Posted on September 23, 2012

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More MSM Direction: Why Ron Paul’s Libertarian Fans Need to Support Our Constitution…and Romney - Part 2 23:44:44
Native American money and banking 18:37:22
If Israel Prepares for Attack, Iran Will Strike Preemptively 16:40:12
For just a couple hundred bucks, I am prepared, what a feeling! 14:19:59
Romney: "I used to think that becoming rich and becoming famous would make me happy. Boy was I right." 12:54:15
Study Reveals That 1 in 10 Teens Suffers from Liver Disease 10:54:31
Anybody Here Ever Read Dicken's "A Tale of Two Cities"? 01:29:23
TMOT: Go Gary Johnson, Go! 22:36:02
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Killing Dissent in Europe: MP Nigel Farage won't be the last victim 23:57:20
tension 23:44:59
Omg Yes! Back To The Old Format. 23:39:55
Take the test to see if you are a terrorist 23:22:46
We Need To Get Kids Fat 22:14:40
Stefan Molyneux: End the Fed! 22:12:49
Money Bomb For Mike The Maine Delegate! 21:58:55
Never Buy Food Again 21:46:06
QE3 21:35:26
Republican Campaign Drive Letter 21:31:24
Ben Bernanke's Brother Crashes Charlotte End the Fed Rally (Satire) 21:30:34
Barack Obama: Serial Warmonger 21:10:54
End The Fed, MAN! lol End The Fed Rally in Los Angeles California 21:00:27
We Can't Wait 21:00:14
Under Ben Bernanke, a more open and forceful Federal Reserve 20:58:58
Russell Means: Vote for Ron Paul if you have any sense of Justice 20:54:54
Republicans Brace for Four More Years of Obama 20:52:37
What type of nation would New Hampshire be? 20:49:55
Sidewalk chalking provokes police 20:36:49
Christian Indifference and Romans 13 20:34:33
Rand Paul: Iran Containment Resolution Means Preemptive War 20:30:41
Zombie apocalypse Colorado the saturday before Halloween. 20:29:44
Obama's face will be on our money in the future? 20:26:52
A Clear Path For Restoring The Republic (in reality) 20:00:17
Tax Free Holidays 19:16:50
the Conspiracy Against Ron Paul 18:56:54
Please, I really dislike the changes 18:25:22
VIDEO: Israel Lobby in America and Britain 18:20:05
Ummm, what happened to the front page? 18:19:06
I'm running for office! Help needed 18:00:29
House approves 'Stop the War on Coal' bill in last act before November election 17:24:42
This page was obviously working too well and has been attacked.. 17:23:22
Police Kill Double Amputee In A Wheelchair Who Threatened Them With A PEN 17:21:28
NJ Attempts to Strip Parental Rights with Vaccine Anti-Exemption Bill 17:17:23
Are prisoners better fed than our children? Students and inmates eat almost identical lunches, jailhouse cuisine is healthier 17:08:22
Help me With my Paper for School: Non Interventionism 17:00:47
They commissioned the USS Fort Worth today in TX-14, Guess who was no where to be found? 16:58:18
Senate votes to shield U.S. airlines from EU's carbon scheme 16:44:14
The establishment improperly shuts down the SCC meeting to avoid transparency. 16:43:44
NYC schools give out morning-after pills to students — without telling parents 16:40:18
. 16:37:18
Barry Goldwater 1964, Right Like Ron Paul (video) 16:36:48
(VIDEO) Lady Gaga smokes marijuana on stage 16:36:00
Can Silver be bought directly from another country Mint? 16:28:19
Don't indulge childish Attention-Whore Kurt Schlichter 16:17:28
10 More Tungsten-Filled Gold Bars Are Discovered In Manhattan 15:48:55
Ron Paul End the Fed Movement is Way Better Than the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street 15:48:41
Yhusha 15:25:09
Blame it on Fox News and Rupert Murdoch 15:15:36
Afghan - China pact signed 15:09:12
3d printing without 3d printer! 14:49:14
Gold Counterfeiting Goes Viral: 10 Tungsten-Filled Gold Bars Are Discovered In Manhattan 14:44:58
Peace + Liberty = Prosperity & Well Being 14:41:05
"The Bomb" 14:36:18
Jesse Ventura Q&A: DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans 14:17:48
Defining Libertarianism and Austrian Economics with Walter Block 14:17:15
I need a program guide to follow along with our "Spreading of Freedom" crusade. 14:14:55
Is It Possible to Convict Media Personalities For War Crimes? 13:47:25
The Honduras Experiment 13:46:31
Ron Paul For Liberty (Ambient Chillout Original Soundtrack Music Mix) 13:27:12
Sheep go Baaaaain 13:26:29
Open-Source Free College? 13:22:56
America's hidden unemployed: too discouraged to count 13:19:33
Jim U. (National delegate) Denied Medical Coverage 13:03:57
Ed and Ethan 2X07 September 23, 2012 12:45:45
1863 civil war token, Millions for contractors, not one cent for Widows 12:18:00
Is New Orleans Really Still "The Big Easy?" 11:52:32
Revolution spreads to America 10:57:20
The FBI is begging for Election Crimes to Investigate and Prosecute; let us toss the HOLDER Justice Dept a juicy partisan Bone 10:46:59
Supernatural influence will eventually shrink to nil. (Hallelujah!) 10:21:17
Obama Administration Ends 26-Year Ban on New Zealand Warships Visiting U.S. 10:02:20
Uruguayan Govt Proposes Becoming 1st Country to Nationalize Production and Sale of Marijuana 09:47:31
Death of Staff Sgt. Matthew Sitton changed Congressman's mind on Afghanistan war 09:36:27
The Separate Security Interests of the United States and Israel 09:33:38
There's a bounty out for pirates 09:30:41
Why Romney is a bad business man, and how simply embracing liberty he could change that & leave a legacy. 08:07:10
taking the money out of politics: an idea 08:02:53
Made In China ☭ Must See! 06:14:50
With Friends Like Israel, Who Needs Enemies? 05:50:08
Jesse Ventura's Speech For Gary Johnson 05:49:07
Ron Paul's Campaign Site re-direct's to Campaign for Liberty's site FYI 05:23:38
Bon Jovi And Andy Madadian From Iran- Us Citizens Please Stand By Iranian People. 05:01:45
How I will become an advocate of peace 03:37:01
Romney is a breed of sheep - seriously 03:26:38
I am proud of Rand Paul 03:02:28
Noam Chomsky On Iran, Presidential Candidates, Anonymous, The Internet, Syria, Bahrain, Turkey, The Security Council, Education 02:38:06
Young Republicans fight to join city committee 02:22:20
Audit the Fed Boston, Serving Eviction Notice with VP Candidate Jim Gray 02:17:03
The State 01:32:39
The Hand of God 01:31:02
A video to take a rest from politics and the all the stress! 01:13:10
If you think your vote matters, they've got you right where they want you... 00:38:17
Pit of hell? 00:23:55
EU Emergency Foods Manufacturer/Distributor Sought 00:16:44
Emergence of Police State Expedites the Fascist Takeover of America 00:12:53
Reality Check: Is What Mitt Romney Said About the 47% True? 00:12:41
Doug Wead Blog 9-6-12 Is Ron Paul Over? 00:09:19