Posted on September 6, 2012

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Atlas Shrugged, Part II: Official Trailer 20:02:00
North Carolina GOP Shenanigans At The RNC 16:29:14
Glenn Greenwald: Obama Campaign Brags About Its Whistleblower Persecutions 16:20:26
Brother Moammar! Report: CIA Waterboarded Gaddafi’s Enemies for Him 14:44:01
Doug Wead says Ron Paul could STILL run in 2016 13:28:05
Ben Swann On The Jerry Doyle Show: Dems Have A Ron Paul Moment; "The Two Party System Is So Flawed." 16:20:37
More Than 50 Million Americans Short Of Food 12:11:56
Ben Swann Reality Check: Full Obama Interview 08:59:34
Uncounted: Real Americans Don't Cheat 14:33:16
Jim Rogers Video: If you aren't worried about 2013, "Get Worried" 07:55:17
50 State Revolution! A salute to all. 07:41:25
Why is it acceptable to occupy 148 countries but not let a vet occupy 06:59:19
Dr. Ron Paul's FINAL House Fin. Svcs. SubComm. Lecture: The Great Enabler - The Rise of the Fed. Reserve 09:46:42
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"Why Can't I Buy a Burrito From Mexico?" (Video)/ Capitalism & Free Market vs.Socialist Protectionism 23:43:19
Inspiration from Les Misérables 23:37:58
911 Part Deux: The Deliberate Economic Implosion 23:35:39
First picture from NASA of water on Mars! Amazing! 23:28:54
4 a laugh: How to Make Homemade Stadium Hotdogs 23:19:58
Dear Ben Swann 23:17:19
The three aims of the tyrant 23:06:44
We need a ride from the Orlando airport to Daytona Bch for Jim U's cousin! 23:05:08
The Last Renaissance 23:03:01
Former Reporter Amber Lyon Exposes Massive Censorship at CNN 22:44:12
I ran into Ben Ginsberg tonight 22:40:49
What If Mitt Romney Passed Away Before The Election? 22:38:51
BBC 10.16.02: "President Saddam Hussein has won 100%..." 22:36:23
Who is William Millay? 22:25:48
What's Wrong With You People? 22:20:56
Nature speaks 21:58:07
"No One But Paul" Super Brochure 21:32:50
"Switching parties puts N.C. delegate in spotlight" - nothing to do with Ron Paul! 21:02:54
I put the Party in Republican Party 20:57:17
(Video) Colorado Public Television Presents 911 Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out 20:49:02
AMAZING! (Video) 92 year old man shoots and kills buglar 20:41:17
Lock and Load 20:38:48 Hilarious Ad 20:38:28
How Do We Prevent 2016 From Being a Rerun of 2012? 20:35:43
Bill Kristol: Democrats Being 'Foolish' Not Pushing Tougher Gun Laws (VIDEO) 20:31:33
Ron Paul got 42,426 that were counted in the 2008 General Election. 20:25:10
92 Year Old Military Vet Shoots and Kills Burglar 20:22:06
The Mecklenburg County Sheriff and City of Charlotte Police: Remove The Democratic National Convention from your Midst 19:43:30
Respond to this: Living in the Past 19:42:19
Is it now impossible to delete your own topics ? 19:33:17
The lady from Charter called and couldn't believe I didn't want TV service. 19:30:41
I went to Best Buy last night to browse. Now seeing Best Buy ads online. 19:24:30
Need Rule 12 And Rule 15/16 Of "New Rnc Rules" COMPLETE Text-asap! Anyone Have It? 19:19:31
Video to help convert Democrats to Liberty 18:56:24
So could we talk about you know definitions ? Like liberal... 18:46:35
"We all belong to the government" 18:34:19
Paul blew a great historical opportunity 18:19:43
Johnson Says Troops Over There Are "Keeping us safe." 18:11:03
Dnc Police Crazy Dance Moves 18:09:36
Find out if a Gary Johnson 'Freedom Van' is near you! 17:20:31
This is our Liberty Ship 17:19:01
I was just polled by CNN - Obama-Romney-Johnson included. 17:16:39
Rand Paul (Video): The REAL Endorsement 17:08:22
deleted 17:07:57
Do Not Give Up On Ron Paul's Ideas 17:03:11
Free To Decide 16:59:00
Wow, ABC News Actually Did Meaningful Research Into Political Corruption 16:54:40
A Huge Write-In Vote For Ron Paul Will Make a 2016 Run Real! 16:53:32
Advice on how to break into local/state political involvement 16:40:53
Take Over Congress! 16:23:09
Romney Supporters Fail to Remove Gary Johnson from Iowa Ballot, File Appeal 16:17:26
Sticking It To The Romney Campaign 16:11:35
Take this poll on Romney's favorability 16:10:07
Grow The Liberty Movement! 16:07:51
Group threatens to release Romney's tax returns - Asks for $1 million 15:53:12
The Easiest Way to Understand 9/11 Was a Demolition: Free-Fall 15:43:01
Secret Service investigates alleged theft of Romney tax records 15:39:50
Peter Schiff interviews Gary Johnson at DNC; he is on every state ballot; 9-6-12 (audio) 15:39:06
The Real Play is Governor Paul 2014! 15:12:49
Beyond Tampa 15:07:23
New poll conducted asks whether America wants 3rd parties to participate in the debates 15:06:43
Lest we forget. GW Bush's record and Mitt Romney 15:01:30
Great NEW Gary Johnson's campaign ad: America Needs A Handyman 17:49:06
Lies, Propaganda, and Election 2012 14:42:10
Gary Johnson- America Needs a Handyman 14:28:31
Choice Point 14:20:18
Crony Chronicles (Video): I Want To Be A Crony 14:14:00
Ron Paul CAN Still Win Disputed States, Maine & Iowa: Fight the Corruption with 14:03:17
Democrats Divided at DNC 14:02:38
Seeking second job to work 13:54:32
An Open Letter To Dr. Al Mohler: Republicans And Democrats Aren’t That Different 13:44:26
All the Gary Johnson Ads to date 13:41:08
Romney, Obama. or Johnson? 13:38:49
Some Keynesians Call Romney Out 13:26:10
Senator Response to plea for support of Audit the Fed 13:22:31
Submission Like This Is Not Godly ! 13:04:49
Why Some Ron Paul Supporters Will Not Vote For Gary Johnson 13:01:58
We Have A Billionaire Willing To Fund A Johnson/Paul 2012 Ticket Update from Evan Cutler 12:59:59
Bill Clinton Summed It All Up..We're Lost! 12:59:06
Is Gary Johnson a 9/11 Truther? 12:56:46
Wayne Allen Root is leaving the Libertarian Party to Run for Senate 12:55:24
KS Reform Party Offers Ron Their Presidential Ballot Line 12:49:21
Revolution PAC files a series of FOIA requests for the Brandon Raub Case. 12:48:05
Evan Alaska, Is there going to be another conference call tonight? 12:38:04
Wed 9/5 Controlled Demolition In France - Look Familiar? 12:31:58
Gary Johnson discusses civil liberties, monetary policy, immigration and more on Free Talk Live 12:21:30
Cheetah Robot runs 28.3 mph; a bit faster than Usain Bolt 12:07:50
Gallup: Obama Enjoys Massive Lead Among Those With No Religion 12:01:36
Web Inventor Warns Governments Internet Has No Off Switch 11:57:49
Delete 11:48:37
File Complaints to Grand Jury requesting investigation into "Kill List". 11:34:14
Johnson touts Libertarian message at Winthrop 11:14:36
Bless Her Heart 11:09:44
TMOT: Ron Paul, Please Tell Me Who To Vote For? 10:58:12
I need suggestions on a good, small, fireproof safe 10:54:36
Hackers claim to have Romney's tax returns 10:54:25
"Don't if feel great to belong to the government?" 10:53:01
Russell Brand Tells MPs Drug Addiction Should Be Treated As Illness 10:51:23
Thomas L. Knapp: The R3VOLution That Wasn’t: A Note to Paul Supporters 10:15:41
Chuck Baldwin: Where Do We Go From Here? 10:07:34
Medical Marijuana on Arkansas Ballot - Vote YES on Issue #5 on November 6th 10:07:19
Ron Paul Republicans Gained Seats Democrats Lost 10:01:03
Japan May Soon Abandon its Disastrous Keynesian Consensus 09:52:04
VIDEO: Sun Produces Massive Ejection of Material (Aug 31, 2012) 09:42:22
66 Countries to buy US drones? 09:37:56
Delusional reality: Everything peddled by politicians, media, banks and television is a fiction 09:34:14
FOIA Letters Reveal Shocking Cases Of TSA Groping Genitals 09:25:44
People Should Vote: Not Computers 09:13:02
Delete 09:10:55
Protect the Count - Absentee & Central Count locations 09:03:16
Bin Laden Raid Book has Pentagon Scrambling 09:02:19
Video the Count: What to do on Election Night 08:53:48
MA Primary Today 08:30:31
Why Did the DNC Move Obama's Speech Inside: Weather or Low Turnout? 08:12:55
This is scary - NYPD Opens Branch in Israel 08:04:39
Richard Russell - Gold To Save World From Drowning In Debt, overnight raise the price of gold to $10,000 06:38:47
I would Smoke a Joint with Ron Paul or Gary Johnson 05:37:24
Libertarians do not explain themselves well to non Libertarians. That is their biggest fault. 05:32:20
SHOCKER! NY Times: New FOIA reveals Pres. Reagan had been a FBI Snitch since 1946! 04:17:17
Judge Jim Gray at PAUL Fest 2012 04:05:40
PROOF: NeoCons always were Commies; new National Review Mitt-PR Cover celebrates Soviet Poster! 03:54:51
Rice, Baker Shultz, Kissinger: Romney for recovery 03:10:00
Photographers Can Be Detained By LAPD As Terrorists 03:01:11
Energy usage and Slaves - Physics Lecture 02:32:46
2016 Presidential Candidates - List & Discussion 02:31:49
Ron Paul Clint Eastwood INARTICULATE meme 01:44:41
Ron Paul retiring for next two months? 01:42:04
Prosecutors fight AZ voters; Medical marijuana law 01:18:47
Dont give up yet ! 01:15:01
Ron Paul Clint Eastwood ANTI-WAR meme 01:14:42
Help! 01:12:54
Damning Video: DNC votes just as scripted as RNC's - Help to make it go viral 00:57:43
reporter takes Obama to the woodshed on constitutionality of 'kill list' 00:57:13
Does Gary Johnson have a philosophical core? What is it? 00:54:23
Jim Uprichard Accident Update 00:54:07
Questions for my DP friends... 00:40:20
What would the DPers say in response to this? 00:08:01
How 'Pro-Choice' are Democrats? 00:04:46