Posted on January 25, 2012

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Doug Wead Interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano – Jan 25 2012 21:00:55
Ron Paul Highlights in Jacksonville GOP / CNN Debate - 1/26/12 23:50:08
Daily Paul Poll: Who did you vote for in 2008? 21:50:41
Mitt Romney DESTROYED by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show - link to video 19:34:01
The Police State In This Country MUST Be Stopped! No trial, 2 years in solitary after DWI arrest! 17:50:32
Louisiana Tech Student's first post is a success! Read if you please. You won't be sorry 16:15:56
Small Victory for Ron Paul 15:34:59
Attention: Maine Caucuses Start This Weekend! 11:58:35
The secret behind Ron Paul's devoted following (Examiner) 11:05:29
Obama doubles down on Anti-Liberty Insanity: Students should be FORCED to stay in school. 05:11:16
University of Florida Independent Alligator Editorial Board Endorses Texas Congressman: We Pick Paul 20:29:18
Ron Paul's Response to Obama's State of the Union 03:34:07
Update: Ron Paul on the Radio WED 1/25/12 09:56:26
DP Rap Duo MoRtiS NoCTu and Tea Mage Release 1st Collaboration 09:41:32
Gun Owners For Ron Paul 2012 06:52:46
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New Poll From Minnesota: Ron Paul last w/ 13% 23:58:36
Abolish ALL Taxation 23:40:45
Random Question 23:36:23
Important that Ron Paul supporters enlighten themselves. 23:28:26
Fabulous News The White House Is In The Bag! 23:23:59
More then cleverness, we need kindness: The underpinnings of a free society. 23:19:10
WoW Iraq Al-Qaeda Says US Withdrew To Save Money! 23:09:18
Interest in Organising an Independent Exit Poll ? 23:06:58
An Attack: Ron Paul's Polite White Racism 23:04:38
Wolf Blitzer 22:58:23
WSJ: Ron Paul, the Fed and the Need for a Stable Dollar 22:55:03
Which candidate would you vote for? Barack Obama and Ron Paul are winning! 22:52:57
New TSA Advertisement 22:49:48
Georgia, Do you need Ron Paul signs? 22:40:31
Why do you value Freedom? 22:37:19
New RP Article 22:36:59
Rep Larry McDonald Exposes 22:31:12
Obama to RAISE taxes on Warren Buffett's secretary? 22:26:36
Suit Up! 22:26:11
Why Is The State Run Media Ignoring Generation Why? 22:21:53
"Blaming the Jews—Again" by Elliot Abrams 22:15:02
Pay It Forward Campaign! 22:11:33
What is SOPA really? Just another form of legalized theft. And we can stop it. 22:07:35
Pay it forward! 21:50:08
Arizona Gov. Stands Up To President! ...developing story! 21:48:16
Vote for who you think should drop out, Ron Paul is losing at this time, lets turn it around fellow liberty lovers! 21:43:00
VIDEO: Thousands Protest in Poland Over ACTA 21:41:21
Stand Alone Student 21:39:40
How High Is Your Own Worst Enemy Quotient Today? 21:38:20
Just dropped the Truth on Hugh Hewitt 21:37:40
Gingrich Lies! He Did In Fact Insult Ronald Reagan 21:34:52
What Message Is On Your Answering Machine? 21:29:10
Global Government, a 10.3 million dollar grant 21:20:59
Global Government, a 10.3 million dollar grant 21:18:07
Is anyone else sending Letters to the Editor in the caucus/primary states? 21:02:50 - PLEASE Plug The Website In The Debate Ron! 21:00:15
America's Education System Teaches "How to Become a Serf" 20:58:30
EPA Taxes 20:56:31
Newt Praises Romney Health Care Bill as a Model for the Nation-Including the Individual Mandate! 20:52:15
President Paul 20:48:39
CREW calls for Federal Investigation into Gingrich's lobbying activities 20:48:15
Drudge 20:44:32
Obama's Address: Another G* D*'ed Hand Job 20:42:24
Need Help Military Donations Question 20:41:00
I was just up in Northern Wisconsin and Scott Walker is being Recalled! 20:36:59
Newt, Marianne, the FBI & 'The Merchant of Death.' 20:34:02
Ron Paul For President song now on Itunes 20:30:14
Ron Paul Action Figures!? lol 20:28:12
Ron Paul needs to say these words in the next debate 20:27:26
Questions For CNN's Debate 20:25:41
Why I'm a Fan of Ron Paul 20:18:21
Will Iran kill the dollar? 20:16:57
Would you make this deal! 20:14:55
The Most Powerful Office in the World is NOT The President of the United States 20:10:14
Money Bomb is Flopping 20:07:37
Anyone on here use Foursquare? Looks like they forgot someone 19:50:23
"Rabid" Ron Paul Supporters? 19:42:26
Extremely powerful video-wow! 19:42:14
From the Heart 19:41:11
RP and his strategy: CONTRAST Himself in Debates and in Campaign Commercials 19:37:24
Election Fraud in South Carolina 19:24:55
a professor's take on socialism 19:20:58
Ron Paul and I: A Revelation via Education 19:17:56
Winning One Obama Supporter at a Time 19:16:49
Voting Ron Paul, as Republican or not 19:16:46
Ron Paul and Party Affiliation 19:06:59
CNN Live at UNF Jacksonville FL, No Ron Paul signs seen 19:06:12
PLEASE see comments re RP's polls from Sioux Falls writer 19:05:47
Top Romney advisers lobbied for Freddie Mac 19:03:47
YouTube of Ron Paul Interview with NPR Today 19:03:44
Ron Paul Interview on NPR 1/25/2012 18:57:26
1000 new RP youtube videos this week 18:56:36
World's smallest cattle - Mini Zebu's! 18:56:21
Follow The Law! 18:50:18
Latest Florida Poll Released Today 18:49:14
Ron Paul on NPR today 18:45:00
Any former liberals converted want to share their story? 18:41:26
Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek 18:41:11
OBAMA Ambassador to Russia does not support American values 18:38:09
How liberty dies - to thunderous applause 18:37:30
Ron Paul's Schedule for Trip to Maine is Shaping Up Nicely! 18:31:44
US now ranked 47th in freedom of the press! 18:24:51
How to know if an Iran war is imminent 18:11:11
Small town Idaho politics getting dirty? 18:08:26
New Ron Paul supporter! 18:07:19
Rick Santorum questioned by alternative media 18:06:33
Ron Paul Can Beat Obama: CNN Poll 18:03:47
Winning One Obama Supporter at a Time 17:54:55
US to expand overseas militarism 17:54:05
Is this really what they believe? 17:51:49
Fundraising numbers 17:49:13
2012 is not 2008: Proof From CBS and The Good Wife, the Treasury Dept. and "Mr. BitCoin" 17:46:38
Fed Signals That a Full Recovery Is Years Away 17:33:35
Professor Fails Entire Class To Give a Lesson On Socialism 17:30:31
Deadliest Warrior - George Washington vs. Napoleon Bonaparte 17:23:54
I'm voting for Ron Paul 17:20:49
Watch this... RP will have the most delegates. Oh, dear! 17:17:52
Ron Paul: 300 Million Taxpayer Dollars Spent to Undermine Iranian Government 17:09:11
Hope Newt Goes Broke 17:07:50
Google/FireFox reports as a "Reported Attack Page" 16:59:43
Goldwater and Paul 16:55:49
Video: Ron Paul Supporters "Heckle" Rick Santorum at Florida Event 16:54:35
Neocon Elliot Abrams - Newt's tales about Reagan 'are misleading at best' 16:51:34
[BALLOT picture] My FIRST vote as US Citizen... 16:36:10
Buy gold. Buy Silver. 16:32:33
JFK Secret Recording Revealed! 16:31:58
BREAKING: Virginia Legislature considering bill to refuse compliance with NDAA kidnapping provisions 16:25:45
Video: The Doc Show with Ron Paul 1-25-2012 Orlando, Florida Radio 16:19:28
Fed Signals That a Full Recovery Is Years Away 16:18:31
[Video] Pardon all non-violent drug offenders. 16:18:31
Judge Napolitano & the Rank n File Republican 16:16:24
Ron Paul on Freedom Watch Tonight - 1/25/2012 16:03:50
Pelosi: I know a Secret and Gingrich will never be president 16:00:58
Romney Supporters Deny Being Paid (Follow up to previous vid) 15:58:47
Where do you go for the "real" news? 15:54:02
January 27th, 1998 - 14 years ago this week in the Congressional Record 15:52:36
Russell Means on American Apathy 15:47:47
NPR - Ron Paul: Steadily, 'Our Numbers Are Growing' 15:45:15
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy -Translated for the Military Minded 15:42:42
Jon Stewart Praising Ron Paul 15:38:52
What Stances have GOP canidates adopted from Paul? 15:34:18
How are delegates to the Republican National Convention selected in your state? 15:32:24
Ron Paul, my de facto President 15:30:53
Anyone losing friends who are financially taking from the system ? 15:28:54
Summary of Newt, Mitt, Ron to Quickly Refer Voters To 15:28:38
An authorized Biography on Ron Paul, an Unauthorized Politician 15:28:01
Ron Paul 2012... Cadillac Ranch... Amarillo, Texas 15:26:37
First Lady Paul at debates? 15:18:56
Ron Paul NOT INCLUDED in Univision Candidates Forum TODAY! 15:15:12
THIS and ONLY THIS is what motivates me! 15:14:13
Ex-CIA Chief Michael Scheuer 'Dr Paul's foreign policy makes us safer' 15:13:13
NOW Phone from Home, get out the vote for Dr. Paul Nevada and more, PLEASE 15:13:02
Yahoo! Takes Swipe at Paul..." the Fed doesn't Print money" 15:12:03
We are the YOUTH! 15:03:37
PPP Polls for the Caucus States 15:01:27
Newt Campaign Stop was a Big Bust 14:55:26
The Doc Show with Ron Paul 01-25-2012 14:52:26
Minnesota 14:43:47
Veterans for Ron Paul-March on Washington Update 14:41:43
Ron And Rand Respond To Obama's Campaign Style SOTU Speech 14:40:48
Question about the ads on DP 14:40:05
MEMO to the Campaign: release a National Defense Policy NOW! 14:34:52
LDS Church (Mormon) leaders speak on the Constitution 14:31:40
Please, Please Mr. Ron Paul ~ Great video, LOL! 14:31:04
Pelosi With Conviction "Newt Gingrich will not be president" She Knows something! 14:20:00
The RIGHT of the States and Citizens to Import Arms Without the Consent of the Federal Government - Other 14:18:29
Just who create the terrorist. Dr Paul is right Must see! 14:13:26
Despite media claims, the numbers show Ron Paul is the most electable Republican canidate 14:07:27
RASMUSSON-: 33% of Repubs want new candidate-we've got him! 14:07:15
The Fed 14:07:09
Ron Paul Slams Obama's SOTU As 'Campaign Speech' 14:06:45
We need to find out if this guy is a Ron Paul supporter <Embed> 14:06:43
Ron Paul: Media declares him irrelevant, voters have him tied with Obama nationally 14:02:55
Ron Paul is sweeping the GOP youth vote 13:53:28
Nation-wide "identical" Bill Boards 13:47:29
LISTEN! Ron Paul Interview with WEUS Big 810 Radio in Orlando, FL 13:35:03
yahoo answers and spreading Ron Paul's message 13:34:27
There’s something very odd about the GOP primary pre-polling and vote! 13:27:05
CNN search result for Ron Paul 13:22:15
Department of Energy Loses Billions of Taxpayer Dollars in Bad Loans to Green Energy Companies 13:15:56
How convenient Gingrich's Freddie MAC Contracts Go Missing 13:13:38
Former RNC chair: Idea of new GOP prez entrant in February ‘just outright stupid’ 13:09:42
The Beauty Of Freedom. 13:01:02
A Zionist Plot To Stop Ron Paul 13:00:02
Jerry Doyle Gives Bill O'Reilly The Smack Down For Trying To Slander Ron Paul 12:56:36
I know a couple of Obama supporters ready to register repub and vote Ron Paul except for those pesky newsletters. 12:50:02
Paul Craig Roberts: Drowning In Hypocrisy 12:48:48
Very Important. Ron Paul, Don't Pass on Concession Speech in Florida. These Speeches Really Convert. 12:46:38
Tolstoy, The Beehive, and The Ron Paul Movement! 12:40:48
Rasmussen: 33% of GOP Voters Say It Would Be Good If New Candidate Entered Presidential Race 12:35:56
Freedom's Phoenix is MOBILE! 12:16:23
Fox News says Ron Paul is the biggest threat to Barack Obama. Not Mitt Romney. 12:15:17
I need to talk to his florida campaign people for possible 12:09:10
Gingrich Ad speaks of Revolution 11:54:11
Newt Gingrich: A Crime Against Conservatism [1-Hour Long Exposé] 11:50:51
What we want, what we don't know. 11:50:27
Ron Paul is Already Causing a STIR in Maine! 11:39:40
Adelson, Gingrich, and the Selling of America 11:37:01
Israel SHOCKS WORLD and endorses The Ron Paul Foreign Policy?! 11:36:15
Excellent article by William Grigg on Ron Paul vs. State Murder as a "Moral Enterprise" 11:13:15
Rand Paul Disappoints 11:09:10
CATO Institute Slaps Down Last Night's EPIC Charade: State of the Union Address-Thank You CATO! 10:56:15
Atlanta area Veterans, car pool, get on the bus, road trip to D.C. March on Feb 20 10:55:37
The NDAA, Expatriation and Other Acts: Why Are Americans The Enemy of the State ? 10:49:04
They want to run against mitt-newt-rick! 10:44:49
Sound Bites! Sound Bites! Sound Bites! 10:38:31
Another poll if you care 10:31:02
Familiar Rhetoric, Failed Record 10:27:48
The Media Doesn't Get Evangelicals (according to Gingrich) 10:26:36
Baltimore Sun: Ron Paul is sweeping the GOP youth vote 10:08:52
Whats the one question you would grill Newt with? 10:06:49
Roberts: Ron Paul's Campaign Mistake 10:00:37
55 Year Anniversary 09:59:32
The Book of Mormon speaks specifically to preemptive war 09:40:27
Article: Despite Claims, Paul is Electable 09:28:35
How can this be Legal? 09:24:13
Glenn Addison US Senate Candidate talks NDAA- Federal Reserve, Patriot Act 09:15:08
"Predictions" Video Idea 09:10:47
Thank you mainstream media for not doing your job 08:59:40
A thought on Mitt's taxes 08:50:15
Ron Paul message rings loud and clear from Texas Candidates 08:41:48
We need bumper stickers now! 08:38:40
Former Chief of Staff to Colin Powel and Retired US Army Colonel calls The GOP contenders crazy & idiots , 08:32:06
I've just about had enough of this clown trying to drag the good Doctor in the dirt! 08:18:49
Tampa Tribune ignores 2000+ron paul supporters. read the comments 07:45:46
Campaign Suggestion: The Paul Doctrine, Changing Republican Voter Perceptions on Foreign Policy 07:05:29
Brzezinski gives something away 07:01:11
Santorum's Double Fraud: defrauded Pennsylvanians and US taxpayers 06:59:20
CNN Poll Shows Ron Paul Beats Obama In November, Newt Does Not 06:46:45
HEADLINE "Ron Paul Wears His Class A Military Uniform To Debate" 05:35:32
On Gingrich As A Consultant For Freddie/Fannie 05:26:58
Nancy Pelosi regarding Newt for President- "That will never happen" 05:05:18
Nancy Pelosi on CNN- "That will never happen" 05:02:35
Bohemian Grove - Does being a member mean the nomination by the GOP 04:56:05
Ron Paul Restores Definition of Conservative 04:47:14
Dear Grandfathers and Grandmothers 04:44:34
U.S. Senate Failure: 1,000 Days Without a Budget 04:35:01
Rebuttal? 04:29:57
A nationwide awakening is scheduled SuperBowl Sunday 04:28:18
I'm sorry. This has to be said. 04:15:25
Voting "Anyone but Obama" is the 2012 equivalent to 2008's voting for "Hope & Change." 03:57:31
Ron Paul Revolution (The Joe Rogan Experience) 03:53:52
Reality Check: The state of our union, by the numbers 03:47:12
Ron Paul: A SuperPAC Spends for Him in Florida, and Pursuing an Obama-like Delegate Strategy 07:37:44
TERRORISTS Hijack America: DHS to become American Stasi - Full Militarization of LEO 03:35:44
AJ Interviews Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Winner sues Obama on NDAA, RP right on Wars & Civ.Rights! 03:30:27
63 Minute Strip Show by Newt Gingrich 03:21:29
George Soros on the "Coming U.S. Class War" 03:16:59
Help fund a grassroots Ron Paul office in Albuquerque, New Mexico 03:10:37
Is the Economy Improving? 03:07:29
ACTA is SOPA on Steriods! URGENT! 03:03:55
Milton Friedman and foreign policy 03:03:18
Obama claims infrastructure projects will hire American construction workers. Not! 02:56:31
Cpl Jesse Thorsen speaks out for Ron Paul despite US Army censorship! 02:39:27
A message to the 41.5% Latino RP Supporters in Florida 02:22:30
Battle: Los Angeles - Military Excercises In LA This Week 02:20:54
Why was MegaUpload really shut down? 02:04:40
Article: Ron Paul Super PAC Draws 20,000 to SC Primary Webcast 00:00:42
Neil Cavuto Cuts Ron Paul's Mic During Interview 01:52:30
William Lloyd Garrison 01:32:12
1996 - Attack on Grozny - english translation 01:30:46
O'Reilly Tries to Tie Child Molestation to Ron Paul, Doyle Fires Back 'I Have the Dirt on O'Reilly' 01:02:28
Help me stop the spread of misinformation! 01:01:06
Signs Needed for Florida Primary 00:58:47
Required Viewing: Franklin Cover Up 00:56:27
The Militarization of Amerika 00:53:31
The Ballad of the Green Beret 00:49:51
$24,000/hour for Dr. Paul's Time 00:46:00
Facebook Friday Friend BOMB! 00:44:00
Updated 2012 Republican Detailed Delegate Allocation by State - very useful source 00:38:23
My medical marijuana case and lessons 00:34:11
You Want More Visitors Here? Vote UP Comments and New Threads 04:32:07
Voter Fraud 00:27:12
Do we need a better SS/Medicare discussion? 00:24:40
Ron Paul 2012 Liberty Ships flotilla 00:21:37
Curtail voter fraud in Pennsylvania - urge these 3 Senators to stop blocking reform 00:19:24
Hilarious Pro-Ron Paul Parody of Obama-bots 00:19:13
Pelosi On A Gingrich Presidency: "That Will Never Happen" 00:16:50
Wilmington Liberty hits the road for Ron Paul! 00:14:12
State of the Union, by Thomas Jefferson 00:06:57