Posted on September 30, 2012

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Bernanke: Trust Me. QE3 Will Work! 21:08:08
Rand Paul's foreign aid views rile colleagues 14:52:03
G. Edward Griffin on Quick Fixes, the Looming Great War and Loss of Elite Moral Authority 15:20:08
11 Years of War: US death toll in Afghanistan hits 2,000 20:46:46
Three Major Sponsors have pulled advertising from the Presidential Debates in protest... 16:16:43
Dr. Ron Paul on Cavuto 9/28/12: Lawmakers Ignoring the Fiscal Cliff 16:00:14
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The 'Lone Ranger' Story - Jay Thomas on David Letterman (video) 23:54:44
National Anthem - Rock On! 23:49:52
VA: Military absentee ballots going AWOL in 2012 23:40:32
Biography of a Bank 1954 BofA 23:20:27
I will quit the DP and leave for good if just one person can provide a link 23:17:58
Dr. Paul Agreed to Declare Write-in Status in Maine, Why Not Other States? Why Not Ask? 22:43:37
The Torch Has Been Passed. Johnson/Paul 2012 22:10:02
Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA), Change 1, 9/21/2012 22:07:31
Dont...Waste..Your Vote ! 21:47:10
Obama's Drone War On Women And Children, And Obama Is Jokingly Smiling At It. 21:34:59
Should I sue my school district 21:08:32
It's time we pull together for Gary Johnson 21:01:02
Looters and Moochers v Workers and Producers 20:57:28
resistance to real id 20:46:38
Mainers Please Consider Using Your Mail-In Ballot to Write-In Ron for a Paper Trail. 20:19:29
Gold, guns, ammunition, paid sex, privacy, recreational drugs - priceless.. 19:57:20
'Zombie Economy' May Give Markets a Scare in October 19:51:29
Could Gary Johnson end The War On Drugs without the support of Congress? 19:43:28
France Bans Cash Sales Of Gold & Silver Over $600 19:00:51
California wants to control the children 18:15:49
First came the ammunition requests, and now it’s time for the weapons 18:06:57
Ed Asner Speaks the Truth Regarding 9-11! 17:54:13
Netanyahu: The Bibi Who Cried Wolf? 17:49:17
Don’t Surrender Without a Fight 17:43:50
What Is The Foundation Of Keynesianism? 16:58:48
Eleventh District Congressman Kerry Bentivolio (MI) Now Likely Republican 16:50:33
U.S. Army Unveils 'Revolutionary' XM25 Rifle in Afghanistan 16:48:40
Learn The Truth! Gary Johnson Secret Files! Watch! 16:42:09
The Atlantic: Could Gary Johnson’s turn as a pro-legalization Libertarian swing the presidential election? 16:34:16
Gary Johnson Activists Lead the Charge Against the CPD, and That is Awesome 16:24:45
Mexican Fish Sports Bizarre Four-Hooked Penis 15:59:16
Two people dead after a shooting at a central Florida Veterans of Foreign Wars post. 15:45:00
Libertarian Rockstars 15:41:42
Hugo Chávez rival pledges seismic shift in foreign policy 15:38:14
Dept. of the Treasury Form 990-PF of the "Foundation to Promote Open Society" of Soros Found (Tax year beginning 2010) 15:30:54
Ultimate Commercial - By Banking System 15:25:58
Russia told Assad to shoot down Turkish plane, murder captured pilots, ‘leaked Syrian documents’show 15:12:19
Fizzywig Chronicle 15:08:06
Study: HIV ‘made’ New Deadly Salmonella 15:06:13
Drivers Accept Monitoring Devices, To Earn Discounts on Auto Insurance 15:01:04
The tale of GMO maize, tumours and rats 15:00:07
Why The Best Spies in Mossad And The CIA Are Women 14:53:03
The main threat to US National Security 14:50:26
California becomes first state in nation to ban 'gay cure' therapy for children 14:48:15
Convicted TSA agent says 'stealing rampant in agency' 14:45:14
After Ron Paul, There is Another... 14:21:39
VIDEO: Univision Bombshell Report On 'Fast & Furious 14:17:46
How Government Policy is Maintained 13:48:15
Gary Johnson's Executive Experience Matters! 13:41:41
False Flags: In Your Face 13:24:37
Make Your Vote Visible! Not Invisible! American Patriot Party 12:55:08
Real Unemployment Reaches 20% In 7 Colorado Counties 12:49:00
Quintessential Catch-22 limits debates 12:48:53
Bubble trouble: 50ft tsunami of foam sweeps through village after chemical spill (Photos) 12:37:35
Johnson for president 12:34:20
Paul Craig Roberts: How The Government’s Lies Become Truth 12:28:09
Rat reality show: Russian scientists to broadcast GMO experiment 12:28:08
Mainstream Media admits Cell Phones are actually Tracking Devices (video) 12:19:48
Vote your conscience in 2012, you may just get what you vote. 12:18:24
Kentucky Fourth Congressional Candidate Thomas Massie Liberty Song to Sing Along 12:17:35
Tennessee Children DYING while in State Custody (video) 12:16:57
Corrupt Cop caught CHEATING on exam for Promotion (video) 12:15:07
Becoming an ELECTOR. This is how Ron Paul could win - even now! 11:23:20
NT Times does article on New Mexico politics - ignores Gary Johnson 10:32:21
Alternative Currency Ideas Are Going Global 10:20:09
My American Family 08:29:22
'US lawmakers forced to support Israel' - Cynthia McKinney on PressTV 07:35:34
Love 06:05:11
The various deals that China and others have done recently to marginalise USD 05:53:51
Onion News Investigates: Are Politicians Failing Our Lobbyists? 15:42:12
TCM/Traditional Chinese Medicine - Paying Your Doctor to Keep You Well 05:23:01
Mystery of two identical UFO's almost 1,000 miles apart caught on Google Street View 05:05:46
US military death toll in Afghanistan reaches 2,000 04:28:17
I have decided how I will cast my one vote 03:12:42
Justin Raimondo: Bibi's Crazy UN Speech 02:55:46
The Math Doesn't lie - We've Got Bigger Problems Then Elections! 02:54:10
The Stunning FORESIGHT of Ayn Rand in Saving American Liberty 02:36:05
Union Wide Letter Bomb 02:32:26
Daily Tracking Poll - Please Vote 02:24:39
Juggalos Fight Back Against Fbi; Two Hotheads, Where Activism Happens 01:54:56
I don't even know how to decipher this one, does anyone else see things turning in strange directions lately? 01:54:04
The Georgia Insurgency 01:51:37
Romney calls Russia our enemy but invests his money in Russian firms. 00:43:18
When the Dollar loses reserve status 00:08:10
Joe Biden promotes free colonoscopies to seniors in Florida 00:02:33