Posted on October 1, 2012

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New Hampshire Republicans Defy the Establishment 22:31:50
TED: Are Droids Taking Our Jobs? (They are...but we ain't seen nothin' yet.) 19:54:02
Bernanke to Congress: Butt Out of Our Business! 20:35:51
HuffPost: Gary Johnson, Antitrust Plaintiff, Sues Major Parties for Monopolizing Politics 17:38:10
Judge Napolitano: Should Cell Data Be Protected By the Fourth Amendment? 17:26:38
TRN Moves Jerry Doyle Into Savage Slot 17:25:24
Rothbard On Ron Paul vs. Gary Johnson 13:43:22
Chuck Baldwin-This Is Insanity! 12:28:26
"Brave" Philadelphia Cop Punches Woman in the Face 09:42:39
3 Time Emmy Award Winning CNN Journalist: MSM Takes Money from FOREIGN Dictators to Run Flattering Propaganda - Video 09:14:58
Romney facing Ron Paul's revenge in battleground Nevada 10:53:29
Time to boycott Anheuser-Busch and Southwest Airlines 08:20:35
Messengers for Liberty Episode 3: End the Fed 06:12:14
Is it about Gary, or is it about a 3rd party? 10:19:17
Texas Straight Talk 10/1/12: Gold is Good Money, Your Fiat Currency is Not 09:00:27
Washington Times: When all else fails, blame the Paulbots 11:47:11
Ron Paul is an Official Write-In Maine :) 19:47:50
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... 23:35:13
Does this mean I have to stop being a Nats fan? 23:35:02
Amazing All Natural 800% increase crop yield 23:08:03
HUMOR: Manson's Rich White Wealthy Dick Rap Song 23:05:29
Chinese Frigate in San Francisco Harbor? 22:40:03
New York Attorney General sues JP Morgan over Bear Stearns Fraud 22:35:28
Prescott Bush On Interest Rates, Sound Money And Inflation 22:31:05
Us Law Enforcement: It Is Time To Do Your Job Or We Will Do It For You 22:28:51
Video: Alan Watt - The End Game 22:27:24
The CAFR Swindle - Public Found Money is Yours! 22:24:15
Does anyone know more about this? 21:52:58
Cbs Dc - Bernanke Warns Congress: Don’t Change Law To Review Fed’s Policy Discussions 21:47:48
What's a snollygoster? A short lesson in political speak 20:49:36
Man Eaten by Hogs on Oregon Farm 20:36:45
Raw Milk Co-Op Farmer Acquitted Through Jury Nullification 20:30:07
How do you lower the cost of health care? 20:25:14
Digital Age overload: ‘Internet addiction’ to be classified as mental illness 20:20:07
How to Prevent War between Israel and Iran 20:17:17
Free community food garden removed by city of Toronto workers 20:15:53
Google AdSense calls anti-Federal Reserve content "sensitive" 20:14:12
The Federal Reserve and 911 20:11:09
Supreme Court rejects appeal on airport scanners 20:10:10
Where's Uncle Sam Now? VIDEO about war 20:03:57
Sept 11th Poll 20:02:34
Run For Governor of Texas, Ron Paul 19:45:36
China cyber-attacks the White House (according to the White House) 19:42:40
The Federal Reserve: Subsidizing Evil Since 1913! 19:36:12
Spacetime Crystal Could Be a Reality 18:57:54
Romney's support in Arizona is falling off a cliff - latest polls 18:57:50
Three Sponsors Drop Presidential Debate Commission 18:56:26
I thought that Libertarians were smarter than this 18:55:28
Henry Kissinger: In 10 years ‘No more Israel’ 18:51:05
Salt Lake City Town Hall with Gov. Gary Johnson Oct. 2 @ 7:00 pm MDT 18:48:05
Military ballot requests down in key battleground states 18:47:48
Holy Crap - Jerry Doyle Has Replaced Michael Savage - This Is Good For Us 18:16:30
GREAT Praise for Ron Paul in The Hill! 18:08:16
Huey, Dewey, and Louie Learn Valuable Lesson in Keynesian Economics 18:05:20
New York State Write In for Ron Paul-update 18:03:18
Gary Johnson on C-SPAN today (Great interview) 17:58:48
Lies and Ignorance About "Obesity" 17:52:02
2012 Presidential Debates Losing Sponsors Over Excluding 3rd Parties 17:06:57
Gary Johnson on C-SPAN 1/10/2012 17:05:29
Romania 4 Ron Paul - Starting a new party? 17:04:27
Credit Manning, Not Obama in Iraq Troop Pullout: Greenwald 17:03:58
Cop Sucker Punches Woman @ Philadelphia Puerto Rican Day Parade 16:44:45
Q & A, a Gary Johnson Money Bomb! is it worth it? 16:36:54
How Do You Take Your Poison? 16:23:56
Gov. Johnson and the next 48 hours 16:22:01
Interesting article on capital vs. talent vs. labor 16:21:59
Nationwide GOP Voter Registration Fraud Scandal Widens Becomes Criminal Matter in Florida 16:05:36
Ross Perot Warns of Government Take Over: We're in A 'Fiscal Mess' 15:53:40
Ben Bernanke just told a MASSIVE lie about Milton Friedman 15:29:27
Pep Talk 15:21:57
Is Mitt Romney a felon? A Q&A with MoveOn's lawyer. 15:17:48
You Can't Write Ron In, The Hell You Say 14:49:13
What Would You Rather Do? 14:46:46
Latest Benjamin Fulford: Just crazy enough to be true. 14:42:16
The Hypocrisy of NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Transparency and the Federal Reserve 14:09:37
New developments in Fast and Furious! Gun running in more foreign countries! 13:40:26
Order a US flag flown over Capitol by Ron Paul 13:36:59
Philadelphia Cop punches woman in face (Caught on Tape) 13:34:09
My Friend Is At A Luncheon With Bernake Right Now! 13:21:43
Imagined private conversation between Obama & Romney 13:20:05
Warrantless surveillance already out of control 13:09:44
New Face for Ohio - Senate Candidate 13:07:57
Asteroid Dust Could Fight Climate Change on Earth 13:07:49
Can someone steer me toward an educational grant? 13:06:40
Freedom's Coming Home - Music Video 13:04:04
The Establishment Should Still Be Scared of Ron Paul. 12:59:29
Pirate Bay Founder Indefinitely Detained in Sweden 12:55:37
Veterans March for Bradley Manning - DNC Charlotte NC 9/6/12 12:51:43
You Have All The Power Now! 12:51:00
Outbreak Zombie - The Government Cover Up (Part 1) 12:21:17
Let Gary Debate 12:21:06
The Hill:Ron Paul is the real Ayn Rand, Paul Ryan is the impostor 12:10:53
Deja Netanyahu 12:09:47
Cop gets sprinkled with water, punches girl who happens to hold a water bottle 11:50:54
Peter Schiff Vid: We are already in a recession - FBN Oct. 1, 2012 11:29:41
I Finally Started Smoking and I'm so happy about that, says Jeff Berwick 11:26:14
Need some help with questions about running for office 11:15:47
Imagine what we could do for the next Ron Paul 11:13:41
Interview: Gary Johnson’s “Waste Your Vote” College Tour 11:10:01
Healthcare & Debt, 1660-70's, Wampanoag Indians & the English 11:08:03
Two Sponsors Pull Out From Debates Over Exclusion Of Gary Johnson 11:02:26
Brown acts on driver's license, deportation bills 10:36:57
Repudiating the National Debt 10:31:54
Univision Finds More Weapons Linked to Fast & Furious 10:19:44
Help wanted 10:03:17
DNC Admits Romney Will Win First Debate 09:52:16
Ross Perot: No Endorsement for 2012 09:40:02
Liberty Defined (hardback) for $13.99 09:20:37
Joe Biden, U.S. President 2017 – 2024 09:11:09
David Walker: There is no party of fiscal responsibility 19:10:39
The Federal Reserve Sends Thank You Letters To Congress For Letting Them Destroy Our Economy In Secret 09:10:05
Comments on Huffington Po - use it 08:55:22
Video of TSA drill at Sky Harbor goes viral 08:55:02
Is this the end for Apple Computer? 08:49:42
TSA Confiscates Camera, Deletes Footage of Checkpoint (VIDEO) 08:48:28
Gary Johnson on C-Span now Monday 8:38am EST 08:37:46
Jack Hunter hates Conspiracy Theorists and wants them purged 07:04:42
It is time for the American government to start acting like civilized people and not stupid bloodthirsty savages. 04:35:01
The Hubris of Romney and Obama 03:34:51
Philip Defranco Comes out In Support of Gary Johnson 03:29:51
2016: Ron Paul, President, Gary Johnson, VP 02:54:18
Mike Cann & King Of Pot Vs. Kevin Sabet & No On Ma Question 3- Two Hotheads Issue Debate Challenge! 02:22:50
Why are we not more concerned about what's important like the house and senate 01:32:08
Keep Sharing the Message 01:27:29
What really happened in Oklahoma 01:22:02
Hollywood outs electronic voter fraud in "The Campaign" 09:48:59
ROFL. This is awesome. Obama Phone: Remix! 00:01:39
ParaHawking (video) 00:00:27
Gary Johnson Gains Support And May Take Ohio Out of Play for Romney 20:32:49