08
The lying Paul Ryan screams "Our rights come from God - Not government..." 16:09:33
Ron Paul and Our Soldiers: What He Understands About Them That Democrats and Republicans Do Not 16:06:48
Grassroots, Raw Milk, Mitt Romney & Liberty 15:59:40
Give Leno something to talk about tonight... 15:51:36
Hey, fellow Arizonans, where are our liberty candidates? 15:50:57
How To Upgrade Your Brain with Coconut Oil & Ketones 15:49:12
Under Paul-Johnson Many Libertarians Would be Named to Top Posts 15:48:38
Matt Miller from CNBC interviewed (Ron Paul fan) 15:48:14
Jerry Day: "The CAFR Swindle: The Biggest Game in Town." 15:45:47
Screw You GOP... 15:41:50
What's Next for the Liberty Movement? 15:35:59
Virginia gives Rep. Virgil Goode spot on state election ballot 15:24:49
Tom Woods - 9/4/12 -What's next for the Liberty Movement? 15:16:37
Obama releases "Harold and Kumar" DNC ad 15:14:50
#1 reason why Ron Paul should run 3rd party. 15:08:39
Talking down Rand and Jesse suggests you think Ron Paul is a fool 15:03:05
Ron Paul and Our Soldiers: What He Understands About Them That Democrats and Republicans Do Not 14:58:18
Ron Paul Revolution: Stopping The Gary Johnson Nonsense 14:58:17
Chris Duane of Greatest Truth Never Told on Ernest Hanckocks show today. Video link. 14:57:33
US drone strike kills 13 civilians in Yemen 14:37:38
State Ron Paul Chairman refuses to sign Petition to Nominate Ron Paul in Tampa 14:35:31
New Libertarian-angled News Site - Want To Help? 14:34:38
Dr. Paul, Keep Jesse Benton As Your Grandson, But... 14:33:51
A Vote for Romney Is a Vote Against Rand Paul 14:28:15
Rachel Maddow on the RNC - 9/3/12 - Why no mention of the wars? Does Romney want to go to war with Russia? 14:27:03
TO: Libertarian Party / Gary Johnson 14:20:44
I Don't Care Who the Candidates are in 2028, I'm Voting For Ron Paul 14:20:36
WHO in the Hell is Running for President? More Ron Paul Signs than Romney Here. 14:17:32
Ron Paul’s Only Path Forward 14:12:42
Tom Woods: The Euro In One Lesson - Outstanding Video 13:57:55
I don't support the idea of anarchy or no Government, but I got to looking at it. 13:50:29
First Audit Results In The Federal Reserve’s Nearly 100 Year History Were Posted Today, They Are Startling! 13:39:24
... 13:29:09
Ron Paul will not endorse Gary Johnson-Jesse Benton has Confirmed 13:28:31
Step by Step Account of August 28th at the RNC 13:22:48
Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire 2012 Primary Voter Guide 13:21:22
Executive Order - Improving Access to Mental Health Services for Veterans 13:21:11
Long Live The Daily Paul! 15:56:27
A RINO Neo-con Radio Talker Accused an RP Delegate of Giving Their Credentials to a Code Pinker 13:01:34
New Campaign Manager if Ron Runs 3rd Party 13:01:18
Jesse Benton: Ron Paul will not endorse Gary Johnson 12:58:51
Va. GOP challenges ballot petitions of Goode, Libertarian 12:57:58
Confirmed: Ron Paul will not endorse Gary Johnson 12:57:53
What if... Ron Paul Wins 2012! (Mental exercise) 12:56:47
Gary Johnson Is Not The Next Ron Paul 12:55:06
(Video) Charlotte man arrested after name shows up on terrorist watch list, lawyer says 12:49:27
LVMI event in Manhattan friday 09/14 12:43:41
Anonymous FBI laptop hack nets 12 million Apple iOS users' data 12:42:29
If ron paul is given the VP slot 12:41:29
Ron Paul: How Long Will the Dollar Remain the World’s Reserve Currency? 12:38:50
LOBBY Ron Paul to Still Run 12:36:53
REPORT: California state debt twice that of New York, more than Greece 12:28:35
Campaign for Liberty 2012 Candidate Survey Results for New Hampshire 12:25:10
Abby Martin's New Show 12:23:24
A sad day 12:05:42
AR Volunteers Needed 11:57:28
Now TSA agents are testing drinks purchased inside the airport 11:51:42
Breitbart: Paul 'Republican No More,' Not Ruling Out Third-Party Run 11:40:47
Ending Tyranny 11:31:09
Will we support Dr. Paul if he does NOT pursue the 3rd Party Option? 11:30:04
BasilMarceauxdotcom for President 2012. Vermin Supreme is for sissies. 11:15:10
What's Next? 11:12:30
Rockwell, Block, Salerno in NYC on Sept. 15! 11:09:42
Manufacturing Discontent: Libertarians, liberals should vote Gary Johnson 11:01:34
Judge Jim Gray? Just say no. Why I have changed my mind on Paul for VP 10:40:28
Dr. Paul may have the Constitution Party Nomination IF... 10:17:17
Mainstream media begins questioning safety of fluoride 10:13:27
Former Asian First Minister: Global UN Police Force To Enforce World Government Dictates 10:03:22
Investing in gold and silver 09:55:14
Freedom Betrayed. Non intervention must read. 09:28:28
No room for debate when there’s asses and elephants in the room. 09:27:43
Drone Mentality...Oops, sorry... 09:25:00
First Audit the Fed results and the numbers are appalling 09:16:13
Get On The Phone Now. Show Ron Paul He Has The Support for 3rd Party run 09:12:13
GOP launches 'Obama Isn't Working' message 08:55:04
Looking for Joomla 2.5 help on 08:43:22
The World at War, The Banks Profit 08:14:14
3 Minute News 08:13:14
The Economics of Breaking Bad 08:01:34
Liberty movement is the future? Not without local liberty candidates running and getting elected. 07:39:34
RNC or WWE? (Very Good Video by Jack Hunter) 07:24:15
FlashBack: 89 seconds, before Iowa 11:28:40
Has Porniah Been Used To Destroy Liberty In America? Is Pornography The Road to 05:07:33
Calif. Democratic leader John Burton: GOP lies similar to those of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels 04:32:58
"EvanAlaska" Update on the Draft Dr. Paul Campaign 03:22:14
Reddit front page: Gary Johnson AMA on Sept. 11 02:41:24
Check out this "Gray State" thing! Prety cool! 01:58:40
Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Libertarian Party 2012, Call Today! 01:48:35
It's not about Republican, Libertarian, or any party. It's not even about politics. It's about the ideas. 01:33:51
Endurance of Romanian Priests 01:33:47
Dear RNC, would you like to win back my future dedication and support for the RNC/GOP (no, this is not a joke) 01:33:19
Me and my friends just started a college Libertarians group. What are you doing to further the cause? 01:30:17
Buy Gold Like Crazy 01:23:41
What Makes your General Election Vote so Magical? 00:50:46
I Love Texas! 00:38:30
Mitt Romney’s Father Was A Mexican Citizen When Mitt Was Born. 00:31:56
Question: Are There Other Numbers to Call to Express Our Support for 3rd Party Run? 00:07:07
Oathkeeper Attempting to Educate Brainwashed Bush Supporters 00:06:25
Jedi Mind Tricks 101-Ron Paul...Is...Not...To Old..To Run In 2016 ! 00:02:57