Posted on October 11, 2012

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Biden looked like an idiot with all his giggling and laughing - 22:55:10
! Head Of Security At U.S. Embassy in Yemen Assassinated 22:26:53
Lindsey Graham Introduces Bill To Commit US Troops to Israel 20:44:05
Washington Could Become First State to OK Pot Sales 19:41:04
Judge Napolitano: Oakland Suing DOJ Over Marijuana Dispensaries - FBN - 10/11/2012 16:40:56
Ron Paul: I'm Trying to Prevent The Collapse of the Dollar 16:26:18
October 12: 'Atlas Shrugged 2' Timed to Hit Screens Just Before Election 10:11:12
Rand Paul, Jack Conway to Offer Spin at VP Debate in Kentucky 15:46:53
Ron Paul on CNBC Bluntly Refuses to Back Romney 14:33:10
Everything is rigged - health, politics, finance and more - but here's how to beat the system 14:03:10
Jesse Ventura & Gary Johnson Tear it Up in Minnesota - Macalster College 20:32:55
Judge Napolitano: Let Gary Johnson Debate 09:20:10
A Dream Dies but the Beat Goes On. Ron Paul and those trying to cash in on his legacy 09:23:37
Ross Perot & David Walker Interview on CSPAN 07:58:40
Reality Check: Is SCOTUS Putting An End To "Personal" Property? 08:50:35
NDAA: The Biggest Election Issue No One's Talking About 12:57:19
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Biden and Ryan debate foreign policy within the establishment lines. 23:52:11
IMPORTANT! If you ingest Splenda/Sucralose- 23:30:50
Portland Fluoride Issue is Going to a Public Vote! 23:24:04
Freedom River - Liberty is in OUR hands! 23:13:42
"There are only 2 candidates" 23:12:35
Organized divide and conquer on the DP? 23:03:00
What are the frontlines of the R3VOLution? 23:01:21
A Ron Paul Candidate Losing My Vote? Ken Cuccinelli 22:58:05
Blackwater changed its name, not habits 22:52:20
Anniversary Of The Signing Of The Death Warrant Of More Than A MILLION People 22:41:08
Now the Spin Begins 22:36:55
First Re-Election Coming for NDAA Traitors in Congress: How Did Yours Vote? 22:31:27
Shell Pipeline Oil Spill In Niger Delta Valley TWICE The Size Of BP Gulf Spill Catastrophe 22:29:11
"You Sir Are A Complete And Utter Douchebag!" Abby Martin To Congressman Desjarlais 22:24:30
Debate - Live Discussion 21:59:16
Mexico banning large cash purchases 21:54:26
EU Army - Proposition - Video 21:51:38
Glanced at the Reality Show "Debate" this evening... 21:26:05
Where is Judge Grey 21:17:16
Biden Looks like a Jackass with that Stupid 21:16:06
Dear Nbc 21:13:14
If you want to vote 3rd party you missed your chance. 21:02:02
Google image search "completely wrong", DPers will surely get a kick out of this! 20:53:01
Solari Report Echoes Ron Paul 20:52:54
U.S. national debt grows so fast CBO predictions can’t keep up 20:47:19
A Free-Market Monetary System 20:41:16
'Out of Greece!': Special forces march in uniform, chant in anti-Merkel protest (VIDEO) 20:40:57
Local news just reported diablo nuclear plant shut down unexpectedly hours ago 20:25:09
Crunchy: Kellogg's recalling Mini-Wheats because of metal in boxes (VIDEO) 20:19:29
American Conservative: What Obama & Romney Won’t Talk About 20:17:03
Pile Of Manure Dumped On An Ohio Democratic Headquarters 20:10:49
Folks, please stop the posts either promoting or condemning Gary Johnson. 20:08:59
Urgent: California Ron Paul Electors Needed to Make Ron Paul/Judge Napolitano a Write-in Ticket 20:07:55
Shut up and listen! 19:56:23
Feds Bust Man Who Returned Used Enemas 19:47:29
The American Conservative: Marijuana Legalization Tipping Point 19:45:55
Ron Paul Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize 19:29:17
The Forces Behind Iran's Currency Crisis 19:24:34
Reminiscing old videos sent to friends/family 19:17:34
Presidential Memorandum; Sec of State to Support Assistance by International Financial Institutions for Burma 19:15:41
Presidential Memorandum; Provision of U.S. Drug Interdiction Assistance to the Government of Brazil 19:11:51
9/11 Truthers vs Bikers: Patriotism is a Mental Disorder ...4409 Strikes again! 19:05:57
Biotech Scientist: It's 'Awesome' that GMO's Cause Infertility and Death (VIDEO) 19:02:42
CSM Basil L. Plumley 1920-2012 RIP "We Were Soldiers" 18:57:27
Political Profiling of a “Constitutionalist” Turns Simple Domestic Call Into Full on SWAT Raid (VIDEO) 18:55:49
The Liberty Party 18:49:04
Looks Like We Can Add WV, ID, and MT to States Where it's Worth it to Write in Ron Paul: 2008 Analysis 18:46:56
Apple snags top chip designer from Samsung 18:46:07
CDC: Meningitis Outbreak Growing, 14 People Dead 18:41:33
Greece's Biggest Company Quits Country 18:35:14
Aspirin Dangers, and Natural, Evidence-Based Alternatives 18:32:02
video A Bad Lip Reading of the 1st Presidential Debate 18:26:08
The Corrupt Establishment Fears People Uniting Behind Governor Johnson 18:21:47
Who's the Villain? 18:12:44
Huff Post: Gary Johnson, Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Wants To Outperform Mitt Romney In D.C. 18:04:47
A Free States Project 18:03:03
Stunning PPP poll asks if conservative media wants white people to think Obama hates them 17:36:57
Greek Unemployment Rises Above 25 Percent 17:29:53
Hizbollah leader says he will send more drones over Israel 17:23:17
Proof That Write-in Votes are Counted, 2008 Results for Ron Paul 17:07:32
British Man Jailed for Wearing Offensive T-Shirt 17:02:22
Oakland Sues Feds Over Pot Dispensary 18:56:43
I Can't Believe No One Else Has Posted This! Santa For President 2012! 16:55:48
What Will Happen to Our Personal Mortgage & Consumer Debt When the Dollar Collapes? 16:48:50
. 16:45:19
Liberty Fest III This Saturday Oct. 13! 16:45:11
Cutter: Benghazi Is Only an Issue ‘Because of Romney and Ryan’ 16:42:19
PM apologises to Kim Dotcom - National - NZ Herald Videos 16:38:32
Jill Stein Qualifies for Federal Matching Funds 16:34:38
Can Ron Paul and Gary Johnson swap electors? 16:33:56
Robotic 3D Printer Can Build 2,500 Sq. Foot House in 20 Hrs. 16:32:46
Jeremy Kolassa: Anti-Johnson Crowd is Full of Cowards 16:28:41
Kim Dotcom: U.S. Government Used Echelon to Spy on Me 16:24:26
Money Bomb for Campaign For Liberty 16:21:30
France 'uncovers biggest bomb plot in years 16:19:40
US border agents involved in shooting on Arizona border 16:16:08
Ron Paul: Job Figures are Not Realistic (VIDEO) 16:12:49
*Attention* Write in votes ARE counted in Florida! 16:10:27
Sean Hannity Makes Film Debut in 'Atlas Shrugged: Part II' 16:04:05
Glenn Beck pleading for attention again, 15:52:09
RP Pitchman Alex Jones Practicing Eugenics? Mercury, Fluorine & Arsenic Ingredients In His Vitamin Product 15:49:20
Gary Johnson Soldier Bio 10: Wake up America! 15:45:55
Rand Paul to New Hampshire to Campaign for Mitt Romney 15:44:32
Supreme Court Declines to Hear Warrentless Wiretapping Case 15:40:59
Ron Paul Refuses to Endorse Romney - CNBC 10/11/2012 15:10:26
Heroes of the Faith: John Lennon 15:00:24
Walmart Workers Threaten Nationwide Black Friday Walk-Out 14:51:20
TSA Welcome Romney Supporters At Iowa Campaign Stop 14:43:53
My Conversation with Michelle Obama! 14:41:27
Bill Maher: "We Need To Promote Death" (VIDEO) 14:38:47
Milton Friedman v. Left-Wing Statist Phil Donahue 14:36:52
Hale v. Henkel, 201 U.S. 43(1906) 14:31:48
Evolution and Trends Deleted) 14:29:02
Oath Keepers Billboard Project 14:18:23 posted an article about the NDAA! 14:12:49
Do we live in the Matrix? Researchers say they have found a way to find out 14:12:33
Calculator Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections 14:06:16
IRS says ‘tax avoidance’ at heart of Solyndra bankruptcy plan 14:01:15
Rand Paul: US Dollars and Soldiers Don't Have to Participate in Every War - CNN 10/10/2012 14:00:30
Rand Paul's 2016 Presidential Run - CNN's Erin Burnett Out Front 10/10/2012 14:00:06
Gunmen kill U.S. embassy security chief in Yemen 13:53:27
Google image search for "completely wrong"... 13:48:10
Bus Driver Tells 12 Year-Old He Should Have Been Aborted Because of Romney Yard Sign 13:42:41
BBC film crew was held at gunpoint after trying to sneak into Nevada's Area 51 military base with UFO conspiracy theorists 13:32:32
Rand to Romney - NO to war with Syria 13:26:52
Marine carries young cancer survivor across triathlon finish line after boy's prosthetic leg breaks 13:21:39
Gary Johnson Survives Brutal Republican Challenge 13:16:21
Video: Unions Fine Members Who Don't Show Support for Elizabeth Warren 13:11:11
HALO 4 Hurts Romney On Nov. 6th 13:05:24
Toyota learned of window switch defect four years before recall 13:03:21
Paul Mulshine: If Gary Johnson were up there on the podium we might have a real debate 12:59:15
Judge Gray: "we will repeal both the Patriot Act and the NDAA" 12:29:24
From Your Uncle Sam: How to Become President of the United States 12:21:07
Craig Murray Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist : I Vote For Shooting Bankers 12:00:53
Gas Prices Too High? How $1.00 US Can Buy 7 Gallons. 11:46:09
To the Mods 11:41:05
Just curious. Has anyone hear ever tried playing Election Themed video games? 11:33:22
Is the French GMO study a fraud? 11:23:12
Romney plans Navy build up - More Romney idiocy paid for with what? 10:21:52
Copper Thief found hanging from Electrical Pole in Detroit 10:11:34
Yemen security chief at U.S. Embassy killed in Sanaa 10:07:45
Jon Stewart: Romney's Wizardry 09:16:16
Most of those objecting to Governor Johnson want us to vote Romney & Obama 09:13:56
Good blog post: making the case for voting RP 08:57:09
Jamie Dimon: U.S. Treasury Bond Market WILL Crash. Unless... 08:43:42
Panetta stalling on demotion of four star general for misappropriation of funds & gov't resources. 08:43:13
Bank of international settlement= Central bank of central banks! 07:54:58
Peter Schiff vs Richard Carnell (2 hr debate) 07:53:10
What is America's Greatest National Security threat? 07:47:41
Information of the Clintons 07:00:14
Want you to know that we have our Ron Paul Signs UP 06:18:51
A lesson in going to war under false pretenses 05:57:20 CEO, Patrick Byrne: 'I'm Writing in Ron Paul' 05:13:56
What really happened in Tampa? 05:00:17
Mitt Romney Style vs Obama Style (Video) 04:29:47
The case for a 40% drop in the markets 03:43:52
Leaked! Commission on Presidential Debates Correspondence... 03:09:03
Coming Next: TSA Taser Bracelets! 02:06:28
(Video Proof) Statism Is A Mental Disorder 01:55:07
(Unconfirmed) Missouri Will Count Ron Paul's Write-In Votes! 01:27:09
Update on my arrest 01:10:42
It's Now Confirmed that the Obama Admin Invented a Completely False Narrative for the Libya Consulate Attack 01:07:14
Wanted to share another great news site: Top The News 01:03:32
... 00:57:35
Wead: Ron Paul Likely to Run Again in 2016? 00:36:47
The Dave Against The Machine Podcast 00:27:22
The FDA is Unconstitutional, But That Doesn't Mean Local Regulation Sucks 00:26:29
Lysander Spooner On Civil War And The Constitution 00:19:01
Austrian Economics books? 00:02:09
Being a Constitutionalist in Idaho gets you roughed up by police 00:01:01