Posted on January 1, 2012

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Rick Santorum draws ire of IA football fans; Rand Paul on Face the Nation 15:01:16
Paul: "It's a real insult to the voters here to say 'if you don't pick the people we want, it doesn't count.'" 00:19:29
Naomi Wolf on NDAA: How Congress Signed Its Own Arrest Warrants 00:18:16
Videos: Ron Paul Sunday Jan. 1, 2012, 9am - Three (3!) Interviews: ABC, CNN & FOX! 15:50:16
Ron Paul Phone From Home Program - The Secret Weapon 00:48:56
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A lost cause converts after re-examining all the candidates! 23:44:47
Ron Paul Country 23:43:58
Atlanta RP Supporters - Reach 50,000+ College Students! 23:37:51
Full statement from VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli 23:35:22
New Public Policy Polling: It is going to be Close! 23:33:58
"Remember, Remember, the 31st of December... 23:32:18
Final Public Policy Poll for Iowa due out in MINUTES! 23:31:22
WashPost: ‘American optimism’? Not from Ron Pau 23:14:08
[Video] Ron Paul 2012 Revolution ! 23:09:15
Electability contradiction video? 23:06:37
Wikileaks Tweets to 1.3 million people a video of Ron Paul on NDAA 22:58:13
Ron Paul on Inside Edition Mon. 1/2 22:57:22
Why are Iowans supporting Ron Paul? (VIDEO) 22:55:58
Harvard Post on Campaign Strategy 22:51:24
Senators who Voted "Yea" for NDAA (indefinite detention of U.S. citizens, no Trial) 22:40:20
CNN video: Newt Angry with Romney "dishonest" ads 22:38:55
Iowa poll numbers vs. Caucus results (2008 and 2012) 22:36:05
A Small Prayer for the Good Doctor on the eve of Iowa. 22:27:37
Virginia Attorney General backs down 22:15:59
MSNBC Slanders Ron Paul, Badly Misquotes Him From CNN Interview [take action!] 22:12:39
Ron Paul Misquoted In Washington Post As Well As MSNBC? 22:09:22
How to tell friends are getting it! 21:55:15
How Long did it take for merchandise to show? 21:43:27
Alex Jones Video: Obama Signs Martial Law Bill - NDAA Now Law 21:42:25
CNN: "Mitt Romney's Styrofoam Campaign" (can win only by luck) 21:39:52
Cosmic Force is with RP in NH 21:39:22
Keep Your Tips - Please hand this print while giving generous tips and win people 21:36:14
Life long Democrat switched to Ron Paul 21:28:31
Uplifting Video Mainstream Media Will NOT Cover! 21:20:55
Washingon Post article about Ron Paul wouldn't let me post 21:19:48
Another Reason These Wars Must Be Ended 21:16:15
A Vote For Anyone Other Than Ron Paul In Iowa Is A Vote For Liberal Flip Flopp'n Romney In Virginia; Its A Two Man Race Now 21:11:01
Iowa caucusers: Virginia attorney general changes mind, won’t intervene in primary ballot case 21:08:08
Apology to Steve Dore 21:07:12
Ron Paul Has Already Won 20:50:08
How we can counter the newsletters negativity! 20:43:25
Public Policy Polling Twitter: "Still very close between Romney and Paul" 20:32:27
Apparently they are moving the vote count to Illinois! 20:24:51
Ron Paul: Defense Bill Establishes Martial Law In America! 20:22:57
VA Attorney General has second thoughts about changing the ballot 20:19:53
Free online course on the Constitution. 20:08:22
Ron Paul: "I don't want Iran to have a Nuclear Weapon" 20:06:51
The Secret Group Santorum is Part of 20:06:17
RON PAUL on Foreign Aid to Georgia 20:05:18
Ron's support comes from lazy, irresponsible, self-centered youth! WND article 20:04:39
If Santorum is surging.... 20:02:53
Weather Forecast Tuesday In Des Moines - If We Win By A Landslide They Wont Be Able To Blame It On The Weather 19:58:49
Drudge: Confident Paul chills in Texas... 19:55:56
ABC has us tied with Romney FOR 1ST IN IOWa. Which means WE ARE WINNING! 19:54:49
Another Poll In Oregon 19:51:23
17 Year Olds Can Participate In Iowa Caucuses? (CONFIRMED) 19:48:48
Video - Moral Hazard, Government intervention and insurance 19:44:56
Politically Incorrect 19:44:17
Santorum voted to raise debt limit 5 times in his one term 19:41:03
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Wow Jon Huntsman, you are right about Ron Paul, George Bush never talked about a New World Order, he must be crazy, but wait a 19:34:13
President Signs NDAA after promising never to use a signing statement... 19:33:43
Romney on Gun Control: Hit him where it hurts. 19:30:23
Why we need to make an end run around socialist/corrupt media 19:29:25
Campaign/Rally idea 19:29:11
Florida Needs Your Help! 19:29:08
GOP Apparatchik Outed 19:25:33
“Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers” 19:19:56
Day of Prayer...! 19:14:31
Ron Paul leaves rosy outlooks, campaign promises to the other GOP candidates 19:14:18
Only Two States Had Both Senators Vote Against the NDAA 19:10:25
Key to New Hampshire - Your Grandparents 19:10:20
National Defense Authorization Act - America's Trojan Horse 19:09:32
Question for DPers. Has anyone one among us ever been contacted by Pollsters? 19:07:19
Ron Paul popular at Fredericksburg, VA gun show 19:05:11
What we suppose to do if Ron Paul lose the election? 19:02:32
Wellstone - They Killed Him Preview *Video* 19:00:35
The Death of Common Sense 18:44:06
The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul 18:37:17
Ron Paul Activists Resist Tyranny with huge Banners! [video] 18:34:48
Ron Paul , simply is not a Politician, Ron Paul Is a Constitutionalist 18:31:17
Ron Paul supporter OWNS Levin fill in! 18:28:35
Couldn't Ron Paul sue these media pundits for slander? 18:28:12
Huntsman campaign hits Ron Paul with 'Twilight Zone' video 18:24:40
Awesome video about RP media bias and grassroots support 18:19:07
My letter to my Senators regarding NDAA 18:12:58
Got word from my Minnesota Ron Paul Headquarters just now... They are calling today 18:11:47
When is Ron or Rand going to say, about the "electability" issue... 18:05:03
Could Ron Paul get 35% of the Iowa caucus vote for a big win Tuesday night? I believe his support is greater than polls indicate 18:02:45
C-Span Washington Journal viewers call in for RP 18:01:28
Want to finish Mitt Romney? 17:52:26
Kelly Clarkson To Headline 2012 Sugar Bowl Concert 17:49:34
Charlotte Observer: GOP Field has broad views on executive power 17:48:36
Huntsman attack ad against Dr. Paul on Youtube. Dislike this ad. 17:43:21
The Secret to Santorum's Surge 17:42:25
Mega-list of Congressmen up for reelection in 2012 and their voting records 17:37:08
ATTN: Campaign: Talking point suggestion on N.D.A.A. 17:28:37
The Curse of Ron Paul 17:27:53
My Scumbag Sen. Jerry Moran email on NDAA 17:23:54
Romney Refuses To Show Tax Returns..Whats He Hiding? 17:12:10
Great Video on Foreign Policy, War & Defense CEO's 17:03:57
[VIDEO] David Gregory "No difference between Obama and Bush handling Iran" 17:02:39
New Ad by Jon Huntsman: The "Ron Paul Chronicles" 17:01:30
AP:Paul at home in Texas on weekend before Iowa vote. 17:00:54
WOW! Glenn Beck defends Ron Paul! Awesome! 17:00:48
Newt still drinks the Climate Change Koolaid? 16:58:54
Can you imagine if Ron Paul said this? (Santorum video) 16:57:43
Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law 16:53:03
Bachmann: Iowa chairman’s defection shows her ‘momentum’ 16:30:48
Right Where We Want Them (How I See It) 16:30:20
GREAT Ron Paul interview on local Iowa TV 16:26:13
Iowa Veterans Supporting Ron Paul 16:20:23
Ron Paul on C-SPAN-live right now 16:17:44
War Was Officially Outlawed... 16:07:48
Ron Paul 2012 New Years Media Blowback Bomb 16:05:16
Where's that post linking to an article written by a Jewish RP supporter in Israel? 15:55:55
Big Picture 15:36:25
Sexual Harassment clarify Ron's position please 15:31:39
R.I.P. Bill of Rights 1789 - 2011 15:27:58
Article: Ron Paul Has Already Won 15:27:48
I guess this is newt taking the gloves off on Romney.. 15:27:44
New York Times: “Romney Will Have To Show Some Respect, As There Are Large Numbers of Republicans Who Ron Paul Gives Voice To" 15:19:34
Are plans in place to ensure honest voting in Iowa & New Hampshire? Anybody going to watch the count? 15:16:41
MSNBC straight up lie[d—I mean "typo'd"] and says Ron Paul supports Jim Crow. 15:16:06
Ron Paul's next offensive drive 15:14:26
CNN: In Iowa, true believers ignore politics' fickle winds 15:08:26
Ron Paul and SOPA 15:06:45
What are CNN "briefing books"? 15:05:18
Meet The Pressed: Gregory, 'Airstrikes' Santorum, Perry, & The Evil We Dare Not Speak His Name 14:52:24
Arrests at White House Over NDAA Military Detention of Americans, Occupy Wall Street Joins Fight. 14:46:45
Ron Paul should address NDAA and make his stance known asap 14:41:35
Rupert Murdoch Tweets Sympathy for Ron Paul 14:38:17
Cross fingers that Santorum finishes ahead of Romney in Iowa 14:07:05
[Video] Rand Paul speaking for Ron Paul On Face The Nation 01/01/12 13:54:41
Ron Paul leading Obama nationwide! 13:52:34
Fox: Ron Paul would be the worst for the stock market 13:47:34
'The Die Has Been Cast': Ron Paul Makes Closing Argument Ahead Of Iowa 13:45:30
Ron Paul Furious About Indefinite Detention Act (NDAA) - 90 sec. video 13:37:41
Video Walter Williams Defends Ron Paul Against Racism 13:35:31
Why discuss two people who are not legit ... 13:32:10
Rick Santorum and Barack Obama: Neither of them are legit candidates as Pres. 13:27:14
Iraq war debate between Phil Donahue and Bill O'Reilly 13:27:12
Rand Paul Says Ron Paul surging at the right time - CBS News (An entirely positive article?! Wow!) 13:16:37
WaPO: Kessler Says Ron Paul Wont Win 13:16:02
Liz Trotta Lies On FOX 13:12:28
THE real mitt romney 13:11:02
Romney Family Investment Group Partnered With Alleged Perpetrators Of $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme 13:05:34
URGENT! 13:05:31
Update Public Policy Polling (P) tweet 12:47:51
Non-fiction book proposal writing class with Naomi Wolf 12:41:38
Occupy is a corporate cult brought to you by Adbusters 12:39:43
SANTORUM Exposed -Spread it folks and spread it fast 12:39:26
Here's why the Military Industrial Complex trashes RP 12:35:26
Lake Jackson, Texas Residents: We Support Ron Paul for his Honesty and Integrity 12:34:00
Ron Paul Was Right About CIA Drug Deal 12:31:08
Interviews with Iowa Veterans 12:29:18
lol, ok two hit pieces this morning.. bring on Chris Wallace! 12:26:08
Obama's Signing Statement on the NDAA, and losing citizenship 12:25:00
Ron Paul confident of strong Iowa finish 12:14:46
CNN Going On All Out Bankster Attack Now Based On Morning Interviews 12:09:15
Google Trends - Ron Paul is spiking 2x the coverage vs others? 11:56:05
Ron Paul Championing the Fight for Raw Milk 11:50:35
Full Ron Paul Speech-Council Bluffs, Iowa 12/29/2011 11:23:38
CBS: Stop. Wait. Hold The Press! In Iowa, Rick Perry Seeks Campaign Turnaround (Google News Top of Front Page) 10:53:33
Today Obama signed NDAA S.1867 into law-not good 10:44:46
Ever wonder why Israel is such a BIG thing with the NeoCons/GOP? 10:39:16
My selection song for Ron Paul, Peace and Prosperity! 10:25:00
Supportive article but poll needs help 10:09:29
National Lawyers Guild condemns NDAA provisions on indefinite detention 09:57:43
A Veteran Speaks Out about Iraq and Ron Paul 09:31:17
'Karma' Facebook Post Leads to Criminal Charges 09:22:59
Jews for Ron Paul 09:21:31
Walnuts Are Drugs, Says FDA 09:18:01
1948 IDF Soldier Tells Nakba Truth (VIDEO) 09:15:06
Do not be Provoked: remain peaceful and vigilant, even if there is fraud. 09:07:27
Ron Paul Iowa Team Salutes 25 New ‘Veterans for Ron Paul’ 09:00:34
CNN: 4,000 New Laws for 2012 08:36:46
How to Make History for Ron Paul 2012 [Tom Woods] TheRevolutionPAC 08:29:48
I am so diggin' these fireworks! 08:21:33
The Ron Paul Song (new 2012) 08:18:30
The band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus posts "What If" Video on its Facebook page 08:16:40
Good Video: Ron Paul attacks eclipsing the real issues? 07:41:50
Ron Paul Getting Standing Ovations From Iowa Audiences When He Talks About Bringing The Troops Home 07:25:27
Virginia AG Intervenes in GOP Ballot Dispute as Blocked Candidates Join Suit 07:18:52
I want to expand on my epiphany post yesterday, because... 07:16:24
Ron Paul is bigger than Oprah, THC Show 07:09:54
NDAA just passed! S. finally HTF! Support R3VOL Liberty Tools & Acc. Vendors! 06:15:54
Unique situation in Mississippi to embark upon 05:59:15
Rick Santorum racist quote about public schools? 05:06:43
Rick Santorum accepts welfare in 2004 04:45:30
Gov. Rick Perry and Rep. Ron Paul both Texans, but hardly twins 04:25:23
Ron Paul on Jury Nullification 04:24:59
Ron Paul's Ad Man Jon Downs needs to do... 03:55:50
Ron Paul Was Right About CIA Drug Deal 03:33:57
Obama signs 'toughest yet' Iran sanctions: President Just killed Iran's Central Bank 03:33:42
Is the LA Arsonist a Domestic Terrorist? If so, ... 03:13:28
Newsletter Smear - Failing: A Funny Thing Happened On My Way Through The Security Booth 03:04:41
Positive Comments Needed on Opinion Piece: "Will Ron Paul upset the apple cart?" 02:34:52
Three branches are in violation of not doing Checks and Balances 02:22:44 don't like him fully clothed much less- 02:19:09
Rick Santorum's predicted ascent to the top 02:13:59
Time Sensitive: Rick Santorum has gotten a Free Ride, Need To Dig NOW! 01:51:50
DNC Romney attack ad 01:49:16
My new Ron Paul video 01:46:09
Happy New Year 01:35:28
My austere caucus speech for Ron Paul 01:34:20
Reason & Cato: Still Don't Get It. Political Correctness and Multicultural 'sensitivity" is not libertarian 01:32:54
Happy New Year DP! 01:30:31
Happy New Year Michael and to everyone from the Daily Paul 01:18:57
Doesn't Ron Paul have a history of failure when it comes to getting his proposals passed? 01:09:37
Paul to voters: Caucusing for me will send anti-spending message 00:57:53
Ron Paul campaign announces more endorsements 00:55:25
More Iowans join national Ron Paul coalitions 00:53:28
Fixed primaries can back a fixed poll, but a caucus is harder 00:41:59
Afghanistan - 'Recent Breaking Remarks' 00:38:54
Are you planning on consuming alcohol 12/31? 00:33:34
Seriously guys - Who is gonna make a passionate speech on behalf of Santorum? 00:28:19
at the Iowa Caucus - what to do if Romney or Santorum have more votes in a particular precinct 00:05:13
I think everyone needs to see this again 00:02:54
Election Results For Ron Paul District 14 Texas 00:01:45