Posted on September 14, 2012

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Ben Swann Interview on Alex Jones - 9/14/2012 18:18:59
FIVE Elected Maine Delegates are Running for Office! 16:47:29
A Breath of Liberty in Arizona ~ Saying no to corruption in Arizona GOP 16:34:40
Jesse Benton Responds: Why I joined Mitch McConnell’s team 19:14:22
Marc Faber: "Fed Will Destroy The World" 16:03:02
Ron Paul on The Jerry Doyle Show - 9/14/12 12:54:12
Ron Paul: Danger Signal 07:38:16
Reality Check: Does Libya Attacks Change U.S. Foreign Policy Moving Forward? 01:23:49
Would you look at that. The Daily Paul is alive and well! 04:37:52
Check out one of the top stories on Politico right now... 05:15:06
Analysis by Adam Kokesh: Jesse Benton Resigns From C4L 03:49:19
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Paul Krugman Wrong Again 23:49:23
Ask Dinesh D'Souza, writer of 2016: Obama's America, to document the life of Dr. Paul? 23:46:29
End Foreign Aid Activism Opportunity 23:30:30
Peter Schiff's take on QE3: Operation Screw! The Fed goes All-In! (Got Operation Weimar FreeFall?) 22:56:47
Richard Gilbert, Lawyers For Ron Paul, Ron Paul On The Libertarian Ticket! 22:55:42
Why did Melinda resign from the Electoral College? Why didn't she stay & vote for Ron? 22:43:36
Ron Paul Was Right Again! Predicts today's problems in Libya 22:39:44
Live streaming video of talks by Block, Salerno, and Rockwell (2:00 pm NY time, Saturday) 22:35:36
Just a Reminder: Politics and the Message of Liberty is Not a Spectator Sport 22:35:36
Colorado PBS Shows Documentary Sponsored by 9/11 Family Members, Says Official Story Scientifically Impossible. 22:28:31
Talk about Irony! 22:21:33
Romney: "Middle class is 200K to 250K/year" 22:10:40
Zionists, NATO Real Culprits Behind Anti-Islam Plots 22:05:37
Nevermind 21:42:45
Well, all she does is call them all fat anyway 21:39:44
House Votes to Reauthorize FISA, Warrantless Wiretapping 21:37:39
U.S. Foreign Policy Is Like A Dog Pissing On Trees Leaving Its Mark On Every Muslim Country 21:05:02
Complete Shanarchy is on at 9PM EST Come chat with us! 21:00:05
Win My "Ron Paul" Signed Original Super Brochure: Support Liberty Activism/Media 20:51:52
Would like some input on being prepared for when SHTF! 20:32:18
Ron Paul On The Jerry Doyle Show - Live From LPAC - 9/14 20:29:42
Man pays $137 ticket with 137 origami pigs! 20:11:38
Jim Uprichard is home in Reno now! 20:08:23
Dow Chemicals seeks approval for genetically modified seeds worse threat than Monsanto's Roundup 20:06:40
Ron Paul sticker on Sons of Guns 19:55:09
Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin Law Restricting Union Rights 19:42:09
PB&J - Liberal vs Conservative 19:41:48
Mauro Baglino's "Unexpected Bible" lecture in Italian with English Subtitles 19:20:58
High School grads: Only 1/3 whites and 5% of blacks demonstrate competency in ACT key fields (Peter Schiff Show) 19:03:15
Benton fired from C4L 18:46:57
FLASHBACK! The Most Dangerous Surveillance Tech: Hitachi's 0.15 mm RFID Chip! Yes, 0.15 mm! 18:07:59
How to Print Your Own Gun 17:59:29
Halton police find $744K worth of drugs using high-tech pot spotting drones 17:51:06
Letter from the President regarding the War Powers Resolution Report for Libya 17:49:41
Presidential Determination on Major Illicit Drug Transit & Drug Producing Countries (9-14-12) 17:43:14
Miami Police fire cop, pulled over for speeding by Florida Highway Patrol 17:41:25
Meanwhile...the Liberty Movement falls apart. 17:36:09
newamerican smackdown 17:34:04
What you can now do on your computer: Chalk Warfare! 17:33:17
US Credit Rating Cut by Egan-Jones ... Again 17:30:33
New York City Dictator Bloomberg Bans Large Drinks 17:25:48
State Department sets up 24 hour monitoring team for embassy crisis 17:23:59
Florida City Prepares To Outlaw First Amendment 17:19:27
First Planets Found Around Sun-Like Stars in a Cluster 17:13:48
Actual proof that 6 states nominated Ron Paul 17:05:42
Ron Paul Stands up for Free Speech in 410 to 3 Vote as Cowardly House Passes Stolen Valor Act 16:49:02
New TV "PROGRAM" "Revolution" Demonizes Militias 16:34:38
The Modern Little Red Hen 16:23:24
Ron Paul's Warning - Visualized 16:19:57
From 'should Seppuku' BeneDICKt Horse's own Mouth: Why I sold myself to McCONnell 16:07:03
Pennsylvania: Libertarian Gary Johnson Wins First Ballot Fight; Corrupt GOP to Appeal 15:57:00
The Ignorance of Enlightenment 15:35:29
AUDIO: Interview with Plaintiff Against NDAA 15:32:47
Why I Joined Mitch McConnell; by Jesse Benton 15:19:00
Hong Kong citizens protest vs. gov't brainwashing while American citizens embrace Communist ideals 15:03:38
GOP elector won't vote for Romney and resigns 15:01:14
Tyler Durden: QE3 Gets You High 14:19:54
Guns of Pot Users to be Confiscated 14:13:19
Spiegel: 'Obama's Middle East Policy Is in Ruins' 14:09:45
♠ Ron Paul Gary Johnson or None of the Above? There's reason to vote on November 6th 13:54:07
Pat Caddell: Romney Campaign Worst in My Lifetime 13:53:05
Are Arrests Being Carried Out by the U.S. Military? 13:51:18
STUDY: Sex can make you smarter 13:50:15
GOP Elector Won't Vote For Romney and Resigns - BREAKING 13:41:58
Three killed, 29 injured as Tunisian protesters clash with police, scale US embassy walls (PHOTO, VIDEO) 13:34:16
Was Benton fired from C4L ? 13:30:16
Kansas panel delays ballot decision on Obama 13:27:30
Microsoft admits millions of computers could be infected with malware before they're even out of the box -BREAKING 13:21:24
What are You Going to do in November? 13:20:52
Amazing Story & Pics of Young Lady Proudly Representing Ron Paul at RNC 13:15:38
Der Spiegel: 'Obama's Middle East Policy In Ruins' 13:14:33
Alex Jones Guest Ben Swann Today Call In To Get Ron Paul On The Libertarian Party Ticket As VP 13:04:12
LRC Blog - "I Have A Better Idea: 'Let Krugman's Invading Space Aliens Buy iphones!" 13:01:00
1st We Had Baby Ben Bernanke Tossing Money out a window 12:56:24
Schiff: QE is Final Nail in Dollar's Coffin (VIDEO) 12:55:54
“Jesse Benton was Fired from C4L, Ron Paul is Very Upset” 12:51:43
Obama is worse than Bush on foreign relations poll finds. 12:40:21
How Do You Delete Posts? 12:39:59
Stewart cuts up Eastwood 12:34:54
U Of TX Orders Campus Evacuation After Bomb Threat 12:33:13
Romney is a foreign relations nightmare 12:30:23
US Ambassador's Death: Fruits of US Foreign Policy 12:24:38
Oct. False Flag Coming? Halliburton's Nuke Rod go 'missing' ON 9/11! Austin, TX Nat. Guard called to hunt it down! 12:23:40
QE3: Helicopter Ben Bernanke Unleashes An All-Out Attack On The U.S. Dollar 12:20:27
Jesse Benton pens unconvincing op-ed explaining newfound servility to GOP establishment 12:19:22
Reap the Whirlwind 12:16:53
BLOOMBERG: Halliburton Hunting for Missing Radioactive Probe in West Texas 11:59:26
U.S. Millitary is the Current "Red Army" of Zionist Rothschild 11:55:45
Birth control may boost risk of carrying staph bacteria 11:52:32
(VIDEO) Texas Police Chief Approves of Officer Dragging Elderly Woman Out of Car on Camera 11:47:18
Money Bomb for Robyn Hamlin Oct 1st 11:43:55
FINALLY! Ben Swann is on the Alex Jones Show, right NOW! (Fri. Sept. 14, 2012) 11:43:38
Stossel Interviews Gary Johnson: A Libertarian for President 11:43:15
Sadness and desolation setting in... 11:38:52
(VIDEO) Nullification: The Rightful Remedy 11:38:07
Why You Should Not Donate Another Penny to Campaign for Liberty 11:37:24
John Stossel : A Libertarian for President (Gary Johnson) 11:35:32
Defining Libertarianism 11:26:55
Destruction Capitalist: The Most Evil People On Earth? 11:14:30
Continuing To Hand Over $ To Banks and The Gov't Is Just Like Giving It To Jesse B. 11:12:45
In defense of Jesse Benton 11:09:25
Marc Faber said on CNBC that Bernanke should resign! 11:05:46
Google/Facebook/Youtube? 10:54:09
The Romney Campaign Implodes after Libya 10:50:59
Poker Players Alliance Backs Gary Johnson for President 10:49:26
2012 September Chemtrails 2nd week 1st hour in the morning East Europe 10:42:04
New Candidate Comparison Chart Requested 10:27:43
Jesse Ventura: If 3rd party candidates were allowed in debates, they'd have a fighting chance 10:20:36
Rachel Maddow reports there was no protest to anti-Islam movie at Benghazi consulate-it was planned attack 10:18:54
Iraq and Pakistan ambassador nominations held hostage by Rand Paul 10:14:52
Iowa elector refuses to vote for Romney - Resigns 10:12:09
Sept 17 is 225th Anniversary of Signing the Constitution. Read the Founders who were AGAINST it! 10:11:51
Ron Paul: "Country Should Panic over Fed's Decision" (VIDEO) 10:10:58
Julian Assange TV series...coming soon in Australia 10:08:45
The Nanny State Didn't Show Up, You Hired It! 10:08:16
Jesse Ventura: The Only Difference Between Bush And Obama Is “The Color Of Their Skin” 09:56:35
Press Conference On The Threat Of CSIRO's GMO Wheat (VIDEO) 09:44:54
New York State Board To Regulate...Circumcision...No Joke! 09:34:02
Gary Johnson Thinks Mitt Romney Is Out to Get Him 09:32:48
Copyright robots take down Hugo awards 09:30:28
Gary Johnson expected to draw more than five million votes in November 09:15:43
Obama Appeals Against Court Ruling That Strikes Down Indefinite Detention of American Citizens 09:01:03
Let's stop the Ron Paul write in campaign and work on something more powerful 08:44:27
Alan Keyes - "Libya: Romney's 'Todd Akin moment'?" 08:30:35
Repub Campaigns: Donations cut off 08:12:32
GW Bush's record, Romney and the neocons 08:06:36
TEN-HUT! The Million Patriot March on D.C. - Constitutional Militia! 07:51:05
Revealed: inside story of US envoy's assassination 07:45:55
Is it time for reverse psychology at your local town meetings? 07:35:38
Ron Paul 'Open-Ended Fed Policy Isn't Going to Work' 9/13/12 07:17:03
Why I Will Vote For Gary Johnson 06:24:17
Can I ask a big favor? 05:08:31
US Senator Rand Paul moves bill to strip aid to Pakistan, Egypt and Libya 04:54:20
Latest polls are a DISASTER for Romney 04:39:08
Ron Paul Correctly Predicts Al Qaeda Will Move Into Libya After Gaddafi 04:24:17
Social Security and Disability payments hit annual records with one month left in FY 03:10:23
Posing before the WTC destruction: PHOTOS 03:04:43
US Government’s Secret Army: Foreign Troops to be Deployed After Martial Law is Declared 03:01:23
In Iowa, GOP elector who backed Ron Paul resigns after deciding she couldn’t vote for Romney 02:28:07
hypothetical - Gary Johnson hands the election to Romney 02:12:50
Gov’t Guarantees 90% Occupancy Rate In Private Prisons 02:03:04
Please help edit my college essay! Its on the loss of liberty in the USA! 01:49:25
Ron Paul's statement on FISA reauthorization 01:27:25
Ron Paul 2016 01:15:52
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