Posted on September 27, 2012

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Netanyahu Draws "Red Line" on Iran's Nuclear Program 21:02:16
Judge Nap: The Arab Spring has become Western Winter 19:20:27
FORBES: Signs of the Gold Standard are Emerging from Germany 15:36:07 "How the Internet Will (One Day) Transform Government." 15:11:01
Ron Paul Could Rescue the GOP From Itself, But It May Already Be Too Late 12:24:55
Video: Living Under Drones 14:11:20
Rick Santelli: GDP Numbers 'Depressingly Weak' 09:52:58
How a Romney Loss Would Impact the GOP 08:36:25
Spain Riots: Police Beating Women in front of Congress 09:09:14
Reality Check: Muslim Protests Have Nothing To Do With Youtube Video 13:19:33
Leaving the Cave behind. 12:36:58
Ahmadinejad Embraces Jews, Rejects Zionism 13:47:09
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Some would rather vote for Hitler? 23:56:50
The Bankers Are The Problem - Message To Occupy Wallstreet 23:24:07
By eliminating empathy, DoD hopes to “enhance” a soldier’s ability to “kill without care or remorse 23:18:10
Infographic that tells you everything worth knowing about the euro 23:16:18
Petition to let third party candidates debate! 23:14:00
Question for Truthers 22:52:30
I HATE the Federal Reserve! 22:22:31
"money Bomb "for Liberty Candidate Josh Nelson ! 22:20:51
Seriously... 22:17:54
WWIII Is Coming Soon & Here's Why!? 22:09:14
TSA's New Trick: The "Freeze Drill" Everybody Freeze! 22:06:47
30 sec video clip of a Spain Robo-Cop getting his a$ kicked by protesters :) 21:50:32
Money Bomb Question ? 21:32:54
Assange To UN: 'It is time for the US to cease its persecution of WikiLeaks' (VIDEO) 21:23:47
Video: UC Davis Students Win $1 Million Settlement For Being Pepper-Sprayed 21:13:13
The World Is Waking Up To The New World Order (VIDEO) 21:08:33
Poll: A third of the public have a fear of police drones 20:57:34
Judge: City of Austin Policy Violates Free Speech 20:52:53
Winning in the trenches! 20:46:43
Liberty Jobs 20:43:22
Control the Internet..Executive Order 10:37:02
Exclusive Interview With Texas Congressman Ron Paul 20:22:21
Two WINS for liberty! 20:20:19
Video: Small town corruption TN style, police chief uses drug fund to bulldoze his property 20:18:02
Like Hussein—Obama Is Just a Name 20:11:57
TSA Caught on tape stealing iPad, and another video of bizarre TSA "freeze" drill! 20:10:45
No Soft Ball Questions in Third Gary Johnson Reddit AMA 20:09:36
Why US budget Cannot Be Balanced (Video) 20:04:09
Huffpost: Is a vote for Ron Paul a vote for Obama? read on... 19:55:22
LA Times: Lawsuit highlights difficulty of third-party involvement in debates 19:20:48
Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama because he gives a free Phone 19:12:43
President Obama Signs Washington Disaster Declaration 19:11:25
Gary Johnson Brings Libertarianism To Nation 19:08:44
Implementation Plan for the Whole-of-Government (Anyone know what this means?) 18:49:02
The real underlying problem is the Voting Machines. 18:43:56
WHO Radio, Jan Mickelson - "Are wind farms saving or killing us?" 18:02:13
"Poll: Libertarians Are, In Fact, Voting For Romney" 17:33:57
Behavior Therapy For Restless Leg Syndrome 17:28:03
Missouri Democrat Governor More Constitutional than the MO. Republican Legislature? 16:10:45
Gathering the Revolution 16:02:58
One of the mods please get back to me about advertising 15:52:39
The Real Fiscal Cliff: How to Spot the Ledge | Peter Schiff 18:21:20
Get your "FREE" Obama Phone! 14:23:48
Lady supports Obama b/c he gave her a phone. "He gave us a phone he will do more" 14:19:49
New Jersey mechanic needed... help a fellow libertarian! 14:00:16
Why an Obama Re-Election May Be Best for the Cause of Liberty 13:56:44
I Am Extending an Invitation to Everyone at Daily Paul to Join With Me at Policymic 13:44:59
EPA sued over illegal experimentation on human subjects 13:42:35
Whole Foods Supporting GMO? 13:40:01
Arkansas Supreme Court: "Medical Marijuana Stays on November Ballot" 13:35:15
Powerful Tool To Help YOU Be The Media! 13:20:09
Operation: Whole Foods Hidden Camera GMO Sting - Bait Organic, Switch GMO (VIDEO) 13:08:59
Winning hearts and minds is ALWAYS a good thing. 12:58:48
Justin Amash Needs a Money Bomb 12:54:04
PA. High School Band Commemorates Russian Revolution; Citizens Outraged 12:53:09
(VIDEO) Tom Woods Speaks With Infowars: "They Have Rigged The System To Ensure Fraud" 12:48:20
TSA Goon Caught Stealing Ipad by ABC News, Blames Wife (VIDEO) 12:38:47
Get Johnson in the debates, call the advertisers listed here 12:33:43
Ron Paul QE3 Predictions Are Already Proving to be Correct 12:30:55
Paul Craig Robert: America, The Next Banana Republic (VIDEO) 12:26:19
US military has designated Julian Assange an enemy of the state 12:21:19
US Govt. sprayed Toxic Chemicals on Unsuspecting Americans 12:19:29
Americans Spend Less On Food, Movies To Pay For Soaring Cell Phone Obsession 12:19:21
RP people needing a job in Watertown area 12:11:27
Lions Of Liberty Roundtable: Election 2012! 12:01:35
Bizarre TSA “Freeze” Security Drill Caught on Camera (VIDEO) 11:58:49
Mega-Bank’s Plan to Steal Your Money and Blame Fake Muslim Cyber Attack 11:56:56
Organs taken from patients that doctors were pressured to declare brain dead: suit 11:53:31
President Ahmadinejad's Speech At UN Transcript & Video. 11:41:17
Ron Paul QE3 Predictions Are Already Proving to be Correct 11:35:51
Tom Woods Talks Agorism on FOX Radio 11:34:55
"Gary Johnson Polls: Why the CPD Decision to Keep Him Out of the Debates is Illegal " 10:59:40
As Israeli PM Netanyahu Discusses Iran’s Nukes, Let’s Not Forget His Lies About Iraq’s WMD’s 10:57:07
Respected evangelical who states it is a spiritual war 10:53:28
A small cabal has superseded the Constitution & gained control of our Republic 10:44:36
Please help a Liberty candidate for Congress who is excluded from a debate 10:34:07
US military's new legal theory threatens to convert unauthorized leaks into a capital offense. Who is the real 'enemy'? 10:20:52
Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson speaks at UNLV 09:40:34
Libertarian Gary Johnson best pick for president 09:33:39
Expanded FDIC Deposit Insurance Ends Dec 31st 08:58:46
Massive Indian Ocean quakes of April 2012 may signal tectonic plate break-up 08:56:15
Comet Approaching in 2013 May be Brightest Ever 08:07:20
. 07:36:36
Marc Faber: If I Were Bernanke, I Would Resign 07:26:00
A Once Tight Race Splits in Favor of Obama 07:22:58
New Short Film from Tragedy and Hope: TRIANGLE - Teaser Trailer 09:21:00
Rothschild Zionism 07:19:32
Let us look at the history of third party efforts,.. 06:11:18
WoW! Bill Burr Went In Last Night! 05:57:05
Postal service prepares for second default in two months 05:27:23
Robert Newman-Petrodollar(Comedy Stand Up) 05:04:25
Viral Video Mission: Get Audit the Fed through the Senate. 04:48:23
Obama did more to criminalise free speech than any other US Prez: Assange 04:35:33
Star-Spangled What? 04:23:06
Nestle Puts GPS Devices Inside Candy Bars To Track Winning Customers (VIDEO) 03:56:12
Meet Monsanto's number one lobbyist: Barack Obama 03:46:16
How Mitt Romney Helped Monsanto Take Over the World 03:43:15
Weekend Watching: Taking Liberties 03:37:55
Rule of law can rid the world of poverty 03:33:23
Police gun down 83 year old woman responding to 9-11 call she dialed 03:27:01
Another hilarious Jon Stewart take on Mitt Romney 03:24:06
German Government Considers Loosening Gun Control Laws to Curb Violent Crime 03:10:23
We're the Government - and You're Not(Funny Vid) 02:33:16
A pretty good analysis of Obama's Communist Party Endorsement, on a website not exactly always friendly to Ron Paul... 02:31:54
Cointelpro? 02:18:29
Inspirational Video of the Day: The Tank Man 02:14:05
Classic: Ron Paul's Words of Warning From 1983 to 2008 02:00:20
At Find Out When Your Absentee Ballot is Available 01:50:40
Gary Johnson: Ron Paul write-in 'meaningless' 01:43:37
Support my Blog. U.S. Veteran Run! 01:25:02
Health Officials Urging Americans To Do Something, Anything For 30 Minutes A Day 01:24:31
The Green Wave 01:16:11
Flashback: Best Eliot Spitzer commentary EVER! 01:13:46
Still No Answer from Dr. Paul... 00:53:22
"Lesser" evil with less resistance equals greater evil 00:50:28
Most trusted, scientifically accurate health sites 00:33:31
BBC Special- What if Hayek was Right? Free Markets NOT Governments should prevail 00:00:08