Posted on January 28, 2012

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Video: RonPaulGirl1776 "Trust Ron Paul" 22:07:32
Ron Paul on CNN's State of the Union - Sunday January 29th 22:05:38
$h*t Ron Paul Supporters Say 23:11:44
Ron Paul WINS Tennessee Republican Assembly Straw Poll 18:56:59
To Jack Welch from a Ron Paul supporter: "Don't go away mad, just go away." 21:36:12
Let's Scare The Crap Out Of The Establishment! 19:26:27
Judge: Ron Paul Can’t Force Twitter, YouTube To Identify ‘Impostors’ 09:10:17
"What's wrong with y'all? We got to get behind whoever the winner is!" 02:35:42
10 people in the last 3 days have stopped me to talk about Ron Paul, in a good way... Because... 01:37:54
Ron Paul Full Speech in Lewiston, Maine 1/27/12 00:01:10
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RevPAC Buys 32 Hours Of Airtime In Florida! Airs 'America: Freedom To Fascism'! 20:23:50
Update : Correction - Local Fox 17 in Nashville LIES ! 23:59:43
what's your Florida prediction 23:54:21
TODAY! A Conversation With Ron Paul (VIDEO) 23:54:21
When is it time to leave? 23:54:06
Ron Paul VS. Barack Obama on Abortion 23:53:36
Video: Ron Paul Support at the Strawberry Caucus Lakeland, Florida 1-28-2012 23:52:25
$2 Bills for Ron Paul 23:49:58
Video: Ron Paul Overflow Crowd at Alfred Town Hall, Maine 23:48:18
The Real Newt 23:40:43
America: Freedom to Fascism - UNBELIEVABLE! 23:34:20
establishments "endorsement trumping" tactic 23:26:25
Ron Paul will defeat Mitt Romney in the Virginia primary 23:26:23
Phoenix, AZ supporters for Dr Ron Paul - do you need gear/SuperBrochures? 23:22:53
If U.S. Were You Making $35,000 a Year, You'd be $135,000 in Debt, and Borrowing 23:19:41
From the perspective of a Jerusalem tour guide. 23:14:36
Occupy Oakland is being broken up. 23:03:37
Outrageous Gingrich And Romney Quotes 23:01:47
If only they had listened... 23:01:08
Ron Paul Wants... 22:57:36
For our Champion 22:55:29
The Hill: Cain endorses Newt 22:41:13
Cain endorses the Grinch 22:40:50
Video: Women for Dr. Ron Paul 22:40:35
Time Traveler From The Year 1998 Warns Nation Not To Elect Newt Gingrich 22:30:56
Video: Girls4RonPaul "How Ron Paul Saved My Life" 22:29:11
Newt Gingrich: "I Will Go All The Way To The Convention" 22:20:15
Let's Ask Lance Armstrong To Ride Twenty Five Miles, With Dr. Paul! 22:12:35
Michelle Fields Outs ‘Patriotic Millionaires’ 22:05:01
Video from Freeport, ME 21:56:45
Michelle Fields Outs ‘Patriotic Millionaires’ 21:50:58
Thank You John Stossel, Stossel Host Ron Paul Q&A and mock Obama Debate 21:49:21
An Exclusive Look Inside the Ron Paul Cookbook 21:42:31
Employees/ Serfs needed 21:40:44
Ron Paul and the Maine Advantage 21:39:15
Ron Paul Wins TN Straw Poll 21:37:37
Are the Florida delegates unbound? 21:24:26
Paul's Secret Plan! 21:21:38
OWS is not what I thought it was and may not be what you think it is. 21:19:31
Believe 21:13:06
How do we define American beliefs? 21:10:28
cnn-5 things learned in last debate-says some nice RP things 21:10:01
Unsatisfactory solutions to the "immigration problem"... 21:03:55
What has Ron Paul done for your life? 21:02:32
GOAL: 1144 delegates with 800-900+ delegates (35% plus) before the convention. Ron Paul takes delegate lead Super Tuesday night! 21:01:46
Freedom 21:01:34
Our time has come! The Ron Paul supporters NOW have the numbers to force the GOP to listen to us! Please read! 20:54:07
Ron Paul Wins Arizona Straw Poll 20:50:23
(Do you realize?) We have one in the Texas Legislature! 20:47:27
Forget Florida: Ron Paul takes lead Super Tuesday as he is out winning vast majority of delegates from the twelve caucus states! 20:39:27
Video: Ron Paul Revolution 20:33:39
"Ron Paul will sign executive orders" 20:25:49
Swiss Direct Democracy 20:21:17
Gingrich calls reagan a failure 19:50:15
South Carolina Voter Fraud? Wasn't the SC Attorney General looking into it? 19:47:51
Ron Paul wins AZ State GOP Straw Poll Results 19:44:29
L.L.Bean T-Shirt Buy Bomb - Bump to commit! 19:32:09
What if Ron Paul doesn't win? 19:28:27
Ron Paul supporters asked about the Constitution- Video 19:21:54
Vacationers for Ron Paul-Sign up Here-let's get 10000 people 19:07:47
A 100% way to STOP Barack Obama from being re-elected! 19:02:41
SC Senator Under Attack Due To RP Endorsement 19:02:36
AWESOME 2 Photos Out of Maine Today Shows Ron Paul is a SUPERSTAR! 18:48:53
The Hill: Ron Paul wil defeat Mitt Romney in Virgnia 18:40:05
(onion) Diebold Accidentally Leaks 2012 Election Results 18:39:29
Ron's second endorsement in Maine - State Rep Aaron Libby 18:33:13
1997 Video of part 3 CIA: America's Secret Warriors 18:33:02
Ron Paul's "Foreign" Policy: One Step Away From Hitting Home BASE 18:26:02
Check this out and see what you make of it... 18:22:21
The Income Tax 18:18:53
Town Hall Meeting with Congressman Reed 18:16:28
Ron Paul Ad - We Are Bradley Manning 18:13:51
Ron Paul greeted by cheering crowd in Lewiston, Maine 18:13:23
SuperFlyers inserted 18:13:09
EXCITEMENT Building for Ron Paul's Trip to COLORADO Next Week! 18:08:31
Drudge: Gingrich Vows To Stay In 'Until Convention' 18:08:14
Incredible ! Ron Paul supporter (Video) 18:00:51
American Republican Palestinian? Poor guy... 17:44:26
"Wipe Santorum" 17:43:15
Obama mentions an energy company in SOTU and it goes bankrupt immediately 17:35:09
I Wanna Spread the Love! 17:28:46
Proud Dad 17:24:22
Roland Martin (CNN): Only Ron Paul gets Cuba 17:16:25
MN Ron Paul PPL 17:15:37
TYT "Mocks" Republican Presidential Debates 17:14:07
Looking for a comprehensive breakdown of delegates by state...I'll keep looking, but 17:13:41
L.L. Bean heiress backs Paul ! (CNN) 17:13:00
Facebook likes 17:12:29
Paul Craig Roberts : "Ron Paul Is The Only Candidate Who Stands Against Tyranny" 17:09:22
Reagan takes blame for recession. 16:54:30
Ron Paul stars in Astros rainbow uniform at ’76 Congressional ballgame 16:54:27
It's all about delegate count. The battle has yet to begin! 16:51:29
Fellow DPer's , Lets think very hard 16:49:57
+3 votes for Ron Paul in Florida 16:45:37
How to deal with depression? 16:44:12
Video Idea 16:41:06
Is Florida winner-take-all? Not necessarily. A challenge can be filed. 16:35:59
CUBA 16:35:20
IRAN - Dr. Paul's Glass Cieling 16:32:12
If Gingrich were to win Florida 16:24:49
I need some feedback on a Ron Paul opinion 16:23:51
IAM - Dangerous 16:21:40
Air time in florida for the Good Doctor 16:19:55
Easy way to win 51 delegates? 16:11:54
Ron Paul is the only candidate who stands against tyranny 16:05:55
The Real Reason Why Paul Is "Unelectable", Political Zionism! 16:05:22
Reply From My Congressman On NDAA 16:03:57
creating infrastructure with goverment money to create more jobs? Why will it not work? 15:52:24
obama expose'! sunday nite on fox! 15:48:48
What you never knew about defense contracting... 15:43:44
Paul hunts for GOP delegates in Maine 15:35:22
CNN - Roland Martin says only Ron Paul has the right idea about Cuba 15:24:21
Possible SECURE VOTING option? Hmm... interesting idea. 15:18:51
Statesman v.s. Politician (video) 15:15:06
Romney (and others?) Paying for Votes in Florida... 15:15:03
Hot Damn Art's Ron Paul Prints- Proceeds go to the Campaign 15:11:03
This new U.S. rankings report should supplement Paul's 'More Govt = Less Freedom message 14:57:20
Should Ron Paul have an infomercial type 30 minute presentation made by veterans explaining their positions on the wars? 14:52:45
Voter-fraud. Entry Polls Favor Paul! 14:49:53
NEW Sign Idea...and it's perfect. 14:47:46
How will Ron Paul pay down the debt? 14:46:38
Ron Paul vs. NHLiberty4Paul 14:38:56
Pros and Cons of seeking GOP "acceptance" 14:37:20
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: How Ron Paul Can Win 14:35:00
History of Wars 14:34:06
Contributors / Volunteers needed for Live President Paul Video Stream 14:33:53
The Silver Racism Challenge: Prove it, win silver. 14:27:51
Have a few seconds for some fun? 14:21:43
Obama Sings To The Sheeple 14:21:12
New Name to describe the mainstream media, (BANKSTER MEDIA) 14:11:58
The Diamond System 14:11:45
I got a couple of High Fives in the gym 14:08:54
Health Democracy: starting a local health cooperative 14:02:50
Presidential GOP candidates with clickable links to videos and articles 14:00:58
Noninterventionism for Dummies. Could we get Official Approval 13:52:36
Bank Of International Settlements 13:51:59
US Feds Raid Foreign-Based Megaupload Without Censorship Laws SOPA, PIPA, ACTA 13:43:50
Let's create a PLEDGE to WRITE-IN Ron Paul if he doesn't get the nomination. 13:39:41
Ron Paul on "State of The Union" W / Candy Crowley CNN 1-29-12 (Check Local Listing) 13:38:29
Pro-Paul CNN Opinion Piece: The hypocrisy of Americas Cuba policy 13:35:41
Ron Paul Demolishes Arizona Straw Poll 13:34:36
Wow! A video was made about the USS Enterprise being a possible False Flag! 13:32:01
Ron Paul's Ronald Reagan Moment 13:23:49
RevPac - Make a video for Florida on how Ron Paul predicted the housing crisis. 13:19:18
A Nuclear Option 13:14:25
Fox News establishment propaganda snakebite: Sunday 8pm CST; 9pm ET 13:12:05
Someone talented, please re-make this graphic/cartoon for the election! 13:09:50
Which GOP Candidate Would The Founders Support? 12:46:39
I sent a ron paul video to establishment republican friend. They replied that im no longer a republican.This is what I said 12:39:39
Missouri has a long way to go with the Super Brochure 12:34:28
Two FEEL GOOD videos - Ron Paul & supporters 12:24:06
Hillsdale College offers their Online Course, Constitution 101, to all Americans, free 12:22:39
How Ron Paul Can Effectively Fire Back at the Third Party Question 12:07:51
my reply to Makow smear against Ron Paul 12:02:51
That being said, Goooooo Newt! 11:53:25
A big thank you to all politicians who did and will endorse Ron Paul for President of the USA 11:53:01
Ron Paul, Class Clown? 11:48:23
How Fox News Is Destroying The Republican Party 11:37:52
Ron Paul Clothing Bomb 11:31:34
Ron Paul meets with Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage 11:22:05
Free ebooks at Mises 11:21:00
Visualize Ron Paul 11:18:29
Rand V Joe Biden Debate 11:16:04
UNBIASED Local TV Coverage of Ron Paul from WLBZ NBC2 Bangor, Maine 11:09:59
My Journey out of bewilderment 11:08:50
A Lonely Battle Why Ron Paul keeps on fighting and doesn't quit 11:02:51
Visualize Ron Paul 10:58:17
O'reilly Poll 10:50:30
Ron Paul locks up Hudson Middle School mock vote 10:41:53
Three Candidate Comparison Sheet for Polls/Canvassing 10:39:47
Turn 1 Ron Paul vote into 5 (video) 10:33:48
Who fits best the characteristics of an overseer from the Bible? 10:19:04
Gingrich: Maybe We'll Bomb Castro If I'm President 10:17:01
The Plain Truth: Judge Napolitano - " What If " 10:15:45
U.S falls to 47th in press freedom 10:11:09
They are talking "Close Military Bases In the US" DR. PAUL! Jobs! Foreign Policy! Strong Defense! 10:10:14
Evangelicals, Ron Paul, and War 10:07:48
Iowa caucus result more than suspicious‎ 09:44:43
Santorum "Swan Song"? Tired and broke, Santorum heads home to do taxes 09:44:07
Economist who foresaw '08 crash warns conflict with Iran could cause global recession 09:39:52
Nomination Math 09:35:39
Novo Nordisk: Gingrich was a Lobbyist! The Danish Big Pharma's Own Internal Docs CONFIRM It! 09:24:11
Biodiesels pollute more than crude oil, leaked data show 09:21:54
Humorus interruption at a city council meeting. Please watch! 09:20:33
What about President Ron Paul and VP Jim DeMint 09:00:12
Rant, not about RP 08:46:50
Attention Delaware! 08:22:35
Ron Paul full speech at Brick Church Bangor Maine - Video 08:15:15
Ron Paul Revolution =GREAT VIDEO AND SONG= ! View! 08:11:47
Here is the court video of Obama's ineligibility case 08:08:59
ALERT: Nationwide Protest vs. NDAA on Feb.3, 2012 at Your Sen/Rep's Offices! 08:03:27
NHL's Tim Thomas skips White House visit to protest a government that's "out of control" 07:12:13
What Ron Paul should say about the WAR issue, and NATIONAL DEFENSE! 07:07:10
(Need Promoters) "No One But Paul" Money Bomb - Planning & Promotion - Feb 14th 06:37:02
Bloodlines of the Illuminati 06:13:39
Bob Saget on losing a loved one, may be relevant to expaining how the Middle Eastern people feel about us on their land. 05:56:57
Petition needed: Call on Romney / Gingrich / Santorum to Drop Out! 05:50:29
Welfare Drug Testing Bill Withdrawn After Amended To Include Testing Lawmakers 05:50:09
Will Judge order Obama removed from Georgia Ballot? 05:48:28
My Idea if Dr. Paul isn't the Nominee 05:47:43
This video clearly supports Ron Paul... without ever saying it. 04:53:57
Up early? 04:44:15
How the establishment distracts us 04:43:41
Pete Dominick defends Ron Paul on Red Eye (even on foreign policy) 1/27/12 04:41:52
His Name Is Ron Paul And He's Our Hero 04:37:29
The Roots Of Bain Capital In The El Salvador Civil War 04:28:05
Ron Paul speech about secession and Civil War 04:16:50
Gotta travel through the airport tomorrow, I'm only taking one carry on item. 03:57:43
Video Response To Jack & Susie Welch Saying The GOP Will "FIRE" Ron Paul 03:25:45
John Dennis is BACK! 03:25:09
I'm voting for Ron Paul because I want mandatory-participation, taxpayer-financed healthcare... 03:23:51
Block News Sites With Hostile News Content. 03:22:27
Newt And His Colony On The Moon 02:58:17
Anyone Else Hate Ron Paul? 02:42:48
ABC News: Gingrich backer under criminal investigation for bribes, mob ties 02:39:35
Obamas Health Care Explained 02:26:47
Success! Went full force on the Foreign Policy concerns. Try it and see if it works for you. 02:24:40
Thank-you Michael Nystrom and The Daily Paul 02:19:02
Why Ron Paul CANNOT be a racist! (in less than 100 words) 02:07:15
Ron Paul to receive two pivotal endorsements at Maine events 02:04:14
"Democrat Dictator" tries to ban me from sidewalk @ GOP debate 01:41:30
People know what Ron is about, they are very scared... 01:39:45
Video: Full Interview with Jack Welch on Reuters stating that Ron Paul will be "fired" by the GOP! 01:29:12
Santorum Just Torpedoed His Campaign! Get The Word Out! 01:26:10
Paul Can Win And Will Win 01:18:54
African Tale! 01:15:23
Tea Party neocons 01:14:12
Attention Michganders: Sign-up for Precinct Delegation this Monday!- Information Thread~! 01:13:52
YUCK! Newt's New Strategy to Bounce Back in Florida (Cartoon) 01:13:48
When will Santorum quit? Your guess 01:05:19
Rick Santorum cancels tea party rally in Florida originally set for today. 01:00:23
My 5th grader is a Ron Paul ACTIVIST! 00:41:38
Flip Flop Romney in 2008 on Health Care 00:30:48
“I’m Not Going to Plead Guilty to Using My Medicine.” 00:15:24
Examiner Article - Veterans March For Ron Paul! 00:12:58
help me reach older voters in Va. 00:07:37
NEW VIDEO: Gingrich says Reagan a FAILURE but praises TRUMAN 00:04:47