Posted on January 31, 2012

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VIDEO: Sold Out! Check out the MASSIVE Crowd in CO! 16:28:45
IOWA GOP Chairman To RESIGN! 15:29:42
PayPal Co-Founder Funding 'Endorse Liberty' Ron Paul Super PAC 16:03:39
Veterans March on the White House - Video 22:55:59
TODAY! Ron Paul's Op-Ed In Las Vegas Sun: Stop Taxing Tips 10:38:00
Florida GOP Primary Tonight - Open Thread 16:21:39
Ron Paul by Sly 11:07:16
125+ Sheriffs Meet in Nevada - Sheriff Mack is Keynote Speaker and Organizer 07:50:16
What is Your Fair Share? 00:00:07
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RonPaul, polling Nationally at -.007% (LOL) sarcasm 23:55:34
Watch this insprational vid. This is Ron Paul in a 4-Person Race to the Finish. 23:52:57
A Pattern with Gingrich Security 23:50:56
India abandons US dollar to purchase Iranian oil 23:41:26
ViDEO: A Beautiful Soul shares WHY Some of Us are so Passionate about Ron Paul! 23:40:55
Good thing Palin endorsed Newt Romney on Freedom Watch... 23:39:41
Ron Paul's Not Giving Up, He's Focusing on Cleaning Up in Nevada and Maine and.. 23:35:17
U.S. actions in the Mideast endanger Christians 23:34:58
Quick CNN Ron Paul Interview After Speech In Nevada Post Florida Results 23:34:35
Politico: Paul ready for the caucus states 23:22:04
VIDEO: Dr. Paul in Denver, CO, Jan 31, 2012! 23:20:37
Ron Paul KILLS IT in tonight's speech after the Florida Primary 23:20:17
Ron Paul's Speech Tonight: "If Enthusiasm Wins Elections, We Win Hands Down!" 23:16:36
RevPac's Primary broadcast gets it's first sponsor! 23:14:03
Attention Missouri Ron Paul Supporters! 23:11:38
ALERT: Ron Paul on CNN now! 10:07pm et 23:07:25
We aren't here to win an election 23:04:46
Every Time The Fed Inflates, You Get a Pay Cut and Wall Street Gets a Raise! 22:51:56
Ron Paul Is The Only Man Who Can Beat Barack Obama 22:50:23
Romney's Voters Dontt Like Romney 22:49:12
GOP establishment lays down the law to Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and the conservative movement 22:43:04
Why do MSNBC and other MSM networks constantly post false delegate numbers on their tickers? 22:40:46
Sue! 22:39:34
Gary North, Ron Paul Research Assistant: "This is the most effective brief explanation of the FED that I have ever seen. . . ." 22:33:22
Ron Paul is doing as I suggested in another post from Nevada LIVE! 22:31:34
MSNBC Covering Henderson NV Speech LIVE NOW 22:30:13
Hey! What's this lyin' around $hit?! 22:15:29
Jim Demint on C Span - Wednesday 22:13:30
Listen to robocall: Gingrich says Romney isn't nice to Holocaust victims! Jeeeeezzz. Can these bums go lower? 22:05:29
Freedom's Not Free 22:03:15
Foreign donations to Super PACs? 21:59:26
Paypal Founder Peter Thiel gives Ron Paul PAC 900K 21:57:19
Ron Paul in Denver, Colorado 1/31/2012 21:53:03
Mitt Romney's numbers speak for themselves... Wait, what are they saying? 21:48:00
Lesson Learned From Florida Primary 21:46:59
Ron Needs to Talk to HIS Age Group 21:38:19
Enough with the "Ron Paul supporters don't vote" comments 21:34:16
Do you still think we have a chance at the nomination? 21:33:54
Huffpo reporting done deal at 3% 21:31:45
Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern: The Military Industrial Complex Owns the Media 21:27:18
Iran, perceiving threat from West, willing to attack on U.S. soil, U.S. intelligence report finds 21:26:16
anyone else noticed ron paul rearranged says our plan :D 21:14:30
CNN just announced their exit polls for today's primary 21:06:15
Western Pennsylvania Petition Signing Parties to get Ron Paul delegates on the Ballot in PA 21:06:13
VIDEO: Rand Paul on Jerry Doyle Show - Jan 31, 2012 21:03:49
I Hate The Republican Party! 20:59:30
Ron Paul Revolution is picking up steam and delegates: Onward to the convention where nobody wins the nomination on first vote. 20:56:15
Nice Ron Paul Bio on Fox Report! 20:47:40
Gingrich saying the right things 20:46:18
Ron Paul Speaks in Henderson, Nevada LIVE at 8:30pm EST 20:44:53
VIDEO: Dr. Paul's Final Colorado Stop @ Colorado Springs Municipal Airport Hangar! 20:33:28
Separation of School and State 20:30:26
"New Video" from Amarillo, TX. Painted the famous Cadillac Ranch cars on I-40! 20:04:53
★ Troops March LIVE Video Stream LIVE ★ 20:04:49
Create Best New Ad for Ron Paul! 20:00:47
Voter Fraud Is a Piece of Cake 19:53:50
What Is With This Delegate Count! 19:53:47
For All Those Who Play Into The Illusion Of Our Voting System 19:50:52
Crucial Article Revealing Misleading Media Reporting on Iran! 19:49:59
Fourth year in a row of trillion-plus deficits! 19:49:17
HuffPost: EXCELLENT Article on Overwhelming Youth Support for Dr.Paul in FL! 19:49:14
See the BEST Photos from Today's Event in Denver, Colorado 19:42:51
Help me win Tickets.. FTW! 19:33:53
180,000 votes in Florida would be 19:33:34
Romney supporters in a nutshell...Wow 19:24:31
VIDEO - Local TV Coverage of Ron Paul Campaigning in Colorado 19:21:45
Happy Anniversary Dr. and Mrs. Paul 19:15:18
The Pledge 19:13:39
EXCELLENT Satire of Obama-bots (made by the guy who did the neo-con satire) 19:01:58
Sheriff Mack Launches Primary Challenge Against Lamar Smith! 18:56:01
SERIOUS FAIL: "Ron Paul does Better Against Obama than Everyone Except Romney." 18:54:46
We need to commission independent exit polls after each primary - and publish our results wide and far! 18:53:54
Our Elections Are Rigged - No Question 18:53:28
Florida Business Supports Ron Paul - The Revolution PAC 18:51:33
Obama's Remedy for Rising Tuition: More of What's Causing It 18:49:40
Manifest Destiny Derailed: Treason from Within 18:49:01
My Litmus Test 18:46:11
Voting Machine Reliability? 18:45:25
US government already trying to troops get back into Iraq! 18:44:58
Old news. 18:44:13
First Vote Ever 18:42:05
Video: John King agrees with Ron Paul "the people are tired of wars" 18:41:18
If Gold isn't money 18:39:41
Photojournalist evidence of Gingrich goon assault 18:36:05
Gingrich Security decides to assault a RP supporter. 18:33:20
Fear Mongers Beat Their Drums of War 18:25:36
Ron Paul Campaign Calls on Newt Gingrich to Apologize for His Staff Assault on Ron Paul Supporter 18:23:17
Iowa GOP chair announces his resignation 18:15:46
Global Internet Voting Firm Buys U.s. Election Results Reporting Firm 18:11:33
Virginia AG Launches Investigation Into Gingrich Campaign 18:10:23
This Las Vegas radio stn poll needs our help! Vote for Ron! Sanitorium is winning! 18:09:56
Ratigan to Ron Paul: "There's no way any of them are better than you for the Republican nomination." 18:07:12
There's OIL and Lots of It right here in the US. More than all the Oil in MIddle East 18:02:16
This just hit me like a ton of bricks... 17:59:27
Nevada ad spending 17:59:26
James Clapper Intel Chief 17:59:03
Gingrich: I'm in Race Till Romney Drops Out 17:57:25
Video Update: Cavuto/Fox Gets Gingrich Staff Assault Story Wrong! 20:41:57
Rand Paul Interview On The Jerry Doyle Show 01/31/12 17:53:00
ALERT: You CAN make FL into Proportionate Delegation, If You're a Registered FL Republican! 17:52:12
RP timeline 17:44:29
You sound like Ron Paul 17:32:44
The Cry Of Freedom by Travis Jackson 17:27:54
Sign this Petition 17:26:10
UPDATED w/ Video: Ron Paul just spoke to another packed crowd in Denver 17:25:46
Win Your Precinct and More: Free Super Brochures 17:19:28
Digital Journal - Ron Paul vs. Barack Obama election would be tight race 17:15:06
What's wrong with the Cato institute? 17:14:57
Texas: Grand Jury Claims DA’s Office Intimidated Not Only The Grand Jurors Themselves, But Also Attorneys And Judges 17:04:10
Ron Paul in 2nd on Drudge - Just 18 votes behind Romney! 17:01:28
Ron Paul Speaks to Sold Out Crowd at Colorado State University! 16:58:28
Cause of the Rust Belt 16:58:00
Ron Paul Stickers Are Great Laptop Decals 16:48:57
CPAC 2012: What's going on? 16:44:51
If you believe... 16:44:05
Baltic Dry Index Signals Renewed Market Collapse 16:42:25
Jon Corzine AKA Wall Street Swindler , Raised $500,000 for Obama 16:36:11
Rand Paul just spoke on C-SPAN 16:30:02
Snoop Dogg and the Ron Paul Bumper Sticker 16:25:30
I Will Write In Ron Paul 2012 16:15:43
This is what a police state looks like! 16:15:34
GOP plotting to oust Ron Paul? 16:14:36
Locating 2008 Rally for the Republic DVD 16:06:12
WoW Bob Beckel Of Fox's The Five Says Mitt Romney's Plan Will Bring Our Debt To 20 Trillion Dollars! 16:04:59
Internet activism: Polls 15:57:13
MF Global: 'Missing' 1.2 Billion Dollars May Never Be Recovered; Corzine Raised 500K For Obama 15:55:43
Something we've lost 15:51:49
Ron Paul Sheriff's Posse Bomb! - February 14th! 15:44:33
A different angle to consider when confronted with the "I like RP...except on blah blah..." person. 15:43:58
Rubio: Florida Primary Winner ‘To Be Nominee Of Our Party’ 15:43:27
Gingrich Security JUST Bullied a Ron Paul Supporter at a Polling Place in Florida! 15:41:59
Hey, hey, we're the ‘Mericans - A Neocon Theme Song 15:39:55
Occupy Oakland protesters 'slip away' from the police 15:38:58
Just voted in Florida's Primary 15:36:54
This video is SHOCKING! 15:34:06
Six degrees of separation 15:33:45
Long lost recording from Air Force one on day JFK shot 15:29:59
Newt Gingrich sued for using Eye of the Tiger as campaign song 15:28:20
Doug Wead asking for examples of other candidates stealing RP's ideas or positions. 15:26:36
Defining Moment for our Campaign 15:24:26
youtube biased graphic? 15:18:48
Ron Paul Heads to Nevada: Strategy Called 'Odd' 15:16:51
The Sheriff Has More Power In His County Than The President 15:15:52
Representing Ron Paul At Starbucks 15:14:21
Last Debate.. Those Jokes of Paul's almost seemed... 15:13:22
Drudge Poll: http:/ You know what to do. And, Ron needs you as he's behind. 15:05:17
REDDIT 15:01:56
A letter to a friend of mine in response to a question of why I liked Ron Paul. (Independent Baptists Listen up!) 15:00:31
Media Fraud preparing to move Ron Paul to single digits 14:58:40
REVPAC Florida live stream link! Boycott the MSM! 14:51:25
‘Everyone step on his toes!’ Gingrich security harasses Ron Paul supporter 14:49:46
[UPDATED] Captain America Ron Paul T-Shirt worn by Mary Willison on RT News (Do You Want One?) 14:49:26
Live streaming of Ron Paul Denver event - Noon MST 14:45:45
Pay-Pal Co-Founders Donate to Paul Superpac 14:45:23
VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS - Ron Paul's Speech at Colorado State University 14:28:18
National Convention Delegates 14:25:34
Ron Paul nearly ties Romney in head-2-head match up against Obama (bests Gingrich and Santorum) 14:22:08
Gingrich goons in Florida harass Ron Paul supporter 14:18:44
Gingrich Security Steps on Ron Paul Supporter 14:17:38
National Convention Delegates 14:12:34
30 Million allocated for projects in Ghazni 14:04:33
Jim Sinclair: ISDA to decide whether 5 Major US Banks go bankrupt this week 14:04:23
security for Gingrich harasses Ron paul supporter 14:03:24
PayPal co-founders among donors to Ron Paul Super PAC 14:03:21
Doug Wead, live on his facebook page & taking questions 13:58:24
Urgent! Gingrich Campaign Security Assaults Ron Paul Supporter! 18:01:32
FUNNY "Women for Santorum" Ad by Second City! 13:48:48
FIVE MYTHS ABOUT THE GOLD STANDARD by Congressmen Larry McDonald (D-GA) and Ron Paul (R-TX) 13:46:45
Wow. Rush Douchebagh just quoted Zerohedge. 13:43:17
The Psychology Of "He Is Unlikely To Take The Nomination" 13:41:59
Who is sowing the seeds of a civil war? 13:36:06
Documentary Film Premiere, Nullification: The Rightful Remedy, CPAC 2/9/12 13:33:33
Ron Paul: Stop Taxing Tips - Las Vegas Sun Guest Column (direct link) 13:33:24
Gingrich money man says he had nothing to do with manipulating the Nevada caucus. And pigs have wings! 13:29:46
Vote: All Current Polls 13:25:07
India abandons US dollar to purchase Iranian oil 13:22:33
Voter ID proposal passes Va. House 13:18:07
Rasmussen: There is a Reckoning Coming - Fox Business Radio (01/31/12) 13:06:50
Today's poll is an inside RP joke. Vote! 13:05:59
Not So Clear Politics 13:05:47
Warning for Florida Voters: New Plot for Voter Fraud 12:39:05
TIME: comparison article between Mitt and Paul. They know it's a 2 man race 12:38:49
What does a stranger, a former Democrat, and 2 Libertarians have in common? 12:38:17
Mitt, the Counterfeit 12:36:51
What about all the anti-racist content in the newsletters? 12:36:10
The Federal Financial Perspective 12:26:37
Ron Paul LIVE Stream Link: ON NOW! At Ft. Collins, CO, 9:30am MST! 12:26:34
Snoop Dogg, Professor Griff, Immortal Technique, KRS-One, Prodigy, TMOT, and ... Russell Simmons? 12:24:21
Communist = Democrat 12:23:25
METALS - SilveR, GoLd, PlatinUm, UraNiuM 12:20:44
Wealthiest Americans in History 12:18:41
Unplugged style performance of the Ron Paul inspired verse from the song "Stand Our Ground" 12:18:06
US Silver Consumption Now 75% Dependent on Imports! 12:18:06
Ohio: Early voting has begun 12:01:58
I want to MMS Everyone in my phone. Need good youtube link. 11:59:18
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy to the Left of President Obama? 11:54:07
Judge Nap-Sarah Palin Stays On The Titanic (Video) 11:50:02
NRA will Appeal TX Concealed Carry Law in Jennings v. McCraw, to ALLOW 18 & UP! 11:42:19
ODD? No, Karl Rove Says Ron Paul's Strategy Gives Him An Advantage! 11:31:58
Here it comes: Sarah Palin's Choice of the Word "LIBERTY" 11:29:41
New Drudge Report UP! 11:24:57
Ron Paul is the Tupac of the Political World 11:20:40
I am extremely disappointed in Herman's endorsement of Newt Gingrich. Herman sold us out! Cain forums post 11:04:18
New Ron Paul Song/Video 10:54:37
Drudge Poll Up - Please Vote! 10:42:28
Ron Paul - The United Nations 10:39:52
NO! Cerberus 'Capital' Mgmt/Freedom Group buys off another Gun Mfg: Para-USA! 10:37:19
Drudge Poll: VOTE! 10:33:59
Defense policy rebuttal that got Ron Paul a vote ! 10:30:56
Michigan: Last Day to Register for Feb. 28th Primary 10:27:42
It's Time to get the U.S. out of the U.N. 10:27:30
Sandia Nat. Lab invents a Rifle Chamber based 'Guided Missile'-Ammunition! 10:23:10
Music to Defeat Newt Gingrich By - ♫ King Newt ♫ 10:17:14
On Ron's Facebook it said that he was going to be on NPR yesterday 1/30 10:16:27
Can't sleep, made a decision I'm not at ease with 10:15:13
Super Brochures Help! 10:05:00
OOPS...! You Hear That? 10:02:43
N.J. Assembly Considers New Gun Control Bills 10:00:40
NPR.Kojo Nnamdi Show: "We're All Austrians Now!" - Prof.Russ Roberts, EconStories Interviewed 09:57:35
EU to spend 3 million Euros to promote eating insects 09:54:35
Ron Paul on Jason Lewis Show - GCN Radio (January 30, 2012) 09:53:41
Ron Paul Is The Only Presidential Candidate Who Gets It -Chuck Baldwin 09:49:42
Who's the Isolationist? 09:30:09
Important Questions for the Campaign 09:19:50
Two Coffees in Heaven! 08:50:12
Income Tax Return 08:47:37
Focus on China 08:41:19
Funding the Growth of the American Empire Since 1934 08:21:45
America Will Be at War with Iran Within One Year 07:46:20
Doonesbury hates Ron Paul 07:37:10
Really Bad Ideas 07:21:12
Is it ok that Newt & Mitt are being called front runners? 06:06:09
Vice President Ideas 06:02:48
Hit Them From the Right, Part Three: Drugs 05:57:10
THROWBACK Debate (2008): RP in Florida 05:18:15
Ministry Of Propaganda Declares Paul Unelectable 05:14:21
Former Neocons - What changed your minds? 05:11:12
The discussion on Israel 04:56:36
Waterville City Caucus Saturday 2/4/12 04:27:41
The Best of Ron Paul Memes 04:26:28
Washington State Headquarters Attacked 04:24:01
Write in Ron Paul or 04:18:49
Bump Up if you want Ron Paul to wear his seat belt! 03:52:14
BOMBSHELL: Here's A Tape Of Newt Gingrich Endorsing Obamacare - SPREAD THIS 03:46:54
I am sick and tired of these teocon cowards 03:44:57
Pledge to vote for Ron Paul and lets end voter fraud 03:25:21
Federal Reserve Members Laughed As Housing Bubble Grew 03:17:35
Obama's Base Disintegrates, a story of HOPE and CHANGE 02:56:04
Ron Paul in virtual tie with Obama nationally. 02:25:32
Rebuttal Comments Needed: "Students’ interest in Ron Paul misguided" 02:19:11
Ron Paul to speak to sold-out crowd at Colorado State 02:13:39
Nationwide NDAA 2012 Congressional Protest GO CAMPAIGN! 01:51:58
... 01:37:08
Dennis Prager Calls Ron Paul a Liar 01:33:37
This Ends The Ageist Rhetoric Of Wolf 01:30:16
Video: Ron Paul talks about the Libertarian Revolution in Maine 01:26:21
DHS Misinterprets Twitter Joke And Locks Up Couple 01:17:44
PaulCare: Revolution in Healthcare (Revised, Corrected) 01:10:13
Video: No One But Paul - Moneybomb - February 14th 01:04:01
Volunteer for Newt in Nevada - You know what to do! 01:01:34
Ed Gillespie: Don’t Discount Florida Surprise 00:56:59
Why the Troops Support Ron Paul (video) 00:52:33
Twitter Feeds for NDAA Friday Action Disappearing. Techies Please Help, Calling Anonymous. 00:49:36
Santorum Campaigning in Missouri, But Not On Ballot?! 00:25:20
Baca Raton, FL Tea Party leader disappointed with GOP front runners, supports Ron Paul - CBS 00:17:43
Where can I find a reliable list of registration deadlines for each state? 00:13:17
New Jersey: Assembly Committee to Consider Ammo Ban & More 00:12:46
Daily Paul Crash 00:09:02
Site Crash 10:18PM EST 00:07:54
George Soros: Not "Much Difference" Between Romney And Obama 00:05:41