Posted on September 20, 2012

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The Story of Your Enslavement 23:39:28
Video - Ron Paul on Cavuto 9/20/12: Foreign Aid Leads to More Trouble 17:29:20
The Federal Reserve is a Multi-Level Puppeting Scheme! 16:28:13
House GOP lawmakers who won’t endorse Romney include Reps. Paul, Jones, Amash 14:54:37
Citizens for Responsible Banking Requests You to Call on Senators Re: End the Fed Bill S. 202 (Only 2 Days Left to Act!) 14:04:42
France Launches Major Investigation Into GMOs Following Tumor Study 12:54:51
Marijuana and Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancer 16:16:44
First 3-D Printing Store Opens In U.S. 12:10:27
NEW: Judge Andrew Napolitano resigns from the CATO Board! 11:50:33
Pawlenty Quits as Romney's Co-Chair ... 11:43:14
Clint Eastwood: Republicans 'dumb' for asking him to speak 10:17:36
The next time the GOP blames Paul supporters for losing please reference this 08:42:27
The Blaze:‘$100 Million Question’ for Romney: Will He Do What It Takes to Win Over Libertarians in 2012? 08:32:26
Ron Paul Supporter’s store raided in August, still waiting to see search warrant 01:26:27
Fed’s Dual Mandate on the Table in Wake of QE3 00:48:49
Paul Subcommittee to Examine Federal Reserve Interest Rate Manipulation 9/21/2012 23:12:03
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How to stop election fraud 23:23:47
It's time for the United States to leave the Middle East 23:18:52
Lew Rockwell: Why Three Kennedys Were Assassinated 23:14:38
A Vicious Cycle (Share with your Friends) 23:04:29
St. Paul mom, daughter hold burglar for police with pink gun (VIDEO) 22:46:25
Homer Votes 2012 22:29:08
Urgent action for environmental activists 22:09:33
Gangnam Style - The Difference Between North and South Korea VIDEO 21:43:56
Daughter stops burglar with pink gun. (video in link) 21:22:26
Some videos that make me think I could support Gary Johnson... what are y'all's thoughts? 20:53:46
Citizen Spies for Homeland Security 20:42:03
Live Show 9PM Tracy Diaz, Tatiana Moroz Gigi Bowman, PANDA 20:36:12
Meet Gary Johnson, Libertarian 20:24:20
Jon Stewart On Leaked Video, Romney, Fox 20:23:56
To Pay or Not To Pay Your Taxes To A Crack (Tax) Addicted Criminal Government? 20:20:13
The story of the best Ron Paul event and why. 20:20:01
To the visiting Romney supporters wondering what we are doing and why. 20:06:01
Just Got A Call From Kurt Bills Campaign HQ 20:05:35
Can we all just get the heck out of here? 20:00:40
Help! Anyone know of any WeAreChange interviews with AIPAC leaders? 19:55:43
Is Your Phone Tapped? 19:50:25
"Dirty Waters, Dangerous Fish" 19:36:21
Watch the ad that exposes false science throughout history: Tobacco, DDT, GMOs 19:25:23
Letter from doomed soldier helped change congressman's mind on Afghan withdrawal date 19:20:26
Hyperinflation Nation 3 Parts - Video - Not Late to Prepare - 18:34:16
Double Standards at Auburn: University Censors Ron Paul Poster 18:32:22
WHY In the World are They Spraying? (new chemtrail doc) 18:02:12
Obama Mutilate American Flag: It Oughta Be Illegal 17:59:18
Don't Be Afraid They Can Erase Fear From Your Brain 17:56:58
The Libertarian Party stands for... 17:51:20
New Obama Flag - Eerily Blood-Stained-Look like Benghazi Consulate Walls 17:35:36
Let's do what Iceland did! Arrest the Bankers! 17:22:07
conspiracy theorists should be described as public intelligence analysts 17:11:09
House Bill 2562 - PA Activists Needed ASAP 17:04:28
Maybe this is the main reason Ron Paul will not endorse Gary Johnson. 16:54:42
matlarson10: Obama Re-Designed The American Flag To The "Obama" Flag 16:39:59
Have any of you gotten Zombie's latest donation phone shill? 16:28:13
MODS - Please put S 202 thread as a STICKY on front page. 16:24:55
Victory For MN Raw Milk Farmer! 16:24:13
Jury finds farmer not guilty in raw-milk trial 16:14:22
. 16:12:04
Interposition could step in between tyrant and victim. 16:08:23
Response to Mitt Romney Campaign Letter: How Will You Be Different? 15:53:26
Messengers for Liberty documentary series- episode 1 15:37:39
Josh Tolley: GCN Host Sponsors Presidential Debate, October 23rd, Chicago, IL 15:32:32
A New Mexican Ron Paul Republican defends Gary Johnson 15:31:17
Presidential Poll - 14 candidates listed to choose from 15:16:55
Banned from GLP? Here's the fix. :) 15:14:46
Opposition Presidential Debate Chicago Oct. 23rd 15:01:00
Ron Paul figurines are still available. 14:59:19
Drudge Report 14:53:28
New GJ-LP Campaign Ad: The Budget 14:51:28
"To All Of My Fellow Neocons" 14:48:24
It seems to me that we are leaning towards one person. 14:47:54
NPR "Why Mental Pictures Can Sway Your Moral Judgment" (Audio) 14:37:12
The "Lethal Presidency" Of Barack Obama 14:32:43
Self described 'child prostitute' connects Jeff Sandusky poly prep abuse scandal to coach Phil Foglietta 14:21:45
Memorial Service for Marines killed in Afghanistan 14:18:57 Gary Johnson campaigns at UNH, questions US foreign policy 14:17:50
The Write-In campaign 14:11:25
This video could kill Mitt Romney's chances of becoming president. Is it too late to draft Rick Santorum? 14:07:49
Democracy Killed the DP - Next stop: The Liberty Movement itself 13:59:49
Keep New Hampshire Free and Restore America – Why I Support Gary Johnson for President 13:58:44
Forget the 1oz of Silver for 45 Acres! 13:56:22
Internet Behemoths Take On Capitol Hill 13:52:55
Comic Relief: Top 12 Reasons to Vote Democrat 13:45:49
Colorado’s Oldest Daily Newspaper Excludes “Woman Candidate” from Debate 13:35:40
Politico: Gary Johnson raises over $350,000 in August 13:35:04
SATIRE (of Breitbart): Time for Ron Paul Fans to Stop Supporting the Constitution 13:27:23
Unleashing an Education Renaissance 13:23:55
Unless We Want Future Liberty Candidates Forced to Work Under the GOP, We HAVE to Break the 2 Party Lock on Debates. Here's How: 13:23:38
Krugman & the iPhone: Why the Times' Econ Icon Should Be Deleted from Discourse 13:22:47
We need women like this in office (does Pelosi even know what the 17th amendment is?) 13:19:16
1964 Kennedy Half Dollars for $12? 13:17:40
Guardian: Gary Johnson: 'These people are let down by the two-party system' 13:16:44
Blue State movement 13:08:33
Italian Study Shows Male Genitalia Is Shrinking 12:59:08
Occupy the Federal Reserve: Free Advice for Occupy Wall Street 12:57:19
Ron Paul for Governor of Texas. We can do it! Let's do this! 12:57:02
(VIDEO) Kaine: 'I Would Be Open to a Proposal to Have Some Minimum Tax Level for Everyone' 12:49:17
EXCLUSIVE: Probe of Secret Service prostitution scandal may cite White House advance staff involvement 12:42:57
DOJ-Funded Training Manual Lists Bumper Stickers as Terrorism 12:41:32
$1.8 Trillion Shock: Obama Regulations Cost 20 Times Estimate 12:34:52
purge of libertarian republicans from republican party. 12:34:46
EU-Iran nuclear talks ‘useful and constructive,’ 12:25:32
VIDEO: Jesse Ventura interviewed by Forbes Mag; Jesse Ventura For President in 2016? 12:23:35
Civil Unrest: Do Our Rulers Actually Want It To Happen? 12:03:50
Video: UN Agenda 21 in Full Swing in TX! Smug Collectivist 'Academics' aren't hiding anymore! 12:03:39
Romney slams the Fed in the infamous secret tape 11:42:22
Romney Campaign National Co-Chair quits... 11:33:05
Ron Paul’s Former National Press Secretary Defends Jack Hunter, Attacks Conspiracy Theorists 11:26:26
JOBS: The international phenomenon no one wants to talk about 11:25:21
Goldman Sachs - J.P. Morgan 2012 11:18:25
NH Liberty Candidate Endorses Gary Johnson 11:16:22
Why a REAL social movement is NECESSARY for freedom 11:11:53
Romney Transcript of What he said about Federal Reserve in Video 11:03:11
College Project Ideas? 10:49:52
Logical Argument for voting for Gary Johnson vs. Ron Paul! 10:37:26
Romney is toast. Opportunity for us? 10:35:46
Moneybomb for Billboards in all 50 states 10:35:45
Mitt Romney Tells the Truth About A Lie 10:34:53
Now there is a "Neutral Tax" proposal 10:33:32
Petition to allow Gary Johnson in the debates 10:33:16
Fall Special! 10:32:13
Daily Johnson? Gary Johnson Swag? 10:07:46
Despite references by president and defence secretary, CIA cannot confirm drone use 10:01:55
Government Cracking down on peaceful assembly in people's private homes. 09:53:26
Mitt's own father was once among public aid recipients. 09:50:39
tapes played on beck today - Romney "candid" discussion about the fed. 09:38:40
NeoCon Website: Romney candidacy a joke, Civil War in GOP leading to its demise! 09:38:07
China Versus Japan: Shooting War, Economic War or War of Words? 09:27:06
The Wages of Bernanke: Winners and Losers from QE3 09:23:34
Adam Kokesh: GOP's Ron Paul purge 09:22:43
10 Quotes From Financial Experts About The Effect That QE3 Will Have On Gold And Silver 09:21:25
(YOUTUBE) Kucinich calls out Monsanto: Americans demand GMO labeling 09:12:09
Massive layoffs coming to Wall Street (VIDEO) 08:59:08
Dear Obese America: Uncle Sam Wants To Regulate What You Eat 08:50:23
FedEx Package Volume Down 5% in US; FedEx Shipments vs. Real GDP: Petroleum down 3.5% 08:21:19
They Cheated Us!: Ron Paul’s Senior 2012 Campaign Advisor Doug Wead 08:08:02
German police firing only 85 bullets in all of 2011 07:41:10
QE: To Infinity...And Beyond! 07:35:28
Life is for participating not spectating 07:19:19
Jesse Ventura for President 2016? 07:08:24
Election 2012: Romney, Obama, Paul, Johnson: How will you spend your vote? 06:05:42
U.S. Income Inequality: It's Worse Today Than It Was in 1774 06:05:39
For the Brits: Coalition gets something right 06:03:26
Article: Federal Reserve Police Department 05:53:36
Net worth of richest Americans jumps 13% 05:37:00
Mitt Romney's brave and lonely campaign to re-elect Obama 04:21:55
"Prepare yourselves, my father's work is done." 04:11:22
Feds ignore rules and use stimulus cash to buy Chinese solar panels 03:15:48
Napolitano: Executive order on cybersecurity is 'close to completion' 03:08:06
Video: Mitt Romney, Grandfather of Obamacare 02:56:58
Recent Pics Linked 02:38:26
Obama's vision for America in his own words. Terrifying. 02:06:04
Why do so many whine about "conspiracy theories"? 01:51:45
A Liberty News Network? 01:28:46
Pic - Chinese Invasion Fleet heading towards Japan lol 00:50:07
“Dollar Index Headed for Rapid Collapse” Over Next 3 to 4 Weeks 00:32:14
Romney says being called the ‘grandfather of Obamacare’ is a compliment he’ll accept 00:25:09
My Open Letter to We Are Change 00:22:23
Trans Pacific Partnership NAFTA and Globalization 00:20:03
Quote Of The Day 00:05:44