Posted on January 19, 2012

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The Real Reason for SOPA, PIPA, and the NDAA Provisions 23:50:53
Ron Paul Supporters Slow I-85 Traffic With Hot Air Balloon Display 12:26:10
Ron Paul on CSPAN Charleston SC 1/19/12 14:59:57
Video: 4 South Carolina Senators Endorse Ron Paul at Press Conference 03:28:05
Freedom Watch: Judge and WSJ Economist Talk Ron Paul's 0% Income Tax - 1/17/12 03:27:05
"Paul's Congressional Flights Home Just Like Everyone Else's" 03:16:44
How Ron Paul Won ALL THREE of My Iowa Caucus Precincts 01:46:07
Ron Paul: We Must Stop Raising the Debt Ceiling! [video] 01:31:21
Ron Paul Highlights from CNN GOP Debate - January 19, 2012 09:26:34
Ron Paul NDAA Floor Speech - Jan 18, 2012 04:08:13
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Drudge Poll is 2 Days Old 23:58:53
Thanks Donna Brazile... 23:56:28
Fox News: Anonymous retaliates for Megaupload shutdown 23:56:14
Empire is the Symptom! (An essay for the DP) 23:53:28
TOP POLLS Paul Needs YOUR help in! 23:51:33
DRUGE POLL: "Who won the CNN debate?" Ron needs your help right now! You know what to do. Link provided. 23:48:46
Ron Paul = Fight Club 23:48:24
Only reason Newt "appears" to do well in debates 23:48:24
"I Wouldn't Hire Ron Paul..." Very positive article about Ron Paul and not Mitt Romney for the job of President! 23:48:13
Drudge debate poll 23:46:14
Rebuttal to Iranian Threat to Close the Strait of Hormuz 23:45:53
Best/Worst Ron Paul Bias tonight, tv, web, print, debate 23:37:59
TWO choices in the 2012 election 23:36:59
Stossel discussing war and its effects now 23:33:30
CNN POLL 23:32:15
cnn poll 23:27:05
CNN Post Debate Poll - 01/19/2012 23:18:41
Tonights Debate performance 23:04:40
Ron Paul Just Turned South Carolina! 22:58:34
If you have a problem... 22:57:23
Is everything about overseas spending? 22:55:41
Newt Commits Felony in CNN Interview? 22:54:32
Thats what I'm talking about RP Supporters! DEMAND RP'S time! 22:51:05
Florida Poll 22:35:27
Big Endorsement for women for Ron Paul 22:23:12
FreedomWorks Debate Poll: Who's Winning? 22:21:43
John King is terrible 21:54:20
This movie changes everything 21:51:37
Standing Ovation 21:50:01
Motivation: Inside Peek From Newts SC Headquarters 21:47:58
Ron PAUL 21:46:37
A chicken hawk squawks: Rush Limbaugh should shut up about Ron Paul 21:38:20
Newt’s Fairyland Mythical Balanced Budgets 21:36:26
Expect South Carolina's verdict to be decisevly indecisive 21:33:14
Debate mini bomb NOW 21:25:00
RevPac Skype Commentary 21:12:57
Ron Paul Lands Coveted Wikileaks Endorsement 21:11:17
Just got a Newt Robo Call tonight 20:59:18
Prayer 20:57:37
Sen. Rand Paul won't rule out running for VP 20:57:36
Someone please post : Ron Paul On Rick Perry Dropping Out Of The Presidential Race 20:57:19
Why would CNN want David Frum on as a commentator? 20:56:23
What Ron Paul's Opening statement should be 20:56:05
NBC's Tom Brokaw in Greenville SC on Presidential race and Ron Paul aired tonight 19JAN12 20:49:56
Want to see a media trick? 20:48:41
Erin Burnett say 9-9-9. She be interviewing Herman Cain. 20:47:23
Ron Paul terrorist attack predictions video REDONE 20:47:14
Paul not many friends in DC? Dana Bash Article. (PLEASE COMMENT On article page) 20:45:24
Austrian Coat of Arms - Hammer and sickle? 20:44:50
Romney Bought His Endorsements 20:41:21
The best video on Ron Paul - ever 20:39:01
This is why we love Ron Paul and the message of freedom! 20:38:42
CNN Debate - Picture (3 in-focus profiles 1 out-of-focus 3/4 turn (away frm camera) 20:37:37
Amazing Ron Paul Video 20:36:53
Advice for Ron Paul in Tonight's Debate. 20:36:49
Updated: Need Some Pointers for a Debate 20:33:30
Star Trek - give this 10 minutes of your time 20:15:49
Newt Gingrich Commits A Felony 20:10:28
Dr Paul: Perry drop out helps me in Texas 20:04:34
“And if Pelosi knows, Obama knows. And if Obama knows, ..." 20:01:20
Rep. Walter Jones on Ron Paul 20:01:04
The Tiger vs the Chicken 20:00:31
Why Newt shouldn't even be eligible to be Commander-in-Chief 20:00:25
Gingrich's promise to Palin 19:59:42
Looks like HuffPo is now French!? 19:41:44
Paul should keep debate answers short and sweet 19:39:43
Should South Carolina 'not count'? 19:35:31
The Income Tax 19:33:04
Let's see if Jesse Benton has properly prepared Ron tonight. 19:26:16
Thoughts 19:25:40
SOPA, PIPA and Chief Tecumseh's views about Encroachment 19:16:17
This planet will be restored! (poem) 19:16:14
Ron Paul: There is a Difference Between "Military" and DEFENSE Spending, Would Have More U.S. Bases and Jobs! 19:14:03
Ron Paul's NEW Restore America's DEFENSE Plan 19:06:43
Ron Paul & WW2 19:05:08
How can we get more senior citizens to support Ron Paul? 19:05:04
New Iowa Results and More 18:50:06
The Power of ONE - Viral Ron Paul Campaign Strategy 18:42:08
Teenage Ron Paul Looks Like Actor Christopher Masterson 18:41:27
Smackdown of Gingtorium at tonights debate 18:36:50
Betty White is crushing on RP 18:32:09
Enemy Expatriation Act and the subsequent media blackout 18:30:55
Feds Shut Down File-Sharing Website - Internet War Breaks Out! 18:30:31
Stalin lives on reincarnated (poem) 18:27:43
Mitt Romney On NDAA/John Randolph Quote 18:23:38
BE PREPARED: Iran, Bin Laden, Newsletters, 3rd Party, Not Trying To Win 18:19:53
Talking Heads Want to Know: Leadership & Vision 18:19:47
Definiton Of Swinger for Newt 18:18:42
How to put the issue "Ron Paul is Weak on National Defense" to rest... 18:17:42
I've had it with the ignorant masses 18:15:17
Gingrich Wanted A Divorce, Very Next Day Does A Speech On Family Values. 18:11:29
Too many Delegate spots open still. Here's a HOW TO so we change that 18:08:56
Want a Free Ron Paul Bumper Sticker! 18:07:56
Ron Paul events in South Carolina tomorrow, 20JAN12 18:06:54
Racist Anti-Huntsman Ad Created By Huntsman Supporters? RP Sues. 18:04:10
Tom Davis on Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 18:03:44
Good Tidings for the debate tonight 18:01:08
Why You Should Stop Watching TYT (In my Opinion) 17:58:12
PIPA Reaction - Senate Besieged by Phone Calls and Emails - Websites Crash 17:57:04
Rick Santorum just explained on CNN that Ron Paul has said he doesn't want to win, just influence. 17:56:39
Ron Paul has done nothing in congress 17:50:15
RP ask romney how many of his sons are going to fight Iran at the debate tonight 17:48:21
haha Herman Cain endorses the people! 17:41:23
The Pink Floyd Generation for Ron Paul! 17:38:58
Perry is a Piece of Work 17:37:22
Please post CSPAN Santorum/Cain in Charleston 17:33:43
Hermie is on C-SPAN now 17:33:33
Shoot The Messenger 17:33:29
No war on Iran: national day of action-facebook 17:31:47
Judge, Tom Davis, and Jim DeMint on Ron Paul! 17:31:34
video help sought 17:29:10
Khan Academy video explaining the dangers of sopa and pipa 17:28:08
Perry Drops Out of Presidential Race, Endorses 'Not Perfect' Gingrich 17:25:23
Fight Song! 17:24:20
Newt Gingrich wanted 'open marriage,' ex-wife says 17:23:17
The Fear of Ron Paul's Deregulation 17:21:22
Why Hunstman Dropped Out. Fox Video on Lawsuit 17:20:35
My Wife pwns Senator Barasso on ndaa 17:19:26
Give Me Truth. 17:10:08
A foreigner point of view about Ron Paul 17:10:04
Mitt Romney has millions of dollars saved in offshore Cayman Islands tax shelters 17:09:42
Meet Today's GOP... 17:08:09
Newt Gingrich is a Swinger 17:05:37
RON Paul would beat Obama in a head to head Matchup! 17:03:30
Vote fraud - my thoughts 17:03:21
Ron Paul Just BLASTED Gingrich in an Email to Supporters! 17:00:18
We lost a brother this week 16:51:48
Gandhi, Ron Paul and the Bloodthirsty GOP 16:47:37
Did Gingrich 16:41:55
Author of SOPA gets caught violating copyright law 16:41:53
Enemy Expatriation Act and the subsequent media blackout 16:40:38
Why this Veteran supports Ron Paul - I took an Oath 16:38:01
Herman Cain May Be About To... 16:37:51
Gingrich Making A Play For Ron Paul Voters 16:31:03
Fox News Bias 16:29:50
Poll on who will benefit from Perry dropping out 16:27:53
Ron Paul and the Dogs of War. Michael Scheuer on Freedom Watch 16:26:51
Activism Activism Activism 16:26:18
New't LATEST "Serial Hypocrisy!" 16:25:49
Ron Paul Town Hall- Greenville! Let's Pack it out! Friday at 5:15 p.m. 16:25:32
Anyone listen to Dave Ramsey lately? He's talking like a Ron Paul supporter waiting to happen. 16:25:18
Jim DeMint Nearly Endorses Ron Paul (even foreign policy) 16:23:14
Ron Paul Cannot Win in 2012 Unless 16:22:55
Jim Demint and Tom Davis on Freedom Watch 16:17:50
BREAKING: Cain set to make "unconventional" endorsement at 4:00pm TODAY 16:12:47
early voting in Florida 16:11:04
The media is winning they are making us fight on too many fronts 16:01:44
I addressed Senator Udall on sopa and pipa yesterday at a town hall meeting 15:59:28
PLEASE Educate these People 15:54:33
Ron Paul Debate Talking Point; Fair vs. Favorable 15:53:46
A question for Christians and the so called leaders? 15:50:25
Huff P shows loves to Daily Paul and the rest of us! 15:48:20
A Good Argument Ron Can Use Against Newt On Foreign Policy 15:45:19
Rand Paul Vows To Block Internet Censorship Bills 15:43:47
The Prophecies of Ron Paul-Christian Science Monitor 15:42:57
Des Moines Register: Iowa Caucus Results Unresolved 15:35:31
Required reading ahead of Virginia 15:32:15
US Prez (even Primary) Rules, Historical Results - D Leip's Site IS the Gold Standard 15:32:10
FDA punishes consumers like children 15:20:42
It's time for Jim DeMint to Step Up 15:20:22
A Free Market For Marketing Freedom (Daily Paul Mentioned!) 15:13:42
Jack Hunter: Mark Levin's war against Ron Paul undermines conservatism 15:10:55
Ron Paul media blackout continues 15:10:09
Pundits on CNN Speculate that Ron Paul will be the next candidate to drop out 15:06:16
Japanese media in SC "Ron Paul is Right" 15:05:04
The Cost of War 15:00:38
Article about the last voter count in Iowa-fishy results 14:58:47
Beck threatens the lives of innocent young men and women on a daily basis 14:53:34
HR 1830 - Ron Paul's bill to protect fresh milk 14:52:45
French Diss: How Rick Santorum Misunderstands Ron Paul 14:48:19
Why I'm sort of hoping for a Gingrich win 14:47:14
Tim Wise Article Pretty Much Saying Ron Paul = David Duke 14:36:47
Could Romney Be a Narcissist? 14:35:41
Russia warns of a 'very big war' if West meddles with Middle East... 14:33:22
Tarpley: Ron Paul Should Prove he's for Peace and Impeach Obama 14:27:16
Ron Paul the Prophet? 14:27:00
Public Policy SC Poll 1/19: Paul 15%, Gingrich 34%, Romney 28% 14:20:15
Bring An Umbrella Saturday! 14:13:47
Welcome Perry, Bachmann and Cain Supporters 14:09:18
Bob Fanning and running mate Chuck Baldwin running for Governor of Montana 14:08:14
News Flash! Perry Jumps Back Into the Race Again Headed to FL! 14:04:27
Error message accessing 14:02:31
Debate audience 13:58:30
Robert Scott Bell Destroyed Bill Kristol On His Radio Show This Morning 13:55:46
Perfect Timing 13:52:58
Beck supporters threatened my life 13:47:04
A Free Market For Marketing Freedom - Nystrom and others Honored 13:41:07
Home Work Assignment 13:40:23
Santorum will be taking calls on C-Span tomorrow 7:45am- you know what to do. 13:36:26
Ron Paul hot air ballon slows down traffic video 13:31:50
VIDEO*Ron Paul at College of Charleston 13:27:44
LOL - Rush's wheels are coming off 13:26:14
Rick Santorum's Tragic Yearbook Photo 13:24:52
Can anyone cite the Paul polls in IA and NH and the acutal vote Paul ended up 13:22:33
Any news on Herman Cain's Unconventional Endorsement, which I 13:21:14
Respected Conservative Black Preacher explains why he is voting for Ron 13:20:26
Rasmussen SC poll Gingrich 33%/ Romney 31 % /Paul 15% /Santorum 11% 13:19:28
VIDEOS: How to be a better activist 13:11:45
Interesting article about Rick Santorum's wife 13:10:45
Washington Post: Marianne Gingrich, Newt’s ex-wife, says he wanted ‘open marriage’ 13:04:55
Israel creates a super PAC to attack Ron Paul, Obama - Video 13:01:37
Will the Religious Right Rally Around Newt in South Carolina Now? 12:59:39
Funniest Ron Paul Joke - On CSPAN 12:51:40
Why Newt Is Against Dr. Paul 12:51:20
Perry is OUT... and SURPRISE! He endorses Gingrich 12:45:53
Those who attack are attacked back; Romney, "Mr. New, Bigger Navy," tied to shipbuilding companies 12:42:25
Something is NOT right with the latest polls 12:40:40
Need help to vote Lamar Smith out of Congress in November 12:39:02
Breaking: Romney’s tax avoidance schemes 12:38:50
ARG Poll 1/18: Paul 19%, Gingrich 33%, Romney 32% 12:35:48
Artist Needed 12:34:49
URGENT Poll... Get on this NOW! 12:33:01
Ron Paul should be locked in room all day Thursday to prepare for debate. 12:31:43
A Response to Cynthia Tucker’s Anti-Paul Propaganda Piece 12:30:32
Gabby Giffords to face GOP challenger proud of unsettling 'sensitive' voters 12:29:05
1/ 16/12 debate transcript as script for Foreign Policy phoning,etc. 12:27:36
Ron Paul by Satellite at Pro-Life Forum Greenville SC 01/18/12 12:18:26
CSM: The Prophecies of Ron Paul 12:17:45
Jon Stewart on SOPA 12:16:30
One Down; 3 To Go 12:16:29
Ron Paul on CSPAN Live Now. Starting 11:12 am. 12:12:34
EFT YOU NEWT! 12:10:54
Gingrich Scandal Could Hand Ron Paul Shock Second Place Finish 12:10:39
Ron Paul Hot Air Balloon Causes Traffic Slowdown in Greenville, SC! 12:02:30
Ron Paul Supporters Place Print Ads in Local Media 12:00:57
Rick Perry quitting presidential race 11:57:16
Campaign Needs 10 Million in 30 Days 11:52:30
McCain's 200 page opposition book on Romney 11:51:16
Ron Paul on Land Reform 11:49:36
LIVE: Ron Paul in Charleston, SC 01/19/2012 11:47:58
Newt: Marriage is between a man and a women. 11:43:55
Rick Perry to drop 2012 campaign for president, endorse Newt 11:42:56
Just watched CNN supporting SOPA! 11:42:18
Really cool contribution from a fairly new but committed Ron Paul supporter, meet Ania! 11:41:44
Here's Who Is Left 11:38:09
Why Not Keep Donation Counter At Top Of Daily Paul Permanently? 11:38:08
"Santorum, Gingrich campaigns a mirage..." 11:37:24
Corporate media misleads public with Iowa Romney narrative 11:37:01
RoM-Paul 2012? 11:35:35
Hey Ron Paul - Take the Gloves OFF 11:33:59
Ron Paul Abortion question 11:33:55
Daily Paul website change request 11:33:46
Too late 11:32:44
Ron Paul polls well 11:27:53
Let's create some pressure for a Levin/Woods debate 11:27:48
open marriage: 'YOU need TO share ME' video 11:26:29
Sheriff Joe fighting back against Leftist Assault 11:23:44
Ron Paul hot air balloon causes traffic backup in SC 11:23:32
A three way race to the convention 11:23:05
Newt Gingrich endorses Mitt Romney? 11:15:23
Newt Gingrich's open marriage: 'You need to share me' 11:14:35
Mitt Romni Mr popular 11:12:01
Sunday Vigil for Ron Paul @ One 11:10:44
Video/Article Idea 11:08:45
Ron Paul 2002, Great video 11:06:12
Ron Paul Has Won a Lot of Delegates...Oh Dear. - MSNBC 11:04:50
Newt Wanted an 'Open Marriage.' 11:04:15
Perry Is Gone! Welcome All Perry Supporters! 11:03:00
Perry dropping out today! 11:02:42
Ron Paul campaign suing maker of false flag Huntsman video in federal court 10:58:30
NOW! Ron Paul Hot Air Balloon Causes Traffic Delays in South Carolina 10:57:54
Cain's Unconventional Endorsement of Cain (as Colbert) 10:56:16
It's Official - Santorum Won Iowa 10:55:11
Using SOPA and PIPA to Educate Liberals and Progressives 10:53:56
AD: "They Way They Campaign is the Way They'll Govern" 10:51:54
Jon Stewart destroys SOPA 10:49:33
Perry Dropping Out - Will Endorse Gingrich 10:46:28
Which is a better outcome? 10:45:32
Tiffany's about to have uptick in earnings 10:45:19
Ron Paul on Marijuana Radio - Full Interview 10:43:06
Perry Dropping Out of Race 10:42:43
Youth needs your help to help the cause! 10:42:05
TRUMP: "We should be talking with Iran" 10:40:45
Wisconsin Poll - Help RP 10:36:25
Urgent Information! You need this to WIN Florida! 10:33:41
AP: Perry Out! 10:33:37
ABC: Romney parks millions in offshore tax Havens 10:32:19
GQ: How crazy is Ron Paul? Not very! 10:31:30
Rick Perry to drop from the GOP race. 10:30:31
Recount shows Santorum beat Romney: They were right. Iowa will be the laughing stock. 10:29:48
How are Ron Paul's dire prophecies panning out? 10:25:01
Rick Perry tells supporters he is dropping his bid for GOP presidential nomination today, two sources tell CNN. 10:24:18
Blowback 10:23:59
BREAKING: Perry quits. To endorse Newt 10:23:50
drudge: first ON CNN: Perry to drop out Thursday 10:20:35
Washington D.C. March for Life Need 50+ Volunteers 10:18:25
Gingrich video discovery! Clinton Fanboy! 10:18:03
Ron Paul's Campaign Should File Suit Against Santorum for Age Discrimination 10:18:01
Washington Moves Closer to War 10:17:25
Rick Perry is dropping out today! 10:15:08
Rick Perry Out! 10:14:34
Gingrich Hypocrisy Full Frontal via Zerohedge 10:12:54
Perry drops out 10:12:52
Rick Perry will drop out of the Republican presidential race today, two sources tell CNN. 10:12:07
Gen. McCaffrey Report to NBC Regarding Confrontation with Iran 10:10:40
Blackout: We Made History! 35 Senators Now! 10:06:30
Ron Paul caricature 10:03:43
When did RP change stance on 10:02:23
Glenn Beck: Ron Paul backers threatened my life 09:55:56
Meet Huffines Brothers Behind Santa Rita SuperPac [VIDEO] 09:52:27
Sen. Jim DeMint Endorses Paul? 09:48:42
Mashable links to article: How Crazy is Ron Paul? Show them not at all! 09:47:56
Excellent Article!Ron Paul is the Only Electable Candidate for President 09:40:48
post recession recovery 09:40:25
Santorum Allegedly Wins Iowa Caucuses 09:37:28
South Carolina and Florida Going back to winner take all? 09:34:02
Ad suggestion 09:31:46
Ron Paul Gains Points in NBC Marist Poll Post Debate vs. Pre-Debate 09:29:56
1 each 09:25:48
Keep pushing phone from home! 09:22:01
Constitutional Oath Challenge 09:14:08
Gingrich Scandal Could Hand Ron Paul Shock Second Place Finish 09:13:00
January 18, 2012 - White Hats Report #34 THE bush cabal - nuking THE outhouse! 09:11:49
Romney Stashing MIllions In Offshore Bank Accounts 09:05:20
What has really happened to ‘State Rights’...? 09:04:01
Video: Ron Paul at Personhood USA Pro-Life Forum 08:45:39
Iowa vote count Unresolved, Santorum may win by 34 votes. Wait for end of the week! 08:41:28
Video of Daily Paul folk outside the Myrtle B. Debate 08:27:36
The Wikipedia blackout presented a horrifying picture of a world with no knowledge. 08:25:13
In MF Global, JPMorgan again at center of a Financial Failure 08:23:14
Ron Paul 2012: Why is he Better Equipped to Contest Obama? 08:22:37
Google Trends in South Carolina - Ron Paul significant lead by wide margin ! 08:22:35
New tally shows Santorum got 34 more votes than Romney in Iowa with some precinct counts missing 07:48:06
Ron Paul Supporters Interrogating Bill Kristol (Excellent 15 min. C-SPAN video) 07:27:08
The Corporate Wing of the Republican Party Wins yet again. 07:23:54
Ron Paul wins support urging end to the Fed, pushing the gold standard. But is that possible? 07:18:43
Ron Paul Influencing U.S. Senate Race in Texas 07:15:06
WaPo Poll: Ron Paul Weakest Among College Grads & Weekly Churchgoers 07:09:52
Mrs. Santorum: And The Skeleton In Her Closet 06:50:53
NO JOKE: Sweet Tomatoes! W Ketchup, LLC officially endorses Dr. Paul! 06:50:40
Video: Iowa Caucus voting results from Polk County precincts 06:35:52
Ron Paul - Anyone But Obama 06:30:16
Ron Paul on the Campaign Trail 06:27:57
AlterNet: "Mitt Romney Wouldn't Know a Free Market If It Bit Him on the Ass" 06:05:54
CNN/Time/ORC poll reveals no one under 50 was polled 06:00:51
INFOWARS: Delegates! Delegates! Delegates! is HOW we get Dr. Paul nominated! 05:53:17
What is the latest prognosis on how South Carolina will turn out? 05:09:23
Massive opposition research file on Romney hits Internet, likely from 2008 mccain-campaign 05:05:02
The Gold Standard: Ron Paul Gives New Life to an Old Issue 05:00:13
CNN Video: Ron Paul known as 'Dr. No' of Congress 04:57:31
Comparing Ron Paul To Neville Chamberlain 04:53:40
SC Paul Supporters... How Much Airtime Are Our Ads Getting Out There? 04:37:18
Foreign Policy education mission: The Military/CIA intellgence Endorsing Ron Paul 04:30:09
Mike Gallagher KRLA 870 am Los Angeles 04:28:26
Head to Head: Is Ron Paul the best candidate in the presidential race? 04:23:42
Official Boycott of Lamestream Media Corporate Sponsors 04:22:02
Romney Parks Millions offshore in the Caymans 04:19:27
Wife #2 On Why Newt Is Unfit For Prez. Lengthy Esquire Interview... 04:13:59
Ron Paul Only GOP Candidate to Publicly Denounce SOPA 04:02:59
Jim DeMint: "libertarian principles are the conscience of the Republican Party" 03:52:11
[Video] Ron Paul: The Only One With a Brain 03:37:29
Is Eric Cartman running for President? 03:35:36
Hannity Phone Bomb: Friday, 1/20 Please Join! 03:34:04
attn jesse benton :sound byte for RON paul 03:24:51
CNN hiding SC poll results for people under 50? 03:17:39
Tired of seeing the small angry guys name on here 03:16:19
Daily Show on the ABC South Carolina Debate 03:13:19
Ron Paul Supporter Uncovers Iowa Vote Discrepancy 03:12:54
Video: Senator Davis talks with a Reuters reporter about Ron Paul's foreign policy 03:11:00
Debate money bomb! pushover $2 mil! 03:07:29
Is there any coordinated effort for CPAC next month? Ron Paul still not listed as a speaker. 03:07:16
Ron Paul Campaign Sues Maker of Huntsman Viral YouTube Ad 03:04:20
MSM finally figures out that Romney didn't win Iowa! 03:01:54
Video: Short Interview with Mrs. Carol Paul 03:00:55
Good Gingrich Wife-Cheating Link 02:50:25
*VIDEO* The Crazy South Carolina Debate Audience 02:38:51
SC Ground Report: These reporters are obsessed with us supporters, ya know it? 02:37:23
Newt wants to steal Paul Supporters thruConcept of Sound Money Gold Commission 02:36:06
To the people who couldn't handle a day without the daily paul... 02:35:40
Anti-sopa/pipa Tools 02:35:32
Louisiana sues Census Bureau for unlawful reapportionment 02:35:29
Mark Levin is sounding like a conspiracy kook 02:35:26
The two minute video that converted people to Ron Paul 02:32:26
Google says 4.5 million people signed anti-SOPA petition today 02:31:40
It's Been a Good Run 02:30:44
NDAA special on Coast to Coast NOW 02:27:26
Be sure to let the Independents know the SC primary is open Fox is lying 02:21:53
Action: SC Radio Talk Shows...What Are Best "Isolationism" Rebuttal Links? 02:20:03
Dr. Paul's Address to SC Presidential Pro-Life Forum JAN 18, 2012 02:17:45
Dana Bash Piece on GOP's Opinion of Ron Paul 02:17:29
My South Carolina Ron Paul ad, do the same! 02:17:06
What I would say - about the biggest threat to our national defense 02:14:01
We've Been NeoConned 02:06:56
Daily Paul Infrastructure Upgrades 08:39:41
May Palmer, The Queen of Ivory Soul's "We Want Ron Paul" is now available on iTunes! 01:54:21
Mitt Romney's Bain Capital aided Iran Government 01:53:55
Letter From Israel Supporting Doctor Paul 01:51:06
Time to go Nuclear on the GOP: "Paul or NOTHING" 01:35:58
That sucked! 01:35:43
Section 1031 of the ndaa is Worse than sopa and pipa 01:33:23
Rand Paul Promises to Filibuster ‘Censor the Internet’ Legislation 01:28:56
Why I protest 01:28:56
Now Lets Win South Carolina! 01:21:05
So I spent my day on Huffington Post... 01:20:47
3 Congressmen and 3 Senators abandon sopa/pipa 01:19:56
Newt Ex-Wife unloads on camera; Network debates 'ethics' of airing before SC primary 01:17:45
AP News Guilty of Slandering RonPaul? MSM MELTDOWN 01:15:42
ABC to air interview with Newt's ex-wife 01:15:13
Breaking: Newt Ex-Wife Unloads on Camera; Network Debates 'Ethics' of Airing Before SC Primary 01:14:52
Glenn Beck Says Ron Paul Sounds Like Bin Laden! 01:13:08
That sucked 01:04:43