Posted on January 15, 2012

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Huntsman Drops Out; Welcome Huntsman Supporters! 22:32:29
Ron Paul Was Right 19:05:56
Santorum Questioned On Fed By SC Voters! 16:26:28
Paul tells CNN $10 - 20 million needed; don't have yet. Are we gonna give it to him? VIDEO 15:10:04
Paul supporter vs. Perry supporter debate on TV in my hometown Charleston, SC 14:49:52
Ron Paul featured on the front page of Canada's biggest newspaper 11:36:34
Big Announcement Today! 15:59:10
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-Video- Virginia Pastor Stands Up For Ron Paul 23:59:23
DeMint, Sanford, Davis big help to Ron Paul in SC 23:58:55
I Would Like to Thank Everyone 23:54:28
SC Poly Expert: Yard Sign Poll - Romney out, Paul and Newt in it 23:53:59
FoxNews, here is your prime example of bias you were looking for. 23:53:23
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised 23:52:40
LA TIMES: More South Carolinians Wary of Mitt Romney's Corporate Side 23:52:07
Biggest South Carolina endorsement treated to near blackout coverage *VIDEO* 23:47:07
GOP warns infighting could hurt party 23:43:48
Our rights are UN-alienable! 23:43:38
You won't come home with PTSD if Ron Paul sends you to battle... 23:39:27
NYT: Ron Paul's winning Nomination Plan, via Delegate Strategy! 23:39:01
-Video- Pat Buchanan on Ron Paul "Ron Paul has Authenticity" 23:37:32
An added thought after writing The Night I felt Jesus Cry. 23:33:02
THE LITTLE GUY...who amid the masses spoke true, for liberty! at OWS. 23:31:48
Doud Wead on Fox News live with Geraldo 23:27:58
Ron Paul Parade by South Florida Grassroots! (massive exposure!) 23:24:53
Anti War Songs 23:24:41
Ron Paul on Geraldo Live 23:23:14
Dr. Ron Paul: 6 Reasons He Is Electable and Will Win, by Laura Trice, M.D. 23:20:55
EU vs. HUngarians - Video 23:19:14
Video: Four year old boy suggests putting Ron Paul signs on other planets. 23:17:20
The media attempts to steal Ron Paul's Major SC endorsement thunder with news of Huntsman dropping out 23:14:29
Groundhog Day Moneybomb: Extended Tyranny Or The Spring Of Liberty? 23:12:39
Good job Tucson 23:12:05
Ron Paul: Financial MD, America's RX 23:11:18
Ron Paul Foreign Policy: Let's clean up our mess. 23:09:38
OPINION: I'm from SC...Huntsman dropout *helps* 23:08:53
Hunstman drops out! 23:06:07
Huntsman just dropped out - will endorse Romney 23:04:12
Palmetto State Project 23:02:44
Absolutely Devastating: Obama's Words Come Back To Haunt Him...Big Time 23:01:41
So you think you could answer better than Ron Paul, eh? 22:58:40
Getting the good Doctor Noticed. 22:57:27
Anderson, SC radio station WAIM 22:55:13
When all of the other GOP candidates bow out, don't expect them to support Dr. Paul. 22:55:04
Ron Paul Parade: Grassroots Supporters Get Spot in huge South Florida Parade! {video} 22:50:52
Great article on Huffington Post 22:49:47
Send this video to all Conservatives in South Carolina 22:49:46
This Is It Anthem by RP Grassroots Supporter 22:49:44
Huntsman to drop out! Welcome former Huntsman supporters! 22:47:42
Liberty Candidate in Alamance County, NC 22:46:00
Tom Davis endorsement contest 22:44:46
Russia: Attack on Tehran is Attack on Moscow 22:43:48
Welcome Huntsman Supporters! 22:42:42
Huntsman Bows Out 22:40:08
Huntsman timed his quitting the GOP race to take away from big Tom Davis endorsement 22:39:55
Another One Bites the Dust 22:39:10
Jon Hunstman to drop out tomorrow 22:34:39
Huntsman out: another one bites the dust 22:30:14
Breaking: SOURCE: Huntsman out, endorses Romney... 22:28:16
Ron Paul Super Brochure EMAIL! Let's Target SC Voters With This! 22:21:15
Jon Huntsman will drop out of the GOP race tomorrow? Endorsing Romney? 22:19:28
BREAKING: Huntsman out, endorses Romney 22:19:17
DAILYKOS: Why Rush is Gonna Sell Romney 22:00:06
Why is the Tom Davis endorsement no longer on the front page? 21:59:07
What if nobody showed up for a Ron Paul Rally in Myrtle Beach? 21:58:42
EXCITING! What if Nobody showed up for a Ron Paul Rally in Myrtle Beach? 21:58:17
Why did Udall vote in favor of the NDAA? 21:54:54
HILARIOUS! Colbert Super PAC Ad - Attack In B Minor For Strings 21:49:47
THE 27.5 TRILLION dollar MAN finally speaks 21:48:44
. 21:46:16
Huffington Post on Ron Paul, and it's Positive! 21:30:09
Good Article comparing Mitt and Paul 21:29:49
Only Ron Paul has the courage to tell the truth and save country 21:28:49
The State Cloumn: Paul Moves into Second in South Carolina 21:24:48
Rick Santorum Plans Offensive Against Mitt Romney, Ron Paul In South Carolina 21:24:34
Ron Paul Revolution 9PM EST Face The Facts Live Radio 21:24:13
One of the big reasons Pennsylvanians despise Santorum 21:24:11
Why Congress Will be Immune from NDAA Arrest and Imprisonment - With Exceptions 21:21:23
Chuck Norris: My 1 question for all GOP candidates Exclusive: Chuck Norris offers idea for unification, restoration of our repub 21:15:40
ARTICLE: Ron Paul Receives Pivotal Endorsement of South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis 21:11:33
I've got an idea, for a song/video ... 21:10:04
Wikipedia's Ron Paul article fair? 21:07:24
illegal support FOR RON paul! 21:07:05
Papers of George Washington 21:00:19
Tweet Bombing against Senator Davis BLACKOUT 20:50:34
Someone Answer this Guy on Facebook 20:49:01
is there a video of the rally 20:45:24
Amazing film will blow your mind (Ron Paul is in it) Slavery by Consent (Full Film) 20:44:01
Where's Newt? SC campaign stumbles plague Gingrich 20:42:41
Santorum: "We want inflation" 20:35:53
Tom Davis says Tea Party should be outraged at tax giveaways to corporations 20:34:50
Webcomic about the gold standard 20:34:21
Mitt Romney meets a dying medical marijuana patient. So does Ron Paul. 20:27:22
Time for a tweetbomb? 20:24:31
Letter from Israel 20:21:23
Hemp to the Rescue in 1978 ! 20:17:09
My Endorsement - SC Tea Party Leader, Sen. Tom Davis via Facebook 20:15:34
Sen. Tom Davis Endorsement Announcement 20:04:23
Huffington Post: Dr. Ron Paul: 6 Reasons He Is Electable and Will Win 19:48:30
Ron Paul Campaign Emails? 19:30:14
People stupid, surveys show, they think Ron Paul's a liberal 19:26:59
Santorum lies about Ron Paul 19:11:21
If 70% are against more war, then why isn't RP getting 70% of the vote? 19:07:28
Campaign: Please read 19:03:12
The Romney family and Rockefellers together over half a century 19:02:42
Ron Paul Was Right; Journalists & Political Experts were Wrong 18:52:49
Yard Signs, Banners - Website idea! 18:51:49
What if? My favorite speech by Paul...Two versions 18:46:34
Confirmation on Tom Davis Endorsement -> HE [re-] TWEETED IT. 18:41:30
Tom Woods Responds to Gary Bauer's anti-Ron Paul Campaign 18:36:55
Poll: Ron Paul moves into 2nd in South Carolina 18:21:01
Does Anyone have a live link to the Big news coming in a few Minutes? 18:20:37
CNN Headline: Four GOPers to make VA primary ballot 18:12:43
Speculating About $5 Million Donation To Gingrich Super PAC 18:11:09
Ron Paul: Third In South Carolina, Confusing the Politicos, the Progressives' Only Hope, and the Right Policy on Iran 18:06:23
Ron Paul Rising 18:04:18
Ron Paul Signs had to come down :( 18:01:47
500,000 $5 Facebook Donation Bomb! 18:00:06
Pastors that support Ron Paul that will help with Christian support in SC! 17:58:45
Ron Pauls Campaign 17:58:42
BREAKING: Ron Paul surges to No.2 in South Carolina! 17:57:56
Ron Paul's Campaign 17:56:54
"Ron Paul is Obamas best chance of winning again!" 17:55:08
DNC-linked Organization Attacks Ron Paul 17:32:42
Ron Paul: The Un-King! 17:30:51
Training excercise startles locals 17:26:32
Ron Paul > Mitt Romney. (Mitt meets medical marijuana patient, finds inner b*st*rd) 17:20:51
Ron Paul's Home is at 98% in this Online Poll! 17:20:42
Obama launches Bureau of Counterterrorism 17:19:37
New message from Paul:"I'm ready to lead" 17:12:04
I Need Reading Materials 17:03:43
compelling comparison for RP talking points 17:01:28
Question: Where has Ron Paul been? 16:58:58
Romney Gets an "F" - Economic Plans Graded: 16:57:46
tweet tweet! NRO's Adler sets record straight on: Gingrich's Record on Property Rights 16:52:56
Hey South Carolina, Florida, America… is Warring the answer? 16:51:16
Phrasing foreign policy differently can turn people our way - proof 16:43:58
Money Strategy - Think Howard Stern 16:43:33
.. 16:42:13
Romney the Corrupt One 16:37:27
RP Supporters WIN Huckabee Debate 16:33:45
SC Mitt the Ripper Ad - Must See! 16:30:21
Is there a list of RP's endorsements? 16:29:22
BREAKING: Homeland Security Internet Watch List leaked - Cryptome Leaks List of Sites DHS Monitors 16:29:17
Perry endorses Paul? From a former Texan... 16:19:39
FANTASTIC editorial in Washington Times! 16:13:59
SC Polls: Something disturbing 16:13:35
A video version of the Super Brochure? 16:08:17
The Scariest Thing About My Candidate Is 16:07:02
Santorum is arguing with a voter on CSPAN 16:07:00
Romney is a Liberal 16:04:16
debating with a friend about RP 16:00:46
Steven Colbert Says He's The President Of South Carolina! 16:00:21
Do you believe Jim DeMint will endorse Ron Paul after the South Carolina primary? 15:56:04
SEC DEF Leon Panetta admits Iran is not developing a nuclear weapon 15:52:29
I wish Ron would use this song 15:36:29
NJ State Sen. Mike Doherty Endorses Ron Paul 15:35:53
Attention Missouri Supporters - New Tool Available 15:29:50
Newt's own words about "taking out" Iranian scientists 15:25:16
Define An American, are we American because of the Constitution or are we American because of the FED 15:13:33
2 Questions For the Austrian School 15:13:05
Money Bomb Online Activism 15:11:22
PWNED videos...where? 15:06:59
Pat Buchanan on Ron Paul, the Internet and Ethnic Politics in the 21st Century 14:52:32
Mitt Romney - Serial Killer 14:52:08
If Facebook Won't Stop SOPA, We Can Do It For Them 14:50:02
Start spreading the news! 14:43:20
Please help me wake up Tennessee! 14:42:18
Romney has me mad and Dr. Paul better act soon. 14:40:04
Time For Gingrich,Perry,Sanctorum and Huntsman To Get Out! 14:35:08
Voters Choice: Ron Paul or Bibi Netanyahu ... Options for the Anti-War Vote 14:34:20
Ron Paul must declare a war 14:33:57
Ron Paul supporters in South Carolina 14:30:45
Article"Ron Paul is The Real Threat to Obama" 14:25:04
Warning! Aaron Klein Investigative Radio - Potential HIT Piece - ON NOW - complete slander! 14:22:33
An American Family Tradition 14:21:10
Paul Goes Home To Texas; Some Wonder If He Is Serious 14:13:13
real laser show-must see! 14:11:06
Stephanopoulos has tough time interviewing Colbert on Sunday Morning 14:06:54
Message from a tired Uncle Sam 14:02:33
Local SC TV (WYFF4) shows national media how to report objectively on the R3VOLution 13:59:53
Financial terrorists behind US crisis - Ron Paul on the fed and the wars. 13:53:45
Old News New Vid: local station reports on judge's ruling against Perry VA. lawsuit. Good answer Judge! 13:52:34
How can I help? 13:46:45
The Real Nikki Haley: Nikki Haley Proposes SC’s Largest Budget Ever 13:31:19
America will have to ask the ?, China and Iran, do I chose a man to act before Thinking or to think before.. 13:28:31
Assassination - Governor Romney Do You Agree With Barack Obama That The President has The Authority To Nullify The Constitution 13:25:39
It's Not Republican VS. Democrat 13:10:02
How To Explain Dr. Paul's Foreign Policy to Neocon Football Fans 13:08:28
The answer is Hermann Cain -this from the Houston Chronicle! 13:03:36
Open letter to South Carolina Christian Republican voters! 13:02:45
Job Creation 101 13:01:59
Ron Paul Supporters on the front page of The Herald newspaper in Rock Hill, SC 13:01:12
When Mitt Romney Came To Town 12:56:24
Huntsman's Staff considering deserting 12:31:58
CNN Sunday 11:29 am Eastern Time 12:31:40
Must see video on foreign policy - it made me cry 12:30:45
If Ron Paul were President, what would be of Super PACs? 12:25:22
SC opens with 21-point lead for Mitt R. in South Carolina: Reuters/Ipsos poll 12:16:17
Romney opens up big lead in South Carolina? 12:10:49
RP best against Obama after Romney 12:05:32
Romney Tied to Israeli Military Intelligence 12:03:30
Help! Party Registration Deadline in NY +1 for Ron Paul 12:02:54
Pat Buchanan comments about Ron Paul in The Daily Bell (excerpts) 11:46:16
My Request To Senator Jim: Via FB 11:44:12
Please Vote in these Online Polls! 11:35:11
Free Ron Paul Bumper Stickers for Certain States 11:35:02
Mitt Romney Serial Killer - Colbert SuperPAC 11:33:34
DeMint to be on Face the Nation this morning. 11:33:12
Ron Paul won't/can't Win: Who Said It? 11:24:19
Vote is This in Poll 11:21:20
Ron Paul is Right on the Fed ! 11:20:37
Cookies from Paul...increase the elderly vote? 11:15:12
Understanding Free Markets 11:10:42
[NEW VIDEO] Did Chicken-Hawk Newt Gingrich just endorse Ron Paul? 10:51:36
Interesting:Islamic Republic News Agency Article,Iran 10:45:25
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: [Ron Paul is] America's Last Chance 10:40:51
Paul Craig Roberts: America’s Last Chance (Ron Paul) 10:39:46
Dems' protest petition against Paul: We must educate others about it's inaccuracies 10:17:55
Newt Gingrich Endorses Mitt Romney 10:12:15
I wish the talk of Rand being VP would stop 10:08:13
Romney hands out cash in South Carolina: Happy days are here again 09:49:30
A New Chapter (Ron Paul Anthem) 09:45:32
The Grinch Faces Truth at Black Church...& Looks Bad. 09:36:37
Free Market with no regulations 09:29:18
HR 3166 Enemy Expatriation Act to Strip Americans of Citizenship? 09:27:55
Ron Paul finishes 2nd in DEMOCRATIC NH primary 09:22:23
Tale of two candidates - Paul vs Romney 09:18:28
Rand should refuse VP nod if it comes (which it won't) 09:07:46
To whom it may concern : understanding warmongers' propaganda and its reuse in media bias 09:06:13
Ron's Middle Name "Ernest" Says a Lot! 09:05:10
Ron Paul goes home to Texas just as Campaign Heats Up 08:46:14
Ron Paul Laser Bomb Idea for Myrtle Beach 08:45:29
http:/ 08:22:00
Three Greatest Presidents 08:05:52
BEWARE SC - News reporters spreading "closed primary" propaganda 07:39:45
CNBC learns not to 'mess with' Ron Paul followers 07:24:06
My one and only Tin Foil Hat post. 07:03:34
Evidence that Romney is using Clear Channel to manipulate the election (imho)... 06:18:30
BREAKTHROUGH Game Changer: Win them over *despite* disagreement on foreign policy. 06:14:58
Iran target of 'false flag' strategy? 06:09:45
10 Reasons the U.S. is no Longer the Land of the Free 06:07:59
Rick Santorum's Anti-Family Values: Fraud, Deception, Pedophilia, and More (Re-Titled) 06:04:35
SOPA 06:03:23
Netanyahu Wants Us To Threaten Iran 05:58:36
IB TIMES: Ron Paul Revolution and What GOP Should Learn From It 05:50:53
How About Extending The South Carolina Moneybomb?: From January 14-January 21st 05:37:18
Ha! Here's the news in Myrtle Beach, perfect timing for me! Video 05:18:09
Letter: Ron Paul can beat Obama 05:11:40
$1,000,945.80! 04:39:29
$1,000,000 so far... GO! - - SC for Liberty and Ron Paul! 04:37:47
RT On Super PAC In Support Of Israel 04:20:39
Paulbots invade Disneyland/ world Idea 04:19:48
Daily Beast: Blacks for Obama? Not So Fast 04:14:49
Who/what is Goldman Sachs? 04:09:15
BREAKING: Game-Changing South Carolina Endorsement Coming Tomorrow 04:07:49
"Bugsplat": The Civilian Toll of War by Robert C. Koehler 04:07:40
Before I donate... 03:38:05
Video - Mitt is doomed 03:32:39
Spreading The Message Of Liberty Loud And Clear In SC 03:18:00
Romney is a natural born citizen 03:17:13
Another Way To Help ... The Original Ron Paul Chocolate Bar. DARK Chocolate Soon To Be Released! 03:12:45
'Dead in the Water' - BBC documentary on the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 (full movie, 1 hr 8 min.) 03:00:41
Giving $1000.00 to Ron Paul's SC Money Bomb. Who Will MATCH ME? 02:45:41
Youth for Ron Paul 2012-Palmetto State Project 02:28:55
I'm campaigning in SC: PREDICTIONS for the week 02:24:36
FoxNews is asking for us to submit evidence of media Bias 02:02:31
Paul supporters: 'We are all about one word - freedom' 02:01:44
How Ron Paul Can Win - Amazing Article regarding delegates 01:58:17
Beware of Paul Hating Facebook Trolls! 01:50:36
Does anyone know anyone who can make contact with Jim Demint? 01:48:26
Congressman Trent Franks disses Ron Paul at Maricopa County Republican Meeting 01:43:21
Another Ron Paul Interview From 1988 01:37:25
So you still think the Internet is free. 01:36:37
My 1 disagreement with Ron Paul 01:35:39
Ron Paul's top contributors continue to be Army, Air Force and Navy 01:33:50
U.S. Warns Israel on Strike Officials Lobby Against Attack on Iran as Military Leaders Bolster Defenses 01:29:44
reddit - I am very happy that Obama has 'come out against sopa and pipa'... 01:21:55
Need some scholarly help defending RP 01:20:15
Romney promises South Carolina Governor a "waiver on Obamacare" submitted to drudge report 01:19:38
Make Up A Campaign Slogan. "Ron Paul Close To The People", Etc. What's Yours? 00:53:49
South Carolina: Youth for Ron Paul Palmetto State Project 00:49:25
RT Slams CNN For Hiring Joke Commentators 00:35:48
97.1 St Louis (Fox News Radio) gonna be discussing the Ron Paul Revolution for the next hour. 00:34:37
Romney asked what he would do to win over Paul supporters - FAIL 00:31:58
A Tale of Two Candidates 00:29:42
Ron Paul Rally Sunday at Myrtle Beach Hilton SC 5:30pm 00:21:31
Tabling at the Gun Range 00:20:07
CNN Exposed in 1990! Too Fake (VIDEO) 00:10:52
I didn't know Obama's mother-in-law lives in the White House! 00:06:46
Ron Paul SC speech @ Eagle Aviation: warns of world currency 00:06:21