Posted on September 5, 2012

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Better Than Fact-Checking: An Ohio Reporter Speaks Truth to Power 19:47:07
Peter Schiff 'Undercover' At The DNC (Video)/ Democrats: Let's Ban Profits! 20:30:12
How are the Senate races shaping up? 18:24:50
From George Takei's blog 17:49:47
Shepard Fairey, Creator of 2008 Obama 'Hope' Poster Now Facing Jail Time 17:34:46
Deja Vu! Dem Party bosses just bullied rank in file over Israel issue 18:58:13
Morton Blackwell on the VILE Rules Changes at RNC Convention 16:05:50
Is this huge? Finally lawsuits over planes hitting towers - BusinessWeek 15:31:44
Jim Uprichard injured in motorcycle accident on way home from RNC Convention, convention wrap-up & Carol Paul's thoughts 15:11:39
Farewell Ron Paul ...thanks for the ride! 17:42:26
Video: Ron Paul Rides Off Into the Sunset (Literally) 07:48:06
Ron Paul Supporters, You Are Too Naive! 08:04:00
Reality Check: 1 on 1 With President Obama, How Does He Justify A Kill List? 10:22:12
Video Update: Ron Paul on Jay Leno 9/4/12 08:00:00
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Kerry Bentivolio wins MI-11 special primary election! 23:46:21
Ron Paul’s True Legacy and a Call to Immediate Action 23:46:19
Pictures and video from Gov Gary Johnson for President event in RockHill, SC! 23:34:06
Massachusetts RNC delegate: where we go from here. 23:14:37
Another Ride? Sharing a quote... 22:51:47
Audit the Fed VIDEO update 22:45:28
Richard Gilbert tells us how we will proceed from here to elect Ron Paul as President in 2012 22:24:10
We Ain't Down Yet! 22:22:40
"We need a president who thinks of his daughters, not his delegates, or his donors." 22:22:04
The Ron Paul picture is gone... 22:07:03
BOSTON October 14-15 2012 AIPAC National Summit 22:04:34
Buy local movement is spawning local currencies 21:50:39
What We're Dealing With 21:48:03
Romney's Taxes Held Up For 1,00,000 Dollar Ransom ! 21:45:50
'Skynet' Coming Into Focus(NRO) 21:35:38
Continuing Liberty Show with TMOT, Josh Tolley, Tracy Diaz and others! Friday 8PM EST 21:31:10
Con-Trails News Report Circa 1980 21:18:50
Have you heard, there is vast libertarian conspiracy: 21:12:34
Why the Ron Paul Media Blackouts Happened 21:11:33
Bank Informant: When China realized that they had been duped into buying worthless securitized loans which would never be repaid 21:03:33
Gary Johnson“Libertarian” Candidate – is Out of His Element 20:55:13
Ben Swan makes the Daily Caller 20:43:08
Raw Story - Ron Paul Says Democracy Not Healthy In America 20:42:29
(VIDEO) Rachel Maddow Criticizes Mitt Romney's RNC Speech For Leaving Out Afghanistan War Mention 20:39:36
America is a Bribeocracy (15 min. Video) 20:31:10
Korean Reggae Artist Skull Song About Chem-Trails 20:31:02
Jennifer Terhune's Blog From The Rnc Convention- Very Good Read! 20:18:42
Q&A Marathon Tonight - Tom Woods, Adam Kokesh, Jordan Page & more 20:11:49
ron paul attorney interview 19:55:19
Just Took Off My Ron Paul 2012 Sticker 19:54:40
Talked to an Alternate Delegate for Romney Today... 19:51:50
Anyone know how to go about getting diplomatic status 19:49:42
Television Stations Could Start Using Drones To Cover News Stories 19:44:35
Chaos at Democratic Convention 19:39:11
Kids, ages 5, 7 and 9 19:28:17
'End the Fed' is everywhere! 19:28:03
Let's Get Fired Up About Liberty! 19:25:43
Did Ron Paul Definitively Rule Out a Third Party Run on Leno Last Night? 19:08:54
The Moment I became a Paulite 19:07:39
DNC Has Their "Ron Paul Moment" 18:38:32
Don't Get discouraged, Keep fighting for liberty everyday. 18:34:57
If You Want 3rd Party Candidates Included in Debates Here is Who to Call: 18:22:02
LMAO.. Is she a Ron Paul supporter? (seriously.) 18:15:59
If I could sum up how I think Ron Paul would act for the next 4 years. 18:11:37
Ron Paul Poster As Fundraiser? 18:07:24
Explosive Interview: Sheriff Mack - Abandon Values and Embrace Evil? 18:04:09
Michelle Obama's Hypocrisy 18:02:31
Rubbish 17:56:18
Back to Biz - Money Bomb "Audit the FED" Round 2 - Campaign for Liberty -VIDEO- 17:48:55
What is it called when you willingly do something that you believe to be immoral? 17:45:29
A vote for Romney... 17:32:51
Winning by write ins 17:24:19
Show them our size 17:18:06
Look what I did to the RNC. (2 min Video) 16:55:35
Is it time for Gary Johnson supporters to start their own forum? 16:53:23
Is It Time To Move From Ron Paul To Gary Johnson? 16:31:58
How to better organize and unite? 16:26:54
Could Ron Paul Host His Own Presidential Debate? 16:26:40
Election Results Leaked! Anonymous Hacks Voting Machines 16:22:49
Online poker activists get behind Gary Johnson campaign, dis Romney and Obama 16:21:41
Sorry Oklahoma, You Can't Vote for Gary 16:08:14
WOW: Traditional Conservative & Statist-ish Gunowners beginning to wake up on No-Knock Raids! 16:01:40
Ron Paul on Jay Leno? Disappointing news on 3rd party run 15:50:12
Just got this in a chain mail from my boss, addressed to our ENTIRE company... Couple thousand people 15:40:50
10 Signs That You're Fully Awake, take the test did you pass? 15:28:48
Ron Paul's Write-in Votes Will Be Counted in California 15:25:31
Interpreting Dr. Paul's 3rd party run status 15:20:02
Gary Johnson on the ballot in Virginia - YES! 15:17:14
Establishment Launches Straw Man Over Government Bullet Purchases 15:07:39
Should Ron Paul endorse Gary Johnson for president? (poll) 15:07:12
Michelle Obama Speech Bravely Talks Presidential Values Without Irony 15:05:08
How can I convince people that Fox 19 and Ben Swann are Independent from "Faux News"? 14:54:49
ABC Grows a Pair: Covers DNC Big Money Corruption 14:52:39
3 private cities to be built in Honduras with their own legal and tax systems 14:45:45
The Retreat 14:35:57
Karl Rove's ambition "the transformation of America into effectively a one-party state" 14:34:25
Washington Times presses Obama on Marijuana Legalization using Gary Johnson's position 14:33:19
The Dictator 14:30:45
Economic Crisis to Help Wipe Out Student Loan Debt? Credit to be Ignored? 14:26:32
TSA now walking around terminals testing people drinks for explosive material (Video) 14:16:04
Is our upcoming presidential debates rigged in favor of Romney and Obama? Romney & Obama agree to secret debate contract 14:06:29
The Return of the Jedi-Ron Pauls Coming...2016...Revolution. 13:36:31
Gary Johnson speaks at NORML gathering in front of DNC 13:34:37
Liberty Movement Video - Great Song 13:23:32
The Democratic Party Unveils Extreme, Pro-Abortion Platform 12:55:41
Stop playing the blame game, Ron Paul is not a puppet, you really believe Benton and others acted on their own? 12:47:47
Iran: We DON"T want Nukes ! 12:26:56
BREAKDOWN: Three Tons of Food Looted From Grocery Stores In Spain As Millions Struggle 12:12:40
Tor Project: Protect your privacy. Defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis. 12:06:17
Writing in Ron Paul (NO1BUTPAUL) Official Thread 11:55:45
♪♫ "Don't worry about a thing, 'Cause every little thing gonna be all right!" ♪♫ 11:55:12
Presidental Race More or Less Diversion - Think Local/State Candidates! 11:49:25
Tampa Dispatch by Jeff Taylor 11:40:43
One Man’s Terrorist: The Anti-War Short Film Made By Ex-Army Ranger David Kirk West 11:23:15
TSA Looking for Al-Qaeda in Your Coffee 11:20:12
Sunday Conference Call With Evan Alaska To Get Ron Paul On The Libertarian Ticket 10:52:58
My Decision; Who I Am Voting For 10:43:26
Good Old Simpsons clip 10:32:34
The Gary Johnson Debate - Plead to write him in at the polls. 10:21:54
Peter Schiff’s Downward Spiral with the Grassroots Continues 10:20:37
Who will carry the torch 09:53:12
Wasting Your Vote on the Lesser of Two Evils 09:50:02
Ten minutes from the movie, "Are You Practicing Communism". 09:40:41
The NYPD'S Intelligence Division: It's Gone Rogue 09:40:33
Calvin And Hobbes Explain Politics 09:24:16
Politico: Ron Paul on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 09:23:32
Read Between The Lines - Ron Paul is voting for Gary Johnson 09:20:50
Ron Paul or Gary Johnson? Division In the Liberty Movement. 08:49:00
Dapper Dan or Jerry Curl? 08:34:46
It happened at GOP state conventions. Now its happened at the Republican National Convention. Are you the least bit surprised? 08:30:10
Virgil Goode? 08:26:24
Zogby: unusually strong showing among younger voters by Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson 07:55:40
"It's Not Just A Race, It's A Marathon." Why Ron Paul Is Winning. 07:47:13
The Last Straw 07:34:46
Vid-Rap News! 05:59:20
Muse - Madness 05:57:09
Kinsey minions continue child sex abuse Can anyone say MK-Ultra? 05:52:44
H.R. 1388 , GLSEN & The Hitler Youth 05:07:46
For Your own protection. ;) 04:54:34
Vote Gary Johnson and not Obama,Romney or write in Ron Paul 04:42:58
Teen denied boarding on American Airlines flight because he has Down syndrome, family says 04:42:18
Undecided Voters Dislike Romney & Obama But Love Paul (9-2-12) 04:17:18
Ron Paul on Jay Leno 9/4/2012 04:11:11
One Man Tried Harder To Take Hitler Out Than Any Government. Why? Who Was Georg Elser ? 04:02:12
Delegate Shifting Strategy 03:28:33
Are you fighting for something or are you fighting against what others are fighting for? 11:18:17
Rule Changes 03:10:39
Video Shows Maryland Cop Beating Teenager in Head with Gun 03:00:38
War Child 02:53:10
Ron Paul and our Soldiers: What He Understands about them that Democrats and Republicans Do Not 02:34:33
For those who aren't too fond of either Johnson or Goode, there's also Dean Morstad! 02:27:57
Liberty Entrepreneur 02:12:44
Notice Ron Didn't Say Anything About Sore Loser Laws Etc. on Leno 02:00:59
Faith in Politics and Law No More! 01:50:55
Pros and Cons of Staying In The GOP 01:50:37
Don't feel bad. We were cheated out of victory. 01:44:17
America Today NEEDS Ron Paul 01:38:48
Abby Martin's New RT show 'Breaking the Set' debuts w/ RP-Foreign Policy endorsing Col. Douglas MacGregor Interview! 01:38:43
Full Video: Ron Paul Appears on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno 01:38:18
9.0 EARTHQUAKE hits D.C.-Ron Paul on LENO " I have to Get Ready for 2016 !" 01:27:08
Video - UKIP guy making sense on energy 01:22:08
Find out if your Apple device was among the 12 million units hacked and tracked by the FBI 01:18:38
Rand Paul 2016 01:18:12
A MUST Read Interview with NDAA Plaintiff, Christopher Hedges 01:17:13
Ron Paul Did Vote For Bush 00:46:57
Goodbye Now Daily Paul 00:44:37
Paul’s Leno Appearance a Strikeout for Johnson 00:44:22
Ron Paul 2016! Ron Paul Hints Towards Another Run In 4 Years on Jay Leno! 00:40:06
Another troll moment? Have you noticed how many people are posting discouraging comments? 00:35:08
Take Action: Demand Paper Ballots, Hand Counted! 00:28:31
What's Wrong with a Paul-Johnson ticket with Jim Grey Secretary of State (or Chief of Staff)? 00:24:04
In retrospect, Rand Paul's 2010 victory was the worst thing that could have happened to the liberty movement 00:23:36
Ron Paul: "There's a chance." 00:00:25