Posted on September 11, 2012

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Four Star General Wesley Clark: America's Foreign Policy Coup After 9/11 - Destroy 7 Countries in 5 years 23:29:09
Reality Check Video Update: Why are we fighting Al Qaeda and supporting them at the same time? 21:43:48
Netanyahu To Obama on Bombing Iran: ‘Wait For What? Wait Until When?’ 20:13:18
* 21:50:25
The Revolution Comes to NBC, Mondays at 10 18:36:48
Jesse Benton's Resignation Letter from C4L-With note from Ron Paul 16:47:05
What If The Young Won't Work? 11:25:32
I am Officially kicked out of the Republican Party 11:23:45
Italian Supreme Court head calls for international 9/11 inquiry 10:33:08
What Romney owes to Rand (and Ron) Paul - Posted by Judge Nap to Facebook 09:40:44
16 Year Old Boy Questioned By FBI Over This Ron Paul YouTube Video 08:48:31
Tom Woods on the Alex Jones Show 10:01:48
Apparently, The Johnson vs not voting debate is as old as Libertarianism itself 11:40:13
The Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory 19:11:01
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How many innocent Deaths as a result of 9/11? School Project 23:45:09
Violence: A way of Life 23:36:37
Retirement Gift For Ron Paul. 23:35:12
Reality Check: One on One with President Obama, Why Is The U.S. Supporting Al Qaeda In Syria? 23:29:24
Republican Corruption 23:16:48
Is the Revolution a Myth in the Republican Party? 23:08:44
Tweets for Sam Canders, Candidate for State House District 15 Bangor, Maine 23:06:11
GHEI: ATF’s latest gun grab 23:00:26
Isreali Scientists say Obama's Birth Certificate is a Fake. 23:00:13
From The Washington Times: Obama - "Pay my wife, please." 22:59:52
Why 2013 will be a year of crisis 22:48:53
Can't believe I haven't seen this video on here: 22:33:36
Coward Max Keiser refuses to debate Tom Woods 22:30:50
VIDEO: Famous Billionaire Admits on CNBC: "The Fed is a PRIVATE Company!" 22:29:47
*Must-see* Jesse Trentadue presentation 22:27:05
Rand Paul: I Will be Campaigning for Mitt Romney 22:12:48
Proof - Dick Cheney Already Knew Hijackers Were On Board United 93 Before the Flight Crew Did! 21:53:12
Video: Joe Trippi & Karl Rove Talk Electoral Map on Fox News 21:40:50
If 911 Never Happened, Ron Paul Might Be President 21:37:07
Because the terrorist threat continues...the powers and authorities adopted 9/14/01 must remain! 21:35:20
Stand With Pete The Carpenter 21:34:33
Morgan Stanley Gives A 4% Chance Ron Paul Is Fed Chairman In 2014 21:33:08
I just joined the Laissez Faire Book Club 21:27:19
Ed and Ethan 2X5.5 September 11, 2012 21:18:18
Hey, let's spend 50 mil on some construction in Djibouti, Africa! 21:14:02
Ron Paul Knocks DNC & GOP Conventions as ‘Taxpayer Funded Spectacles,’ Reminds Both Parties the U.S. Is a Republic 21:08:38
I'm proud to say I just gave Romney a lesson in blowback. 21:04:16
9/11 truth takes New York;Falling Man Of 9/11 Still Demands Justice;Why “Not” Remember 9/11 20:54:32
WARNING! Senate Has Adjourned Until AFTER The Elections! Find Them! And Demand They "Audit The Fed!" (Support S. 202) VoteUp-> 20:51:52
a message from The Dictator 20:46:08
New idea for 2012 election 20:45:24
"The Liberty Hot Seat" w/ Scott Horton Tonight 9:pm! Scott's First Guest is Tom Woods 20:26:04
Jon Stewart's First Show After 9/11/2001 20:13:34
spider halts highway construction in San Antonio 20:12:59
Live Show On Ron Paul Tribune With Your Host Tom Garcia! 9pm Eastern/8pm Central: Inflation Preparatio​n - Semi Precious Metals 20:00:05
Gary Johnson's 3-week college tour 19:58:39
Revolution Reloaded 19:49:17
Ron Paul Knocks DNC & GOP Conventions as ‘Taxpayer Funded Spectacles,’ 19:46:27
Jesse Benton Resigns! 19:44:52
Liberty Live-Stream Team Show with MatLarson10 Tonight 8PM EST 19:32:35
Ron Paul Legacy Lives On 19:32:15
Are the truths of liberty self evident? 19:30:32
Forget official campaigns: Grassroots alone CAN win elections. 19:29:35
Make Tom Woods the President of Campaign For Liberty! NOW! 19:24:40
Sometimes the blindness of the Paul supporters staggers me 19:20:00
Dead Gitmo detainee was cleared for release in 2009 how cruel! 19:16:16
Agenda 21 "doesn't exist" 19:11:06
Moody’s To Downgrade US Rating If No Deal To Cut Debt/GDP Ratio 18:59:19
Video: The Drama of Ron Paul 2012. Write-in Ron Paul. 18:58:18
How will the CHICAGO Teacher's Strike end? 18:58:05
Which social class do you belong to? 18:49:45
Pivotal Race for Liberty? 18:16:31
How do I find out if I can write-in in my state? 18:08:13
POLL: Which Shows You're Against the Violation of NAP More? 17:53:40
The Grand Old Tea Party vs. Oboccupy Wall Street 17:47:36
Ron Paul and Obama - The movement and the establishment 17:45:04
Just an FYI 17:35:25
New Poll : The MAJORITY of Americans oppose a strike on Iran 17:32:32
TSA Is Out Of Control! (Video) 17:14:08
Write in for Ron Paul Campaign New York State 16:52:16
Put the TSA on Record 16:43:50
Join Ron Paul and C4L at LPAC 2012! 16:40:37
Ed's Florida Review #1 16:31:18
Released today, 9/11/12: Dr. Steven Jones and his research and findings on 9/11 16:21:08
Vancouver researcher finds flu shot linked to H1N1 illness 15:57:21
Thomas Szasz, Freedom Fighter, Dead At 92 15:52:30
Democrats Don’t Get It! Corporate Profits Are Not Evil Says Schiff 15:51:35
Ron Paul video 15:44:31
Italian Supreme Court head calls for international 9/11 inquiry 15:43:34
VIDEO: The Toronto Hearings on 9/11 (Full DVD in 4 Parts) 15:43:14
Poll: What comes first for Johnson, Pro-Choice or States' Rights? 15:11:35
Ahmadinejad says enemies destroy Iran's rain clouds -reports 14:51:07
Got Your WAPI yet? 14:47:05
Google Top Word Hits, 9/10/2012 14:41:17
Ron Christie to Newsmax: Obama, Black Leaders Want ‘Separate But Equal’ 14:37:18
Google Resists Subpoena seeking documents related to several Checkout accounts, September 11, 2012 14:33:40
What can you tell me about FreedomWorks? Convention in Cincinnati 14:32:06
Sen. Rand Paul on "America Live" w / Megyn Kelly -Fox News- 9-11-12 14:30:00
The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11 14:23:36
Coast Guard Sets U.N. Security Zone, September 11, 2012 14:23:15
America is a Republic, Not a Democracy , Ron Paul 14:14:48
Iran Lie Same As Iraq Lie 14:00:01
Richard Gilbert - Round 2 13:55:50
Leaving Home: New Law Forces Home- Schoolers To Fight Or Flee Sweden 13:51:11
Construction Dictionary Reveals the Real Definition of "Pull" 13:46:20
Funny Tribute to 9/11 Truthers! 13:34:59
Patriot Day 13:26:24
Congressional Report Explores History of Military's Use on U.S. Soil 13:19:33
California Prop. 37 Exposes Monsanto GMO Agenda 13:13:44
What does Sarah Palin, a handful of influential rappers, and 1,700 architects and engineers have in common? 12:57:24
Panetta: US has a year if Iran decides on a nuclear bomb 12:49:54
Ron Paul knew about Sept. 11. 12:48:55
Poll: Is a "Write-In" Vote a Waste of Time? 12:48:01
(Video) Norman Minetta 9/11 testimony 12:45:28
Go Daddy Confirms It was an “outage, not an attack” from Anonymous 12:39:05
Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories! 12:38:03
September 11th - A day Americans will always remember 12:28:58
A Quick Question for the Silver Experts 12:17:37
911 Documentary - Professional Engineers Weigh in 12:12:52
An End to the War on Terror? Terrorist Leader's Brother Proposes to be a Peace Broker 12:09:31
What Romney owes to Rand (and Ron) Paul 12:02:32
Halloween 12:00:46
Retired Couple Loses All Their Possessions When Wells Fargo Mistakenly "Foreclosed" 11:44:28
16-Year-Old Questioned by FBI Over Pro-Ron Paul YOUTUBE Video... 11:42:34
Bush Insider Says 911 Was An Inside Job 11:40:06
US 'covered up' WW2 massacre of Polish soldiers by Soviets 11:05:28
A Letter to Young Paulians 10:59:46
Why we have Quantitative Easing - Two Reasons 10:52:49
Israel Did 9-11 10:50:41
U.S. Rating May Be Cut by Moody’s If Debt-to-GDP Not Reduced 10:49:24
Judge Nap interview on Private Justice (excellent) 10:45:16
@GovGaryJohnson Twitter Bombs - Schedule your tweets BEFORE the bomb! 10:36:56
Yea! Larry Silverstein at it again-Now this criminal wants 2.8 Billion of Tax Payer Money-He will Likely get it 10:32:04
Liberty: Unmourned Casualty of the War on Terror 10:13:30
The ultimate goal of the surveillance state 10:13:11
In 1931, Horace Kephart echoes Ron Paul 10:03:34
Why is Obama Skipping More Than Half of His Daily Intelligence Briefings? 09:57:35
Moody’s expects to cut US rating without deal to lower debt/GDP ratio 09:40:26
And ANOTHER executive order 09:29:56
NYT: Neocons Rejected CIA Intel on 9/11 Attack 09:27:32
Libertarian Party - a security blanket? 09:19:08
Former CNN Reporter Exposes Networks Self Censorship on Bahrain (Video) 09:03:55
FL Cop Makes Assassination comment on Facebook 08:52:35
The Hug That Broke Mitt Romney's Heart... 08:32:45
CNBC Host: Paul Krugman Is A Communist 08:15:07
Penny is breaking up and I always treated her well. 06:37:43
"Let's End The Growing Police State In This Country!" Gary Johnson 06:23:59
America's Global Terrorism Against Peace-article by Ghali Hassan Axis of Logic 06:21:42
The War Pig Gets Pulled Over 06:19:13
How to Resist Federal Tyranny with Author Tom Woods - Alex Jones Interview 06:12:55
Never Forget WTC7 05:37:36
Taliban in Pakistan: Each Drone Strike Brings an Entire Village to Their Side 05:30:41
It is not over yet 05:19:37
Former Reagan Official: Ron Paul Only One, Not Romney 04:46:24
Truth 04:00:42
Is Peter Schiff a Jerk? 03:38:02
Obama starts "leaking" Foreign Intel warnings prior to 9/11 03:34:06
Pig farmers quit as feed prices soar 03:23:46
Audit the Fed Boston with Judge Jim Gray? Elizabeth Warren silent on Corzine's fraud 02:34:48
RT Lauren Lyster: Dr. Keith Smith (OK r3VOL) on Free Mkt HealthCare! 'NGO' Hospitals overcharge to maintain Tax-exempt Status! 02:18:36
Dump Dumbo Today on IX XI - Write in Ron AND Gary Johnson for Veep 02:05:58
Atlas Shrugged II - "Nikola Tesla" Is "John Galt" 01:39:33
Bulgarians Reject Euro 01:21:14
Sen. John McCain Says Foreign Aid is Not Redistribution of Wealth - Jan Helfeld 01:17:33
Great interview of Tom Woods (09/10/12) 01:05:54
You Can't Handle 9-11 Truth! (DPers, excepted, of course...) 01:01:21
9-11 Truth Now 00:58:57
Amazing Rand Paul Interview by Glenn Beck 9/10/12 *must see* 00:40:35
Rand Paul talks to Glenn Beck about his new book Government Bullies 00:24:27
So much bickering over where to go and what to do now... 00:09:16
Rand Paul on The Dennis Miller Show 9/10/12 00:04:12
Larry Silverstein Seeking $8.4B from 9/11 Airlines for WTC Losses 00:03:57
New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Delaware Primaries - Tuesday 9/11/2012 09:46:44
Gary Johnson Hosts an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit Today - 9/11/12 14:56:11