Posted on October 3, 2012

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UPDATE: Turkey's parliament authorises military action in Syria 22:06:02
Ron Paul Gives His Pre-Debate Analysis - CNBC 10/03/2012 21:12:28
Ron Paul: My Supporters are angry at the Republicans for the way they were treated at the convention 22:08:19
Ron Paul: Gary Johnson should be in the debate 18:53:51
Free & Equal Elections Foundation Announces Numerous New Sponsors Promoting the "3rd Party" 2012 Presidential Debate 17:48:37
Federal Court Rules In Favour Of Indefinite Detention Of US Citizens 17:24:30
The S-*t is About to Hit the Fan. Here's the Evidence 18:04:28
* 18:46:05
Police Reports On Brandon J. Raub Assault And Kidnapping 12:40:57
London Daily Telegraph: North And South Korea 'on The Verge Of Nuclear War' 11:26:10
The true reason US fears Iranian nukes: they can deter US attacks 11:22:14
Baby bust continues: US births down for 4th year 09:42:00
The Last Housing Crash Is Not Even Over But Bernanke Is Already Setting The Stage For The Next One 10:38:23
Rand Paul will be a Guest on Jon Stewart's Daily Show Tonight 08:33:22
Treachery, Ron Paul, Animation and the RNC Betrayal 17:22:16
How is Iceland doing now after going after corrupt bankers and politicians? 08:43:03
James Corbett: Iran is Already Under Attack 08:34:02
Coke vs. Pepsi Slugfest Livestream: First Presidential Debate - October 3, 2012, 9pm ET 00:42:26
Alan Keyes points out the idiocy of the lesser of two evils argument 01:59:57
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JP Morgan Profits Over A Half Billion Dollars Off Food Stamps 23:55:50
Presidential Debate - Government Socialism VS Corporate Socialism Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum 23:45:44
Politify - Discovery the Financial Impact of Obamney Tax Plan on Your Household 23:24:57
Only Choice is Mitt and know this - 23:07:03
Rand Paul on the Daily Show tonight 22:59:11
Barack Obama & Mitt Romney Presidential Debate? A Picture is Worth 1000 Words 22:47:36
Delete please 22:45:47
Nikola Tesla - Did Mitt Romney mention Nikola Tesla in Debate? 22:41:27
Here is a very sad video about a baby with a hole in his heart. 22:38:42
Where is Ron Paul? #Debate 22:38:37
. 22:32:29
. 22:13:17
Why won't certain people wake up even after extreme overexposure to the truth? 22:03:17
Pew Research just called minutes ago..and asked me which of "The Two" I will vote for. My answer was 21:52:31
Romney is kicking Obama's A* and I hate Romney but I gotta tell it like it is 21:42:58
Link to live comments form Gary Johnson 21:37:19
It's Not America Anymore 21:34:41
Going Undercover as a Mexican Drug Lord 21:33:43
Support Gary Johnson, watch him live! 21:16:20
Ron Paul: Who Will He (And His Supporters) Vote For - Fox News Insider 10/03/2012 21:13:01
Join The Lions Of Liberty On Twitter Throughout the Debates 21:05:42
Romney's "Grassroots" Supporters 21:02:15
How Many Communists Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb? 20:57:38
Gov Gary Johnson Debate (Youtube Live Stream) 20:57:29
Gov. Gary Johnson to Provide Online Commentary During Presidential Debate (Link Provided) 20:54:22
Gov. Gary Johnson Live on Youtube 20:52:33
Join me, Im going to watch the debate live with Adam Kokesh 20:50:45
Why Did The Republican Party WANT to Lose This Presidential Election? 20:48:42
Anyone calling the CSPAN hotlines? 20:27:51
- Ron Paul Endorses Mitt Romney 20:23:39
Tagg Romney 20:19:23
The 10/3/12 Presidential Debate (Formerly titled "Tonight's Debate") 20:08:06
Don't boycott the debate 20:01:11
AMERICAN Government Forces Re-Start of Japanese Nuclear Reactors 19:55:00
SF Weekly: John Dennis "isn't a normal Republican." 19:50:35
(VIDEO) Does Stimulus Spending Work? 19:49:46
Boycott the Duopoly Debate 19:44:16
Mass flu vaccination drill also is practice for an emergency 19:42:57
Ron Paul To Be On Cnbc Debate Commentary Starting At 8pm Per Ron's Tweets Video Link Added 19:42:55
Congrats Oakland A's! Moneyball parallel here? I think so. 19:22:46
Reality Check Tonight! Commission on Presidential Debates...shilling for the RNC and DNC? 19:19:26
Zerohedge Guest Post: It's Not America Anymore 19:09:30
Washington Post: Presidential debate sponsors drop over exclusion of Gary Johnson 19:07:30
If Liberty were a little Lady and the clowns and jokers behaved badly? 19:06:38
Larry King interviews Gov. Gary Johnson on his new show "Larry King Now" 19:00:44
Airline to help upset voters leave the U.S. -- for free 18:54:40
Changes to C4L 18:52:57
Marc Victor for Arizona Senate 18:50:24
Wild Deer : Deer and Skateboarder Collide (Video) 18:45:55
U.S. court orders Iran and others to pay $6 billion for 9/11 attacks 18:41:15
The Debate: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney 18:19:00
Put Yourself in the Shoes of Liberty Delegates...Imagine what they went through. 18:06:24
U.S. Treasury Tries to Con Kids 18:01:13
Paul supporter introduces Deputy Sec. of Labor, EPIC speech! 17:57:27
Bush on Trial: After Media Black-Out, The Prosecution of an American President Opens at US Theaters 17:40:57
Who's Winning The War On Drugs 17:35:32
Need Help with conversation 17:34:05
Appeals Court Restores NDAA’s Indefinite Detention Provisions 17:22:22
2012 Presidential Debate Drinking Game 17:12:29
Why They Had To Stop Ron Paul By Jon Rappoport September 27, 2012 16:51:11
Iran's Cyber Attack on US Banks Obvious False Flag 16:42:11
Unintended consequences... in USMC Warfighting manual. 16:39:13
Time to Create your own Foreign Policy - Pen Pals for Peace 16:34:42
Gregory Mannarino: Videos on the Economic Situation 16:31:31
Letter From Rabbi Brian Field To The Commision On Presidential Debates 16:28:54
Why No One Should Watch the Debates Tonight... 16:22:02
Gary Johnson not a choice on Michigan Ballot 16:19:49
Tonight's Drinking Game 16:09:08
How Will Ron Paul and His Supporters Vote in the Presidential Election? 16:01:34
Libertarians, religious leaders criticize two-party debate, push Gary Johnson 15:59:59
So just who IS the lesser evil? Justin Raimondo tells us who we should "ROOT" (not to be confused with "VOTE") for. 15:55:42
. 15:50:23
Has Anyone Seen the "Leaked Video" of the POTUS in 2007? 15:43:06
Gary Johnson holding live commentary during debates tonight 15:41:31
Mitt Romney Was Pivotal Advocate For Homeland Security 'Fusion Centers' Slammed In New Report 15:15:50
Ron Paul Knows His Supporters Won't Reliably Be for Romney 15:04:57
RNC Rules Committee Member Tells All! 15:00:04
Why Isn't Gary Johnson On That Stage Tonight? 14:59:38
Wow... There is a bunch of hype over this debate of two people with the same views 14:53:54
New website for "disruptive innovators" 14:45:38
To Ron Paul write-in voters 14:26:08
Judge Napolitano Educates Fox On Principles & Law 14:25:00
First amendment rights if democrats rule 14:16:58
The Love/Hate Relationship Between Jack Hunter & Conspiracy Theorists 13:50:46
Can we get a "Ron Paul" chant going at the debate tonight? 13:29:50
Hillary Clinton Laughs About Possible War Against Iran 13:26:37
As Obama, Romney Hold First Debate, Behind the Secret GOP-Dem Effort to Shut Out Third Parties 12:57:23
How Will Ron Paul and His Supporters Vote in the Presidential Election? 12:46:58
Peter Schiff: The Fed Plays All Its Cards 12:42:50
‘Obamney’ vs. Gary Johnson 12:25:55
Some of the questions you won't hear asked in the debates tonight 12:23:50
Gary Johnson to Offer Online Commentary 12:20:05
How To Make A Survival PVC Bow For Your Bug-Out-Stuff 12:18:50
Vote Wikileaks 2012 12:16:16
I'm looking for a good Ron Paul-oriented website. 12:15:43
Monsanto Intimate Relationship With Obama/Romney 12:11:40
Video Terrorism is a failed brand 12:00:38
Hi Tech CCTV can recognise faces from half a mile away 11:59:16
Why are There only 2 Candidates in the Presidential Debates? 11:53:59
Here you go - a bunch of stuff for the GJ crowd. 11:49:54
RP 2012 slim jims: shall I keep them or throw them away? 11:38:45
Is there a False Flag against U.S. banking system about to happen? 11:34:37
1 Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil. - Our 'NO' Vote! 11:25:57
Wide Open Race: 12% of Voters Still Up for Grabs 11:17:49
Boycott Presidential Debate 11:12:01
Fusion Centers produce shoddy work -study 11:11:55
Another One of These - Philly Cop Sucker Punches 39-year-old Woman 10:54:12
Banned from TV - Jesse Ventura's "Police State" Full Episode on You Tube 10:41:54
Demographic Winter: Decline of the Human Family "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000" 10:41:37
Self Defense: Shooting From Retention 10:32:01
Do Western Central Banks Have Any Gold Left? 10:24:03
Intelligence effort named citizens, not terrorists 10:23:05
DHS ‘fusion centers’ portrayed as pools of ineptitude, civil liberties intrusions 10:16:35
US intelligence effort wrongly named innocent Americans 10:15:06
Blame Ron Paul for WHAT? 10:09:21
Lawyer: Bad medicine led PA family to strip naked 10:04:45
Obama Answers Questions About His Kill List and David Swanson Answers Questions About Obama's Answers 09:54:18
Officer Issues Ticket Over Passenger’s HIV Status (VIDEO) 09:51:44
Ron Paul or Gary Johnson and the Abortion Issue 09:34:51
Billionaire to unveil design for Titanic 2 in NY city 09:32:55
Patrick Combs deposits a junk-mail cheque for $95,000 – for a joke. The bank cashes it! 09:32:45
BBC poll 09:27:01
How to end the Federal Reserve (possibly) 09:13:09
YouTube censors 'Organic Spies' video exposing Whole Foods employees lying about GMOs 09:03:27
Texas Students Treated Like Cattle with Mandatory RFID Tags (VIDEO) 08:47:00
Just saw some hilarious GJ BS on here 08:43:59
FBI Employee Molested by TSA Workers 08:41:56
Australia’s Great Barrier Reef on Brink of Collapse 07:24:55
Americans Stagger ... At The Mercy Of Current Events 06:15:21
Fed Gov't Buys Illinois Prison. Talk of gitmo transfers. 06:03:17
Wayne Terhune's Response Regarding the National Convention 05:26:35
New trailer from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged part two movie: The Wet Nurse 10:01:39
JPMorgan Chase Bank Dick Jamie Dimon Indicted? 04:56:50
Russian General: “The USSR Collapsed and the Same Fate Has Been Prepared for the USA” 04:45:19
Researcher Says Army Scientists Secretly Sprayed Cities with Radioactive Particles for Years 04:30:50
Another gun owner to the rescue 04:12:34
Is there a film being made exposing the farcity of our elections? 04:09:35
Funny Video: Public schooling scam. 03:36:04
New Hd Cctv Puts Human Rights At Risk 03:33:40
L.A. council votes to repeal ban on medical marijuana dispensaries (VIDEO) 03:19:51
Meningitis Cases Are Linked To Steroid Injections In Spine 03:07:33
"teej Theory - Of Everything. 03:00:53
All Asses Bray—Hell—I Still Have the Devil to Pay! 02:54:49
Hate to be the one to say it, but it's time to radicalize the R3volution 02:20:18
Homeland Security Blasted by Senate 02:06:13
Yee hah, I'm five! 01:27:57
This guy is England's Ron Paul (UK Independence Party) 01:17:12
Exclusive: “Do Not Go Anywhere Far From Home Between Now And Nov You Will Not Be Able To Get Back Home If You Do” Says Federal 01:16:21
Welcome, Molly Jean! RP's new grandbaby... 01:16:09
First View of Rocky Anderson 00:55:07
Stocks May Be Headed For a Rude Fall in October 09:36:35
“I Will Run Again in 2016" - Gary Johnson 00:35:40
Mises Institute $30 for 30 00:32:41
NV Republican Party Censures NV Delegation: Delegation Chairman Responds 00:03:34