Posted on October 13, 2012

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Child Suspended From School For Kombucha In Lunchbox 22:39:39
Selling cars for silver coins on Craigslist 19:27:53
An honest plea for Liberty Candidate for Congress, Tisha Casida. 16:57:24
Washington Post interviews Gary Johnson 12:36:07
Ron Paul Will Not Endorse Romney Because He Rightly Thinks America is a One Party System 11:10:22
Update: "Papers please." Has anyone else noticed or experienced this? 10:47:45
Rand Paul Rips Lindsey Graham's Defense of Democrat Joe Manchin 07:35:57
New Jersey: Snitch on someone with a gun and get $1000 09:33:17
Politico Headline: "Rand Paul Gets in the 2012 Game" 07:45:54
Third anarchist jailed for refusing to testify before secret grand jury *updated* 05:10:50
Greta from Fox News wants to know why we like Ron Paul 11:53:53
What one Veteran wishes the American people knew about "Supporting the Troops" 18:25:02
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Could You F-ing Imagine Ron Paul Rehearsing For A Debate? 23:42:58
This just stinks... 23:42:57
Seriously? Paramedic Punished For Covering Old Crippled House-Fire Victim With Donated Blanket 23:41:49
Could this outbreak of fungal meningitis be deliberate to force prescriptions controlled by the state? 23:22:33
Mystery giant eyeball may be squid's 23:09:07
Bizarre story, but what's even more bizarre is ...Why is the "State Department" investigating this? 23:02:32
Meningitis-linked firm sold drugs without prescriptions: emails 22:54:46
Chuck Baldwin-Elections Should Belong To The People 22:46:32
Reagan Had Warned Us About Obama 22:29:16
APPS for Freedom Video 22:03:45
Does writing in Ron Paul just guarantee the two party status quo? 21:46:13
Mitt Romney busing in Utahns to deploy & prop him up in other states; all expenses paid. 21:11:40
Should I join the US Military? 21:04:39
Did You Know? Pt 2 20:19:57
Folks, This Ain't Normal: Joel Salatin's Vision of Peace, Liberty, Abundance 20:00:33
Britain’s dirty war in Iraq: war crimes, torture, renditions – the evidence mounts 19:47:51
UK to Introduce National ID Scheme Using Mobile Phones and Social Media Profiles 19:06:10
Tom Woods interviewed by David Ortiz 18:53:48
Rand PAC Spokesman Jesse Benton Said... 18:48:44
Voting Romney Or Obama Is Taking The Lazy Way Out 18:38:53
Mitt, mitt, mitt...Mitt Gangnam Style. 18:35:51
Big Brother: RFID Chips Track Kids' Truancy, Eating Habits 18:31:58
My Son Memorized The Preamble Of The Constitution! 18:14:54
Could November 6 Be U.S. Election Riot Night? 18:07:24
Still Getting Mail From The RNC. We Know What To Do 16:32:59
Is Virgil Goode the answer for the Liberty Movement? 16:01:23
Rupert Murdoch Predicts ‘Nightmare for Israel if Obama Wins, 15:54:19
'Patrick Henry Approves This Message' 15:52:11
Phony Terrorism Through The Eyes of One of Us 15:44:17
video~ Another Holocaust is Happening in Europe 15:26:17
Interesting Video for the Weekend 15:17:05
FEMA, GEMA and Continuity of Government 15:13:35
Ben Swann page deleted from wikipedia 14:53:39
Vote for anyone except Johnson! 14:48:35
Richard Stallman on RT discussing freedom software, copyright, apple and anonymous 14:45:47
Why does our vote matter? 14:38:12
End the Fed Movement Will Agree: QE3 Will Not Jump Start the Economy 14:22:18
Rand Paul: Killing Five Birds With One Stone 14:15:34
Write in votes count in Florida! 13:31:17
Making Individual Secession Happen 12:52:00
Pay for Comments – Confessions of a Paid Disinformation Internet Shill 12:44:00
Best speaker(s) on Liberty for local outreach? 12:32:50
Help with quote 12:18:26
Protest John Boehner in Charlotte NC. "The Ayes Have It" 11:38:29
America on the Cusp of Fascism 11:26:51
Tribute to Ron Paul 10:49:00
Judge Gray: drug prohibition is “the biggest failed policy in our history, second only to slavery.” 10:33:10
Youth Uprising Movement in France? (video) 10:25:20
Gary Johnson: ‘A Quarter of the Syrian Rebels are Al-Qaida’ 09:58:03
Bringing home the sheer magnitude of the Cost of the Wars 09:45:06
Salon: Gary Johnson: Mitt is ‘without one molecule of brain’ 09:38:04
Washington Times Blog: Joe Biden says America needs more drones, Gary Johnson says “the war stops here” 09:13:51
This will never get legs 08:50:06
Video:CFR, Trilateral Commission & Atlantic Council Draft War 07:43:01
The Anarchist Warlock: Bring it! 07:32:44
40 Mainstream Media Headlines You'd See If Romney Was (sic.) A Democrat And Obama Was (sic.) A Republican 05:14:04
Old Song - Current Truth - Round Here We All Look the Same 03:02:27
Gary Johnson newbie here- I have a question 02:24:30
John Stossel: The art of politics 02:20:14
Judge Napolitano: European Union's Nobel Peace Prize Win is a Joke 02:15:52
Judge Napolitano: "Biden lost too, what a jackass" 02:12:52
Now Greta wants to know about Ron Paul! 02:06:07
Ron Paul Revolution: 2 Minutes To Midnight: How To Become An Elector And More 02:03:15
Why I will vote for Willard 01:20:30
Well HELL ! I had just convinced myself that I was a political atheist... 01:00:39
Vote Gary Johnson 00:46:11
Have you seen these Gary Johnson ads?...He is carrying Ron Pauls torch...AMAZINGLY well... 00:00:39