Posted on January 20, 2012

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Gingrich Cancels Campaign Event, Poor Attendance - Ron Paul Draws over 1,000 at Same College 15:13:43
Bill Maher Stands Up For Ron Paul & Calls His Audience 'Brainwashed Liberals' 14:21:02
Stephen Colbert Comes Out for Ron Paul 09:52:56
Ron Paul Announces 7 Stop South Carolina Whistle Stop Tour, Friday 1/20/2012 01:47:21
CNN Smackdown by Ron Paul Supporters at South Carolina 08:18:30
Daily Paul Radio Interviews Tom Mullen: 'America’s Choice: Ron Paul or the Absolute State' 07:00:31
Surrogate Speakers Are Key To Making Ron Paul Acceptable To Mainstream America 02:33:45
What is it about Ron Paul? 00:01:21
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How South Carolina delegates are proportioned. 23:59:50
O'Reilly outdoes Ron Paul on IRS tonight 23:59:41
Ron Paul 24h streaming media network is necessity NOW! 23:55:50
While i was in Nevada about a week ago! 23:54:21
A Free Market For Marketing Freedom 23:53:28
Rick Santorum Ambushed at Personhood Forum by Abortion Flyers, Ron Paul Fans 23:53:07
TV Spots for Ron Paul 23:52:41
Operation Micro-Moneybomb Underway: Automatic Weekly Recurring Donations to Ron Paul Via Online Banking Bill Pay! 23:51:20
"Shades of Ron Paul reflected in candidate for Senate seat" - KVUE, Austin, TX 23:50:08
Prayer Bomb? 23:49:01
When a soldier takes his or her last breath on a battlefield... 23:48:47
Bridging The Generation Gap - Talking To An Older Generation About Ron Paul 23:47:41
South Carolina predictions 23:41:01
This is happening in S.C. and the rest of the country. 23:37:14
VOTE RON PAUL AT DRUDGE ! JAN 20, 2012 23:37:12
Answer Me This 23:29:29
Intrade 80% Ron Paul gets third place 23:27:44
New Ron Paul Scandal From Yesterday 23:24:48
Fox News Can't Find A Veteran That Supports Ron Paul 23:23:16
Newt Gingrich - Man of many wives 23:19:34
Paulination: to spread seeds of liberty 23:16:26
Ron Paul: The Establishment Wants Me to Shut Up 23:10:56
FAA Looks at New Drone Laws 23:03:19
Mitt Romney is the epitome of corporate greed 23:02:48
NBC Republican Debate Monday Jan. 23rd 9ET/8C 23:00:10
What's He Hiding? (Romney) 22:56:22
CT. GOP Straw Poll -results- tight 3 way finish! 22:53:58
Check out this poll from North Myrtle Beach, SC 22:53:35
Only $30K Raised for "Adherence to the Oath" 22:50:09
Young crowd greets Ron Paul in Warrenville 22:47:49
Fight the NDAA Contact the Armed Services Committee About HR 3785 22:47:04
My 9 yr old and 6 yr old summarizing the debates 22:46:35
Stop with the Gingrich crap! This is a Ron Paul site! 22:44:14
Vote for Ron Paul on Drudge NOW! Newt is winning... 22:42:06
I'm Sorry, Is this the Newt Gingrich Site? I was looking for Ron Paul! 22:32:19
Ron Paul's Legislation Would Have Saved Millions (Babies) 22:29:43
Normally United, Citadel Cadets Differ on Republican Favorite 22:27:43
Seeking News On Ron Paul in SC? Here's the links! 22:27:43
How Dumb Do They Think We Are? 22:26:59
HEY, Paulbots! Still Need Your Vote on Drudge! 22:24:33
My theory on how the GOP will try to exclude Paul 22:22:37
South Carolina's Streak Is About To End 22:21:38
Drudge Poll Now 22:21:23
Letter: Why Ron Paul is the best candidate 22:20:54
Public Policy Poll: Gingrich only Republican who would lose to Obama in Texas 22:19:38
New York Times: Gingrich 32%, Romney 26%, Paul 11%, Santorum 9% 22:11:24
Michigan leads in ending prohibition 22:08:48
Ron Paul: Why I'm in love with a 76 yr old 22:07:12
Ron Paul's BIG push in the NEVADA Caucus - could be in jeopardy! 22:05:54
Ron Paul Leaves Lowcountry, starts statewide tour 22:04:27
Ron Paul: This Speech Gave Me Chills 22:03:42
How and where I met Ron Paul 21:58:15
"Gold Rush" 21:56:22
GOP field feeds South Carolina's Anti-Federal Mood 21:54:12
Shades of Ron Paul reflected in candidate for Senate seat 21:50:39
Capital Account (1-20-12) Discussing RP and Gold 21:50:02
POLL -DrudgeReport-1/20: Newt is Winning Dr. Paul - Please Vote NOW! 21:47:32
question about ronpaul swag 21:47:10
I've been asking people why prices go up 21:46:30
VA trying to petition for emergency measure to allow write-ins! I got this email+ 21:39:28
Not one mention on CBS Evening News tonight. 21:39:07
this looks promising. google trends. SC 21:32:45
Did anybody catch Gingrich saying he could run an "ideas based internet campaign?" 21:32:00
need abortion essay/article link 21:28:40
The Ron Paul Game 21:25:08
Does this make anyone else sick (meet Callista Gingrich) 21:18:26
Vote! We can't let Newt win the DRUDGE poll! 21:18:25
Bruce Lee Reacts To Chuck Norris Endorsing Newt Instead Of Ron Paul 21:13:47
Glenn Beck perfers Paul over Newt 21:11:59
South Carolina Primary may Wake the Dead 21:10:55
Endorse Liberty 21:09:48
Thank You John Stossel 21:03:49
Letter to GOP friend... Mapping out a Dr Paul win in Nov 20:53:39
Israel creates a super pac to fight against Ron Paul 20:50:40
Sending Super Brochure to Colorado 20:49:13
Sky Divers for Ron Paul! [VIDEO] 20:47:11
Give me some good news 20:47:09
We're losing this poll to the world's best liar! 20:44:13
Mexican Border More Dangerous Than Afghanistan 20:43:32
Does America Deserve Dr. Ron Paul President? 20:37:46
Wow! new low for Yahoo 20:35:54
Voting Fraud Suspected in NH Republican Primary 20:35:49
Never did like Chuck Norris, Now I LOATHE HIM! 20:33:26
Homeschool Christians for Ron Paul 20:32:02
The elderly just need to know the truth, I finally converted 2 FL seniors today (83+81 y) 20:23:33
Stop posting and make calls! 20:19:01
SC Debate: Dr Paul and the 3 Stooges! 20:16:21
Reflecting on and paraphrasing from the Declaration of Independence. 20:14:53
I need an intervention from my friends 20:10:27
National Right-to-Work Comments on Rick Santorum’s Record 20:06:46
Dogged by tax issue, Romney wants Gingrich to release ethics files! 20:06:35
What Ron Paul Should Open the Next Debate With 20:04:59
Ron Paul South Carolina Whistle Stop! 20:04:34
Maybe Ron Can Say This In the Debates 20:00:44
Wonder why people vote for the likes of Newt and Romney? 19:55:08
Mass Activism Day January 21 19:54:29
Am I the only one disgusted by Newt's infidelity and serial hypocrisy? 19:53:14
personal victory 19:52:59
Join the Team-Volunteers needed 19:52:24
Ron Paul Google Trends in S. Carolina 19:50:42
Vote for Dr. Paul on Drudge 19:49:56
WTF! Chuck 19:47:42
Convention Deadlock, Jeb Bush Surprise, Electronic Fraud, Have a Nice Day... 19:45:45
This is How Ron Paul Wins in 3 Steps! 19:43:26
Oh my! Caller goes OFF on Bill Kristol! 19:41:20
Why as a Conservative Born-Again Christian I am voting for Ron Paul 19:40:53
Why as a Conservative Born-Again Christian I am voting for Ron Paul 19:29:16
Ron Paul should go on the attack 19:29:06
Prepping For Iran or Something Else? 19:26:06
Mark Sanford supports Ron Paul 19:24:12
SOPA killed; PIPA postponed 19:19:42
He is NOT "Speaker" Gingrich. He is Mr. Gingrich. That's all! 19:19:28
Unusual post at RS 19:18:31
Gingrich WINNING new DRUDGE POLL. Send reinforcements. 19:14:14
Isn't it time for the GOP to understand that we'll all vote for Ron Paul for POTUS and NOBODY else? 19:14:13
Is GOP calling our bluff? Or... 19:06:54
5.02M Watch CNN South Carolina Debate 18:55:04
Norris endorses Newt 18:54:34
Hot Air Balloon for Ron Paul~ Slows I-85 traffic in S.C. [Video] 18:54:04
Quick Vote on 18:50:02
Missouri Super-Brochure 18:48:01
THE CALLING! 18:47:18
deceptive name GREAT website 18:47:08
Need a Free Ron Paul Bumper Sticker! 18:46:29
VOTE NOW! DRUDGE REPORT Front Page Poll for 2012 GOP Nominee Ron Paul 18:43:26
Paul gets LA Rep.Robideaux endorsement 18:41:24
Suspicious timing of troop withdrawal and NDAA? 18:41:24
My response to an anti-paul comment... 18:41:02
Class Action Anti-Trust Lawsuit: RP Supporters vs Big Media 18:40:49
Get the word out there 18:39:21
CNN Unethical for Allowing John King to Moderate Debate 18:35:25
Poll for President on Drudge Right Now! 18:35:17
Can anyone suggest a blog to join? 18:34:35
Ain't No Other Man (Like Ron Paul)! 18:29:09
'Jane Roe' from Roe v Wade endorses Paul (2008) 18:26:45
Historic Online Protest changes things (for now-stay diligent!) 18:24:03
The Improbable Ron Paul 18:22:09
PLEASE STOP giving links to negative articles! 18:21:25
I predict Newt Gingrich will crash and burn tomorrow - The scandal is too big, he is done 18:21:20
Undecided voters in SC, how can we reach them? 18:18:00
Muslims say Ron Paul is their kind of Republican 18:06:41
Good piece by the Examiner : Republicans prefer swingers over Mormons 18:05:44
Internationals for Ron Paul Donations 18:02:50
My radio interview about the Iowa Caucus voting fiasco. 18:02:32
We Need an Obama Playbook 18:02:18
Cavuto criticizes Newt for ranting at John King over legit question 17:59:32
Judge whacks Obama in eligibility case UPDATE 1/23 17:54:31
Medicinal Marijuana from MSN (Video) 17:53:49
HEADLINE Sunday: South Carolina GameCocks elect swinger Gingrich! 17:51:35
CBS:Hey, Remember When Newt Gingrich Was Sponsored By a Human Chip-Implant Company? 17:49:58
Debate Audience Protests CNN Attempts To Exclude Ron Paul 17:49:33
HuffPo - Newt cancels event for poor attendance - and also there was a SWINGERS event he wanted to attend just down the street 17:47:25
Drudge Just put up a new poll today... 17:47:00
Today Ron Paul's Telling South Carolina Votes To "Stay Positive"! 17:42:57
New Drudge Poll 17:42:41
Chuck Norris Endorses Newt 17:39:33
Email Associated Press about Bias Ron Paul Article 17:39:33
Coming soon to a police force near you... 17:38:03
How to END Ron Paul is "Dangerous" 17:37:42
EVERYONE PLEASE do this (NOW!) 17:32:17
Swingers For Gingrich 17:27:11
ABC NEWS: Ron Paul’s Long-Ball Strategy in Minnesota 17:22:52
Key Links for Spreading the Word of Paul on Local Radio/TV Station Facebooks 17:20:11
Newt Gingrich Appalled 17:18:03
Chuck Norris Sells Out For Gingrich 17:17:41
26 of 9000 (0.3%) = The amount of actual words CNN's AC360 devoted to discussing Ron Paul during the post debate show. 17:14:23
Paul Supporters in CNN Audience to the Rescue! 17:02:12
SC Audience Boos CNN for Paul Censorship! 17:01:13
SC Debate Audience Protests CNN Effort to Censor Ron Paul 17:00:14
Wisdom from Richard Cobden: "let other people manage their own affairs" 16:58:59
MOST PEOPLE agree with Ron Paul more than any other candidate. 16:52:32
Gallup: Romney Lead 'Collapsing' Across The Nation 16:50:59
Ron Paul for President or let the whole thing crash 16:46:04
Las Vegas Pre-Caucus Celebration! 16:45:05
Ron Paul SHOULD run 3rd party if not nominated by GOP 16:44:23
Framing the Foreign Policy Argument: Reversing the use of Fear 16:42:09
Free men walking upon the land 16:38:58
What to expect on SC election day 16:34:42
Are you a true Ron Paul supporter? Take our quiz! 16:34:20
My Reasoning for a Different Candidate 16:30:35
Why did the chickenhawk cross the road? 16:25:26
Newt at the Cinema LIVE 16:24:46
The MSM Jokers - It is finally clear in my head 16:24:17
Flashback: Gingrich Advocates Terrorism 16:22:35
Family Research Council: response to secret "evangelical leader conference" 16:18:34
Call South Carolina Today! 16:18:30
Morning Show Sign Project 16:08:36
Breaking: Georgia Judge denies Obama Motion to Quash Subpoenas! 16:07:44
Paul spokesman emphatically rules out third-party run 16:03:17
SC Now Between Gingrich and Paul? 16:01:59
Future of Social Media - SRLC panels offers advice to campaigns 16:01:12
"The Problem is Choice" - The Servant is Now Your Master 15:59:21
Ron Paul Revolution is the Spirit of 1776: We're not going away, we won't compromise the Constitution, and we don't back down! 15:59:17
SOPA and PIPA are outtahere! 15:58:08
Anyone else Sense that The Newt Ovation Was Staged? 15:51:59
For Laughs! The Way We Win This Election - Video link 15:49:56
Bailout Freedom Mega Money Bomb - Valentine's Day 2012! 15:46:16
Furious at my local newspaper, need your help! 15:45:29
Newspaper Says Israel Should Consider Taking Out Obama?! 15:44:19
Millions were in germ war tests - Much of Britain was exposed to bacteria sprayed in secret trials 15:43:49
Tax day banner project: quote to include for banners 15:42:00
SOPA & PIPA Pulled From Congress. 15:40:42
All you Texans out there 15:32:45
SOPA and PIPA were dropped by Congress today 15:31:59
Obama has got gas (Photo with some humor) 15:31:23
Question: Florida, Law and proportional delegates 15:30:17
The good Dr. is pulling in some nice cash today! 15:28:32
Reality Check Video 15:25:03
Fox News comparing Dr. Paul to Obama on importance of the youth vote. 15:21:27
SC Online Poll GTFIH! 15:21:02
S.C. Ron Paul Supporters Packed Airport Hangar VIDEO 15:20:50
New CNN Poll online now 15:20:06
What was Ron Paul referring to? 15:11:04
Just How Corrupt Will South Carolina Voting System Be - video 15:10:47
[NEW VIDEO] South Carolina, Ron Paul & The Lincoln Myth 15:10:01
Get Behind Dr. Paul's Bill to Repeal Section 1021 of NDAA...CALL, EMAIL, FAX, MAIL 15:07:31
Need help with the break down of Ron Paul's military donations 15:06:55
Buzzfeed: Does Ron Paul have an Airport Hanger Problem? 15:02:06
Can we get a big link at the top of the site for Ron Paul? 15:01:15
Jesse Benton On MSNBC Talking South Carolina Vote 01/20/12 15:00:45
Electability 14:58:56
we should declare the people of FOX, besides the Judge and Stossle Terrorist to the Constitution and anti American 14:58:39
Anyone notice Santorum's Debate Strategy 14:56:13
South Carolina Anti-War Democrats - Will you vote for Ron Paul? 14:48:04
Start Your own farm, produce you own energy and create your own money 14:40:05
we should start a major movement against FOX, its time to get all the people to speak out and against FOX 14:39:14
need help on this local news poll 14:38:55
How to Pivot the Foreign Policy Attacks 14:34:42
It's settled then: Chauncey Gardiner for President 14:31:06
YES! Ron Paul Would CHANGE America! 14:28:29
Liberty candidate running for Congress in Colorado! 14:26:52
Ron Paul and the Hispanic perspective to SC debate 1/19/11 14:26:24
Gingrich Violations Of SuperPac Laws 14:25:42
Article - Ron Paul is the white Farrakhan? 14:24:35
So Fox News will prop up Newt , all the while they will piss on the future of this Country, the youth and their love for the ... 14:23:06 Paul Appeals to Young Voters, Economy 14:20:30
# of times each candidate spoke at the southern debate 14:18:24
Supreme Court throws out Texas. electoral maps Favoring Minorities 14:16:57
Infojam SOPA and PIPA a How to video 14:16:21
And the blatant media bias / blackout goes on 14:10:56
Less Than 100,000 to go for 2 Million! 14:05:07
CNN Debate Poll on Drudge 14:01:03
Under the circumstances: Is it reasonable to ask Gingrich if he has an Open Marriage with Callista, his wife who said it was OK? 13:55:17
The question that didn't get asked. 13:52:09
SC WEATHER - Saturday, 1/20 13:51:25
POWERFUL video of Ron Paul "What If" speech 13:51:22
Seven Truths Inconvenient to U.S. Foreign Policy 13:49:58
Intelligence Officer: Ron Paul Right on Iran 13:48:07
VIDEO - Excellent Ron Paul Debate Coverage This Morning On The Robert Scott Bell Show 13:47:29
Americans Elect and Ron Paul 13:46:51
"Christians?" My article 13:38:18
Lamestream Media preparing for a Romney loss in South Carolina? 13:37:25
What's going on with the Super Brochure mailing program-I've seen nothing 13:36:32
So we pull out and they're still angry at what we've done... 13:34:24
sopa False Flag 13:32:39
The Rational Truth-We are Losing and will Lose on our current track 13:28:08
Bump today for 55 yr. Paul Wedding anniversary money bomb Feb 1st. 13:24:51
Was John King's opening question a setup? 13:08:46
The *rising* Newt cancels event in SC college due to no attendance 13:07:22
Woods Shreds Shyster Santorum's Economic Stupidity 13:06:39
Article I wrote 13:00:18
Brokered Convention? 8 Scenarios for SC and Beyond 12:57:01
Reverse media blackout - fight back 12:56:55
PROBLEMS: Economy, Healthcare, War 12:56:28
DRUDGE POLL! VOTE!: gingrinch winning (and won the last one too!) 12:55:56
Ron Paul Likes Peace - the T-shirt & Free Stickers 12:55:21
Club for Growth: Santorum, “big government, big spender” 12:55:13
is it better for us if Newt wins? 12:52:55
Ron Paul JUST Commented on Rick Perry Dropping Out 12:52:46
Ron Paul barely beating Romney on CNN poll. 12:51:22
Why Doesn't Ron Paul PUSH Youtube? 12:48:30
Spending Problem or Not taxed Enough 12:47:03
Gingrich cancels S.C. campaign Event, Poor Attendance 12:44:33
Dilorenzo Destroys Ayatollah Santorum 12:43:49
The future of Ron's fanbase (my son) 12:43:15
Ron Paul Speech SRLC 1/20/12 12:40:42
Fox news is reporting that Tom Davis 12:29:30
US Attorney Pleads 5th on Fast and Furious 12:21:33
Tax returns 12:13:55
Ron Paul Chocolate Bars Intoduces DARK Chocolate Bar & Teams Up With Super Brochure! 12:13:12
Paul: Perry Quitting Is Good For Me- Exclusive interview with Mallory Factor 12:09:40
The Author of SOPA Law is the one that actually broke the Copyright Law 12:08:43
VIDEO - Ron Paul Speech at Southern Rep Leadership Conf 12:08:01
Ron Paul - Southern Republican Leadership Conference Speech 01/20/12 12:02:38
The Crisis of Leadership 12:01:00
Another unbiased article... 12:00:59
RP's Foreign Policy 11:59:33
Fight Back Against the New Media Blackout. 11:57:47
I'll grab some of Perry's votes: Ron Paul 11:56:51
welcome Perry Supporters 11:52:33
This song "We Want Ron Paul" has gone viral, thanks to you! 11:48:16
Purple Rain... 11:47:55
Liberty Day Challenge 2012 11:44:52
Larry, Curley & Moe. Identical Jokers Try To Appear Different. Here is how it will go down 11:44:24
AP "Fact Check" article goes after Ron Paul debate comments on medical care 11:42:30
The most unbiased article about Ron Paul 11:41:01
. 11:37:26
Ron Paul raises $100 million in 5$ donations 11:33:23
Grassfire launches own Super Brochure 11:22:28
Wow - the best Ron ever from last night! 11:22:20
The Fallacy of the Master Debater 11:19:38
Nothing 11:17:58
Ron Paul in it for the Long Haul, only with your help 11:14:06
Ron Paul At Southern Republican Leadership Conferfence LIVE on C Span 2, 10am - 10:20am ET 11:13:50
C.S. Monitor: Will Ron Paul pick up many of Rick Perry's voters? 11:13:40
Peter James 2012 Congressional Campaign - 7 non liberty primary challengers 11:11:59
SC Results Speech 11:11:02
Constitution Party expects to have ballot access in all 50 states. 11:03:55
SC Report: I received a Liberty PAC DVD in the mail yesterday! 11:01:21
TN gets our chance to boot "Bailout Bob" Corker from the Senate. Vote BRENDA LENARD 10:58:44
LIVE LINK - Ron Paul at Southern Republican Leadership Conf - CSPAN2 10:57:10
Rick Santorum screws Veterans home out of $87 million. 10:54:34
How Rick Santorum Ripped Off American Veterans 10:51:16
Rahm Emanuel's creepy half finger. 10:49:10
Ron Paul Not Pictured Here: MSM Falls Back To Old Reliable BLACKOUT RP 10:47:14
Wow! Romney Supporter Says On Fox And Friends That The Military Isn't Backing Ron Paul 10:47:11
Mike "Mish" Shedlock Financial analyst says Ron Pauls is one candidate with the right view on the housing market 10:46:06
According to AP Ron Paul has one Superdelegate. Help us find out who it is 10:43:43
Heads Up-RevPac live webcasting SC Primary, urging Cable/Network Boycott 10:41:12
Did Ron Paul even mention the Taliban last night? 10:37:34
Ron Paul on Charleston's 94.3 WSC w/ Kelly Golden 01/20/12 10:36:58
Ron Paul bests Mitt Romney in facebook chatter 10:25:37
Seven Venues - What's it Worth to You? 10:24:27
Who really owns/funds the polling companies? 10:18:10
Ron Paul on Charleston's 94.3 WSC w/ Kelly Golden 01/20/12 10:16:14
Warvangelicals 10:13:59
John King and Dana Bash married? 10:06:41
Media Blackout regarding Ron Paul, SOPA, NDAA, etc - Video 10:02:32
CNN Gingrich Wants Gold Standard 09:58:52
another poll! gather all your local stations 09:45:50
Why No Post Debate Appearances for Ron Paul? 09:42:50
Herman Cain's "Unusual" Announcement 09:36:29
Must watch: Great speech on corporate media and sheeple 09:18:23
College Majors That Are Useless 09:17:56
Why It's a Spending Problem, Not a Taxing Problem. 09:17:49
FORBES: "Ron Paul And Eisenhower Are Right" 09:08:34
Jesse Benton says Ron Paul Will NOT Run Third Party, UNLESS . . . 08:52:04
What does Texas think of Ron Paul? 08:14:21
A question that Romney MUST be asked 08:06:01
Who Wants War With Iran? 08:01:15
WSJ: What Ron Paul Wants 08:01:03
28 round Shotgun - XRAIL Systems 07:51:00
Fox morning show again! 1/20/12 07:45:55
Drudge Debate Poll 07:02:48
CNN and DANA BASH again 06:31:07
Staggering new Blackout efforts 06:13:38
Federal official in Arizona to plead the fifth and not answer questions on 'furious' 05:56:33
The math of ILRPEOFP 05:50:35
Ron Paul: Class of '53 "Best All-Around" 05:41:19
Lung Cancer 05:41:06
Audio: Rand Paul on The Michael Medved Show 1/19/12 05:23:09
What Is Ron Paul Thinking? Sues To Unmask Anonymous Internet Users 04:52:11
Articles of Impeachment (How Ron Paul Wins) 04:34:25
Newt Praises Obama on the Stimulus & Healthcare - video 04:30:46
My own organization 04:26:11
NEW SC PPP POLL: Gingrich in the lead with 35% 04:07:47
paul/santorum ticket? 03:59:34
How to stop the bus ID fraud in south carolina 03:59:27
Romania - 4 days of protests 03:55:13
Please respect my religion! 03:35:21
South Carolina Where are you? 03:15:10
church endorses santorm 03:13:07
humble request 03:12:47
Surprisingly FAIR ! BBC 03:04:10
The First Lady 02:47:37
Santorum attacked Paul at CNN debate for leaving abortion to states, but look what he said in 2003... 02:36:12
Debate puts local couple in Paul's corner - National Guardsman likes Paul's Foreign Policies 02:34:58
Extensive Mitt Romney opposition file surfaces 02:28:30
More SC Senators endorse Ron Paul 02:26:29
Ron Paul receives coveted Tom Davis endorsement 02:24:28
PAUL stands alone! 02:22:50
Fellow Paul supporters, grow up 04:14:31
Electioneering: Can Anyone See Dr. Paul's Name Mentioned on This? Fraud Sheet, not Fact Sheet 02:11:35
Ron Paul: "Tonight's debate was a HOME RUN." 02:09:10
Take Communications. Get a job in the MSM! 02:06:35
"Standing with our pants down because troops are overseas. We have no defense - 9/11 proved that." - Veteran for Ron Paul 02:03:51
"her vote will go to either Paul or Santorum" 02:03:48
Ron Paul CNN South Carolina Debate Highlights 01/19/12 Part 1 01:49:42
Bring Ron Paul to Montana State University 01:47:34
Side by Side Chart Comparison? 01:47:26
We Need to BOMB drudge with this 01:40:43
Empathy Must Be Crucial To Foreign Policy 01:28:51
Alex Jones: Military Industrial Complex has declared war on the US 01:26:10
North Scott High School, Eldridge, Iowa - finance reform slide show. 01:10:48
I said this two days ago, and I'll say it again! - THIS IS A SOUTH CAROLINA RINGER! 01:10:24
Ron Paul is WINNING all Polls! 01:10:13
It is Official. They are Ignoring Ron Paul Again. 01:01:58
Ron Paul : The Only Protestant Candidate Remaining. Would it be a huge SC voting factor? 01:00:52
How to Secure the Vote in Every Local Community for Ron Paul's Nomination 00:53:25
Ron Paul : He is the One 00:49:07
Ron Paul spot on about Apple Question 00:44:19
Terrorism 00:38:06
To join the Air Force, or not? 00:37:09
Income Tax Return Money Bomb to End the Income Tax 00:35:09
Stats: CNN Debate 1-19-11 (John King) 00:34:59
. 00:32:26
CNN debate moderator John King met with chorus of boos after ignoring Ron Paul [VIDEO] 00:26:28
Ron Paul is the biggest thing since Andrew Jackson. 00:25:53
Ignore us at your own peril! 00:25:30
Will Newt be the next star of Wife Swap? 00:21:27
Huff Post: Bottom Up Free Market Marketing for Dr. Paul 00:20:18
CNN bias obvious once again... 00:20:10
SC debate. Ron Paul was great but there was a lost opportunity! 00:18:16
Amazon One Star Attack On: Revolution a Manifesto 04:14:39
Misquotes tweets for Ron Paul on Live Blog CNN 00:14:07
Washington Post: Paul is the loser of the debate 00:14:01
Has The Nightline Interview with Mrs Ex-Gingrich happened yet? 00:11:20
New Video: Ron Paul - Anyone But Obama 00:08:28
Preacher For The Record: Newt Gingrich, the Kim Kardashian of the GOP 00:06:39
CNN Poll up now - post SC debate 00:05:58
Ron Paul / Libertarian You Tube Pages to subscibe to... 00:04:29
Ron Paul at 72% - POST S.C. DEBATE POLL 00:03:06
53 Minutes 00:02:39
Ron Paul's False Founding Narrative 00:02:21
Intrade 1/19/12 SC: Now favoring Newt to win at 58% chance; Mitt 43% 00:02:21