Posted on October 7, 2012

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Cenk Rips NYT For Julian Assange Hit Piece 23:36:44
Two Party Results Summarized 22:50:53
Judge Napolitano: Romney and Obama - Two Failures 22:25:11
Want To See What Ben Bernanke Has Done? 20:34:45
Peter Schiff – I’m Voting For Gary Johnson 17:44:38
Video: Panetta Warns Conflict Between Syria and Turkey May Lead to Regional War 15:53:34
Priebus: Gary Johnson a 'non-factor' 10:56:18
Explaining Hyperinflation 10:55:50
A Real Victory: Cop gets five years for kicking in the door when he didn't have a warrant 10:36:07
You may be about to lose the right to sell your stuff 23:59:43
Romney Attack Ad Stars Man Who Got Millions from Govt 06:10:40
Full Video: O'Reilly vs. Stewart “Debate” 02:13:43
Ron Paul to Speak at Utah Valley University October 18 16:58:34
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Anyone here buy at thrift stores and try to resell on Ebay, Craig's List, friends etc? 23:52:01
Kentucky Third Congressional District Introducing Brooks Wicker 23:25:47
Six More Years: Chavez Wins Re-Election, Electoral Council Says 23:11:34
The Elephants and Donkeys deserve the BIRD 23:07:48
Gary Johnson You Are Libertarian 23:05:48
Free speech under attack at public park in New Jersey. 22:48:46
Democrat Voter Fraud has Reached the Pentagon 22:29:39
Write-In Dr Paul-Where Is It Possible To Do So? 21:47:29
Frustrated Residents: Raccoons Slowly Taking Over New York City (VIDEO) 21:37:00
Backlog of Veterans' Disability Claims Increases 179% Under Obama 21:30:27
Report: Exit Polls Indicate Hugo Chavez Lost Venezuelan Election 21:58:32
Sons of Liberty Module 2 20:24:58
Patriot Game - Obama Vs Romney Video Game! 19:57:34
Meet Imran Khan, The Ron Paul Of Pakistan 19:30:30
Columbine Student's Father Addressing Judiciary Senate Committee 19:24:27
Revolution The man who woke me up (Video) 19:03:47
"Crimes of the STATE". A new book I am writing. The I.C.E. is trying to deport an innocent young man from Belarus. Please read! 18:46:55
Has Netanyahu's bluff been called? Is war with Iran a given for the U.S.? 18:12:31
Rich businessmen pulling out of France as tax - hit looms 18:01:03
Thousands Treated After Toxic Gas Leak In S. Korea: Reports 17:53:56
Romney in moderation at last - maybe? We'll have to elect him to find out what he really means 17:53:44
Legalising marijuana: most Americans get it, so when will our politicians - Gary Johnson 17:28:53
Obama's Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner 17:26:03
Soldier Bio Part 5: Support your soldiers who defend the Constitution 16:54:58
Plurality Video - A very chilling insight into where we’re headed 16:27:21
An expert finds New York City's air is full of foreign matter, including rubber and rust 16:26:30
Senator Rand Paul Gets It Right on Overcriminalization 16:21:39
Lab-Made Eggs Raise New Fertility Options 16:19:45
NATO ready to 'intervene' in Syria? 15:59:31
Spain Police Beating Everyone: A Warning To America (VIDEO) 15:49:15
Cop Gets Five Years For Kicking In Door Without Warrant, Beating Man 15:32:52
Experts: Food Prices Will Soar Leading To Political, Civil Unrest 15:28:29
LRC Blog: More Reasons To Not Vote 15:24:05
Smokin New 22 Cal. Rifle (VIDEO) 15:18:05 can't conquer a free man... 15:08:16
US drones are a bigger threat to US citizens and US security than they are to foreign governments 14:54:23
Spain Police Beating Everyone: A Warning To America 14:43:56
Obama and Romney after the debate talk 14:24:05
Pakistan blocks anti drone protest in tribal region 13:58:47
The Irish came to America for Freedom: A song from that time to prove it. 13:33:15
. 13:31:54
Organized Religion 13:30:39
☢ Fukushima, Japan. Evacuate 500,000 folks to 50 km, Citizen alert.☢ 13:00:24
Peter Schiff Video Blog: Unemployment, GDP, Debates, Dollar & Gold. 12:51:56
Tort Reform conflicts with the Bill of Rights? 12:37:58
Hijacking drones - it's very easy to do 12:14:50
Coming to the USA via the DHS - Iraq executes 11 people convicted of "terrorist activities." 11:47:14
Ohio Democrats introduce bill to effectively kill concealed carry in Ohio 11:04:16
Criminal Probe Opened In Florida Into Romney-tied Firm At Center Of Gop Voter Registration Fraud Scandal 10:52:25
Birth Certificate 10:52:16
Israeli Jets Stage Mock Raids Over South Lebanon 10:45:32
How to Disappear Completely - A Short Film About Dustification 10:42:36
UNFPA Exposed as Population Control Program 10:41:51
A man rolls down his window at a stoplight yesterday... 10:21:46
Russian Official: Obama is a Communist KGB Agent 10:13:38
FEMA Bill HR6566: Ordering National Preparation For Mass Death 10:07:52
1979 Technical Manual explains Today? 07:05:44
Petition To Apply Affirmative Action To Basketball Team 06:38:42
"Shake It Like An Etch-a-sketch!": The Best Mitt Romney Parody Ever 06:12:45
VIDEO: Romney brags about getting record breaking taxpayer dollars from Washington, D.C., 06:08:26
The peaceful majority were irrelevant... 05:02:50
Politicians; Stand up for your constituents' tax paying dollars! 04:35:39
Jon Stewart vs. Bill O'Reilly - The Rumble 2012 04:27:47
Do Politicians and Reporters eat GMO foods? Apparently Romney does! 04:15:27
The truth about Aspartame (3 part video) 04:07:09
The History of Fluoride: 100 Years of Lies (3 parts) 04:02:05
Whole Foods Admits to Selling Non-Labeled GMO, CEOs Donate to Vilsacks! 03:16:22
The Mitt Romney Of Birds! Except Truly Amazing! *updated* Must See 02:56:14
What my son's school is teaching this week. Unbelievable... 11:54:02
Conversation I had with my younger brother during the first Presidential debate with only Obama and Romney. 02:11:22
Ron Paul cured my apathy in 2007, I am now apathetic again 10:07:35