Posted on September 13, 2012

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U.S. Had Advance Warning of Libyan Embassy Attack 20:42:59
Liberty Groups a Front for the Republican Machine 17:45:58
Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV & Fox Business, Talking Federal Reserve - 9/13/12 16:16:43
House Votes to Kill Fourth Amendment 09:50:16
Tom Woods clears the air on Jesse Benton 11:10:52
Some presidential electors defecting to RP 09:10:44
Jesse Benton Goes to Work for Mitch McConnell 10:08:43
We were warned: "FBI interrogates 16 year old over Paul support" 07:49:55
US Median Income Lowest Since 1995 02:57:19
Documentary on Iranian Life - Rick Steves 01:47:43
Video Update: Ron Paul on Cavuto -Time for U.S. to End Foreign Aid? 03:03:59
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Ron Paul's Wisdom 23:50:04
Suffering from withdrAUL 23:37:48
What happens if there is no Electoral College majority? 23:31:22
MT - Johnson at Seven Percent, Other LP Candidates Higher - New Poll 23:18:29
Should we sue Jesse Benton? 23:08:29
Woodward and Bernstein 23:08:28
Voting Is A Sap's Game 22:34:04
MSN Interviews With Celebs Discussing Possibility of 9/11 World Trade Center Conspiracy (Charlie Sheen and Rosie O'Donnell ) 22:31:02
Iran lie same as the Iraq lie 22:20:16
Ignore the phony laws of the Boards of Elections: Write-In Ron Paul (TX, AK, NM, OK, NC, SC, IN, IL, and more) 22:14:46
I challenge all of you to a contest. 22:09:28
Mitt Romney Hires Ron Paul's Press Secretary 22:06:26
So this is what if feels like to be wrong... 21:56:04
Paul Might Get Electoral Votes From Defecting Electors, 21:43:52
Jack Conway Ad: Exposes Rand Paul as an Atheist, Anti-Christian liberal RINO 21:33:21
Who could lose the election for Obama now? Joe "Gaffe" Biden. My prediction. 21:29:54
Final Survey: 7 Quick Poll Questions 21:25:21
Rand Paul: End Foreign Aid to Libya and Egypt 21:25:04
Did anyone catch the last segment of "The Ed Show"? 21:16:30
Debbie Wasserman Schultz–Democratic Disaster 21:14:02
Ventura: "I'm voting for...Gary Johnson." 20:44:24
Dear Rand: "We bled with Ron... We want to bleed with you" 20:24:53
I think we have just found out who our candidate should be in 2016! 20:17:32
Vaccine To Eliminate Religious Fanaticism 20:13:57
There is a Constitution Day Money Bomb 20:02:20
Foreign Aid - What is it really... 19:43:18
Foreign Policy Discussion at PolicyMic 19:28:01
Jesse Benton: "I absolutely love all of Dr. Paul's supporters" (via EPJ) 19:27:59
Neocon Website Calls for RP Supporters to be Thrown Out of the GOP 19:16:14
Hello Mr. Benton we're the fringe. We hear you are the best in the business! 19:11:06
Rick Perry's speech from Texas GOP convention, FINALLY! 19:08:28
To All the Factions Here on Daily Paul 19:02:51
Ron Paul on Fox Business 9/13/12 16:58:22
Baby Ben Bernanke, The Little Rascal (Funny Image) 18:46:42
Jim Rogers says we should all move to Asia. 18:16:50
There is One Man Who Can Make Sense of What is Happening in Libya 18:04:38
Jesse Ventura 2016 18:01:33
Richard Gilbert Looking for Plaintiffs Wanted So We Can Write-In Ron Paul in All 50 States! 17:51:06
Gov. Jesse Ventura Looking to Run in 2016! 17:50:49
Bloomberg’s big-soda ban approved by NYC health board 17:40:53
Mish: Panic! 17:37:41
Where was Dr. Paul in this Benton deal? 22:34:15
Obama Bigot vs. Congress Critter 17:24:58
Question For Experts: How will QE3 affect gold and silver in the short run? 17:22:30
Ron Paul Rally - Thank You Everyone 17:04:13
Silver and Gold Adjusting to QE3 16:52:58
EXCLUSIVE! World Net Daily interviews Dr. Paul: Fed's QE3 Detached from Reality! 16:46:10
R3VOLUTION 16:41:52
Jesse Benton Wouldn't Override Decision 16:41:05
Rand Paul Holds Up the Senate 16:34:31
Ron Paul: Fed's Qe3 'detachment From Reality 16:26:30
My First PCO Meeting. 16:17:14
Rand vs. Reid: an 'Epic' Filibuster Floor Battle 16:12:00
Here's an Idea For Ben Bernanke 15:56:40
FLORIDA! A Bill to End Agenda 21 15:39:32
If You’re Angry at Benton, Read This 15:37:35
Bring Tom Woods to Arkansas Fundraiser! 15:34:39
Can you Reheat an Economic Soufflee? 15:32:53
Muslim Video Riots & U.S. Foreign Policy 15:25:45
Iranians, Americans: Both the Same. 15:18:16
KRS-1 calls the Trilateral Commission cowards and frail, and says Don't Give Up!(WEARECHANGE) 15:12:59
"Faithless Electors" 15:10:23
Jesse Benton Answers Why He Went to McConnell 15:05:35
Deja vu! The Philosopher's Stone revisited 14:52:18
LL Cool J on 9/11 14:49:39
Deja vu! House of Cards revisited 14:47:38
Just curious, after today's announcement, are there any Benton supporters left on this forum? 14:34:05
Good News for Liberty Lovers 14:30:39
The Complete Illustrated History of the $20 Bill 14:29:49
Are Electors already chosen? 14:13:37
President Obama's Statement On Attack On Libyan Embassy 14:05:39
UNBELIEVABLE! New cameras to watch cameras that watch you 14:03:59
Jesse Ventura on Alex Jones Show: "I will give serious consideration to running for president in 2016" 13:59:52
Jesse Ventura Announces Presidential Run! 13:58:30
A Brief Overview of Mitch McConnell and "Constitutional Liberty" 13:57:21
We Are Change Confronts John Kerry and General Wesley Clark about 9/11 13:43:40
Moving Forward: What Next After The Ron Paul Campaign 13:41:25
Big Brother or peeping tom? UK installs CCTV in school bathrooms, changing rooms 13:37:45
MOCKINGBIRD: The Subversion Of The Free Press By The CIA 13:22:08
Cuccinelli Pleads Impotence To Charges Of Brandon Raub Cover-Up 13:19:50
Gawker Asks DNC (Video): Is Romney Ready for the Kill List? 13:15:14
Bernanke and the Federal Reserve to begin 'Quantitative Easing 3' 13:14:53
Welcome QE3 ! 13:09:03
IAEA Rebukes Iran 13:06:11
Poll: Are you now more likely to help unseat Mitch McConnell b/c He Hired Benton? 12:54:54
After the revelation from Tom Woods, I created some polls I'd like people to vote on. 12:49:00
Everything al qaeda does is a false flag. 12:42:13
Newsalert: Fed Announces Qe3 12:38:09
Very Serious Situation; China Ditches Dollar For Yuan! 12:20:51
If I were Ron Paul's Campaign Manager 12:16:13
Tisha Casida (U) Debates Scott Tipton (R) and Sal Pace (D) 12:06:55
Police Chiefs, Congress Issue Stark Warning and Recommended Guidlines Over Use Of Unmanned Aircraft 12:00:25
Thank You Tom Woods! Everyone please show this man some love! 11:56:25
Rand Paul: "Doesn't Government Have Better Things To Do Than Arrest An Amish Farmer For His Milk?" (VIDEO) 11:42:35
Thank the Gods! Indefinite Detention in NDAA found Unconstitutional! 11:42:32
So Your Campaign Sign Says Economic Freedom? 11:42:24
Associated Press: Ron Paul Electors May Not Vote for Romney or Obama 11:40:16
Tom Woods on Jesse Benton 11:39:19
Is Muhammad Movie a Contrived Fraud? 11:38:27
Jesse Ventura: "The Terrorists Won, We're Not Free Anymore!" (VIDEO) 11:36:02
US and China Caught Secretly Testing GMO Rice on Children 11:26:04
Tom Woods: My Memories of Jesse Benton 11:22:25
Ron Paul is right again! Predicts Al Qaeda Will Move Into Libya 10:56:12
Fed Policy ‘Turned Financial Markets Into a Casino’: David Stockman Says ‘No’ to QE3 10:55:39
REPOST: NDAA Section 1032 B(2) NYC Federal Judge Issues Perminant Injunction Blocking Law 10:41:01
Electoral Votes Against Romney: Lobbying the Electoral College 10:33:04
Resistance in the Electoral College to Romney? 10:13:52
Beautiful 21 year old (Girl) friend of mine says she is going to join the armed forces? 09:50:18
How the Republican Party Stole the Nomination from Ron Paul 09:30:19
Jim Rogers: QE3 Will Make the Fed “Look Like Fools Again - Video 09:19:48
Mitch McConnell hires Ron Paul aide 09:06:01
Its Time To Suport Gary Johnson For President 08:53:10
Our new strategy: Electoral College 08:45:02
Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital 08:42:28
Benton is already promoting the GOP status quo: Hired by Sen. McConnell to thwart tea party 08:34:25
Do you think Ron Paul is going to give Rand Paul coal for Christmas? 07:51:20
Louis Farrakahn Honors Richard Gage and others and Exposes Shadow Gov't 07:51:15
Moneybomb help needed 07:30:16
Too Funny - Ron Paul STILL crushing in the polls... 06:33:19
We're the smartest of the bunch, let's spell like it! 06:25:41
Understanding the GFC 06:08:38
Gary Johnson/Douglas Turner- The Cfr Connection? (just a question) The Jeenyus Corner 05:39:59
225 Anniversary of our Constitution on September 17! Happy Birthday! 04:59:29
Ron Paul comments on 1983 Lebanon embassy bombing 04:49:50
GOP Kicking Out People Talking About 3rd Parties! 04:28:22
"Dogs of War Bark Ever More Loudly" : a Presidential Document for the Federal Register, September 12, 2012 03:57:24
Taller, thinner, brighter and lighter: Apple unveil the new iPhone 5-'the most beautiful thing ever made' 03:46:42
Detained in America... 10:40:21
(VIDEO) Al Qaeda Releases New Video of American Hostage 03:28:17
MEP Farage comments on Barosso's United States of Europe 03:20:52
Endangered Eyeless Spider Indefinitely Delays $15M Texas Highway Project 03:20:20
Delete 03:15:32
"The Ignorant People" by Romulus 02:56:44
"Run in the party you think you can win because...the parties were irrelevant" - Ron Paul 02:39:20
How to Achieve Draft Ron Paul to Libertarian Party Vice Presidential Slot - 9/12/12 02:36:17
Paul Johnson 2012 Mission Statement 02:07:19
New Video - Ron Paul/c4l - For Audit The Fed Senate Vote - Request Donations 02:03:16
Vile Rat - RIP - please read a story of a patriot who died in libya on 911. 02:02:26
Ron Paul pulls the curtain back on Neocons! 01:48:42
Furious!in the wake of a passive and inept revolution. 00:07:14