Posted on January 2, 2012

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Ron Paul Talks to FOX News Bret Baier in Iowa 01-02-12 Video 23:57:16
DC Tea Party Founder Endorses Ron Paul 14:51:17
Jesse Benton Interviewed by Alan Greenspan's Wife on MSNBC 14:40:58
CNN: Ron Paul Interview - Says Santorum Is A Liberal ! 01/02/2012 13:43:47
HOT: Santorum Named "Most Corrupt" Senator by Watchdog Group in 2006 10:52:34
New Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Ad: Believe 10:19:59
Ron Paul Puts the Left on the Defensive on Economic Issues 08:56:21
Ben Swann Explains the NDAA and the Obama Imperative 08:23:35
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 1/2/12: Obama's Christmas "Gift" to America: Crushing Debt 11:45:41
The Real Ron Paul Stands Up 03:01:56
New Hampshire Critical! The Campaign Requests We Help Get Out The Vote! 22:02:01
New Public Policy Polling 01/02/12 - Ron Paul is at 20%, Mitt Romney at 19%, and Rick Santorum at 18% 05:43:26
HOT New Ron Paul Rap! "Iowa's Choice: Liberty or Death (Ron Paul 2012 Song)" by Smiley Chris 13:37:44
GHoeberX: Ron Paul Grassroots Energy 04:26:08
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Hey Iowa, Your GOP Heads Are Going to Silence Your Voice 23:58:27
Rick Santorum on Dancing with the Stars 23:56:13
how do i get voter/super voter addresses for my precinct in florida? 23:55:39
U.S. Army Veteran - Why Dr. Paul and Dr. King are Both My Heroes 23:53:59
NDAA Yae Vote List House Representatives Indefinite Detention American Citizens 23:52:01
How Rick Santorum Played a Pivotal Role in Passing Obamacare 23:47:36
HEADLINE: Saddam Shipped Nukes to Iran before Invasion in 2003 23:46:38
Rove: "Paul is so far to the right he ends up on the left" 23:44:57
Santorum Salad: Iowa Pizza Ranch Names Signature Dish After Rick Santorum 23:42:25
Ron Paul Speech 12/30/11 in Sioux City, Iowa 23:39:24
" are so out of mainstream" - possible answer 23:39:14
Carl Rove : Ron Paul Has Peaked 23:38:36
WaPo: Ron Paul's Surprising Appeal for Christian Conservatives 23:37:32
"Campaigns have become more like corporations," Paulson said, and candidates are more "like a CEO." 23:35:15
I Cannot Sleep...I Spent My Day Off On Daily Paul 23:34:04
Making up for lost time 23:33:52
Make this Viral NOW! URGENT! election will BE rigged! 23:33:44
Iowa caucuses: How Ron Paul inspires devotion and fear 23:32:44
Michelle Bachmann Says Ron Paul Is More Liberal Than Barack Obama 23:32:22
How Rick Santorum Helped Pass ObamaCare 23:23:30
Ron Paul Interview W / Neil Cavuto Fox News 4pm ET 23:22:44
If The Good Doctor does not win... 23:22:10
Santorum’s Liberal Record on Gun Rights 23:20:22
Donald Trump : "Ron Paul Won't Run Third Party Because His Son Wouldn't Allow It" 23:19:43
MSM Wiretapping Kingpin Rupert Murdoch Signals Support for Santorum 23:17:02
What would you like NEWCOMERS to Daily Paul to know? 23:12:46
Nystrom Doesn't Have A Clue...Seriously 23:12:11
RON PAUL dominating online activity in Iowa 23:10:05
Wow! Chris Wallace thinks AIDS is a "homosexual disease" 23:09:30
The Tea Party, Santorum, and Paul 23:09:18
ACLU Report Card Puts Ron Paul Above President Obama! 23:09:02
Ron and Rand Paul, a double dose of liberty 23:03:22
Drudge Links To Fake Mitt Romney Video Created By Ron Paul Supporters 23:02:39
USMC Veteran - What I Like About Rick Santorum 22:59:49
New Poll 22:57:40
Sioux City-area Christian Pastor Endorses Ron Paul for President 22:52:42
Ryan Dawson interview with Karen Kwiatkowski 22:52:23
Bachmann The Establishment Lizard Now Attacking Ron Paul 22:51:03
I am being politically persecuted and need to move to a new state 22:50:16
Sunday's Your Views: The case for Ron Paul: By their fruits ye shall know them 22:49:43
Funeral announcement for the mainstream media 22:48:27
Shoulder Mounted Lazers - UK 22:48:06
Can The Pundits Stop Comparing Goldwater to Ron Paul? 22:41:13
Romney Tell Fix News He'll Win The Iowa Caucuses 22:39:54
Alert: Republican strategist - Precinct chairs will not allow Ron to Win and can move groups in the Caucuses 22:37:47
Iowa Voter Fraud. Please Read. 22:37:02
GOP Strategist: Iowa Officials Won't 'Allow' Paul Win 22:34:11
The Ongoing Leftist Love Affair With Lincoln and the Union 22:34:01
Simple Instructions: How to caucus for Ron Paul in IOWA 22:31:45
Ron Paul's Stealth Plan. The Ed show msnbc 1-2-12 22:31:15
Romney Pulls Out A Clutch on Ron Paul (Video) 22:31:03
New polls point to Romney landslide in New Hampshire 22:28:16
Exposing a neocon blogger who has been smearing Ron Paul for weeks 22:22:25
Rick Santorum Now Partially Crying on Hannity 22:18:38
Exit Polls 22:16:20
This is Freaking Awesome! Why you have never heard of Ron Paul 22:16:04
Republican Strategist: Iowa officials will NOT let Ron Paul win Iowa caucus 22:13:56
RON paul music video 22:12:20
LIVE update from the Bellevue, Wa. Ron Paul 2012 Campaign Heaadquarters 22:10:52
Ron Paul- Google, Yahoo, Bing & Twitter BOMB Today starting at 9am CST! 22:10:32
Hannity will have Everyone on Live EXCEPT 22:09:29
Vote Counting Observers? 22:06:34
Great article on Yahoo! - Ron Paul, back in Iowa for the Caucus 22:02:37
Do you know what a Super-Voter is? 21:59:49
"Surging w/ Santorum" is LAME. This crowd is sad 21:55:38
Obama signs NDAA Martial Law, Shredding the Last Bits of the Constitution 21:51:28
Rick Santorum ad on DP, I mean, really? 21:51:04
Your guess on the vote tomorrow - winner gets bragging rights! 21:49:43
Santorum is not on the ballot in VA, TN, & DC 21:48:35
Meteor Shower 3-5am Wed Morn 21:45:43
Charles Krauthammer: Ron Paul Will Finish 3rd In Iowa 21:42:22
The Mathematical Probability of Ron Paul Winning Iowa 21:40:36
O'Reilly: Ron Paul CANNOT beat Obama, Even if he wins Iowa 21:40:21
Iowa town of Maharishi Meditators really into Ron Paul because of his peace message 21:39:29
Have you stopped doing Ron Paul Phone from Home? 21:38:40
Sarah Palin Defends Ron Paul on Fox News 21:37:03
Santorum's Money Bomb - not in our league 21:35:15
Pre-Caucus Santorum Town Hall thoughts 21:33:50
Heard the national phone call system is down 5:32 PT. What happened? 21:33:34
Tribute to the Ron Paul Warriors 21:31:06
Fantastic Video: "Mitt Romney" Endorses Ron Paul Before Iowa Caucus 21:27:31
Post Slams Ron Paul With Fading Elite Promotions 21:23:51
Another jury summons 21:22:30
Thank You Everyone 21:15:25
Corporate Media Meme: Anybody But Paul is the Conservative Alternative to Romney, Even Santorum! 21:12:00
Inside Edition: Can Kelly Clarkson and Ron Paul's Hometown Skyrocket His Campaign? 02JAN12 21:07:14
Press Release - Influential Supporters of Ron Paul in Idaho Form Steering Committee 21:07:11
Grassroots IOWA Ad Blitz: Get those Dems and Indys to Caucus! 21:03:17
We need to win Iowa or its over 21:02:22
Sean Hannity IS a FrEaKin T00L BOX! 21:00:42
More Iowans join Gun Owners for Ron Paul 20:56:48
celebrities speak out for Ron Paul 20:56:20
Can we have a mega-global 'Pray for Ron Paul Day' tomorrow? 20:53:09
Rick Santorum “Proud” TO Support PRO-Choice Arlen Specter 20:49:18
the Union Leader conspiracy: if you haven't seen this santorium interview... 20:46:33
BlackBox Voting: Iowa Voting Integrity 20:46:05
Ron Paul and Mitt both visited Davenport Ia Today 20:43:02
CIA Bin Laden Unit Chief Endorses Rep. Ron Paul 20:40:48
Santorum: Ron Paul belongs to ‘Dennis Kucinich wing of the Democratic Party’ 20:40:29
Professor Walter Block endorses Ron Paul and addresses antisemitism-excellent! 20:39:39
MSNBC Slanders Ron Paul To Push Their Race Card Agenda 20:37:23
Does RT-TV have a secret agenda? 20:36:47
" packed that workers took down a dividing wall at the downtown Marriott's Salon D ballroom." 20:36:00
"We are going to kill the dollar" 20:26:17
1/1/12 Insider Advantage Poll: Romney 22.7%, Paul 22.4%, Santorum 18.0 20:25:07
The Surge Heard Round The World & FOX 20:14:46
Santorum now 20:13:24
There is a revolution calling. I used to trust the media to tell me the truth, but who do you trust when everyones a crook? 20:10:35
Awesome! C-Span Callers After Ron Paul Speech in Iowa (Video) 20:06:24
Most corrupt members of congress (hint: Santorum) 20:06:07
Obama Election Fraud Investigation 20:05:05
Austin Ron Paul Activists Make Local News! 20:04:38
Jack Hunter on Rick Santorum 20:04:20
Victory at hand 20:02:33
Best Case Scenario 19:58:29
ACLU Campaign Report Card: GOP Split on Constitution 19:55:59
Any suggestions for campaign VICTORY music tomorrow night? 19:55:28
Iowa Ron Paul Caucus Goers - Bring your laptops. 19:52:34
H.R. 3166 Enemy Expatriation Act 19:51:52
Bachmann plays gender card as Iowa GOP vote nears 19:51:47
Iowa Caucus Speech Goals 19:44:24
Is COINTELPRO Effort Underway to Sabotage Ron Paul in Iowa? 19:39:01
Ron Paul Killing It On Google 19:37:24
ATTN: All Iowa RP Caucus Reps: 19:34:30
Poll. 19:30:12
Perry supporters taking out Santorum for us with amusing new ad 19:28:19
Coming up on CNN.. 19:28:10
The Rick Santorum Affair! [video] 19:26:06
Analysis: Recent Polls May Under-report Paul Support 19:24:21
doing MY part 19:22:28
Ron Paul Va. headquarters set to open in Norfolk 19:14:10
Shocking: Mitt Romney - Racist Newsletters, Books and Videos Unearthed 19:01:58
Yahoo Front Page: "Attention grows Around Ron Paul" 19:01:41
BELIEVE : Ron Paul Releases Closing Argument Ad (Video) 18:56:41
Can Ron Paul Pull Off a Youth Revolt in Iowa? 18:54:25
Iowa Caucus Plank Proposal: Tax-free County Currency 18:53:50
Ron Paul Campaign Goes Viral 18:53:14
Candidate support in Norway 18:51:36
Is COINTELPRO Effort Underway To Sabotage Ron Paul In Iowa (Video) 18:50:19
Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War - video 18:49:29
Rand Paul predicts his dad will win Iowa caucuses 18:47:40
Santorum "liberal" coment is gold. 18:46:57
Beware of GOP 'False Flag' Chicanery At The Iowa Caucuses 18:45:54
CIA Bin Laden Unit Chief Endorses Ron Paul for President! 18:45:48
NDAA should be explained before the vote in every caucus in Iowa. 18:45:47
Ron Paul plays to packed house as supporters await victory 18:43:22
Efforts Underway to Sabotage Ron Paul in Iowa 18:43:10
RLC Endorses Ron Paul 18:39:49
Ron Paul on CNN laughing off MSM storyline 18:36:09
Phone Alert! Phone Alert! We need help! 18:35:20
video snip "Af-dang-ghanistan" from this morning 18:33:26
Fake Mitt Romney Endorses Ron Paul 18:32:23
Iowa vote count at secret location, Count the Vote ready to referee 18:32:04
dailypaul.COM bumper stickers? 18:30:09
ooh la la- the RP phenomenon - - IN ONE GRAPH 18:28:20
Rick Santorum & Gun Rights 18:21:56
My Beginnings 18:21:18
Robo Calls Being Made Against Santorum 18:20:26
Do You Really Want To Win?! Time to Get to Work, Effectively! 18:20:00
Do You Really Want To Win?! Time to Get to Work, Effectively! 18:16:19
Contest: "Path of Exile" Beta Key Giveaway 18:14:34
Forbes Today on Santorum's Endorsement of Specter 18:07:13
ACLU Report Card Puts Ron Paul Above President Obama! 18:05:10
On farm subsidies do Iowans finally get it? 18:04:47
Caucus Speeches will be VITAL 18:03:53
Iowa Caucus Information Guide 18:02:54
Iowa Caucus Information Guide 18:02:31
CNN Iowa precinct leader counts: Paul: 1480; Perry: 1500+; Santorum: 1000+; Others: ? 18:02:06
Are Ron Paul supporters ISOLATIONISTS? 18:00:40
Red Alert: Chat is Full! 17:59:29
Poll: Is Ron Paul harming the GOP? 17:58:40
Politico Botches Poll Results to Downgrade Ron Paul 17:53:41
New poll six hrs ago in Iowa: Paul, Romney and Santorum tied in Iowa 17:51:19
Obama Fundraiser Guilty in $21 Million Bank Fraud Scheme 17:50:22
Freakin' hilarious! Kokesh 'tests' Michele Bachmann's mic 17:48:14
Social Distortion's lead guitarist endorses and campaigns for Ron Paul in IA 17:47:04
Independent Voter on Facebook Poll: Which GOP Candidate Do You Think Will Receive the Most Votes at Iowa Caucus 17:46:34
Washington Farewell Address 17:42:14
What happens if it's a Ronslide with 35% plus of the Iowa vote Tuesday? What would MSM do? What could they do? 17:40:47
Santorum =Corruption 17:38:57
Iowa AIR strike next 10 hours! (The final PUSH) 17:36:00
A song for Ron and Iowa 17:35:27
Sunday's P poll showed stronger support for Paul than Saturday's numbers! 17:29:42
Challenge Hannity! Challenge Levin! Challenge Limbaugh! 17:27:37
There's no stopping the Ron Paul Express! (graphic) 17:27:24
Email from Iowa Gun Owners Association 17:25:51
(PoliticalTicker Blogs) Ron Paul: Santorum is 'very liberal' 17:25:22
If Ron Paul Wins Iowa, Antiwar Democrats and Independents Likely to Provide Margin of Victory 17:23:16
updated video : Palin was just on FOX news defending Ron Paul! 17:22:30
reagans marching orders 17:21:50
A Speech For Caucus Night 17:10:03
The Lies of MSNBC and "the flavor of the week". 17:04:11
IMAGE: Romney is Corrupt 17:02:06
URGENT:An Appeal to Iowan Caucus goers 17:00:34
Time for Secret Service 16:55:53
Scoop on Mike Heath? 16:55:45
Ron Paul Stumping In Iowa, Gets Cut Off By CNN As Soon As He Brings Up The NDAA 16:50:22
The Bible and Ron Paul 16:48:54
Ron Paul Same message for 30 years 16:47:34
Canvassing in New Hampshire 16:44:21
Groundhog Day (Humor) 16:44:05
HOT: BREAKING: Santorum Singles Out Black People As Dependent on Government 16:43:57
RON Paul CAN’T be bought 16:43:53
Ron and Rand Coming Up on CSPAN at 4:25 PM ET 16:43:25
Who's On Twitter Spreading the Good Word? 16:41:56
Politico botches polling story, falsely reports that Santorum ahead of Paul in Iowa 16:41:20
Ron Paul Anti-semite? Try Krugman! 16:39:55
CPAC Question: Who do you want to win nomination.. 16:37:38
Notice to GOP: I vote for "Ron Paul or Not at All!" Take Back America. 16:37:34
Call from home - Phone service providers 16:34:32
RON PAUL IS THE only Presidential candidate WHO gets IT 16:31:55
Brand New Insider Advantage Poll for 1/1! Romney 22.7%, Paul 22.4%, Santorum 18% 16:29:49
Proof Ron Paul has already won 16:24:38
BodyGuards for Ron Paul 16:23:34
Find Your Iowa Caucus Location 16:22:41
Heading into Iowa, Ron Paul dominates Facebook and Twitter 16:22:30
Another CNN "typo" 16:16:23
Rand Paul: Trigger Happy Santorum Much More Dangerous 16:15:21
On The Road To Find Out About Ron Paul New Video 16:11:23
Most dynamic speech given so far! 16:09:52
MSNBC Matthews: " Ron Paul has that solid 5% and Canadians" 16:09:42
Romney endorses Paul 16:07:33
Another NPR hit-piece 16:05:12
Ron Paul: Toppling Political Idols 16:01:24
Serious questions regarding RP's views 15:59:26
Political Satire 15:55:07
Intrade 01/02/12 Iowa: Romney: 45.4%; Paul: 27.3%; Santorum: 23.0% 15:49:57
Will we win TN poll LooK! 15:46:10
Occupy NH Opportunity for Paulistas 15:44:42
CNN Shows Iowa Poll with Ron Paul Fading by Substituting Santorum's Percentages 15:42:55
The dismantling of Santorum may be quick. 15:40:36
Tipping Point 15:38:01
Great MSNBC Coverage Now With Steve Deace 15:34:03 An Arctic Blast Welcomes in the New Year 15:24:31
Ron Paul Live CNN 12:23PST 2:23PM EST 12/01/02 15:24:25
Santorum, My Hero * SARC added * 15:23:27
Hitpiece from Texas politico 15:20:32
Santorum's fundraising soars along with his poll numbers 15:11:50
Virginia AG Backs Off Poll Change 15:10:36
Ron Paul Campaign Goes Viral 15:10:01 Occupy’s Iowa options: Ron Paul or Uncommitted 15:05:28
Has the campaign addressed the secret vote tally location? 15:03:19
CIA Bin Laden Unit Chief Endorses Ron Paul 15:02:38
If you love the TSA, vote Romney 15:00:15
Media's Newest Trick...Santorum Pumping 14:59:04
Santorum's "Surge" Fishier than the Pike Place Fish Market! 14:58:11
Ron Paul maintains slim lead in new survey by Democratic polling company 14:55:41
ya know ya really gotta put some thought into a 'typo' like this one 14:54:20
"If you ask 10 smart republicans today, 9 out of 10 would tell you Romney will get the nomination" - John King 14:49:14
No More Lurking: Active vs. Passive Support 14:43:53
me and PUAL 14:41:09
Proof of Blowback right here at home 14:40:07
need help defending ron paul on aumf 2001 14:39:29
RPs Menu 14:27:09
Tweet of the Day, hands down 14:22:09
Huntsman is Romney's Cousin? 14:19:47
I Got a GB Book for Christmas - What Should I Do? 14:09:04
Ron Paul Needs To Aggressively Attack NDAA, Pres. O Signing Bill 14:08:27
ALERT: Jesse Benton on msnbc in 1pm ET hour 14:08:18
Maybe I'm not considering all the angles, but 14:07:51
A huge THANK YOU to the youngsters. 14:06:34
Mitt the Flip 14:05:09
CNN: Ron Paul Stumping In Iowa Today Talking Liberty! 13:56:46
How to kill the foreign policy objection. One word: CREDIBILITY. 13:54:20
Israel is not our enemy, but they could be Ron Paul's greatest ally. 13:52:12
Romney's top donor: Goldman Sachs Ron Paul's top donor: US Army 13:46:22
Is This The Most Informed OWS Protestor EVER? 13:45:03
The young Guns will show up for Paul - DES Moines Dominated by voting age youth 13:43:17
Poll - Is Ron Paul Harming the GOP? 13:40:29
If Ron Paul wins Iowa BIG with 35%+ MSM will have a lot of explaining to do and it will only help increase Ron Paul's support! 13:37:28
Ron Paul Just Blasted NDAA! 13:35:04
ALERT: Iowan Steve Deace (who endorses Newt) predicts Ron Paul to win! 13:33:51
Latest Poll puts Ron Paul 6% in the lead - my analysis! 13:32:35
GOP Staffer Memo on GOP as Cult-RP 2012 or Smash Both Parties 13:31:27
Adam Kokesh & The Constitution Vs Romney (Video) 13:28:17
Understanding The Reasons For The Unconditional Support For Israel By Most Evangelicals. Part 1. 13:22:56
Iran's Riyal Plunges To Record Low After US Sanctions 13:16:19
Huntsman Releases Tacky, Glib, 'Twilight Zone' Attack Ad in Desperate Bid To Steal Ron Paul Voters 13:12:34
Judicial Watch - 2011 Corrupt Politician List 13:08:25
Congress Proves Ron Paul Right on Foreign Policy 13:07:10
Iowa Grassroots Caucus Training 13:03:42
Paul needs to answer questions about Romney a little better 13:01:28
10 year old makes a Pizza "gun" 12:59:17
Restore America - 4 min History Education 12:53:04
Ron Paul Turns Out Crowds Into The Hundreds : Brace for a Ronslide! 12:51:55
HOT New Ron Paul TECHNO by Märta & Swedes4RonPaul 12:49:00
It's A Dog's Life embed 12:47:29
MSNBC: The Boss is turning out "Hundreds" at events 12:46:22
Trouble? 12:42:03
Vote Fraud: What Ron Paul Supporters Must Do To Win the Iowa Caucus 12:37:37
Keep Focus on Winning, Keep Focus on Ron Paul Winning and counting the votes 12:37:31
New song about Ron Paul! 12:32:27
Adam Kokesh tweets his new video blasting Romney and Son's military service-or rather-lack there of-Great 12:30:07
q 12:21:08
The Million Patriots March on DC 12:14:33
Rand Paul on WHO radio now 12:12:53
C-SPAN to Broadcast Ron & Rand Paul's Des Moines Whistlestop live at 12:15 (ET) 12:10:29
Lunch with Ron Paul 12:10:20
Great news out of Texas! 12:08:10
1/2 Insider Advantage Iowa Poll: Romney 23%, Paul 22%, Santorum 18%, Gingrich 16% 12:07:53
Where Are We on Paulizing Occupy? 12:04:31
The Ron Paul biography 12:02:55
Coast to Coast AM's Gorge Noory praises Ron Paul. His Powerful Prediction- The People will elect RON PAUL 12:02:52
MSNBC: Morning Joe in Iowa Pimping Everyone 12:00:40
ALERT: Ron Paul Listed as BAD by Americans United 11:57:34
Walter Williams Defends Ron Paul Against Racist Claims 11:52:34
Paul Krugman is The Crazy Uncle 11:49:27
World Peace and the Presidency of Ron Paul 11:45:20
Denzel Washington "channeling" Ron Paul (VIDEO) 11:42:30
Paul vs. Romney = Armed Service Members and Taxpayers vs. the Military-Industrial Complex and Wall Street Banks 11:35:23
8 Sentences?! 11:31:23
Top Donors to Romney were bailed out by the Federal Reserve 11:29:09
Is Glenn Beck fighting for Ron Paul? 11:28:21
Ron Paul and the Killing Machine 11:27:31
Navy friend converted 11:20:49
Rivals Attack Ron Paul on Iran, Electability 11:18:07
Rick Santorum is a Socialist 11:18:00
In Violation? Yes or No. 11:17:58
Ropurt Murdoch supports Rick Santorum 11:17:45
CNN: Forget close polls...0% of Iowa GOP leaders expect Santorum win! 11:16:40
Militarists, Drug Warriors, and Heresy-Hunters: The Anti–Ron Paul Axis of 'Decency' 11:16:09
Us constitution, States constitutions, and breach of contracts 11:13:02
The Ron Paul time machine 11:11:11
Fox just reported Ron Paul could win this 11:06:37
Interesting article out of New Orleans- mentions Ron Paul 11:06:10
Halliburton charged with selling nuclear technology to Iran. 11:04:16
Beware of GOP False Flag Chicanery at the Iowa Caucuses 11:01:41
A question about the polls... 11:01:03
Defense authorization bill! obama signs! 10:59:41
A Free Market and a Ron Paul Bix Weir... 10:56:28
Another Yard SIgn Question 10:47:03
Ron Paul, the anti-war candidate 10:32:31
BREAKING : Virginia will not change ballot rules Only Paul and Romney will be on the ballot for the VA primary 10:26:32
TIME: Can Ron Paul Pull Off a Youth Revolt in Iowa? 10:21:28
Important, Young caucus goers and college students! 10:20:35
Time: Can Ron Paul Pull Off a Youth Revolt in Iowa? 10:20:08
Something Rotten in Iowa? The "Hacktivist Threat" Timeline 10:20:07
Baltimore Sun: Ron Paul, the anti-war candidate 10:16:13
Help me with my new Ron Paul video site so I can better help Ron Paul 10:15:28
"Ron Paul, the Anti-war Candidate" 10:09:35
Why Dick Morris Fears Ron Paul 10:07:33
BREAKING: Man arrested protesting Paul was uploader of video threatening to “shut down” Iowa caucuses 09:54:36
A Lesson In American History: Class of 2042 09:50:48
This sums it up 09:50:28
(ignore - duplicate post - sorry) 09:29:40
Mitt Fits 09:25:16
Ron Paul Tells Iowans He Can Bridge Occupy Movement and Tea Party 09:16:20
Occupy’s Iowa options: Ron Paul or Uncommitted 09:04:32
Meditation and/or Prayer for President Ron Paul & All 08:44:24
Politico ‘breaking news’ -Misreports Poll, Says Ron Paul in 3rd Place 08:30:56
Was there something similar to NDAA under Nazi Germany ? 08:29:13
Politico Botches Poll Results to Downgrade Ron Paul 08:25:49
CBS headline: "The overhyped, unrepresentative Iowa caucuses" 08:20:29
How many years till 1984 ? 08:16:55
If I hear one more person say, "I like Ron paul except for his foreign policy," I'm going to scream. 08:01:43
Liberty for the Yankee Doodle Dandy ? 07:42:45
Politico: For Dr. Ron Paul, It's All about the Movement! 07:42:10
LATimes: Statist Murderers increase use of "Kill Chain" Civ.Contractors to Fly Drones 07:20:01
Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders. 06:39:27
My Main Ron Paul Selling Points and Assurances 06:36:38
A Magic Bullet Will be Needed to Kill the 17th Amendment 06:26:49
News & Headlines for Ron Paul 08:58:49
Exactly how "Racist" is Dr. Paul? 06:07:50
For Ron Paul, first place isn’t first priority 05:53:51
The Core of Corruption is Counterfeiting 05:47:44
Liberty SuperPAC Video on Drudge: "Fake Mitt Romney" Endorses Ron Paul 01/02/12 08:57:53
Video - Gingrich Compliments Woman On Her.. 05:01:39
Facebook Campaign 05:00:00
Breaking : Virginia IS Paul vs. Romney! 04:07:48
Ron Paul Grassroots 03:58:41
Ron Paul and his enemies 03:50:23
US Marine Veteran's Speech on Ron Paul - ALLGLORYTOGOD1 03:48:58
If not Intrade, How About Numerology: Ron Paul Best Chance to Win 2012 Elections 03:46:24
Something Uplifting 03:41:58
Recalling Federal Representatives 03:24:45
Re-Post But Very Important Delegate Breakdown & How the Good Doctor Wins in 2012. You NEED to Participate 03:13:26
Iowans Should Spread These 3 Videos Everywhere 03:11:00
bands that represent youth counter culture 03:09:14
If Ron Paul is not GOP nominee will Republican Party implode? 03:05:35
The Earth is so magnificant. 03:03:00
Ron Paul Tops Social Media Scorecard in First Ever 'Social Network Primary' Sociagility 02:31:28
Extremely Important: Get Out the Vote (gotv) Iowa 02:27:11
Help Us here In Florida! With A Miami Billboard and Newspaper ads! 02:26:10
Ron Paul is NOT Anti-Israel! - Drinking With Bob Rant! 02:25:07
Will Hunting had it right 02:22:02
the working class lost to the democrats 02:19:43
Poll 02:19:35
Help 02:12:49
Ron Paul Is Dominating Twitter Tonight, CNN Tries To Play It Down 02:07:57
countdown to iowa on CNN 01:58:13
Zero out Santorum's youth support in Iowa with one URL... 01:55:55
Another GREAT music video put out by a Ron Paul fan 01:49:19
Ron is now beating Obama in Google Searches nationwide 01:44:24
Paul would restore our nation_Letter to the Editor, Wayne Co., Ohio 01:41:28
Update: MSNBC Changes Slanderous Ron Paul Misquote, No Apology 01:41:12
The Santorum Scam 01:37:09
Need help finding a video 01:34:34
Excellent Resource to Use with Christians 01:26:20
Ron Paul Is Dangerous? Americans Must Start Thinking for Themselves 01:13:23
Paul Attracting Iowa Independents and Democrats 01:11:07
Paul's to the wall 01:09:22
Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli reverses stand on primary 01:05:09
This Must Go Viral : MSNBC Slanders Ron Paul on Jim Crow Laws 00:52:47
Copyright Troll Righthaven Domain Name Auctioned to Pay Legal Fees 00:41:14
Federal Judge now ruling IRAN helped 911 attacks? 00:39:25
How many "Ron Pauls" in Congress? 00:26:43
2011 in Review: The Year Secrecy Jumped the Shark 00:16:11
"Iowa's Choice: Liberty or Death (Ron Paul 2012 Song)" by Smiley Chris 00:15:36
Updated: HELP! Videos of the Media Lying about Dr. Paul! 00:09:56
Interview surrogates 00:07:24
DC: "Paul's Spending Cuts Unrivaled" 00:06:26
Twas the night before caucus 00:06:14
Pictures of my Ron Paul Pick-up Truck 00:04:31
I got some flack here yesterday suggesting the LA arsons from domestic terrorism 00:03:52