Posted on September 15, 2012

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Weekend Ponderings: Spontaneous Order 23:13:03
Analysis of the Current Factions on the Daily Paul 13:05:20
New crop circle, pretty amazing 12:21:33
Dr. Ron Paul's TheHill Op Ed: The Libya fiasco and the Folly of Intervention - Sept. 14, 2012 12:01:53
Paul Supporter Destroys Romney Supporter With Verbal Logic 07:58:20
Latest G. Edward Griffin interview is a gem (as usual) 07:51:40
S 202 - Audit the Fed: 37 Co-sponsors 10:06:43
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Suck It Up. It Is Time To Forgive, Though We Should Not Forget 23:52:23
The "Gentlemen's" Rant gun control video 23:35:06
We are not fighting for liberty, we are fighting to keep people from accepting tyranny. 23:05:22
Central Bwankers 23:00:38
(Video) CIA aids and abets terrorists with funds and weapons to sustain war on terror 22:55:48
POLLS? 22:49:47
The Weight Equivalent of 2 Aircraft Carriers Of Solid Gold Won't Pay Off Our National Debt 22:44:10
Ron Paul raised my self esteem 22:43:17
Ron Paul accused of double billing in congress. 22:42:41
NY Soda Ban: Is there a Method to the Madness? 22:37:58
Robert Farago's Why Everyone Here should visit that site, as much as DailyPaul! 22:32:29
another good reading resource on CFR, Globalists, etc 21:41:03
Governor Johnson Op-Ed on Foreign Policy - Huff Post 21:28:21
The Philosophy of Liberty in English, French, Spanish (and other languages) 21:10:09
US election: Mitt Romney may have breached ethics laws through company linked to Paul Ryan's brother 20:58:34
making a statement ! We can all unite around the "none of the above" campaign 20:55:17
Redeemed Lawful Money 20:45:56
Romney Supporters Shocked 19:32:00
Make better use of those Romney donation requests 19:28:20
Reporter Ticketed For Driving While Eating Ice Cream 19:22:00
Teen charged with plot to blow up Chicago bar with bomb FBI agents provided him 19:02:31
US teenager arrested in Chicago bomb plot sting 19:00:51
JPMorgan faces money laundering probe: source 18:55:47
Middle East On Fire - Are They All Nuts? 18:52:49
Reality behind Saudi and American alliance 18:49:35
Former CIA Officer Robert Baer Says an Attack on Iran WILL Kick America into a Depression 18:48:46
The Lies and Hypocrisy of Hitlery Rotten Clinton (Video) 18:45:15
Emails show Romney’s callous dealings with Dig victim’s kin 18:16:31
How Mitt Romney Helped Monsanto Take Over the World 18:14:49
RomneyCare Now Funding FREE Abortions 18:03:30
Mitt Romney holds fundraiser with manufacturer of the Morning After Pill 18:00:19
(VIDEO) Do You Know The Constitution? 17:30:52
Mother Arrested for Letting Children Play Outside 17:19:56
How the Phrase "Vote Your Conscience" is Used to Justify Voting Carelessly 17:05:40
The 'American Way' Has Contributed to Socialism, Imperialism, and Fascism (Video) 16:23:38
Camp Leatherneck Marines 16:16:32
Should I buy gold and silver or wait? 15:58:10
Gary Johnson should be included in the national polls. He already can cost Romney crucial states. 15:55:56
Dog stands guard over deceased owner’s grave for six years 15:47:12
A letter from my Senator (Wyden) 15:45:10
Ex-CIA Officer Michael Scheuer on Fox Business 9/14/12: Mrs. Clinton Has Blood on Her Hands Everywhere 15:40:47
Disturbing poll on CNN.. Please take notice 15:36:40
All for consideration purposes only... 15:27:41
My Somewhat OK Idea to Save the Economy and the Dollar 15:21:44
Young Ron Paul supporters express support for Gary Johnson, say Romney, Obama the same 15:18:48
Facial recognition system being installed across USA by FBI; everyone to be tracked 15:08:32
REAL Footage emerges of Jesse Benton making a deal with McConnell 15:07:06
Still Applicable Now more than Ever 14:48:05
CA colleges threaten potential students 14:46:48
Putin and Russia on the hook for 785 billions lmao 14:31:59
. 14:28:45
There is no U.S. Embassy, Consulate, or any U.S. Representation of any sort in Benghazi, Libya? 14:28:07
Mat Larson Needs our Help! 13:50:09
Obamny Is Such A Phony-It Really Is Sick To Watch The Machine Try & Prop These Clowns Up. 13:36:02
Muslims Protesting In London 13:35:14
Is Mitch McConnel an Audit The Fed S. 202 Co-Sponsor? 13:31:17
We Are The Core, We Are The Blowback 13:02:53
Corona, CA to Axe red-light camera program on Guy Fawkes Day 13:01:39
Dollar no longer primary oil currency as China begins to sell oil using Yuan 13:00:30
Most RP supporters do not want to DO "by the people". 12:48:21
Sabotage Against the Grassroots by Paid Staffers within the Ron Paul Campaign: a Review 12:47:12
Online Quiz: Can It Help You Pick the Right Presidential Candidate? 12:39:29
Granger: "leavcing the GOP, not claiming out prise, throwing away a tremendous opportunity" 12:21:55
Judge Nap. ~ Virtues of private justice.. 12:15:25
10 Shocking Quotes About What QE3 Is Going To Do To America 12:11:35
unsustainable welfare 12:10:51
Gerald Celente is on Fire: Watch His Most Powerful Analysis Ever 12:07:03
Prison fascism...un-freakin-beleivable...$ for occupancy! 12:05:54
Middle East oil grab; 4 star General spills truth; 7 countries in 5 years... 11:55:57
A Golden Opportunity for Obama. 11:42:02
Ron Paul repeats his lack of intention to endorse Romney 11:32:18
Audit the Fed Unity Rally! 11:25:05
Defender Of Liberty Kicked Out Of Paul Ryan Speech For Telling The Truth 11:18:32
High Stakes Senate Battle in Massachusetts 11:13:46
The Business of War: SOFEX Weapons Trade Show Documentary 11:10:48
Darren Wolfe to be on the Angel Clark Show on Wednesday! 10:50:21
It is a fact, DP 10:38:59
Libya, Afghanistan and the Middle East - Why Obama and Romney are Both Wrong 10:31:39
Economist Caution: Prepare For 'Massive Wealth Destruction' 10:26:34
Molon Labe - Video preview of new movie in production supported by Oath Keepers. 10:15:52
How get removed webpage, that was saved, back online as a cached page? 09:52:48
Treason In America 09:04:54
TVIDEO he little government that could 08:32:29
FBI shows up at teenager's home to ask about his Ron Paul school report 08:32:17
Fox 19's Ben Swann: It's Liberty vs Oppression 9/14/12 Interview w/AJ 07:18:01
US created forces it then spends money fighting against 07:14:24
Rupert Murdoch warns Romney has no hope 07:09:32
Laura Ingraham Calls To Shut Down GOP - Trashes Romney : Limbaugh, Sarah Palin agree 07:05:40
Michael Scheuer: Mrs Clinton Has Blood on her Hands Everywhere 06:53:03
Gary Johnson Wants to Raise the retirement age to 72 06:38:52
Ron Paul still winning? 06:32:25
Obama, Romney Lay Out Identical ‘Red Lines’ on Iran 06:28:59
Benton was FIRED from C4L. Ron Paul is upset 06:17:35
The Secret of Oz 05:40:41
Ambassador's killing: US scrambles to rush spies, drones to Libya 04:45:48
Bill Still continues Max Keiser attacks on Gold Standard and Austrian Economics 03:44:51
USA Today: Reince Priebus one of USA's greatest visionaries 03:38:52
The Proof That The United Nations ARE The True Enemy of Man and The World 01:19:40
If Ron Paul cannot be the president at this time, what would you do? 01:18:56
Please do not read before bedtime 01:17:16
Romney Quietly Hires Consulting Firm With Sordid History Of Destroying Democratic Voter Registration Forms 00:44:01
Mitt Romney's tax returns: the 'voter fraud' theory 00:27:18
White House Asks YouTube to Remove Anti-Muslim Movie Clip 00:10:57
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