Posted on January 26, 2012

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Ron Paul fans overwhelm CNN pundits at the Jacksonville, FL debate! 22:53:19
Dr. Iris Mack, Harvard Math Whiz/Derivatives Whistleblower endorses Dr. Paul! 15:53:52
Ron Paul Resonates with Hispanic Voters in Florida 13:53:34
I took a Ron Paul sign to a Gingrich rally today 12:10:49
I was so wrong 12:30:00
Obama Signs Global Internet Treaty Worse Than SOPA 07:21:03
Great Reverse Blowback story... 05:00:48
Jan Helfeld interviews Wolf Blitzer: Paul is the only candidate that will reduce spending 00:45:12
Inside the Ron Paul Campaign with Doug Wead 05:39:09
Update: Adam Kokesh's Veterans for Ron Paul DC Rally - Money Grenade 2/1/12 01:15:50
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DHS's FB is watching me, see if they are on to you to! 23:56:35
Ron Paul calls for diplomatic relations with Cuba 23:55:17
Why trot with turkeys? 23:54:08
What Brought you here? Focus on what we want more of...Positive remarks. 23:52:50
Derbyshire on the State of the Union 23:51:28
Ron Was Hilarious Tonight 23:51:05
The media has turned against Gingrich 23:49:26
Open Cuba - sign the petition 23:47:50
Ron Paul calls for diplomatic relations with Cuba 23:45:11
2012 Candidate Positions Matrix 23:43:08
L.A Times "Ron Paul calls for diplomatic relations with Cuba..." 23:41:29
Further thoughts on who would make the best First Lady 23:37:33
The message resonates... 23:37:20
Campaign Cash on GOP Candidates Tally Against Obama 23:37:07
Ron I loved 23:28:59
Adelsons - Gingrich - Netanyahu - Glenn Beck *Must Read* (it's long, though) article 23:28:38
Conversation with my 7 year old tonight 23:26:30
I'm going to meet President Paul tomorrow night! 23:24:25
FOX news blatantly ignoring Ron in after debate analysis 23:23:50
I don't think Obama knows... 23:23:33
Let's see how many cities and towns love Ron Paul... 23:23:26
Converted Latina Granny! 23:19:36
Think "President Ron Paul" bumper sticker. 23:18:13
Republicans Demand Block Of US IMF Funding To Bail Out Europe 23:14:34
FURIOUS at Blitzer! 23:04:40
Newt is selling out! 23:02:39
We love you Ron Paul! 23:02:29
Did anybody catch Santorum's freudian slip: "REICHS" then he corrected it to the term "RIGHTS"? 22:56:25
Is Mitt thinking of asking Ron to be his VP? 22:44:23
CNN Debate Poll Now: http:/ You know what to do! 22:32:53
Why is Newt being so nice 22:31:05
Why are we so up front with who we support, as opposed to others? 22:29:48
Vote in this Poll! 22:29:29
Drudge Poll, Who Won the Debate! 22:27:55
New Drudge Poll 22:27:29
Alex Jones Meets The Blue Republican! 22:22:19
Ron Paul left off another poll 22:20:25
Sign waving = WASTE OF TIME! 22:06:30
Dr Paul is on Fire at tonight's CNN Debate. 22:05:45
2 Great videos posted by Veterans. 21:50:41
the twitter comments on Ron Paul tonight are not good 21:19:02
The Media is at it again! 21:03:28
Watching CNN Awesome Paul Supporters! 20:56:23
The Fed Cannot Move Without A Crisis… And One Is Coming 20:56:06
Snacks for tonight's debate? 20:52:40
OMG! Obama@SOTU stole Dr.Paul's Foreign Policy: Save $Overseas & Use It on Infrastructure in Interim! 20:51:25
ALERT:Ron Paul Supporters owning it on CNN pre-debate show 20:49:11
F* The Debate Paint Your City Ron Paul 20:49:09
Anonymous to shut down during debate tonight! (except during Ron Paul responses) 20:49:09
Others: "Ron Paul does not defend himself, therefore won't defend America." 20:47:09
Thank you FL supporters! CNN now 20:40:37
Now is the Time! 20:36:48
Gingrich never balanced the budget, but he did help ruin social security! 20:30:57 survey, Ron Paul is the first to respond and answer the survey. 20:21:07
America's Shadow Banking System, A Web of Financial Fraud and Criminality 20:20:27
Ron Paul Super Brochure For Democrats/Progressives? 20:13:45
George Soros 20:12:18
Romney "Regrets" 20:10:38
Watching CNN debate preshow live every camera shot lots of Ron Paul supporters 20:09:24
EXCELLENT video: "How to tell if you're a neo-con" 19:58:35
Need help been blocked 19:57:32
This is what we will see from Newt in tonight's debate 19:53:55
I could hear them Chanting President Paul on CNN in the background live now! 19:53:38
Debate Answer To Gingrich's Moon Base 19:52:56
How 19 Guys and a Camel Destroyed Western Civilization 19:48:40
Rp Chants On Cnn! 19:45:07
CIA/Soros funneling money through Georgia to Russian protesters 19:41:48
Dr. Paul demands Timma abstain from European bailouts 19:34:56
Great interview with Phils Gang and Ron Paul 19:33:16
TX Rep. David Simpson explains why he supported the Constitution over candidate Perry 19:31:24
For Voters That Don't Get It 19:28:16
Snacks for tonight's debate? 19:26:36
Another debate in a no-income tax state...own it, Dr. Paul: 19:23:56
The Three Stages of Ron Paul conversion 19:22:48
Ron Paul Will Visit COLORADO Next Week! 19:19:31
BREAKING: Pew Research - It's Official, again. Ron Paul Media Blackout Is Back On! 19:14:17
Ranting Allowed (Without Apology) 19:09:56
Jacksonville supporters 19:05:09
Primary Math Discussion 18:59:23
JOBS Dr. Paul... ITS ALL ABOUT JOBS... Ron Paul losing because of disconnected message 18:57:44
Armchair Quarterbacking 18:55:55
Need help answering nation building question. 18:53:49
New pro-liberty blog 18:53:19
John Pilger Article 18:52:27
New American - Media Shaping the Presidential Election - Must Read! 18:51:29
Professors Agree, Ron Paul Could WIN MAINE! 18:49:41
Libertarian Party Has Over 200,000 Friends on Facebook 18:49:04
John Pilger article in Australia today 18:48:59
Solo Activism is very effective. 18:45:08
= Ron Paul Revolution = ( AWESOME RAP AND VIDEO ) 18:44:12
Why don't the Youth come out to vote? 18:30:55
Christian Warmongers 18:30:01
PA House Bill 1690 Gold and Silver tender Bill 18:25:12
President Paul 18:24:41
Ron Paul was Patrick Henry a Founding Father? 18:24:21
Michigan: Deadline to register to vote is Monday, Jan 30 18:24:10
Irish Spring! Ireland's SOPA Will Pass Without Parliamentary Vote 18:21:52
Hey guys, can we fix this? 18:11:43
Tom Woods words of wisdom 18:08:35
CNN: Santorum Wants to Impose Judeo-Christian Sharia 18:06:30
Submit Debate Questions to CNN 18:04:23
Dr. Paul Don't Stop Talking Until You Have Told Everyone 3 Times And 3 Different Ways That You And Only You 17:50:23
Ha Ha LOVE all this "MOVEMENT" Talk 17:46:50
Mitt Romney bought Ron Paul keyword 17:46:16
If Any Of The Ads Are True That Mitt And Newt Are Saying About Each Other ... 17:40:35
A Note on Media-Getting Ron Paul Noticed 17:36:11
Libertarian here. I've got a question about Paul. 17:34:06
Special spot for good ideas 17:29:31
Tom Woods: Ron Paul Would Ignite the Debate If He Said This 17:26:55
The Ron Paul Media Blackout is Back On 17:22:12
Newt in 1996: Let’s build a real Jurassic Park, have sex in space 17:19:45
Jack Hunter: Social conservatives who support Newt have sold out 17:15:52
Gingrich spokesman: The Speaker misled in response to John King 17:10:56
Evil, media 17:01:31
A-Z Index of US Government Departments and Agencies 16:59:20
Unlike Bomb! 16:59:14
Convert your parents! 16:52:53
Pew Media -Ron Paul Blackout is Back on 16:41:13
RP should beat these clowns over the head with the constitution at the debate 16:37:41
Online Poll - Only 30 something votes so far. Blow it up! 16:35:06
Ran into Mark Levin at lunch today! 16:32:10
Flood CNN - Demand fair debate coverage 16:30:26
Unconstitutional CIA agent pulled 16:27:53
The State Column: Ron Paul Climbs, Romney Declines at National Level 16:27:52
Would Jesus Vote For Gingrich, Romney or Ron Paul? 16:23:25
Let's set the record straight - Newt and Santorum CAN'T WIN 16:16:14
CARTOON - Obama Promises Americans a FAIR SHAKE! 16:12:03
Tonights Debate - I AGREE 16:08:11
Pelosi is not bluffing . 16:07:53
"Drudge, conservative media criticize Newt Gingrich" - Politico Headline 16:07:25
Ron Paul is not going to win Florida don't get discouraged we have a long way to go. 15:59:34
Congrats taxpayers, you've dumped another 9-figure grant down the green-energy money pit 15:58:04
Obama boycotting Georgia eligibility hearing 15:56:44
Whom to root for in Florida... 15:47:35
Control Freaks Gone Wild! 15:44:10
Tea Party Hijacked question 15:42:09
Time Traveler From The Year 1998 Warns Nation Not To Elect Newt Gingrich 15:42:01
What President Paul must do tonight in Florida 15:35:58
Obama Dares Not Speak Ron Paul's Name! 15:35:43
*Rick Santorum unsure of Florida plans* Looks like a drop is coming! 15:33:42
Look who and what made the Pinocchio List 15:33:19
Virginia introduces NDAA nullification legislation- help support this bill! 15:32:06
Activist Disrupts Newt in Coral Springs 15:30:54
Will Ron Paul-onomics beat Obama? 15:28:49
On monday, O'reilly blamed Ron Paul for Penn St/child abuse scandal 15:28:23
I Did It! I Converted My Dad! 15:27:30
Tom Woods 'No Santorum, we don't need a Little Inflation' 15:27:29
American Spectator on Gingrich 15:26:35
Elizabeth Warren dogs Ron Paul on Daily Show 15:18:19
What's this about? "Breaking: Ron Paul Falls in Line with GOP, Declares Support for War with Iran and Never-Ending War on Islam" 15:18:18
Have FUN tonight, Dr. Paul! 15:07:41
Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks! 15:07:32
Has Ron Paul decided to lead yet? 15:05:29
Ron Paul Polling Dead Last In Florida 15:03:01
President Paul nominates Michael Scheuer as CIA Director and Colonel Douglas Macgregor as Secretary of Defense. 14:59:57
* Poster* Ron Paul Is The Choice Of The Troops! (march On The White House) 14:58:05
Anarcho-capitalism vs. Cooperation - the most free system? 14:55:51
MSN Money: "Will Ron Paul-onomics beat Obama?" 14:46:25
Ron Paul's Secret Weapon: Blue Republicans (an interview with Robin Koerner from 14:46:00
Gingrich Wanted to Attack Russia, Afghanistan in 1986! 14:45:36
200,000 Donors for Peace 14:43:41
Snowmen for Paul: pro-life 14:41:07
Song - For All of Our Troops, America Loves You and We Want you Home Safely "The Green Fields of France" The Fureys 14:39:28
'America on its Knees' by Conrad Hilton 14:39:09
Revolution PAC Email: Help Ron Paul Shock the Establishment in Florida 14:39:06
Delete please 14:38:27
looking for Colo. supporters 14:33:56
Should Ron Paul Supporters At Tonight's Debate Demand Equal Time? 14:24:25
Russell Means Endorses Ron Paul 14:17:14
Ron Paul, Power Rangers, and the Debate tonight. 14:09:03
Reality Check: Obama's military cut savings 14:06:25
Online Poll - VOTE NOW 14:06:07
Saw this on Judge Napolitano's facebook and had to share it 13:54:26
FULL ARTICLE: Ron Paul, the Fed and the Need for a Stable Dollar - WSJ 13:53:21
Israel creates a super PAC to attack Ron Paul? 13:47:03
Tonight's Debate: Computers OFF - TV on 13:46:58
Classified Ad for Ron Paul 13:42:56
Security video shows police lied about Rand Paul’s behavior - Raw Story 13:41:13
Robin Koerner : "Ron Paul's Secret Weapon, Blue Republicans" (video) 13:40:33
The first time I met Ron Paul 13:39:55
Dr. Paul on Phil's Gang-link is here 13:37:08
Yes! The Senate just passed the debt ceiling increase to $16,400,000,000,000. 13:35:32
A Winning Foreign Policy Tactic - This Will Work! 13:34:47
Financial Aid 13:34:27
Flash! Romney's Bain Capital Earned 342 Million By Bankrupting Company, Firing 850 Staff 13:33:34
Update: America Has A $16.4 Trillion Debt Ceilng 13:33:15
From Scotland with bias 13:31:29
Operation "Letter to the Editor" ~ Maine 13:26:55
Republicans, beating Obama is the wrong goal. 13:26:23
Santorum pulling out of Florida 13:25:59
Amazing Concept Ron Paul should promote: County Banks 13:21:54
Article-Will Ron Paul-onomics beat Obama? front page on MSN 13:17:04
Converting people from Sweden 13:10:44
Third Party? Support the Nominee? THE ANSWER: Loyalty 13:09:54
Opportunity 13:09:29
"I Ain't Marching Anymore" - Phil Ochs 13:08:04
Demolish Dis-info: "Ron Paul Not In It To Win" 13:02:55
Straw Poll Tally 12:57:38
Indianapolis Super Bowl Liberty Loving Volunteers Wanted 12:57:33
The GOP in Limbo: How Low Can You Go? 12:55:39
Audience Will Be Allowed To React Tonight 12:55:36
Red Alert! Obama Signed Global Internet Treaty That's Worse Than SOPA 12:54:10
Networking idea for supporters 12:53:52
Americans Elect 2012. Elect a President Not a Party. 12:49:51
Booing the Golden Rule 12:45:09
90+ Ron Paul quote pages and counting! 12:40:34
Military Equipment Filmed 1\19\12 near Santa Cruz, Southbound 12:32:51
Illuminati backwards? 12:28:03
For States That Have Not Voted Yet 12:25:34
NDAA response from Virginia Foxx (R-NC5) 12:15:08
Countering Bernanke arguments that inflation has not happened. 12:10:19
Historian Gingrich Flubs Facts 12:06:17
Battle Los Angeles...the military is preparing 12:06:11
Smackdown of Gingrich and his Christian support 12:04:53
Newt's 21st Century Contract With America. A new Constitution? 12:02:03
Don't tell people what Ron Paul does but WHY he does it... 11:51:37
Possible 2012 Bank Holiday 11:49:00
"Anti-Semitism" Alert-Campaign for Liberty-Please Read 11:43:55
Awesome, a historic speech 11:41:47
Can you go here 11:40:10
liberty and Independence 11:38:01
Liberty 11:36:20
Hobbes 11:26:56
VIDEO: Bill Maher Discusses Ron Paul with Anderson Cooper on CNN 11:23:01
Locke , cool stuff 11:18:30
CNN Debate Advertiser Boycott - contact CNN and promise to join it! UPDATED! 11:18:12
Young supporters turn out in force for Ron Paul 11:17:50
Let's beat the media at its own game 11:01:29
Coercion vs freedom 10:59:22
Ron Paul Off The Chain! 10:58:00
Welcome to Florida Ron Paul 10:55:10
Nature of human rights 10:52:28
American Medical Association agrees with Ron Paul 10:51:05
Chuck Baldwin: Newt Gingrich? Really? 10:50:08
Even Israel Admits that Iran Has Not Decided to Build a Nuclear Bomb 10:47:03
Baltic Dry Plunges 42% More Than Seasonal Norm To Start The Year 10:43:56
Why All the Robo-signing? Shedding Light on the Shadow Banking System 10:38:21
Ron Paul's Opening Comments in Tonight's Debate in Florida 10:38:01
The Real State of the Union - Peter Schiff 10:35:03
Group supremacy 10:33:39
something iam getting into 10:30:17
Peter Schiff gets down to Brass Tacks 10:28:20
Why We Should be "Glad" the Haditha Massacre Marine Got No Jail Time 10:28:16
Mitt Romney's Bain Capital 'earned' $342 million by bankrupting a company and firing 850 Floridians 10:26:03
Watch Rand not being detained Nashville International Airport 10:21:27
How fake, media driven, last minute surges manipulate the public. 10:18:29
Who did you recruit this week? 10:18:14
MSM.Money - Will Ron Paul-onomics beat Obama? 10:13:14
Diebold accidentally leaks 2012 election results 10:12:21
Politico: Tea Party vs. Cocktail Party 10:11:59
why I think all the Collective type groups are against Dr. Paul, 10:06:58
Even Israel Admits that Iran Has Not Decided to Build a Nuclear Bomb 09:59:19
Soros: Not much difference between Obama and Romney 09:45:53
What Ronald Reagan thinks of Ron Paul 09:40:42
Sticking to the Constitution on foreign policy 09:37:18
►Is there an Argument for Rational Tariffs? 09:34:26
Ron Paul 12" Talking Action Hero 09:31:34
Newt Grinch in 1996: Let’s build a real Jurassic Park, have sex in space 09:27:07
LDS Church (Mormon) leaders/prophets speak on the Constitution 09:13:44
World Video 09:08:21
Miracles will happen by June, Story of Moses. 08:43:06
A different perspective 08:39:27
Constantine: The original neocon 08:37:13
Mainer requesting 5 minutes of your time, caucus starts tommorrow 08:32:51
Mainer requesting 5 minutes of your time, caucus starts tommorrow 08:32:47
Has the O'Reilly Factor been fair? POLL 08:09:56
500+ Delegates, Where are they at? 06:37:13
One Yard sign needed in SE WI. 05:50:39
Anonymous promises to black out all candidate responses during debate except Ron Paul 05:41:40
Will Iran Kill the Petrodollar? 05:34:57
has anyone noticed how quiet dr. paul 05:15:33
The problem with America today... 05:08:57
YOUTUBE: RevolutionPAC's ENTIRE 3hr+ SC Primary Coverage, including Tom Woods & Peter Schiff Interviews! 05:07:05
CIA Agent : We are the Resistance! 05:06:03
NSA / DARPA Social Media Monitoring (i.e. Spying) Has Begun - And They Are Starting With Us. 04:59:35
Disagree 04:55:37
US Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Israel – Palestine, War, and Civil Liberties 04:53:03
An Extensive Letter to Glenn Beck by a drifter. 04:41:58
Gators love Ron Paul: Florida's welcome party 04:27:01
We WANT Romney to win Florida! 04:24:44
Google suggests that Ron Paul supporters are... 04:00:56
Great article 04:00:52
Psalm 37 - A Psalm for Hope 03:57:03
The People Romney, Gingrich and Sanitarium want Americans to die to protect 03:55:43
Gingrich paid $37M to lobby for mandatory health care 03:40:45
Ron Paul Will Win In The End 03:31:45
RON PAUL: The Fix is In 03:28:49
Behind Gingrich's Rise, Billionaire Pal Sheldon Adelson (Yahoo news): Bad news, he lives in Vegas. 03:21:58
Ron Paul on NPR Radio 01/25/12 03:12:56
The Five Minute Speech That Can Win It All 03:10:56
Jay Leno: Ron Paul Biker 03:07:49
Stop 1984 in 2012 - Operation: Impeach Lamar Smith 02:48:01
Newt promises US base on the moon 02:47:47
Rand gives Repub response to SOTU 02:43:20
Bye Bye Gingrich- DRUDGE- Gingrich caught bad mouthing Reagan 02:40:57
Singer/Songwriter Amy Allen Lost her MTV contract after making this Ron Paul "Revolution" song. 02:25:07
Yet another response to "Ron Paul is a racist" claim... 02:17:28
The Newt Implosion - Look At The Drudge Report Today 02:14:02
A Paulinian Colony - Does it exist? And if so, where is the concentration? 02:06:00
Ron Paul's 2006 Foreign Policy = That Phrase WORKS! 01:58:44
Exit polling 01:46:50
Will Ron Paul-onomics beat Obama? 01:33:49
Click Romney and Newt Online Advertising 01:29:58
Bill O'Reilly is polling and he wants to know if he has been fair on his coverage of the election! 01:11:31
Giant Robot Corporation 'Wannabe' People 01:09:07
Dr. Paul's Speech To NORML - 1988 01:04:36
a thought 01:00:23
Why is the Ron Paul campaign NOT irate? 00:58:08
Help me defend Dr. Paul on an online forum! 00:55:37
Ayn Rand ~ Atlas Shrugged documentary film opens nationwide 1/26/2012 00:53:28
Obama SOTU, Mitch and Cato 00:52:55
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ron Paul? 00:50:58
Obama's Tired Rhetoric Video 00:46:16
* 00:44:37
Jack Hunter Joins Jerry Doyle Show Says Bill O’Reilly is Completely Disgusting and Dishonest 00:43:11
Michael Yon says we should leave Afghanistan 00:42:30
Any Follow-up on the Jerry Doyle vs Bill O'Reilly Thing? 00:20:49
Deleted 00:11:44
Who Still Reads Newspapers? 00:11:20
Ron Paul in Jackson Mi. 00:09:55
State Senator, Truck Driver, Guy in Elevator +Super Brochure 00:06:28