Posted on October 12, 2012

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Am I crazy or is there something to this!? 23:24:45
Libertarian polls 7% in Michigan U.S. Senate race, clearing hurdle to debate participation 21:06:29
NY Daily News Editorial: Like Ron Paul? Avoid Mitt Romney 19:19:46
Kucinich on the Iraq War, 10 Years On: Weapons of Mass Distraction 19:15:29
Atlas Shrugged Part 2- My Review For DP 16:42:24
Rand Paul Talks Medicare / Social Security on Fox News - 10-11-12 16:02:07
Ron Paul Legalize Marijuana Bill: 8 Reasons Why It Makes Sense 15:16:09
NBC Admits Ross Perot Actually Once Led George Bush by 8 Points and Bill Clinton by 14 15:11:36
Nigel Farage TROUNCES Media Talking Head on EU Nobel Peace Prize 16:15:28
The Idiot Box: How TV Is Turning Us All Into Zombies 13:46:39
What a tragic joke! The EU has been awarded the Nobel Peace Price! 05:57:30
Kid Rock, Sean Penn Cross Political Divide in New Clip 00:40:59
Plea from Saeed in Iran: "Please help us" 10:39:23
Another Ron Fights the Bust: Pummeling the Political Establishment in Seattle 10:26:41
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Great Domain Name For Sale! 23:51:46
SOLVED!>When Is The Last Time The Gop Had Competing Nominating Speeches At The RNC? 23:50:43
The Government 23:38:47
Eric Clapton's Richter sells for $34.2 million 23:28:14
U.S. intelligence set back when Libya base was abandoned 23:18:31
Industry Sues Over Sugary-Drinks Crackdown 23:08:48
Virgil Goode response to first debate 23:07:18
Gary Johnson You Are Libertarian 23:01:43
Stay out of the Syrian Maelstrom (Patrick J. Buchanan) 23:01:26
Batman and Ryan 23:01:18
Greta's question to viewers: What kind of President do you think Ron Paul would have made? 22:54:43
Feds probe ‘suspicious activity’ in Jesse Jackson Jr.’s finances: sources 22:54:24
Gary Johnson - America Needs A Handyman 22:50:16
China's Yuan hits record high amid US pressure 22:46:59
Gary Johnson 2012: Live Free 22:42:28
Gary Johnson 2012: The People's President 22:41:01
JPMorgan turns in record profit, higher revenue 22:39:37
"At Issue"1989 with Ron Paul pt 1 of 3 on the IRS 22:38:37
Gary Johnson Peace is cheaper 22:37:46
Biden-Ryan TV ratings down sharply from first presidential debate 22:33:10
Maine Write-in Sign Bomb Anyone? 22:23:19
Shots fired 22:19:14
Diebold Voter Fraud 2012 22:14:43
Debate Analysis from a FB user I found pretty good 21:59:06
Ron Paul Utah Valley University Oct 18 update: Standing room only! 21:57:57
Booming banks say consumers may not see lower mortgage rates 21:54:12
Romney Winning Could Be Good for the Liberty Movement? 21:27:14
Gary Johnson says... 20:54:32
Important Quotes 20:53:10
Are You A Collapsaholic, An Apocaholic? 20:35:20
Why I'm Voting for Gary Johnson 20:24:03
NORML Interviews: Gary Johnson on Marijuana Legalization 20:17:18
Libertarians promote Gary Johnson in Naples 20:11:08
USA & "our partners" continue to tighten sanctions and impose increasing consequences 19:58:58
Who is the "Ron Paul" of Europe? 19:56:17
Presidential Proclamation - National School Lunch Week, 2012 19:51:47
SHOCK: Have Liberals infiltrated the Libertarian Party and the Libertarian movement?! 19:48:45
I just made an Anaerobic Bio Digester 19:05:55
Idea! Amazing! 18:51:30
LOL! Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten: I see myself in Biden-video 18:42:10
13,000 People Exposed to Big Pharma Shots Contaminated with Rare Fungal Meningitis 18:35:52
Third Anarchist Jailed for Refusing to Testify Before Secret Grand Jury 18:31:39
Lions of Liberty VP Debate Tweet Recap 18:25:38
Obama to Make Sixth Appearance on Comedy Central's 'Daily Show' 18:24:17
What has Changed, I Wonder? 18:23:43
Russia Today: Switzerland Arming In Preparation For European Meltdown? 18:15:41
'Flash Grenade' burns sleeping 12 year old girl as SWAT team raids home 17:52:06
Calling ALL open minded DP libertarians... 17:50:05
Tom Woods - Constitution Day Speech in South Carolina 17:48:13
Redeeming Lawful Money - Canada 17:45:26
As Long as No Third Party Can Win, Why Not Jill Stein, Whose Anti-War Message is More Solid Than Johnson's 17:44:32
Youtube Front Page 17:40:13
ATF Whistleblower Fired In Denny's Parking Lot (VIDEO) 17:39:59
Redeeming Lawful Money - Canada 17:25:06
Top Ten – Only in America - By a Canadian 17:24:50
Gary Johnson interview on MSNBC - video 17:05:06
Robert Kennedy Documents Show $150,000 Mafia Plan To Kill Fidel Castro 16:51:54
Mom Who Glued Toddler's Hands To Wall Gets 99 Years 16:42:15
Video From Benghazi Consulate Shows Organized Attack 16:33:16
Get FREE tickets to see Ron Paul speak at UCCU at the Utah Valley University at 1:30 on 10/18 - eventbrite open to get tickets! 16:30:50
Joe Biden takes control of world mapping. Declares Syria is five times larger than Libya 16:25:43
National talk radio host misses his flight after TSA detains him twice 16:23:29
ADHD Drugs Prescribed to ‘All Academically Struggling’ Children 16:18:11
Bill Maher blasted for saying ‘kill the right people’ (VIDEO) 16:17:25
Why I’m going Libertarian 16:12:36
Why are we creating Government-Owned Millionaires with Subsidies?! 16:06:03
Bankers’ Man in 2008, Obama's been Dumped by the Money Men 16:01:23
Seeking God and finding God 15:50:13
Rand Paul Speaks for Zion 15:44:22
Sellout Statist Rand Paul Scores only a 95% on JBS Freedom index. 15:32:13
Double the LP 15:24:16
Washington Post: Gary Johnson eyes a second-place finish in D.C. 15:12:34
Hackers in Iran responsible for cyber attacks 15:10:02
It is the government, not we the people who want to attack Iran. Why is it the citizens of countries have to get killed and 15:01:39
Sen. Rand Paul on Fox's Your World with Neil Cavuto - 10/11/12 14:50:43
"Death squad" assassinating Greek elite? 14:44:46
Gary Johnson Soldier Bio 11: Iran seems inevitable. 14:36:19
Article on 10-12-12 CNBC Interview With Ron Paul 14:35:42
Remember the Wiki weapon? Well someone's printed most of an AR-15... 14:31:03
Another article, Ron Paul is Right 14:24:35
The Ron Paul Revolution 2012 And The End Of The Republican Party. 14:20:08
Gary Johnson vs. the abortion issue 14:16:06
Now that the Romney surrogates failed to get our support, here comes the Obama surrogates 14:14:20
It's Time To Put Aside Our Differences And Unite Behind Johnson. 14:06:01
Video: New Rolling Stones song "Doom And Gloom" 14:03:11
Gordon Duff: US upset about Iran-Iraq-Syria alliance (VIDEO) 13:59:15
Convicted Israel Atom Spy Speaks - Mordechai Vanunu: "Iran poses no threat" 08-17-2012 13:57:59
Ron Paul and Gandhi. What did Gandhi really say about self defense? 13:47:19
U.S. Defense Chief Warns of 'Cyber Pearl Harbor' 13:40:52
Remember this? 13:28:36
Secret Service Agent Arrested After Being Found Passed Out In Miami (Video) 13:23:13
Google accused of spying on Gmail users 13:18:08
Biden muffs Obama’s tax plans during debate 13:12:21
Why Do Supporters of Genetically Engineered Foods Insist on Organics for Their Own Families? 13:11:41
|Video| Reality Check: More 1-on-1 Paul Ryan: Spending Record 13:09:54
Shock Video: Cleveland Bus Driver Suspended After Decking Unruly Female Rider With Brutal Bolo Punch 13:06:40
Feed My Sheep 13:06:22
Oh, you're interviewing Ron Paul today? Don't worry, the TSA is here to detain you twice so you miss your flight! 13:03:31
Drudge continues to shill for Romney / Ryan 12:58:41
White House: Obama and Biden were never aware of requests for more Benghazi security 12:57:28
Patrick Henningsen: could war with Iran include the Hegelian outcome of a One World Order? 12:55:29
Gary Johnson on his race for president - NBC12 Virginia 12:36:15
IEA Sees Oil Supply Rising As Demand Slows To 2017 12:23:14
Tom Davis to Lindsey Graham: I Stand with Rand Paul and Jim DeMint 12:07:56
Dancing Baby Video Battle Back In Court Tuesday 12:07:18
Amerika is Cuba 2.0 12:06:26
Gary Johnson: end the embargo on Iran, end all foreign aid (including to Israel) 12:05:28
Amtrak Joins The Police State 12:00:14
Outrageous claim: Drones will boost America's ravaged economy 11:46:22
2 Debates and No Mention of the Fed: How Is that Possible? 11:43:31
Texas We Need You! 11:38:03
Leon Panetta - "Cyber 9/11" 11:30:40
To get Ron Paul votes counted in California need 55 notarized forms 2 SOS by October 23 - have 34 sent yesterday & some on way! 11:19:12
Mitt Romney supporters shout his name at one of his largest rallies to date. 11:14:50
The "Other" Candidates for President 11:02:09
Recovering 'bodyguard' cells in pancreas may restore insulin production in diabetics 10:52:37
Vice chancellor of the University of the Punjab : War, deception & lies 10:49:10
Kucinich Demands Accountability On Foreign Policy Interventionism 10:41:42
Biden on Shrooms? 10:31:48
Critics Slam Decision to Award EU Nobel Peace Prize 10:03:44
Daily Iran war propaganda 09:54:37
Liberty PAC supports pro-choice candidates. They will not get one cent from me. 09:47:18
European Union wins Nobel Peace prize 09:34:03
Panettta wants private industry to share data with government 09:22:33
DARPA Tests Drones That Refuel While Airborne 09:09:16
Paul Ryan Sinks Himself In VP Debate With Joe Biden 09:00:10
thank you ron paul for your 30+ years of service! 08:54:55
Will The Election Results Cause Massive Riots To Erupt All Over America? 08:53:20
My Miracle Healing Testimony: The Chiropractic Cover-up 09:56:38 CEO: I'm writing in Ron Paul 06:31:50
Dr. Ron Paul for the Nobel Peace Prize 05:57:52
One debate would have been more interesting, the other a reality lol 05:43:30
Dying Woman Gets Security Pat-down at Sea-Tac (video in article) 05:30:54
Like Ron Paul? Avoid Mitt Romney 05:29:22
Texas Police taser man who was having seizures 05:27:36
Tom and Huck Talk War and Occupation 04:48:20
CIA Base in Benghazi, Libya (Cryptome link, 11 October 2012) 03:50:08
(VIDEO) Chris Wallace Shocked By Biden's 'Disrespectful,' 'Openly Contemptuous' Debate Treatment Of Ryan 03:07:33
Feel the Pain, California 02:40:42
Flow Chart: The Obama Years, 2008-2013 00:48:31
The Truth About Marijuana Legalization,Or Any Other Controllable Market Like Alcohol or Tabacco 00:45:31
True Americans Threaten NATIONWIDE boycott of FLYING to protest the TSA! 00:39:14
The next time some "red state neocon" uses "Bush" and "family values" in the same sentence... 00:38:51
Biden Summed Up Why Obama Must Not Get Reelected. 00:35:27
The Wisdom of Obi-Wan Kenobi 00:23:02
Reality Check: One on One With Paul Ryan, Tough Questions On His Spending Record 00:16:01
Meteor Storm Brewing for 2014? 00:13:34