Posted on January 23, 2012

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Marine with Silver Star voting for Ron Paul 20:07:46
Rand Paul on CNN with Wolf Blitzer 18:03:30
Thanks again, John Stossel 19:57:59
Director Oliver Stone Praises Ron Paul in New Interview 14:06:12
Ron Paul reacts to Rand's detention: 'The Police State in this country is growing out of control' 13:36:32
Pensacola for Ron Paul Liberty Jump 21:12:26
Message From An Older Republican 12:08:10
Rand Paul Detained by TSA in Nashville 19:28:36
Chris Hedges Sues Obama Admin Over Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens Approved in NDAA 09:39:29
America's Choice: Ron Paul or Unlimited Government 08:36:52
RAW Footage: Romney Supporter Admits Being Paid to Support Romney 09:49:09
My interview on Detroit Radio about the campaign (shout out to the DP) 08:26:04
Thank You from 'The Industry' for all of your Support DP! 13:03:11
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End The TSA Money bomb Happening Now! 23:59:10
NEW Ron Paul 2012 Money Bomb!- END THE TSA NOW! 23:53:46
What if Dr. Paul used this game plan... 23:52:20
Nbc Poll! 23:51:55
End The TSA Money Bomb - Going On Right Now! 23:51:02
Tampa Florida Debate Knows The Real Conservative It's Ron Paul 23:50:38
Ron Paul drops the "ISOLATIONIST" bomb in the debate on our treatment of Cuba. BRILLIANT! 23:49:04
HUGE: Dr. Paul has 41.5% of Latino Support IN Florida! Don't count out FL, Just Yet! 23:46:00
WIN FLORDIA-( Over seas spending/Wars = THREAT to S.S. ) 23:45:39
Delaware - still scrambling to get RP on ballot - help needed 23:28:02
Suit Tailor - I say this with all due respect 23:24:13
Ron Paul at 18% in this Poll 23:18:09
Older Voters? Do You Want To Risk Nuclear War With Russia And China Over Iran? 23:18:01
Rand Paul on Greta Tonight? 23:01:14
Imagine It's 2013... 22:54:47
Debate Bias 22:44:58
Check this out.. Tim Thomas, Goalie Boston Bruins declines White House visit. Is he one of us? 22:39:08
is Ron Paul even on stage? 22:34:47
Uh oh Newt is getting his ass kicked 22:33:25
Contact info for O'reilly.. 22:18:07
Help please - Looking for yard signs 22:06:54
Ron Paul Supporters in Florida...WoW! 21:58:15
Rand Paul's TSA Moment and The Florida Election 21:56:03
Aynone have a link for debates? 21:55:44
Judge Nap - GOP: Party Like it's 1964? 21:41:19
Daniel Hannan's Excellent Talk on the Sad and Dangerous Path We're On 21:39:53
Boston Bruins Goaltender Releases Statement Explaining Absence From Obama Meeting 21:37:50
The Ron Paul Insurgency - One Voter At A Time 21:33:24
Ron Paul -10% in The Category Of 21:33:06
I thought I saw CNN coverage of Gingrich being mocked during a speech today... 21:32:47
"The only one I trust is Ron Paul" - let's make this meme go viral ! 21:26:21
Paulville, Texas - "A group of Ron Paul supporters is building its own town..." 21:26:03
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 1/23/12: Stop Internet Censorship 21:16:36
Spread like butter! 21:11:09
China Buying Land in the 21:05:21
Human the film 21:03:30
Can we get Ron Paul to 3 million? 21:02:20
US command sergeant pleads guilty to illegal Iraq killings manslaughter charge gets dropped he gets ONLY 3 months confinement 20:59:57
Top banker calls for a gold standard and ending the Fed 20:51:55
In Florida and need help. 20:46:02
Will Gingrich Dominate the Debates Again Tonight? 20:42:30
"Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship With All Nations — Entangling Alliances With None" 20:42:15
Former Obama Staffer Arrested for False I.D. Scheme 20:41:53
ALERT! Newt Gingrich arrived in Florida and was filmed heading to the debate 20:36:51
Rand Paul's Petition On Gun Ban 20:28:33
Let People Know Your a Vet for Ron Paul 20:28:11
Romney and Alleged Criminal Acts 20:18:30
Clinical traits of a Sociopath. Perfect description of Gingrich. 20:16:11
We have to win at least five states to Put Ron Paul's name in for Nomination for President 20:13:51
While we've been busy 20:13:43
Forget Newt And Romney Tonight - Target The Socialist In The White House! 20:13:05
Top 10 things Ron Paul should say tonight (but probably won't) 20:12:32
Two Great endorsements for Paul today: Iris Mack and Nassim Taleb 20:11:49
Could the MSM actually be Helping Ron Paul? 20:10:38
Infidelity aside, Here is the man voted most conservative by South Carolina 20:06:05
Looking for interview I once saw with Ron Paul - speaking in practical terms about what he would do as POTUS 20:05:52
NHL Goaltender Tim Thomas Refuses White House Visit 19:52:39
Newt Gingrich mentions "Homeland Security" 5 Days After 9/11 ! 19:51:52
Power Rangers, Ron Paul and the Debate tonight. With clip. 19:51:04
Rand Paul will be on the Savage Nation tonight 19:46:39
Brief mention of RP during a local social worker training 19:44:50
Sarah Palin and Ron Paul Agree On Foreign Policy - Newt and Mitt Want More War 19:43:42
I asked an evangelist-voter co-worker from SC who he voted for and you will NOT believe his answer- 19:43:40
Skiing for Ron Paul and International Support 19:36:58
Calling Jesse Benton 19:34:43
Florida Paul Supporter Frustrated by Paul Campaign 19:33:26
Is it Possible to BAN to use of the Word "LIBERTARIAN" on the DP while we are Campaigning!? 19:32:50
I need an idea of value for a specific coin(1857 Railroad block). Can't find it anywhere! 19:30:50
Debunked, Ron Paul giving a speech on the Civil War Video 19:21:43
This is America 19:19:43
The roots of Bain Capital in El Salvador’s civil war 19:16:22
Media Bias getting worse? 19:16:06
Idaho to be first Chinese state 19:13:11
How Should Ron Paul Respond to the TSA Question Tonight? 19:11:24
Bruce Lee 19:11:23
Iris Mack gives her endorsement to Ron Paul 19:07:15
Nassim taleb ron paul is the only one i trust 19:02:17
The Villages, Florida- 80,000 Conservative Senior Citizens Near 100% Voter turnout! 18:58:29
How many support Ron Paul's Foreign policy 100%? 18:57:06
Here is how we win the election 18:55:58
Eric Cantor Swings at Ron Paul 18:52:49
Weekend Trip to Reno, NV for Ron Paul! 18:32:51
Can Ron Paul Hit Newt for Not Declaring War Against Alqueda 18:31:19
TSA Secrets Revealed by Rand Paul Detention! 18:29:38
Paul Detention Reveals Secret TSA Practices! 18:28:50
Urgent: Corruption in the Clark County NV GOP 18:28:44
Paul Detention Reveals Secret TSA Practices! 18:28:00
Winning Florida - We need to emphasize currency and banking problems VITAL 18:26:45
The TSA is Right... 18:26:16
Everyone needs to organize a debate viewing party with Ron Paul supporters 18:25:05
My reply to a lazybrained friend who thinks "the state should provide healthcare to all" 18:23:59
Why Don't They Like Ron Paul? A Brief History of the Libertarian Movement for the Ron Paul Generation 18:20:30
Video: South Carolina Results and Gingrich's "American Values" on The Robert Scott Bell Show This Morning 18:10:43
Got invited to Thursday's CNN debate... 18:07:09
LOL: Not only is Mitt figuratively bought by GoldmanSux, He IS GoldmanSUX! 18:04:19
Great video filled with Obama and Romney caught in lies and flip-floppin 18:01:03
The Big Picture for Ron Paul - A Game Over for his Opponents 17:59:48
Newt Wanted Censored Internet - SPREAD 17:54:41
European media bias 17:52:22
HuffPost: Love Him or Hate Him, Ron Paul Is Getting Harder to Ignore! 17:52:17
Video: Think The Stimulus is Working? Watch 17:51:58
BREAKING! Nevada GOP sets special time for Caucus. is this a GOP dirty trick? 17:49:44
Must Watch: The Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy 17:42:13
Ron Paul Action Figures 17:37:32
Obama to offer immunity to Wall Street bankers ! 17:31:26
Turn the tables on Christian leaders! 17:25:55
Grandmas for Ron Paul 17:22:17
In "Entitlement America" it pays to be poor 17:19:08
Fox News Coverage of Rand Paul Encounter with TSA 17:16:57
Paul Craig Roberts Article 17:11:14
18 U.S.C. § 242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law and TSA 17:06:31
Newt and Santorum Will want Dr Paul to win Virginia 16:59:06
Rather Livid! 16:39:59
No one but Paul - Feb 14th Moneybomb 16:39:51
Romney Rage - "McCain'd Again" 16:38:18
The Problem With Supporting The Troops 16:37:47
Calling Anon 16:36:58
Ron Paul and the Revolution March On 16:34:30
Who did the best job singing the National Anthem at a sports event? 16:32:08
What is up with the Lame advertising on this site for Mitt Romney? 16:28:18
interesting piece from Belgium 16:24:53
Red Meat 16:15:13
America under attack by Corporatism 16:13:29
30minute prime time spot 16:13:08
Rand on Hannity @ 4:30 EST 16:03:34
Ron Paul playing Congressional Baseball - only Republican to hit a home run! 15:59:21
CARTOON - TSA Abuses Lady Liberty! 15:54:43
Glenn Beck and the rest WANT to get you DERAIL You... 15:50:14
Question For Tonight's Debate 15:50:11
Women will bring home the win for Dr. Ron Paul this year! 15:42:57
Obama: Abortion Enables 'Our Daughters' To 'Fulfill Their Dreams'... 15:41:29
Ron Paul, President of Twitter 15:35:00
Vets' Reasons for Supporting Paul 15:33:15
Federal Reserve Analogy 15:29:29
Important Caucus strategy for All State Caucus for all Paul supporters. 15:28:24
Ron Paul Highlights from Fox News 15:28:11
Witnesses Document Potential Vote Fraud in SC 15:25:45
CNN series - Super PACs & "product placement?" 15:24:41
How to Get the Elderly to Vote Socialist - vid 15:20:26
Ron & Rand "The Only Politicians Standing Up for your Rights Against the TSA." Funny Funny 15:18:39
Some useful info from Doug Wead 15:12:34
Voters missing the point that RP is the most electable 15:10:33
Need a Free Ron Paul Bumper Sticker? 15:10:08
Exposing Gingrich to Self-Identified "Conservatives" 15:05:59
I believe the Ron Paul movement is fixing to explode into a new speed! TSA and our Rights 15:05:16
Can Anyone answer the 564 Delegate Question? 15:04:22
Paul Craig Roberts: Heads Up RP Campaign! 14:58:59
We are winning. Let's step it up! 14:57:52
IMPORTANT: Missouri PRIMARY voters do NOT miss that vote, if you miss the primary you may not be eligible for the March Caucus 14:57:01
for once i totally agree with Matthews on the silver-tongued Gingster 14:52:06
Ron Paul's New Freedom Rhetoric: Do You Have Any Sir? 14:48:28
Abolish the TSA - *MONEYBOMB* 14:47:33
Kick Ass Video about Romney and Obama 14:44:35
White House Sides With TSA Over Rand Paul Detention 14:44:34
Communication Expert: a Ron Paul Lesson = Leadership Credibility vs. Leadership Presence 14:38:31
It’s time to end the failed war on drugs - Richard Branson 14:34:25
Fox News Use The Same Script Twice To Smear Ron Paul (Only A Slight Cast Change) 14:34:23
The Daily Paul 14:34:05
Donations have been slow the last two days 14:29:51
The Free Market: Fallacies and Facts by Thomas E. Woods, Jr 14:25:28
Why the Constitution Had to Be Destroyed | Thomas J. DiLorenzo - video 14:15:47
This is Big -John Allison-Kill the Fed 14:12:53
For the sake of the children I one day hope to have. 14:11:57
The Real Newt Gingrich - Video - Redux 14:11:49
Shenanigans in Nevada! 14:11:32
Success in converting MA voters 14:10:02
"trust the campaign" positions on this website nearly got us killed 14:08:51
It's illegal to detain or arrest a US congressman or US Senator on their way to vote. 14:05:40
Does Ron Paul know how to defeat Gingrich? 14:04:57
Mormonism and War 14:03:53
Just a reminder! 14:03:43
CCR Continues Torture Accountability Fight at the UN 14:02:30
Potential Election Fraud in South Carolina 14:01:10
The Reason behind Rand Paul detention 13:50:34
Fundraising: I have no extra cash,so I propose this instead. 13:49:51
Ron Paul issues statement on son Rand's TSA issue 13:46:35
Supreme Court Rules That Warrant is Needed for GPS Tracking: 13:46:25
WTF? All 9 SCOTUS Justices: Gvt.Thugs need Warrant to attach GPS on Suspects! 13:43:56
TOP 10 Comebacks for Tonight's Debate 13:42:41
Why Newt was fined $300,000(Because he's a White Collared Crook) Part 1 13:36:40
My state wants to ban texting while driving. Can anybody help? 13:32:58
They Are REALLY Worried About Ron Paul: 13:30:41
Voter Fraud in IA, NH, SC... 13:24:21
Georgia Judge Calls Barry Soetero to Appear on Thursday 13:22:33
Ron Paul Rising! We KNOW what you're doing! 13:21:52
Ageism in the Ron Paul ranks 13:20:13
Step-by-Step Spending Bills & Earmarks 13:18:59
The # 1 National Security Issue for the United States is NOT Terrorism, it's the Debt and Bankruptcy 13:18:31
SCOTUS rules on GPS trackers 13:17:11
Ron Paul For President song now on Itunes 13:10:48
Video: Ron and Carol greet enthusiastic students 13:07:59
Grassfire Poll - Paul or none at all! 13:07:15
Video: Democracy Now guest says progressives "ought to" vote for Ron Paul 12:52:18
The typical RP voter in Florida is a 12:50:48
Chuck Norris is Wrong (Dissecting Newt Gingrich) 12:50:34
Florida is Next and Dr. Paul Can Score Votes Here 12:50:33
In 2006 Gingrich backed censoring the web 12:50:20
Policy POV 12:44:38
Hit Them From the Right, Part 1 12:42:26
A Noble Lie Streaming All Day 12:41:31
I put a Superflyer on the seat of a running policecar :) 12:37:50
New Mitt ad slams Newt 12:32:57
Translation: Americans shoot civilians in Iraq 12:30:30
Romney Protested in Favor of the Draft While Taking Exemption for Being Missionary. 12:29:52
This deserves a re-post today: Naomi Wolf on NDAA: How Congress Signed Its Own Arrest Warrants 12:24:00
Bill Moyers & David Stockman and the Bank-White House Cronyism 12:21:31
KT Kieffer TOWNHALL article gives Ron Paul a shout out on drug legalization! 12:21:02
U S Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms 12:19:48
NDAA: End of Due Process with Tisha Casida on Alex Jones 11:58:07
Ron Paul article in my local South FL newspaper today 11:57:47
Who Needs SOPA or PIPA? Gov't Shuts Down Huge Site Day After Controversial Bill Pulled 11:57:27
Deleted 11:56:35
Breaking: Rand Paul Detained by TSA 11:54:33
Very POWERFUL Leverage, should we use it? 11:53:45
Gold Rush - Government Job Killers 11:43:48
The next frightening laws to come 11:42:27
TSA Launches Attack Against the USA 11:41:05
Newt and Santorum fail to qualify for 500+ delegates?! 11:39:59
Ron Paul DOMINATES on Zazzle 11:36:47
Mandatory Vaccinations for the Greater Good of Society 11:32:59
HEY CNN! Skipping Florida is SMART for Ron Paul - Tampa Bay Times 11:32:26
Rand Detained By Tsa at Nashville airport 11:28:55
Rand Paul detained by TSA this morning! 11:25:25
TSA detains Sen. Rand Paul in Nashville 11:25:02
Rand Paul Detained By TSA! 11:22:03
Ron Paul's ideas for Peace through States' Rights, Ability to Legalize Drugs - Great column on TownHall 11:21:56
Speeches From The Fed 1913-2012 11:19:46
Reince Priebus Says Ron Paul IS ELECTABLE! 11:17:33
Record gun sales - lower homicide rates- go figure 11:13:49
Rand Vs Tsa! 11:08:03
Florida and beyond - the road ahead 11:06:30
MarketWatch asks: What’s behind Republican attacks on the Fed 11:03:42
Important Please Read and Bump 10:57:39
Expect three way race soon! 10:57:08
Some Things The Campaign Guru's NEED To Pay Attention To>NOW! 10:54:17
Nassim Taleb (Black Swan) Endorses Ron Paul 2012 10:51:13
Comedian Tim Hawkins video "The Government Can"... Hilarious 10:40:18
Why they vote for Gingrich (video spoof) 10:29:57
For those who dabble in "conspiracy" stories - A new twist to the gold game? 10:29:36
“Why I Won’t Vote” by W.E.B. DuBois 10:20:01
Interesting info on who counts the votes, Must watch video 10:16:58
I signed it 10:11:41
What acquaintances are saying is wrong with Dr. Paul. 10:07:00
This is why we are infighting. Ronpaulforums Vs dailypaul on super brochure money 09:41:20
Infants for Ron Paul 09:38:25
Discussion - Super Brochure Strategy 09:25:27
Why doesn't the campaign do anything about foreign policy? 09:23:03
South Carolina Results Newt 'The Gingrich' wins! 09:15:43
Voter Fraud In Primaries And MSM Media Blatantly Biased Against Ron Paul 09:10:20
Ron Paul: The Debt Ceiling Is on Auto-Pilot 09:05:29
I Do Not Understand: Dancing, Bars 09:04:52
My observations on the movement... 09:04:20
Inflation Tax 09:02:57
900 dead people voted in SC! 09:01:30
America 2012 08:41:50
Will Ron Paul sue Bill O'Reilly to save his campaign? 08:36:09
Why is the idea that some people will succeed 08:26:28
Revolution "meme" : Zombies and Vampires 08:03:45
You know that calling POLL in Iowa to verify the vote? Who was running that and what happened to it? Anyone know? 07:57:52
Paul-Santorum sign war erupts during Florida rally Videos 07:38:48
(Ron Paul 1976) GOP Candidate Wins House Seat in Texas 07:35:34
Poll shows Ron Paul would be Successful as Independent candidate 07:34:27
Ron Paul coins? Somebody should make them 07:10:07
(1998) Good News for Democrats: Newt Gingrich 07:07:53
Gingrich Gave False Information to Ethics Panel, Colleague Says 07:03:04
Indiana Senate Bill 68 Attempts to change election rules midstream 07:02:05
Ron Paul Supporters To Gather In Cocoa Beach Today 06:55:52
Gingrich's Estranged Wife Says He Transferred Assets 06:43:38
Ron Paul 's Texas Straight Talk 1/23/12: Preserve the Free and Open Internet! Down with SOPA and PIPA! 06:41:41
For the Adulterous Newt Gingrich: Do As I Say, Not As I Do 06:37:19
Gingrich Defended Mark Foley; Asked for Divorce on Mother's Day 06:21:44
The Economist Publication - Most Recent 05:56:10
I told you guys... 05:47:09
debate related campaign stops in Florida? 05:46:30
Agenda 21 exposed?! 05:43:16
Obama 44% - Romney 32% - Paul 18% 05:26:27
Why Ron Paul Can Still Win 05:21:00
Ron Paul The Only Anti War Candidate 05:08:22
My MSG to Chuck 05:07:23
Ballot Access For Sale In Indiana 04:45:45
Working For Ron Paul From Dubai 04:43:47
Know Thy Enemy 04:37:27
LOP - Inflation is a Tax 03:48:58
Poll: Ron Paul leads Rick Santorum in Florida 03:43:00
Twitter Bomb 2012 03:41:42
Who do you think Paul's greatest nemesis is? 03:38:45
Young people having HUGE SUCCESS spreading Dr. Paul's message without even saying his name - getting RAVE REVIEWS! 02:54:10
What Is ACTA? 02:52:18
NBC News, National Journal, Tampa Bay Times, GOP Debate Today in Florida 9:00 P.M. ET 02:49:48
Hundreds or dead people vote in South Carolina primary 02:46:26
Help me convert! Need info on Rush Limbaugh 02:39:47
Ron Paul in Nevada 02:39:36
DJ/Producer promotes Ron Paul on Facebook page: Show Danny Daze some love! 02:39:13
Paul-Santorum sign war erupts during Florida rally 02:36:11
Ron Paul Trending #2 on Yahoo 02:35:10
Can we end war once and for all? 02:27:23
CNN and MsNBC are supported by Murderers and Drug Dealers in America Prisons, Simply by viewing their Programs 02:20:56
Mrs. Paul 02:13:26
Ron Paul meme: free, informative advertising that could go viral 02:12:22
Age vs. Obesity 02:10:40
when the media bashes Dr. Paul because they found some extreme person supporting him, I wonder, do they realize this is America, 02:10:29
Baby-Boomers Get Out of the Way, We Don't Want To Be Stuck With Your Debt! video link 01:40:20
Ron Paul Super PAC Endorse Liberty spending 1.4 Million on Florida TV Ads 01:39:50
Video: Cranking out the 4' x 8' Ron Paul banners! 01:36:32
Video: Downtown Stockton Hockey Game Flyer Handout 01:32:26
Tea Party vs. Faux Tea Party 01:24:50
Video: Girls4RonPaul comments on SC primary results 01:21:03
First Florida poll post-SC shows Paul rising to 13% 01:17:50
My Response to a viral Obama Ad 01:16:50
The Cuban Factor 01:16:01
Video: Brand New Tribute song to Dr. Ron Paul 01:13:18
Extremly Disturbing Video found on YouTube 01:00:45
Free Ron Paul Bumper Sticker! 00:59:16
Latest Florida Poll: Ron Paul In Third Place 00:57:42
New poll,Paul ahead of santorum 00:57:37
Must See! Gingrich On Obama Care - YouTube 00:57:05
Is Ron Paul the only candidate for peace? 00:45:37
Track and thank Ron Paul endorsements 00:44:19
India, Japan, China, Russia & Iran make agreements to avoid using US Dollar 00:40:02
Ron Paul Trending 3rd on Yahoo 00:33:28
Russell Means "Follow the Constitution" 00:32:51
Thoughts on this possibility? - Newt supporters for Paul in Virginia? 00:16:18
Newt Gingrich acknowleges RP, Saul Alinsky 00:08:08
Video: USS Constitution Rolls through South Carolina 00:08:07
Video: Hispanics for Ron Paul 2012 00:01:35
Please help me understand the Missouri Primary/Caucus 00:00:38