Posted on October 5, 2012

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How Much Longer Will War Profiteers Be Allowed To Do This To American Families? 21:51:50
Video: Daryl Hannah and Elderly Land Owner Arrested for Trespassing on Land Stolen Under Eminent Domain 17:37:41
Daily Caller: Gary Johnson’s campaign says GOP committed crimes to keep him off ballot 14:18:25
Helping the neighbor 17:43:36
Ron Paul Suggests He's Voting for Gary Johnson 13:00:07
Ron Paul on Big Bird, from his book, The Revolution 13:50:28
Unemployment Rate Magically Falls Below 8% Before Election - First Time Ever in Obama Presidency 10:13:16
Wife thinks I'm losing it... 10:09:59
How CNN spun its poll to make sure you don't vote for a 3rd party 10:05:36
Video Exposing GMOs Sold in Whole Foods Stores Pulled by YouTube 08:32:20
Interesting additional info for Gary Johnson support. 07:59:19
What will the collapse realistically look like in America? 17:40:48
Flip Romney Flops Again: 47% Comments 'Just Completely Wrong' 02:01:43
Why I Won't Vote - As timely today as it was 56 years ago 20:45:54
Biden: 'Yes, We Do' Want to Raise Taxes By a Trillion Dollars (VIDEO) 02:06:50
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JetBlue has a fantastic deal for the disappointed 23:51:17
Writing in Ron Paul 23:44:21
Male suspect strip searched and examined by 2 female troopers 23:09:37
Potentially damaging for Romney? 22:59:41
"Check out Pure Gold Pages" - Wayne Paul (Ron Paul's younger brother) 22:51:43
Government, Inc. - The Business No One Talks About... 22:17:46
One of the best anti-Federal Reserve videos ever made... 22:15:03
Phone Banking Lists to States Where Ron Paul Write-in Votes Will Count? 22:07:52
Think twice before you put up a Christmas tree this year... 22:03:42
Pentagon Has No Intention Of Ending The Occupation Of Afghanistan 21:42:37
"The Only Thing Missing Was For Them To French Kiss At The End!" Honest Critique Of The Debate 21:36:29
There Is No Libertarian Case For Mitt Romney 20:37:40
Debates Are Better as Musicals 20:22:17
Both Republican & Libertarian parties blew it 20:09:52
Break Down The Government Walls 20:03:56
Hospital Employees’ Jobs In Jeopardy If They Don’t Get Flu Shot 20:00:42
Rand Paul Raises Money Off Foreign Aid Filibuster, Opposition By Republicans 19:58:25
MK Roasts Obama (Hilarious) 19:56:17
Delete 19:51:18
Student Spiked Teacher's Coffee With Butt Pills 19:48:07
Disabled Grandma Uses Bear Spray To Fend Off 13 Attackers After Her Marijuana Grow (VIDEO) 19:41:50
Tainted steroid 19:37:16
Police: A 450 Pound Gang Member Tried To Grab Boy Going To Soccer Practice (Audio) 19:32:02
Wouldnt it be funny.. 19:30:02
Who Stole The American Dream 19:28:46
Gary Johnson Stickers 19:24:52
Email Shows State Department Rejecting Request Of Security Team At US Embassy In Libya 19:24:09
Why I'm voting for Gary Johnson - and eight reasons you should too 19:20:24
Are Those High Gas Prices Ever Going To Come Down? (VIDEO) 19:18:25
Gray State Music Video! I Hope This Movie Gets Made 19:07:21
Music That Plays Itself (VIDEO) 19:07:10
Apple pays tribute to Jobs with video 19:07:09
Salmonella confirmed in peanut butter plant 19:04:39
An Irish Blessing..Worth Watching 19:03:06
Coffee Linked to Vision Loss 18:57:22
Is the United States Flag still honorable? 18:54:09
Labor Force Participation Rate: The percentage of the working age population that has a job 18:49:52
Iran Spiral Towards HyperInflation Triggered by U.S. Currency War WMD's 18:42:50
A Chilean friend living in Wisconsin gave me the following answer to a comment I made about the debates 18:38:53
PBS Frontline October 9: The Choice - Trailer 19:35:46
Romney Gets Post Debate in Swing State Polls 18:23:29
Awesome New Video: Who the Hell is Gary Johnson? 18:04:06
Children Forced to Palm Scan For School Lunches 17:55:46
Washington Times Blog: Gary Johnson and the empty chair at the first presidential debate 17:49:03
FEMA To Mobilize For “Mass Fatality Planning” 17:48:29
RI becomes first state to mandate flu shots for healthcare workers..BREAKING 17:44:06
Gov. Gary Johnson’s Interview with Larry King 17:41:48
Ron Paul Suggests He'll Vote For Gary Johnson (VIDEO) 17:31:40
Romney gets his cheat sheet out in the Debate - Slo Mo video 17:19:19
Power of Barter: $6 > 2 NES Games > Vintage Circular Saw > Value $100+ 17:18:41
The Pyramid Code: Good Hard Science that may change your view of world history 17:16:57
Cartel Dumps 1.5 x US Annual Silver Production on Futures Market in 5 Minutes on NFP Release 17:08:35
Alex Jones interviews Gary Johnson (video) 16:46:22
On jobs numbers, BLS vows there's no conspiracy 16:25:11
Why no 3rd Party candidates can debate & more... 16:19:49
Marc Emery: Election Excitement from Behind Bars in Mississippi 16:17:54
PA Lawmaker Refuses to Lead the Pledge of Allegiance Based on First Amendment Rights 16:06:43
Lets post Photos! Iran Iraq Pakistan and everyone else please look here 16:05:51
NRA insults Gary Johnson on their Facebook page 15:54:03
Some Follow-Up Questions for Mitt and Barack on Education Spending, Immigration, Marriage Equality Old-Age Entitlements 15:50:09
The Truth About Mainstream Medicine - Excellent Video 15:30:35
Unemployment rate falls to 7.8% in September 15:10:14
Book TV at FreedomFest, Gov. Gary Johnson, Seven Principles of Good Government 15:07:37
Hypothetical Ron Paul vs Obama Debate 2012 15:04:44
Let me know what you think! Government: "The Addiction" 16:33:34
Romney's flip flopping must be genetic or something 14:34:39
Johnson Campaign: PAGOP’s PI Posed as FBI Agent, Bribed Witnesses 14:30:40
Long term survival food, Have you gotten some yet? 14:22:41
Samuel L. Jackson, Shut the F Up! 14:20:29
How Do You Know You Are Awake? 14:13:50
First Reaction to the Presidential Debate 13:55:07
Defecting Iranian cameraman brings CIA priceless film of secret nuclear sites 13:52:58
Ron Paul Suggests He'll Vote For Gary Johnson 13:29:30
Gary Johnson Gets Barstool Sports Endorsement 13:02:27
I've Been Urged To Send This Sample Letter to My Reps in Congress 12:55:16
Gary Johnson and the 2-party stranglehold on presidential debates 12:43:16
Barack Obama, the "Other Mrs. Romney": Reflections on Last Night's Debate 12:29:04
Gary Johnson: Interesting Campaign Analysis by Brian Doherty 12:19:30
NAACP Official: Obama Campaign Staffer Threatened Me (Audio) 12:10:39
The US presidential debates' illusion of political choice 12:00:22
CNN whistleblower Amber Lyon on Joe Rogan Podcast (Video) 11:58:43
Dr. Oz Destroys Monsanto 11:56:56
$4 gas: Get used to it 11:55:48
The Make-Believe Crisis in Iran 11:55:18
Prominent Republicans in WA and CO endorse legal pot 11:53:31
Judge jails Korean War vet, 79, who sold junk to pay for ailing wife's medications... 11:45:23
NYPD Road Rage: Cops Shoot, Kill Unarmed National Guardsman for Cutting Them Off 11:36:16
Tom Woods Answers Myths About Sound Money 11:34:26
EU sides with Monsanto in 'GMO Cancer Corn' word war 11:32:07
Rappers Bun B And Lupe Fiasco Debate A Teacher: Are Rappers Role Models? 11:12:05
Eric Jon Phelps "The Jesuits are the NWO" 11:01:46
Ex-TSA officer pleads guilty to drug smuggling charges 10:45:07
Review: Boehner Buffalo Pep Rally - RP supporter experience 10:39:15
Video: Public Schools = Prison 10:38:49
Frederick Douglass And Modern Slavery 10:28:04
A bacteria that poops gold? Yep, that exists, and it’s in an art exhibit. (video) 10:08:14
O = Zero 10:06:37
Three weeks later, FBI agents arrive at burned-out Benghazi consulate... 09:43:21
American Airlines flights canceled at OIA over 'gunk' issue 09:36:05
Obama and Romney one of the same Why didn't Paul run 3rd party 09:31:09
Jobs GroWhat Rises 114,000 as Rate Slides to 7.8 Percent 09:25:03
Enough of This (Presidential Rap, Ron Paul) 16:28:15
Chuck Baldwin-Americans Putting Noose Around Their Own Necks 09:20:56
VIDEO: Glenn Beck vs. Elliot Spitzer Debate 12:02:20
Execution Of Posse Comitatus Scheduled For Sat. Night In South Carolina 08:50:10
New Study Highlights Scientific Rejection of Human Nature Corruption Theory 08:43:35
WT7: New View, Wow 08:39:49
You People Are Major Losers 08:31:42
Banksters Kill! JFK murdered by the Private Banking Cartels 08:24:49
Shove Me in a Closet if it saves the Earth 07:50:15
Debate Relevance: How To Make Politics Understandable 07:36:18
world government and the permanent end of our Liberty. 07:23:09
Does Anyone Know How To Quickly Convert .Mov File To Mp3 Or Mp4 Or Flv File? As In Right Now!? 05:09:50
Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun! 04:29:17
I Was A Teenage Ron Paul 03:55:51
School board to use cameras to monitor cafeteria trash cans for 'vegetable wasting' 02:56:31
If Ex-Addicts Can Become Drug Counselors, Why Can't Ex-Cons Become Cops? 02:49:39
Neither candidate mentioned the artificiality of our economy - why ? 02:35:15
The Tragedy of the Trespass 02:27:29
Federal Takeover of Oakland Cops Urged 02:25:03
Should Obama Do Another Cash For Clunkers to Stimulate the Economy? 02:16:01
Look How Far We've Come 07:35:28
October 5, 1965 - a day that will not be forgotten 01:28:07
Watching the Red tie vs. Blue tie debate is like a long, horrible word math problem. 00:55:01
A Soldiers Bio Part 2 00:50:09