Posted on September 28, 2012

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A day working in NYC: Why you are a frog in a hot pot of water 21:01:59
Four Candidates Confirmed for the 2012 Presidential Debate Hosted by Free and Equal Elections Foundation 21:08:26
Weekend Reading: Anti-Federal Reserve book, Copyright 1912! Free Online 18:10:00
Don't Mock The Lady (Obama supporter w/the free phone) 19:47:26
World Health Organizaton Mulls First “World Tax” 13:56:30
Video: Romney Surrogate Rand Paul Talks Swing States on CNBC 13:14:11
Cartoon Bomb Makes Front Page News 12:52:59
Gary Johnson Sues FEC for $750k 11:40:02
Do you remember that Ron Paul helped host a third-party event in 2008? 08:52:16
Groups Demand To See Secret Presidential Debate Contract 06:58:03
Reality Check: Actions Speak Louder Than Words With President Obama and the NDAA 00:50:50
Bernanke Wrote Thank You Letters to Audit the Fed Opponents 06:50:59
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Best of Ron Paul in 15 minutes 23:38:08
An Evening with Tom Woods 23:11:44
Romney Video Circa 1985 - Bain to "Harvest" Companies for Profit, Not Create Jobs 23:10:29
Liberty based Podcast, Voices of Reason 22:53:48
Ron Paul - "I'm like a kid who just won't let it go" 22:49:13
Ron Paul: A New Hope - Most Viewed Ron Paul Youtube Video? 22:46:50
Interesting insider news from SC... 22:36:05
So New Look: A Weekend Feature of the DP? 22:20:27
*VIDEO* Perfect Morph Ann Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis to Obama 22:12:58
Attention CA, IA, WI, VT Ron Paul: Write-In Ballots Now Available, 25% Early Voting Expected 22:08:14
Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion on Obama family last year 21:52:55
After making her strip, Cops Force Woman to Buy Drugs then threaten to charge her for buying drugs. 21:41:21
Nobamney 2012: A Pledge to Vote 3rd Party or Write-in 21:07:54
Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go? 21:00:02
Boy with autism arrested for assault after police called to classroom 20:57:46
GMO victory within reach? Proposition 37 is 'likely to pass' declares LA Times (but your help still needed!) 20:53:02
India's gargantuan biometric database raises big questions 20:48:28
Napolitano: "I don't use email at all" 20:43:39
ReasonTV: Rebuttal to Samuel L Jackson 20:40:58
Is There Any Chance Gary Johnson Gets Into The Debates? 20:40:14
Convicted TSA officer reveals secrets of thefts at airports (VIDEO) 20:37:39
1st post ever 20:23:55
Are you still registered? 20:06:30
The GOP will never forget this lesson the Liberty Movement gives them on Nov. 6th 19:48:10
Cointel Pro-The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies 19:40:14
Kurt Bills is asking for $20,000 19:02:45
Fox News Just Aired Someone Killing Themselves Live! 18:56:27
Goldman Sachs To pay $12 million to settle "pay-to-play" probe 18:54:40
No Joke! 'Federal Helium Reserve' Wreaks Havoc in Market 18:00:26
Review : The Lilly Pulitzer Sale Advantages As well as , Cons 18:29:09
Are you afraid? 18:28:11
PolicyMic: Ron Paul: Doctor, Representative, Statesman and Now Also a Prophet 18:22:18
America's deadly double tap drone attacks are 'killing 49 people for every known terrorist in Pakistan' 18:10:52
What does libertarianism have to offer the poor? 17:49:02
2012 Household Income Collapses to 16 Year Low 17:37:55
Quote By Me 17:26:36
Short summary of 2007 to 2012. And why Romney is fading. 16:52:22
'Every Person Is Afraid Of The Drones': The Strikes Effect On Life In Pakistan 16:17:41
Obama’s ATF Targeting Hispanic Gun Buyers 16:05:19
Article In The Atlantic: "Why I Refuse To Vote For Barack Obama" (Drone Strikes, Civil Liberties) 16:05:00
ACLU forces government to reveal skyrocketing surveillance stats 16:00:13
U.S. military planned to create seizure-inducing gun... and it was inspired by Pokemon TV show (VIDEO) 15:54:09
Attention Paul Supporters: I am going to be Vetting Gary Johnson on Monday October 1st... 16:52:30
Data That Lives Forever is Possible: Japan's Hitachi 15:49:03
Gary Johnson at Duke University 15:43:05
Gary Johnson Trumps Obama and Romney Polices on the Issue of Electronic Surveillance 15:24:20
How the Federal Reserve Rules the World (part I) 14:59:29
Lunchtime Experience 14:57:00
CA poll shows 55% support Prop 30 14:45:27
Standing on Principles, Win or Lose 14:14:08
Gary Johnson: “My first executive order as President would be to audit the Federal Reserve” 14:01:55
Freedomworks endorses Kurt Bills for Senate. 14:01:06
Group seeks DoJ inquiry into Romney's filing on Bain. His entire candidacy may be called into question. 13:51:39
Ad: Wake the F*k Up 13:49:54
Are Republicans-Retarded? 13:33:01
This is how they plan to KILL us - Elite Insider George Green 13:30:58
Detropia 13:24:08
Nullification! Farmer Acquitted in Minnesota Raw Milk Trial 13:11:00
Ron Paul Supporters Unlikely to Vote Republican 13:09:09
Continuing Liberty Show with Chris Cantwell, John Light, Mat Larson, ShanArchy and more! TONIGHT 8PM EST 21:57:05
SEC Files Charges Against Goldman Sachs in "Pay-To-Play" Probe 12:52:13
Caution! Write In Campaigns Benefit Establishment GOP! 12:42:44
Guantanamo Bay: The Model for an American Police State? 12:41:47
NY Times - US troops return to Iraq 12:35:48
Vote For Obama So You Can Get Your Own "Obama Phone" 12:32:32
School Officials Ask Ohio Supreme Court to Strike First Amendment from Freshwater Lawsuit 12:28:53
Ron Paul on the Federal Reserve, Gold Standard, the Liberty Movement and Retirement (NEW, Video) 12:12:58
Gary Johnson says writing in Ron Paul would be 'Meaningless' 12:10:11
Romney Campaign Collapse Imminent? 12:03:06
"There are quite a number of reasons why, from the perspective of the Iranian leadership, weaponization is unnecessary" 11:52:50
Libertarian running for Governor of NH 11:46:33
Police Kill 83 Year Old Grandmother 11:18:30
Tell the IBWA to Stop Sponsoring the Presidential Debates 11:18:10
New Rules in East St. Louis 11:12:10
FLASHBACK: Israeli Foreign Minister said “Iran was set to have nuclear warheads by 1999" 10:58:39
Lone SC Vote for RP = NOT Tom Davis (was tricked by party) 10:42:26
Dis-info Wars: Ahmadinejad Calls For New World Order! (replace US bullying) 10:31:24
Bank of America to Pay $2.43 Billion in Settlement (Yawn...They will get $ from the FED) 09:51:47
MoveOn Asks Justice Department to Investigate Romney’s False Statements on Federal Disclosure Forms 09:24:34
More on that Chinese man crushed to death by the Chinese government 09:02:48
The Reason for a Ron Paul Write-in the Vote Bomb 08:59:04
Samuel L Jackson's "wake The Fuck Up!" Video Ad (Unedited) 08:44:52
John Jay Myers - Libertarian for Senate 08:41:04
Ahmadinejad's Speech Before the UN 08:29:43
Side by Side Comparison of the Gop/Dem Platform. 08:19:51
The U.S. Suffered Its Worst Airpower Loss Since Vietnam Last Week and No One Really Noticed 07:52:10
Liberty Caucus will challenge GOP Establishment at New Hampshire convention 07:36:33
Obama Endgame Revealed: Destroy Israel w/Islamist Regimes 07:20:51
Republican National Committee Drops Firm Over Voter Fraud Allegations 06:56:21
Tupac speaks the truth about the biggest gang in the world! 06:51:51
Join Me in Supporting the Constitution of the United States as OathKeepers 06:17:07
Sheriffs who stand up for the Constitution! (event includes Thomas Woods) 05:24:33
What is PDA Behavioral Assessment? 05:05:02
What do you think of DeMint, Johnson, Palin, Rand Paul and others (4x 10 question survey)? 04:06:01
US Military Declares Assange 'Enemy Of The State' 03:29:50
NJ High School Students Panning Cafeteria Boycott To Protest Obama Guidelines 03:19:04
Another incredible crop circle. This one looks like a isometric 3D cube 03:09:32
Iowans have started voting for President 03:07:15
IT's ON! Iowans Start Voting For President 03:07:13
Good talk by Paul Chappell on war and peace 03:03:27 Petition On Guantanimo And Indefinite Detention 02:26:53
Samuel L. Jackson tells voters to ‘wake the f- up’ 02:23:52
*VIDEO* The Three Coming False Flag Events 02:02:41
News from March! Local Sheriff preparing to face off against Federal authorities! *UPDATED* 01:35:57
War of 1812 01:35:38
*VIDEO* Yowzers! Keynes to the Republic - Must see! 01:14:24
As Romney Slides, Down-Ballot Fears Grow 01:13:52
Modern wheat a "perfect, chronic poison," doctor says 01:00:28
ICP sues FBI, Juggalos fight back- Vote Gary Johnson 2012 00:57:19
Have you seen this Obama commercial?!? 00:08:25