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Ron Paul Interview On Freedom Watch 01/30/12 22:44:03
I Just Defended Paul on National Radio 20:33:49
Ron Paul Interview on CNBC / Kudlow - 1/30/12 22:56:50
"You would never hear of a 'former' Ron Paul supporter" 19:38:29
50 Examples of the Ron Paul Meme 17:46:34
Ron Paul to be the #2 Candidate by mid-February 17:43:48
I Am Now A Victim of the War on Drugs (UPDATE) 17:12:44
Got My FIRST Letter to Editor Published! 16:18:23
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 1/30/12: Why the Fed is Such a Colossal Failure 10:17:33
Dr. Funny Bone: A "King Killer;" GOP should "Laugh at him, at their own peril" - 1/29/12 MSNBC Video 01:51:19
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A Veterans Case For Ron Paul - Video 23:08:31
GET OUT THE VOTE, facebook chain letters! 23:06:52
Knock, Knock! 23:04:21
Doug Wead interview clips - excellent. 23:03:04
The only Tea Party candidate who can beat Obama. 22:59:34
Spirit Airline LASHES out against Federal Regulation to hide taxes in their fares! 22:56:04
Ron Paul Marketplace. Please Help! 22:51:35
Ron Pauls Recent 22:46:54
I can't take the police state 22:46:51
Write Maine's Governor Paul LePage! (Please Bump up) 22:44:29
New Ron Paul rap video 22:43:17
Joining The Military Is NOT Voluntary For Many Troops 22:42:10
January 31st Deadline for North Carolina Republican Delegates! 22:38:08
Post your favorite candidates for local, state, or federal office! 22:24:37
Ron Paul Exposes Neo Conservatives A.K.A. NEOCONS (2003) - video 22:20:59
Lord have mercy on me for not doing more to get Ron Paul elected.. 22:19:25
CNN trotting out Jack Welch...Again 22:15:47
Put your hands up for Ron Paul! WE BE PAUL P-a-a PAUL Pa Paul Paullers 22:12:28
America, an overview. get it while you can! soon to be banned on youtube! 22:08:44
"Ron Paul End Your Campaign And Get Out Of The Gop!" ( I can't believe how ignorant these people are) 22:03:23
rEVOLution PAC Airing Florida Primary Webcast 1/31 @ 7pm est. Featuring Peter Schiff, Tom Woods, Jim Rogers and Robin Koerner 21:56:04
Santorum charity for the poor spend most of its money on management, political friends 21:54:08
Taking Liberty - How Private Property Is Being Abolished In America 21:52:01
[Tube] Ron Paul Interview On The Jason Lewis Show 01/30/12 21:49:32
Will Ron Paul win more delegates this week than Gingrich, Santorum? 21:47:18
Iran's nuclear reactor originally built by Siemens, for the Shah, without objection 21:47:06
On Sarah Palin's Facebook Page, a Revolt Against Newt Gingrich 21:37:59
Rick Santorum: Top-tier on Most Corrupt Member of Congress list 2 years running 21:31:11
Will Ron Paul win more delegates this week than Gingrich and Santorum? - from the CS Monitor 21:25:24
Rick Santorum’s Big Coal Buddies 21:23:42
BOMBSHELL: Here's A Tape Of Newt Gingrich Endorsing Obamacare 21:23:37
NEW Gallop Poll-Ron Paul Does Better than Newt against Obama! 21:15:51
VIDEO : Florida cop draws gun on another florida cop for breaking the law WOW! 21:14:39
My objections to Dr. Paul's Economic Philosophy 21:07:49
Diebold (An oldie but goodie) 21:03:58
The Forgotten Man Artist on Ron Paul 21:03:01
Ron Paul: Good for the Constitution, Good for the Mormons 21:01:10
VIDEO - Gingrich wanted Federal Govt to FUND BALLET! 20:59:57
How do we keep candidates from lying over and over? 20:58:59
Should we have a Miltary draft? 20:58:57
Christian Science Monitor - Paul will WIN more delegates this week than Santorum and Gingrich combined! 20:52:52
Major News ! - EU - 2 great nations stand ground ! 20:47:05
I need HELP verifying Ron Paul's Claims about Military Donations 20:45:19
Top Page of Drudge: "Will Ron Paul win more delegates this week than Gingrich, Santorum?" 20:44:02
Ron Paul in Colorado 20:40:06
Newt Gingrich 2012: The Real Story 20:34:20
A Tale of Two Great Doctors 20:26:28
Help for MO signs for upcoming primary 20:17:11
The astrology of libertarianism 20:16:16
How can I help campaign in Virginia 20:12:12
Constitution For Dummies - Judge Andrew Napolitano 20:04:32
What would you do for a single vote? 19:59:39
Snoop Dogg Endorses Ron Paul (Via FB Status Update) Cryptically... 19:58:10
PA Senate Candidate Marc Scaringi "Ron Paul Peace Candidate" He needs some Facebook Love 19:43:22
Is America The World's Bully? 19:41:12
Ron Paul In Las Vegas! Caucus Kickoff Event 19:30:12
Drone Diplomacy: Comply or Die 19:18:00
Why Ron Paul Will Not Win - Diebold Accidentally Leaks 2012 Election Results 19:10:41
Poll for Ron Paul People on World Net Daily 19:05:48
Anyone like Indie Rock & Roll? 18:59:31
Dumb Question about Delegates 18:58:53
Ron's coming to southern Nevada tomorrow! 18:46:32
Will Ron Paul win more delegates this week than Gingrich, Santorum? 18:42:48
Ron Paul's Theme Song 18:42:09
Watch Obama crash and burn live on YouTube 18:41:46
Ron Paul is likely to win more delegates than either Gingrich or Santorum this week: The Christian Science Monitor 18:41:27
Will Ron Paul win more delegates this week than Gingrich, Santorum? 18:39:39
Jewish man educates NY Daily News reporter at Romney event 18:38:22
Freedomworks Poll 18:24:47
In support of the Ron Paul is the choice of the troops march 18:23:26
PHOTO: Is this the NICEST Close-Up of Ron Paul Ever Taken? 08:16:46
New Dylan Ratigan Show - Like Ron Paul Mini Me's 18:14:45
Obama Attorney Knows Eligibility Hearing Was Disaster For The President 18:11:37
Ron Paul and The Cult of Death 18:05:44
Gingrich wanted mandatory health insurance in 2009 (plus sexy pic) 18:04:37
Gingrich staffer: AIDS came from sex with monkeys, heterosexual transmission 'virtually impossible' 18:03:55
Hey Colorado! I'm driving! 17:59:23
Two choices for Republicans- Ron Paul or Mitt Obama 17:58:12
C SPAN, coverage of congress insider stock trading practices 17:54:37
Causes, NO ONE BUT PAUL Pledge and Spread 17:53:30
Ron Paul Supporters:These Are The Times That Try Mens' Souls 17:53:16
Snoop Dogg endorses Ron Paul! 17:41:36
Use THISfor the "Don't like his foreign policy" quip... 17:40:55
Can we say a few words for Ron Paul and the Florida Primary Tuesday 1/31/2012? 17:40:12
In a GOP bloodbath, libertarians win 17:33:16
Battle of Athens Grassroots Moneybomb for Nashville, TN 17:27:14
Ron Paul Supporters Make FOX 17 News in Nashville, TN 17:24:27
Ron Paul Super PAC to Host Florida Primary Webcast 17:21:07
USA TODAY: Vets will be 1st target of NDAA; Here it Comes 16:55:49
NY Daily News Video: Proud Jew for Ron Romney rally! 16:55:18
Effective Activism vs. Endless Sign Waves 16:53:26
Constitution 101! 16:52:02
Rick Santorum's Baby Bella 16:47:11
Ron Paul wins Virginia U straw poll 46%, included Obama 40% 16:43:21
Ron Paul campaign office in VA “Burglarized” 16:42:05
Art of Article: The 4 Qualities of a True Statesman 16:39:45
How the Swedes and Norwegians broke the power of the 1 percent 16:36:59
Listen in: Dr. Paul Crushes the Competition: Health Freedom versus Crony Capitalism 16:36:52
Why exactly is the council on foreign relations so bad? 16:33:41
Tourists Arrested & Deported For Twitter Jokes 16:28:49
WI US Senate Candidate Mark Neumann with Rand Paul Tele-Town Hall - Facebook signup 16:27:02
Ron Paul's Campaign Headquarters in WA attacked 16:24:58
Limbaugh just said all canidates for Pres voted or supported managed health care. 16:20:41
Captain Ron Paul vs America’s Leading Chicken-Hawks 16:20:09
Snoop Dogg wants what Ron Paul’s smoking 16:20:01
Jon Schaffer of metal band Iced earth "RON PAUL Is The Only Politician In Congress I Trust" 16:15:44
23 of Romney’s foreign policy advisers served under George W Bush 16:14:42
Killing in the name of-our anthem? 16:07:34
Your Vote is Urgently Needed on an Issue that affects all of us EQUALLY 15:52:14
Is THIS the foreign policy YOU are going to support? 15:39:49
Right Wing TALK RADIO blitz! 15:26:38
60 Minutes on Wild Life, Private Property, (and Shows us Why Liberals are Killing Wild Life) 15:26:35
Church selling forgiveness again! 15:25:58
Amazing Accurate Speech 15:20:45
Ron Paul Exemplifies Catholic values - - or any Faith 15:16:28
FL neighborhood supports the Police literally watching their community 247 15:13:08
New WebSite For Vermont Ron Paul Supporters 15:06:30
Freddie Mac Bets Billions Against Struggling Homeowners 15:04:06
Santorum crediting his run for president to his Italian communist grandfather. 15:02:50
Ron Paul Exclusive: Who’s Regulating Washington? 15:01:45
What is the PRACTICAL answer? 15:00:43
CBS News's Ron Paul Coverage Overwhelmingly Positive 14:59:03
More young supporters for Ron Paul? 14:58:29
Auction 2012: Banking [AUDIO] RP Inspred Ratigan 14:55:01
Vote for Rick Santorum! 14:54:10
So, you say, "Ron Paul cannot get the GOP nomination." 14:53:39
Ron Paul Virginia campaign office burglarized 14:53:03
Possible False Flag Attack and 35 lbs of Cocaine found at the UN 14:47:19
Chinese professor likes Ron Paul! 14:39:29
February 16th, Republicans From Mecklenburg County North Carolina Will Meet to Elect Delegates from Their Precicnts 14:30:39
Grassroots rally for Ron Paul - Bemidji MN! 14:27:51
VIDEO: Dr. Paul ROCKS University of Southern Maine, Gorham, ME - Jan. 28, 2012! 14:18:02
Google's New "Privacy" Policy 14:17:10
Snoop Dogg Endorses Ron Paul WAKE UP! 14:15:54
The Hour is Late ... The Time is Now 14:11:02
Some Comments/Questions regarding Voting System and Off Topic 14:00:23
Funny Cartoon 13:32:43
Brokered convention strategy - Why Rand Paul could win 13:16:48
Revolution Pac Florida Primary Coverage 13:16:31
Obama Eligibility Court Case - Blow by Blow 13:07:08
Hey...wait a minute, I'm paying for Mitt's campaign? 12:57:19
AWESOME PHOTO - The Passion and Fire of Ron Paul Nation! 12:47:49
Falkland Islands - Renewed tensions 12:42:34
Clark Howard Would Vote Ron Paul 12:32:58
Ron Paul Wins Arizona GOP Straw Poll by a LANDSLIDE! 12:23:51
The Peacemaker: Fort Lauderdale Police Surveillance 11:49:27
We are winning! 11:41:44
Santorum Says Daughter Bella Has a 'Miraculous Turnaround' 11:36:54
Small government democrats 11:31:53
Is Ron Paul Racist Like Me? 11:30:28
James Madison is just another Paul Bot 11:24:14
Emailing doubters 11:16:21
READ WHY Mormon's Are Also Supporting Ron Paul! 11:04:38
"Ron Paul Can Stop Now" 10:29:12
Gingrich backer Adelson - Zionist, social liberal 10:09:31
Judge who Ruled against Raw Milk in Wisconsin quits to work for Monsanto law firm 09:52:19
Polls Lie Or NBC Lies Or Both LIE! 09:49:04
Lew and the Judge on Nutbag Newt 09:07:39
Israel to become biggest jailer of refugees 08:34:43
Iran, Gold and Oil - The Next Banksters War 08:12:38
the end game 07:01:31
Why The Mainstream Media Won't Take Ron Paul Seriously 07:01:25
I sold silver for the first time 06:36:58
RP Foreign Policy Parallel: DoJ to aid Local LEO 'deal with' Barricaded Combat Veterans 06:23:01
Poll: Off DRUDGE at 5:02 A.M. EST 06:04:12
I found a short guide to proper debating that I like alot. 06:04:09
Ron Paul and the Israel question - Washington Times Communities 05:28:00
[Idea] - "Ron Paul & Snoop Dogg vs. Bill O'Reilly" Video 05:10:49
GOP Candidates Ron Paul & Mitt Romney Should Realize Why We Need Foreign Aid 05:03:41
Sarah Palin talks about Ron Paul… 04:55:37
Like it Up if you Agree - Facebook Ron or Gone 2012. 04:54:30
Pivotal GOP skirmish — what, in this state? 04:47:12
Driveby Down Vote Cowards 04:30:40
Paul says GOP presidential race has ‘a ways to go;’ dubs queries on dropping out ‘premature’ 04:30:03
Are You Really an INDIVIDUAL? 04:16:29
How Diverse Is Liberty? 04:07:15
NDAA Will Open Door for Liberty Candidates This Year. On Nationwide Protest Day, Step Up! 04:01:46
Does anyone else hate the Federal Reserve as much as I do? 03:57:49
Is Palin positioning for a brokered convention? 03:30:52
What do these people have in common?: 03:27:59
Ron Paul: In It To Win It 03:06:31
As was explained to me 02:48:07
Polls Vote! 02:44:13
'Peace is a Powerful Message.' Ron Paul 02:43:08
Meet the new establishment whipping horse 02:37:55
CNN:Ron Paul ties GOP in knots 01:54:50
How Ron Paul gets elected in 2012 01:54:01
"Ron Paul has my vote and this is why" - [GREAT VIDEO] 01:52:26
Newt The Anti-Establishment Candidate! Did You Notice The Newt Gingrich "Money Bomb" Icon At The Top Of The DP? 01:38:55
Alec Baldwin 01:33:59
Holden Caulfield believes in Ron Paul 01:33:57
Ron Paul wins JMU Straw Poll 01:21:25
Has this EPIC video been posted on DP yet? 01:13:53
Mind control 01:13:46
Bill Maher: "Ron Paul Has Balls!" 00:57:57
For Fun 00:57:14
My call with the Wells Report on RP and foreign policy 00:54:31
1,000,000 Signatures - Petition RNC: Support Ron Paul as the 2012 Republican Party Nominee 00:53:25
Change Has Wind Within Wings Of Birds 00:53:23
The Philosophy of Liberty (VIDEO) 00:50:08
The call of fate 00:41:12
Mr Nystrom, would it be possible to please remove all automatic facebook requests at DP? 00:38:02
FAWX has 3 Veterans on Who Support Three different Candidates - Guess which ones? 00:31:51
The MSM media is being nice to Dr Paul right now because 00:31:38
Democrat for Obama 00:17:12
Just starting a new Ron Paul Meetup Group 00:15:35
Mearsheimer and Walt: The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy 00:10:43
GEORGIA: Super Brochures for Super Tuesday! 20:11:53