Posted on September 9, 2012

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♩ ♬ Landslide ♪ ♫ 16:26:03
50 State Revolution! A salute to all. Part III and Conclusion 19:17:31
Sprouts: Organic food that you can grow in 24-36 hrs 14:58:06
MSNBC Talks About Obama Murdering American Citizens with Drone Strikes 12:31:52
Rand Paul on ABC This Week: Libertarians are the Future of the GOP 12:19:41
New Mexico Tampa 8 Strike Back 11:35:55
Vision Statement for the Liberty Movement - please share yours. 20:22:52
Reince Priebus Confronted about Nomination of Ron Paul at RNC 09:04:31
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Rand Paul “Hopes” Romney Shares His Views On The TSA - article on BuzzFeed 23:58:00
* 23:41:15
Chrome LOVE Revolution Car Emblem Project Has Been Funded! 10% of Profits Towards Other Liberty Projects! 23:39:12
Why Romney needs to help Johnson and Goode get on the ballot - bad advisers 23:38:10
Appellate Writ Denied, Gilbert Filing New Lawsuit, Track Record Unimpressive 23:10:21
"The US is like an occupying Roman army" 23:08:08
Voter guide 2012 How To Choose When You Have NO Choice... 23:00:21
Make your own Romney parade signs! 22:44:06
POLL: What is the #1 Reason You won't Vote for Gary Johnson? 22:43:14
Treasury launches $18 billion AIG stock offering 22:21:50
Kurt Bills has nearly cut Klobuchar's lead in HALF since June! 22:19:01
A write-in vote for Ron Paul that is counted speaks louder than a vote for Gary Johnson 22:10:18
Does Anyone Know if the FRB is Going to be Making an Announcement This Week Regarding More or Less QE? 21:59:19
Write-in votes for president in Minnesota - needs paperwork from Ron Paul 21:52:18
Romney starts (continues) his Flip Flopping 21:38:17
How the Council on Foreign Relations Controls Conservative Republicans 21:26:27
Sticking it to the RNC 21:16:51
NSA Whistle-Blower Tells All - Op-Docs: The Program 20:50:46
#RonPaulFans4GaryJohnson trended nationally on Twitter - Sunday 9/9/12 20:50:19
Sneak a peek by the FBI creeps. 20:45:59
Proposal for new commercial. Get PACs and SuperPACs to fund? 20:08:52
RNC - GOP Soviet Tactics Have Helped Us. 20:06:03
Interesting Chat About States' Rights 20:03:17
Ron Paul's Worst Nightmare: FBI Nearing Completion of a $1 Billion Face Recognition Tracking Program to Spy on Americans 20:02:51
The US government is aiding and supporting terrorism in Syria. 19:49:30
Growing Supersized Organic Vegetables 19:44:43
Ron Paul Fans Are All Marxists 19:38:00
How John Dennis can Beat Pelosi by Hammering Her Pro NDAA Vote 19:30:56
Independent Senator Bernie Sanders Interview Right Now On PBS 19:05:34
Deception through Happy News 18:52:08
~ The "Secret" to Ron Paul's Endurance. 18:33:08
Rap News 9: The Economy (Ron Paul V. Zeitgeist) 18:28:38
Jim Uprichard is holding the camera on the nomination papers for 6 states 18:24:58
Surprise Surprise: Romney admits he likes Obamacare 18:24:00
Today I remind myself that liberty is non-political 18:11:13
"The Example" Ron Paul 18:08:11
We have ONE Party - with TWO marketing campaigns. 18:00:08
Government Bailed out AIG now Going Public 17:47:39
Boehner refuses to get involved in Obama eligibility 17:43:24
Poll of Ron Paul Supporters-Who will you vote for? 17:38:00
I wasted 5 years of my life (although not a TOTAL waste). 17:14:40
The Insurgency to Break Up the 2012 Ron Paul Campaign Has Begun 17:10:58
The Creeping Police State is now galloping. (Lew Rockwell Podcast) 17:09:20
Judicial Smackdown of Guantanamo Games 17:01:25
Voting Jill Stein or Gary Johnson in MA are the only votes that count 16:37:10
Mitt Romney's Failure Guaranteed! 16:14:33
Lehrman: A True Gold Standard Would Require a Balanced Budget 16:11:57
Ugh I just want to scream: Romney now 'likes parts of Obamacare' 16:11:10
The parable of Torch - what we can learn from a church 16:09:54
Is Gary Johnson one of us or a CFR Pawn? 15:57:00
Ron Paul The New FED Chairman? 15:55:21
CNN's Erin Burnett tells "Lies" about the Federal Reserve 15:54:33
Rising corn costs will raise all food for the end of 2012! 15:46:28
Just opened up an indoor gardening store 15:34:38
Can we all agree on one simple and obvious fact that will make our very difficult chore less difficult? 15:32:59
Alert - Rand Paul on Fox News (Hannity) Monday night, Sept 10 15:30:17
Ron Paul for Governor of Texas? 15:27:23
Will Defecting From the GOP Help Ron Paul's Supporters Take It Over? 15:23:16
Jeremy Scahill Takes Down MSNBC Panel On Obama Foreign Policy; 9-9-12 15:11:59
Problem With Hotmail 14:58:50
Please Help Liberty Candidate with Postcard Mailing! 14:50:17
Web Commercial: Eli Lilly (Big Pharma) is 'Milking' Cancer 14:47:38
The Ron Paul Movement's Next Step - Atlas Shrugged II 14:21:44
Learn the truth about silver and why it's price is going to the moon 13:57:12
Ron Paul California Write-in Campaign Facebook Launched 13:39:31
Mitt Romney: Likes parts of Obamacare 13:32:07
Gary Johnson Campaign Schedule Winds Through Conventions 13:20:43
Ed and Ethan 2X05 September 09, 2012 13:13:27
In the 11th hour, Ron Paul and Virgil Goode receive huge Christian endorsement 13:05:08
Education Time: Learn The National GOP Structure Here 13:00:46
* Get your FREE Food Everyone * 12:43:09
The future is ours! 12:40:19
Wow. Australian Aboriginal Passport for Assange Shames Feds 12:28:58 may be Mitt Romney's downfall 12:28:19
Message from Committee To Recall Carl Levin 12:24:51
Countdown ends at 1:24 EST today? 12:22:47
Gary Johnson: I am the only candidate that would abolish the Federal Reserve 12:22:07
Peter Schiff follow up on "Let's Ban Profits" - Squawk Box 9/7/12 12:21:13
Ron Paul and the Young: 5 Photos That Show Ron Paul is the Future of America 12:06:33
The American Dream 12:06:29
Daughter of Mossad Chief: I Refuse to Enlist in the Israeli Military 11:53:38
Paul shunning disgraceful 11:51:21
Obama Plans Executive Order to Force Cybersecurity Boondoggle On America 11:45:26
Hungary Is In Trouble After Throwing Out Monsanto And The IMF 11:36:34
Youtube links to Aaron Russo documentary 'America: Freedom to Fascism' and interview discussing elite agenda. R.I.P. Aaron 11:28:00
What's next? 11:25:50
Massive Government Cover-Up In Virginia? 10:51:13
AWESOME! Dear R3VOLution, meet your Future: The Lib3rty G3neration! 10:42:24
Our real power is at the grassroots level thru Nullification 10:23:28
911-11: Post Traumatica 10:15:02
This Week: 60% chance of QE3 10:13:19
Voting Statistics for Rand Paul 09:53:18
Afghan Soldiers 09:34:20
FAKE letter from Gary Johnson to Dr. Paul 09:18:13
Call George Noory Coast To Coast To Get Dr Ron Paul On The Libertarian Ticket With Gary Johnson Monday 09:05:06
'There is no Left vs Right' 08:35:48
Larry Flynt offering $1 million for Romney's financial records 08:27:13
As for 'Voting my conscience.' 07:58:35
~ The Best Way to Take Over the Republican Party Is to Let it Fail 2012 07:09:18
Something to consider this Presidential election. You just might want an Obama win. 06:52:07
Was Daily Paul Attacked between 4:30 and 5:30 am 9-9-12? 06:45:49
Ron Paul feels we should continue to take over the GOP. 06:35:33
Long Shot Romney Loses Momentum 06:27:34
Video: Here come the cops busting my balls again 06:16:48
In case some people are not aware, there is a Presidential election going on in two months. 05:48:06
TYT: Racist, Asshat Clown Could Cost Romney Virginia 05:06:22
Country Music Stars Challenge Al Qaeda to Attack Again 03:27:06
Help! I'm Addicted to the Daily Paul! 02:50:52
Gary Johnson is no Harry Browne 02:42:22
Larry Flynt offering $1 million for Romney's financial records 02:28:38
Studies Find More Students Cheating, With High Achievers No Exception 02:17:59
Why This Site Must Remain The Daily Paul, Not The Daily Libertarian or The Daily Anything Else (IMO) 00:57:07
Keshe breakthrough 00:55:10
Kiss my ass Reince Priebus, you sellout coward 00:54:00
Ron Paul went third party and ran for president as a libertarian in 1988 00:53:55
POLL: Which of these Promotes the Liberty Movement Most? 00:48:33
Jon Stewart points out hypocrisy of Fox News 00:46:19
BUSTED! Austin,Texas police went undercover to infiltrate Occupy 00:45:05
So You Think Third Parties Don't Count 00:16:29
Detroit Lions should leave the NFL and start their own league 00:23:24