Posted on October 15, 2012

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Email Inbox Not Private, Says South Carolina Court 22:37:04
Stossel: New 'Free Market' Paradise City: No taxes, No Fed, Small Govt 20:07:24
The 2012 US Presidential “Non-election:” Which Brand of Fascism this Time? 18:07:28
The World’s Aircraft Carriers – VISUALIZED 17:57:07
Am I Crazy ? 14:46:41
Sen. Rand Paul takes aim at both major parties in visit to Athens 15:58:21
Papers Please! Part II 11:09:56
What Will Austerity Look Like in the United States? 22:51:20
Veterans Groups Urge Soldiers To Refuse Anymore Deployments To Afghanistan... 09:20:31
CNN's Candy Crowley Challenges Rules Set by Commission on Presidential Debates 03:31:26
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 10/15/12: Despite Claims, Recovery is NOT Around the Corner 10:59:26
"We don't owe, we won't pay!" Thousands protest in Spain's capital over government austerity measures 08:41:39
New Reverse Mortgage Abuses Pushing Seniors Out of their Homes 08:50:25
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Romney campaign files federal suit to ensure all military ballots count in Wisconsin 23:22:56
Rep. Roby (R - Alabama) "ambushed in a trap" by Jan Helfeld over farm subsidies, bankers & redistribution of wealth, runs 23:18:51
Clinton: "I'm responsible for diplomats security" (Video) 23:13:41
The top brass military man's wife who was a whistleblower 22:59:59
How General Motors Bailout Turned Into Foreign Aid 22:50:35
Obama's Changes Video 22:44:17
CO Sheriff tackles drug war with books 22:38:00
If they're doing this to Gary, imagine what they did to Ron! 22:07:30
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Is Pie In The Sky Politics 21:50:52
My one annoyance about this site... 21:50:29
Koch Industries Warns 45,000 Employees Of ‘Consequences’ If They Don’t Vote For Republicans 21:50:11
Robert Reich, the Neo-Luddite 21:21:59
This is why I know they have everything controlled, here is my Facebook post 21:13:50
The Women Speak! Vice-president Joe Biden Scares Us! 21:13:01
Rand Paul stands with us! He promises to FIGHT to keep us out of war! 21:07:32
Is Private Equity Effectively The Mob Kirk Dahl, Et Al Vs Bain Capital Partners, Llc, Et Al 21:03:16
Hillary Clinton Takes Responsibility For Benghazi Attack Failure 20:58:09
Something Positive You Can Do Today 20:49:17
Banks Sued By Homeowners Over Rigging of Libor Benchmark 20:45:29
Music Video Exposes Rise of the Robots 20:42:20
Smartphone Apps Now Use Microphone to Record Your Conversations 20:37:18
Rap News 16: Obama V Romney - The Final Presidential Debate 20:09:37
Generators on the move to Louisiana sinkhole area? 19:54:39
Brad Pitt Says He’s "A Drug Addict" (anti-drug war piece) 19:12:16
Messengers for Liberty Episode 5 19:10:59
Quick Constitutional question 19:03:40
Comparing Romney and Obama is like comparing apples and oranges... 19:03:00
Andrew Horning, Libertarian candidate for senate in Indiana debates the establishment 7pm est 18:57:27
We are the Good Cops AND the Bad Cops to a Suspect Republican Party 18:56:59
Get to know Harry Browne 18:49:02
Esquire: The Passion Play and Cold Reality of Gary Johnson 18:37:37
Brad Pitt SLAMS phony charade of Drug War 17:48:04
Third-party candidates' debate takes the spotlight 17:46:00
Gary Johnson Soldier Bio 12: Commission on Presidential Debates 17:10:18
Iraq Buys Russian Weapons; $4.2 Billion Worth Just Before American Election 16:51:59
Russia accused of aiding and abetting Washington’s enemy (Syria) 16:35:50
Obama Administration Accused of Lying about Mortgage Fraud Crackdown Data 16:27:30
Government Accused of Allowing Bank of America to Investigate Itself about Foreclosures 16:24:05
The Self-Destruction of the 1 Percent 16:13:59
Secret Debate Contract Leaked 16:10:48
Messengers for Liberty - episode 5: No More Status Quo Politicians 16:05:37
How many of you dream about Ron Paul? 16:01:52
Humanity is Rising (Original Song) 15:54:06
Corrupt GOP: Remember, Remember This 6th of November 15:03:55
Has anyone else received this email about the Johnson campaign 15:03:54
"No Government " (Nicolette) Official Video 15:01:11
Doug Wead: The Politics of Blame? “George did it.” 14:46:27
Peter Schiff Video Blog: Inflation #1 concern among registered voters 14:40:42
-vid- Rap News 16: Obama V Romney - The Final Presidential Debate 14:40:27
Video: Why Do We Love Zombies So Much? Shocking Reasons Revealed... 14:30:01
Shut up and play nice: How the Western world is limiting free speech 14:29:56
Hilarious Rap Battle "Debate": Obama vs. Romney 14:27:05
Hurricane Paul is coming! 14:24:18
The Problem With TSA Pat-Downs (VIDEO) 14:00:54
Gary Johnson on Colorado Marijuana Legalization, Foreign Aid, The FED, Libya & Syria 13:52:16
Debt Slavery – Why It Destroyed Rome, Why It Will Destroy Us Unless It’s Stopped 13:40:35
Fukushima utility: "We could have prevented nuclear meltdowns" 13:32:31
MI Cops used asset forfeitures to buy prostitutes, drugs & tanning salon 13:30:39
Lawsuit: Doctors 'Intentionally Concealed' Decapitation of Baby During Delivery 13:23:35
Mondays With Murray: Rothbard On Private Roads 13:07:21
The Value of Money Outweighs the Importance of the Unemployment Rate 13:05:29
Exclusive: Study shows $1.2 trillion gap for public pensions 13:01:53
"No one wants to upset the apple cart, even if all the apples are rotten." 12:55:02
Twenty-five primates on brink of extinction, study says 12:54:37
Senate Smackdown!: Lindsey Graham's Collaboration with Democrats Points To Primary Challenge in 2014 12:48:12
Fukushima beef being shipped to US restaurants 12:34:08
Frank Neudecker: Why I Supported Ron Paul and Still Do! 12:30:42
Decriminalise drug use, say experts after six-year study 12:29:56
Person Debt question-advice needed! 12:24:38
Why Are Americans So Easy to Manipulate? 12:19:20
Why are Americans so easy to manipulate? 12:19:02
FEMA Report: Drop, Cover, and Hold On!: Millions to Participate in Earthquake Drill Next Week 12:18:18
Colorado healthcare workers to be fired if they refuse mandatory flu shots 12:13:21
Ron Paul Endorses Dr. Ted Yoho for Congress 11:58:18
Paulin' at Austin City Limits Festival 11:55:16
Intel Drop: October 14, 2012 11:45:59
Video of Ron Paul in Victoria, Texas 10/13/2012 11:39:52
Chicago fundraiser for wounded vets Thursday 11:38:30
The "Good General's" Daughter 11:37:51
Ten Religious Objections to Social Security 11:16:39
Dagny Taggart Goes to War 11:07:27
Real Reason for Nuclear Annihilation of Japan Cities at end of WWII 10:46:14
Messengers for Liberty - episode 5: No More Status Quo Politicians 10:35:35
This Terrific Video Just Made My Day 10:32:15
Politico: Potential Libertarian spoilers in key senate races 10:31:46
The Empire Must Remain Resolute In Our Conquest Of Africa! Hillary Clinton (paraphrasing) 10:30:03
funny video of a sign guy! 10:27:35
Drones, sad but true (Parody) 10:22:26
This Time, Voters Pose The Debate Questions 10:22:25
Have you been aerially sprayed with pesticides? 10:14:43
Video shows police officer repeatedly pummeling shirtless man in Jewish youth center in Brooklyn 10:13:56
Gary Johnson and American Voters 10:10:14
Jackson Jr. Allegedly Misused Campaign Funds For Home Decor: Report 09:56:37
Feds have more than 1,900 investigations open into alleged stimulus wrongdoing 09:45:32
NY Times: G.O.P. Fighting Libertarian’s Spot on the Ballot 09:45:07
Goode for America! 09:38:53
Poll: 47 Percent of New Yorkers Are Worse Off Financially Than They Were 4 Years Ago 09:30:02
Study: Less Than A Quarter Of Americans Read Newspapers 09:19:16
Tory MP: West Backed Christian Holocaust in Syria 09:05:38
Vote for Romney 09:04:57
Maybe Mitt would be a good thing 08:55:08
Conservative Radio Host: TSA Groped My Vagina (VIDEO) 08:48:37
The Future of the Ron Paul Revolution 08:43:01
. 08:25:45
Washington Post interviews Virgil Goode 07:01:29
. 06:53:09
Ron Paul Endorses the Free State Project (20 Minute interview) 05:56:47
Sweden reacts and calls Israeli ambassador for accusations regarding Iran 05:45:58
Canadian Healthcare System Horribly Fails Teen Boy 04:51:05
Winter Reading: A List of Survival Fiction 04:43:38
Sheriff Tony DeMeo full comments on his face off with the Feds 03:57:35
U.S. Senate candidate Jon Barrie of New Mexico 03:36:52
‘Parent 1’ and ‘parent 2’ could legally replace mom and dad in France 03:26:40
Ben Swann of "Reality Check" Speech in Cincinnati Ohio 10-9-12 (56min) 02:08:57
Leaving My Mark for Liberty(the story of my liberty themed Android game) 01:44:44
Mind Control 01:21:05