Posted on October 10, 2012

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Supreme Court to Rule on Monsanto's Soybean Patent 10:32:35
State Dept Official Admits Rejecting Requests for More Security - Video 21:37:01
Kucinich: Obama deployed troops to Jordan 'without notifying Congress'; 'Immeasurably' closer to war in Syria 19:18:13
YouTube Update: Rand Paul on CNN Discussing Romney Foreign Policy 18:48:03
Army to Congress: Thanks, but no tanks 16:57:21
Gary Johnson tells students both Romney and Obama are pro-war 12:41:24
U.S. Sends Military to Jordan To Impose "Buffer Zone" At Syrian Border - Video 12:32:43
Boehner to Laura Ingraham: Ron Paul People Treated Fairly at Convention 10:48:38
NY Times: "Attention Disorder or Not, Pills to Help in School" 10:24:12
CNN: Rand Paul Counters Romney on Foreign Policy 10:10:14
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham Slams Rand Paul For Playing Hardball 09:51:57
ABC News Scrambles To Cover Up Barack Obama's Attendance At VP Moderators Wedding 09:32:26
The Secret Debate Contract…Absolute 07:13:19
GOP Now Ironically Begging Ron Paul Supporters for Help 22:43:27
Powerful New Video on New York City's Stop-and-Frisk Policy 09:40:38
Remember October 10th, 1995 - Army spc Michael New - An American Patriot! 15:49:28
October 9th: Did the bear market start yesterday? 13:09:59
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Mosquito trap claims to kill 90 per cent of West Nile Virus mosquitoes 23:48:15
Super Slow Motion Video Of 9/11 Pentagon Strike. 23:43:24
Unexpected Anti-War, Anti-Authoritarian message in a video game related series 23:40:17
Trusted news sites other than DP? 23:35:14
Supreme Court to Outlaw EBay and Yard Sales 23:33:05
Stock is Slavery 23:32:12
SWAT raid in Idaho - I think my fish just got arrested 23:20:49
I love Lew Rockwell Thread 23:18:44
Cops Tase Man Having Seizure, EPA Recruits Kids as Eco-Snoops, Teen Jailed Over FB Joke 23:18:33
Food Fight...GMO labeling...Libertarian Perspective 23:11:33
An Investment Opportunity For Romney and Obama 23:09:26
Mitt Romney and the GOP: 13,734 emails 23:08:08
Reminder, Ron Paul's Write-In Votes Will Be Counted in Pennsylvania 22:51:45
Alex Jones questioned George W Bush on abolishing the FED & CFR and he was arrested in 1998. 22:49:54
Anyone Watch Greta Tonight? 22:47:46
Anthony Randazzo on How Neither Obama or Romney Will Remedy the Housing Market (VIDEO) 22:44:51
City of Sonoma Canvasing (next 4 Saturdays): Ron Paul write-in, Gary Johnson, Green Party, State Props...Friends of Freedom! 22:39:58
CreativeLIVE - Free Online School for Artists and Entrepreneurs 22:36:46
John Stossel : Mitt Romney, Big-Government Man 22:35:28
Romney SLAMMED for refusing to cut Military-Industrial Complex! 22:30:59
Spain Downgraded to One Level Above Junk by S&P on Risks 22:28:43
Judge Napolitano: Debate made it clear; Only small difference between Romney & Obama 22:24:58
MP in Britain kicked out of Parliament for saying UK soldiers were "human shields for the politicians reputations back home." 22:20:00
Ron Paul Returns As Honorary Chairman Of "Campaign For Liberty" 22:07:19
Ballot Access Rally in Oklahoma 21:50:29
Gary Johnson Disses Ron Paul, Father of Modern Liberty Movement, Says a Vote for Him is "Meaningless" 21:50:28
Mother of Slain State Dept. Official Tired of Being Lied To and Stonewalled by Obama Administration (VIDEO) 21:43:25
FEDEX to cut thousands from workforce 21:30:03
Now is a good time to buy gold with Bitcoin! 21:25:34
Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight / NYT: Election Nearing a Toss Up 21:25:10
Russia says it will not renew arms agreement with U.S. 21:23:00
What If We Just Take Over - The Same Way They Did? 21:20:06
Russia says it will not renew arms agreement with U.S. 21:18:58
Jail Guard flushes Baby down the Toilet (video) 21:17:54
Ohio voter needs help 21:10:34
EXCLUSIVE: Rolling Stones concert tix will go on sale this weekend 21:03:55
Story from today 20:55:51
Iran sanctions now causing food insecurity, mass suffering 20:52:37
Tom Woods & Adam Kokesh Taking your questions LIVE tonight 9-11:PM at 20:51:00
Crying like a baby 20:48:07
CIA's 'Argo' plot was inspired by Roger Zelazny's novel, Lord of Light' 20:39:03
Say Hello to World War III, Obama Just Signed another Executive Order 20:36:43
December 21st, 2012 - What's Going On? 20:35:38
How many of you think about running for office? 20:33:00
Gary Johnson Spoiler: Latest Presidential Polls Show a Third Party Disaster in the Works for Mitt Romney 20:32:40
Corrupt Media to the core 20:29:18
Europe Edges Closer To Banking Union 20:26:04
Coming Next: TSA Taser Bracelets? 20:19:37
Gary Johnson secures place on ballot in Pennsylvania - YES! 20:14:59
GE Griffin: Legalized Plunder of the American People 20:14:02
People Power! Incredible! Spanish protesters win! 20:05:10
Charlie McGrath - Current Wide Awake News Video Blog. 19:58:47
Andrew Sullivan, Former Ron Paul Endorser Loves Obama 19:58:04
Jon Stewart Rips Romney on Balancing Budget - Lies 19:44:32
Video: Rand Paul speech at LPAC 2012 19:44:11
Which democrats are the most Pro-Liberty? 19:43:54
Caught on Tape! " I Was Paid To Vote For Obama" 19:43:29
France bans Muslims' political protests 19:42:52
Man Arrested at Airport for Baggage with Legal But "Suspicious" Items. 19:42:11
Another Example Of A Shameless Government Lie (VIDEO) 19:36:16
Some Libertarians Just Want to Watch the World Burn 19:27:01
Chinese Corps Are National Security Threat. (Who? What? ISN'T a "Threat" to us now?) BOO! 19:21:25
Romney 3rd place finish on Nov. 6th will be the best day of my life 19:20:54
Gary Johnson to be in new Pew Polls! 19:04:22
America’s Moral Degeneracy - Paul Craig Roberts Latest Post. 19:02:05
Future STATESMEN: Common Citizens - like Joe Walsh! 18:53:04
Incrementalism & 2nd Amendment. Cook County Plans Second Amendment Tax. 18:48:33
Reading the "tea leaves" today, are the neocons making a power grab for Romney? 18:45:02
Ron Paul Is Changing The World 18:31:04
Washington Times Communities: Ron Paul and gary Johnson's supporters are not a "non-factor" 18:18:18
A Parable: The Tenth Man 21:17:10
Rand Paul and Laura Ingraham agree on need for less interventionist foreign policy (audio) 18:03:31
Pulse of The People: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand should allow an audit of the Federal Reserve 17:50:15
Secrecy News from the FAS Project on Government Secrecy 17:48:47
Store Owner Depicts Obama as Witch Doctor in Window Display 17:48:34
My new response to folks that keep saying, "A vote for anyone but Romney is a vote for Obama!" 17:30:22
Rand Paul guest on Peter Schiff Show 10-10-12 (audio) 17:05:18
SFL: Activism Tools for a Full Frontal Assault on Agenda 21 17:00:08
More signs of GOP disaster; neocon Allen West down by 9 points. 16:59:59
Can you imagine being a teenager, never really living in an America that is not at war? 16:56:12
Romney Wants '$35K Commode' John Thain For Treasury 16:43:51
The Omnipotent Executive Order forbidding all commerce with Iran 16:29:49
Gary Johnson makes case for Ron Paul supporters to vote for him in general election 16:19:00
Gary Johnson Spoiler: Latest Presidential Polls Show a Third Party Disaster in the Works for Mitt Romney 16:15:47
It could be very worthwhile encouraging people to take this Presidential Quiz 16:11:55
*IMPORTANT* Ron Paul Revolution Political Experts: A Serious Question. 16:01:24
- 15:40:30
Forget Class-Warfare; It's Age-Warfare We Should Worry About 15:13:40
How much does John Tate make per year? 22:10:10
Corrupt GOP Running Boiler Rooms to Kill Libertarian Vote 15:08:49
Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson makes a hometown visit 14:50:57
Dept. of Transportation Workers Caught Stealing 60 Metal Grates Along I-95 (VIDEO) 14:46:02
Please help to ReElect Norman Tregenza in NH 14:44:06
South Carolina voter ID law upheld by Federal court 14:40:33
Gary Johnson Soldier Bio # 9 GOP Continues to Beg and Regret 14:39:49
Defiant Johnson campaigns on home turf 14:36:34
'Out of Greece!': Special forces march in uniform, chant in anti-Merkel protest (VIDEO) 14:25:41
Transportation Secretary To Stimulus Critics: 'Baloney! The Stimulus Worked' (VIDEO) 14:14:19
Peter Schiff debates Professor Richard Carnell - Video 13:56:51
Gary Johnson Soldier Bio 9 GOP Continues to Beg and Regret 13:51:50
Dudley Brown on 2012 RNC Change to Rules 13:50:50
Here is How Gary Johnson Can Win! 13:13:02
Florida Gov. Rick Scott Gives Out Adult Number Instead of Meningitis Hotline 13:12:44
How the NDAA Directly Threatens Average Americans, and How You Can Take Action Now 13:02:01
Stossel: After The Welfare State - New Book 12:54:32
TMOT: Gary Johnson, Please Join Us In Nashville 12:51:39
Obama wants to debate Romney on civil liberties. Here's some atrocious decisions he should explain. 12:50:52
Private Military Defense In An Anarcho-Capitalist Society? 12:46:14
Gary Johnson Makes Case To Ron Paul Supporters In 2 Minute Ad 12:32:37
Swiss Study Shows 147 Technocratic “Super Entities” Rule the World 12:27:54
Nationwide Gary Johnson Sign-Waving - Oct. 10th & Oct. 12th 12:24:18
The U.S. and Canada Announce Pilot to Enhance Border Security at Land Ports of Entry 12:21:29
Bay Area Law Enforcement Agencies Test Drones (VIDEO) 12:15:48
Government sues Wells Fargo for reckless lending practices 12:10:09
Sheriff Wants Drones To Peek Inside Buildings 12:08:42
Cops tase man for having seizure 12:04:22
. 11:56:29
The Electoral College 11:43:05
*Video* Are Most Libertarians Fake? by Conrad White 11:13:30
Syria and the Arab Gas Pipeline - is this what has got the US lining up against Russia and China? 11:01:20
2008 supporters...seriously, What?! 10:48:17
Rand Paul Op Ed on "Romney's Wrong On Middle East, Defense Spending" 11:46:50
I'm just going to leave this right here (VIDEO) 10:37:30
Choice Dining Time Surcharges Likely Coming To New York City Restaurants 10:37:10
Wynn On Obama: "I'll Be Damned If I Want To Have Him Lecture Me"(VIDEO) 10:25:34
Has Jerry Doyle Gone to the Dark Side? 10:06:50
Facebook Fought SEC To Keep Mobile Risks Hidden Before IPO Crash (VIDEO) 10:03:32
Latest Ben Fulford, "The pentagon and the agency guys say...They are working with one militia group linked to...Ron Paul..." 09:56:38
TSA Sinks To New Low: Humiliates Woman Dying Of Cancer (VIDEO) 09:41:55
Ironic isn't the word 09:38:11
Iran sanctions now causing food insecurity, mass suffering 09:34:59
Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are not a "non-factor" - excellent article 09:34:20
Rep. Issa closes in on Clinton 09:18:03
Who would be your Dream Team? 09:15:47
Ron Paul: Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 09:09:07
Cook County Proposes Tax on Guns and Ammunition 09:07:34
Alert: Highly Sophisticated Large Scale Cyberheist Targeting Customer Funds At Major US Banks 09:02:18
Soon Censored? Korean Scientists Successfully Kill Cancer with Magnets 08:55:53
Massive Censorship By Google+ 08:53:55
Social Conservatives Just Got Burned. Romney promises no abortion legislation 08:52:48
28 Good Questions The Mainstream Media Should Be Asking 08:49:03
The REALITY of Mitt Romney's "budget plan" and policies - DEEP recession 08:36:28
Steve Forbes: Gold Can Save Us From Disaster 08:35:27
New Border Regime is Taking the U.S.-Canada Partnership to the Next Level 08:27:43
Thousands of Pakistanis rally against US drone strikes-Nine-mile convoy led by Imran Khan 08:23:21
Rolling Stone says Ron Paul is among The 10 Best Politicians on Pot Reform 08:07:02
... and the winner is 07:48:29
The Gold Dollar-A Poem from 1849 07:27:11
Men On Fire: How Does Spontaneous Combustion Happen? 07:24:44
Hidden in Einstein's Math: Faster-than-Light Travel? 07:19:12
Ann Barnhardt Working On An Presentation Explaining What Happened To The World Economy 06:51:59
Gary Johnson is No Ron Paul 06:48:43
"Star Wars" now officially here 06:04:06
Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson receives 24% in nationwide poll 05:50:07
U.S. Files Civil Mortgage Fraud Suit Against Wells Fargo 05:34:47
I figured out how to spread libertarian thought to a statist 04:23:56
I will not vote for a single Republican or Democrat this election. (UNLESS see article.) 04:07:14
John Doe proceeding on strip search, Fourth Degree Sexual Assault,illegal Body Cavity Search involving Milwaukee Police Officers 04:02:56
Do the "Safe State Tango" 03:33:58
If you do not support Lincoln, you support slavery 03:04:02
Bing - A guide to the most innovative search engine 03:02:03
The Gold Series: Infographics 03:01:22
How to buy silver at spot price? 02:39:33
Ron Paul Nobel Peace Prize Petition! Please Sign and give reason why he deserves it. 02:25:26
Chronic Art - Roach Paper Mosaics - Recycling on a Higher Level: 02:01:10
How to Answer a Government Propagandist! Tom Woods Liberty classroom 01:36:27
- US officials: We didn't link Libya attack to video 01:22:25
The Philosophy of "Gangnam Style" - A TRULY Peaceful Society VIDEO 01:09:07
"First Post" 00:38:31
Liberty Will Be On The Ballot - Governor Gary Johnson 00:26:57
Ben Swann Reality Check: What Is The Petro-dollar and Why Is China Trying To Destroy It? 00:22:59
Ron Paul Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize 00:12:44