Posted on October 17, 2012

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Martin Sheen and Woody Harrelson set for 9/11 'truther' film September Morn 22:51:48
FBI Provides NYC Fed Bomber With Explosives 22:10:18
Salon: The libertarian/marijuana conspiracy to swing the election 20:24:22
Like Ron Paul, George McGovern was a non-establishment candidate 18:08:00
Bloomberg Starts Super PAC, Seeking National Influence 17:30:47
Agent provocateur arrested in false flag attempt to blow up New York Federal Reserve 17:39:45
Reality Check: Hillary Clinton Accepting "Responsibility" for Benghazi While Avoiding Blame? 12:15:47
Google Opens Virtual Window Into Secretive Data Center 10:17:58
Prepper Put on No-Fly List, Stranded in Hawaii 09:22:57
For a few laughs: Romney Tax Plan 10:00:31
Global Food Reserves Have Reached Their Lowest Level In Almost 40 Years 09:03:41
Talk Show Icon Larry King to Moderate "3rd Party" Debate 06:55:58
US Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Arrested at Debate Site 18:03:20
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False Flag 23:55:01
Debate Game 3 Prediction 23:35:14
Bruce Fein, Senior Policy Advisor to Ron Paul on CrossTalk: One-Party System in US? 23:33:41
Obama Pursuing Leakers Sends Warning to Whistle-Blowers 23:32:03
Blind man tasered In police blunder 23:23:49
Sherry Peel Jackson Tells it Like it is, IRS is Fraud (2 videos) 23:15:35
Romney declared China an enemy of the USA 22:52:06
Ron Paul Event at the USF Sundome (just saw this uploaded on youtube) 22:48:08
Romney MUST lose! 22:34:14
Nothing Is As It Seems! 22:21:08
Rand Paul Pushing To Legalize Hemp 22:20:20
Sales stumbles raise fresh worry for corporate America 22:19:35
7 Cities on the verge of financial collapse 22:09:26
Ron Paul Girl 22:04:21
Here is your Presidential Debate! Straight and to the point, Town Hall style . 21:45:40
Economic collapse is inevitable, here's why... 21:27:05
Romney Not the "Great Businessman" We Are Told 21:26:01
New Show: Constitutional War With Chuck Suter Live 10pm Est Tonight 21:18:12
Federal Reserve Terror Plot - October Surprise? False Flags, Police State, and Central Planners VIDEO 21:13:48
Ron Paul Revolution Must-Watch: Mitt Romney Exposed (Video) 21:05:36
Fort Knox, an Impregnable Monument to Security Theater 20:53:28
Israeli money flowing into Iran 20:49:10
A note of encouragement 20:32:01
Arrests of 2 U.S. Sailors in Rape Case in Okinawa 20:30:35
A "Unusual and extraordinary threat" has been going on for 18 years. Can't be called "Unusual" 20:21:53
RT: Gary Johnson Explains What We Didn't Hear In Last Night's Debate 20:08:04
Beliefs of a libertarian Christian in less than 400 words. 20:00:39
"Bring them HOME!" song by DjB TheDebtAssassins collab with Radnar Beatz 2012 19:25:05
Citizens in Oregon taking care of themselves-Instead of relying on Government 19:19:32
Gary Johnson will protect our liberties 19:18:43
Support Infowars 2 Day Money Bomb! 19:10:47
Romans hoarded Gold to protect themselves against Hyperinflation. 19:07:20
Romney tells 31 lies in last night's presidential debate 18:44:11
The secrets of water 18:34:54
New "Surveillance-Proof" App To Secure Communications Has Governments Nervous 18:14:59
What are your opinions of Rocky Anderson? (Justice Party Candidate) 17:59:44
Romney v. Obama Was a Nauseating Draw, and Both Deserve to Lose 17:57:54
Don't Miss It: Online Presidential Debate Between Gary Johnson And Jill Stein Thurs Oct 18 17:55:54
New World Order/Illuminati 17:38:17
False Flag on Fed Affirmed by Judge Nap VIDEO 17:36:22
Woman Shoots 2 Intruders, 1 Dead: Police 17:31:24
Remember the guy arrested in Birmingham MI. for carrying an M1 rifle 17:21:27
Jupiter: Turmoil from Below, Battering from Above 17:21:07
School Districts Now Confiscating Certain Snack Foods 17:20:52
TWO Complete Lists Of ALL Presidential Candidates ~Minus Obamney~: By Ballot & By State 17:15:28
Attack on NY Fed possibly "False Flag". 17:12:53
If you live and vote in Galveston County Texas, pls consider democrat J.W Pruitt for Sheriff 17:00:54
Eugene Jarecki on the failed Drug War - Daily Show exclusive 16:58:42
Hayek : " Why I Am Not a Conservative " 16:51:33
Fox News Matches Record Ratings With Debate Coverage, Rivaling Palin-Biden in 2008 16:46:39
It's Here! The "I'm Writing-in Ron Paul!" T-Shirt. 16:37:29
Did John Bolton Just Admit All These Wars Are For Oil? 16:30:53
Man Arrested In Suspected Terror Plot To Attack NY Federal Reserve 16:14:06
The Status Quo dreams about the Liberty Movement becoming a laughing stock of American politics 16:13:00
Thoughts on copper bullion 16:07:22
Feds Foil Terrorist Plot to Blow Up NY Fed 16:06:31
London Trader - The LBMA Is A Massive Ponzi Scheme 16:00:23
John Stossel v. Howard Dean debate - video Role Of Government 15:39:27
One Day, No More War! 15:38:09
How Johnson would have answered the debate questions 15:34:30
EXCLUSIVE: Military contractors drunk, high on drugs in Afghanistan (VIDEO) 15:13:20
"The Great Culling" -Trailer ☠ Fluoride ☠ Call poison control! 17:33:12
Obama campaign co-chair Eva Longoria promotes vulgar anti-Romney tweet 15:03:04
Russia Today: FBI shows up at teenager's home to ask about his Ron Paul school report 14:44:49
This Image Says It All 14:24:46
Presidential Puppet Show 14:19:25
Third Party tea party? 14:17:49
End of the Road: How Money Became Worthless (2012 Documentary) 14:17:14
Disaster Shelter Offers Full Kitchen, Flat Screen TV (VIDEO) 13:59:57
"China has been a currency manipulator for years, and years, and years" - Mitt Romney, US Currency Manipulator's Candidate 13:54:36
Shill Clouds Gathering 13:50:51
Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Debate Tomorrow on Google Hangout 13:24:05
Iran Running Out of Physical Currency 13:12:00
I'd Like to Share a Story... 13:08:18
Libyan militia 'executed 67 detainees' 13:00:31
Man Faces up to 15 Years in Prison for Facebook Protest Against U.S. Gov't 12:57:54
Need assistance with a response 12:56:31
Capitalist Pig on Why Hedge Funds and Ayn Rand are Great for the Economy 12:48:08
I Can't Believe I Watched The Whole Debate 12:36:46
Romania for Ron Paul - Endorsement and write-ins 12:32:56
How will Americans react if Gary Johnson attains 10% of the vote or more? 12:19:33
The Right To Choose... Rape? 11:38:29
Gold and Silver Now! 11:28:39
USA's "Ponzi Scheme" Kills Global Economy! 11:03:31
Ohio Senate Candidate Scott Rupert - one of us 11:02:05
"The Lesser Of Two Evils" - American History 101 10:58:32
Saying No to Vaccines: Your Rights. 10:52:46
Feds Storm Lab Linked To Meningitis Outbreak 10:44:47
Legal justice or political INJUSTICE? 10:40:59 Whom to root (but not vote) for this election 10:32:22
Awesome Rap Song Supporting Gary Johnson 2012 10:31:07
Obama Says, "When I Was President" At Debate (VIDEO) 10:29:13
Obama Supporters Threaten To Kill Romney If He Wins 10:11:41
Why would you not vote? 10:04:08
You Do Have A Choice 09:46:38
Our Greek Tragedy 09:41:46
Michelle Obama Broke Agreed Upon Rules, Clapped At Debate (VIDEO) 09:12:53
The Roots of Democracy 09:07:45
26 things to get done before the global debt collapse 09:07:41
Peace is only achievable if 2+2=4 08:00:48
Second Presidential Debate: A Giant Circus of Psychosis VIDEO 07:12:30
Obama, Romney face off in 2nd debate, MSM covers-up Jill Stein's arrest 06:47:24
Governor Gary Johnson Campaign Rally set for Ohio November 2nd 2012 06:23:56
Stefan Molyneux On Weapons/Foreign Aid 04:30:08
The Legacy of Dr. Ron Paul 03:46:22
Success Council: Best Arguments For 2nd Amendment And No Gun Control 03:38:54
For Dispute Auctions : the Wikipedia pages of the Obama and Romney Endorsements 03:19:25
Should Ron Paul Moderate The Presidential Debates? 03:18:43
Power is what they desire 03:07:04
You need to see this... 02:11:28
Vote Gary Johnson or write in Ron Paul? 02:00:40
Is this the best answer to the "wasted vote" defense? 01:31:00
Luntz Focus Group Of Mostly Former Obama Voters Switch To Romney (F U Frank!) 01:30:43
Cronyism 101 or the Beck's HS "controversy" : brush up your basics and know your cronies, folks 01:23:30
Powerful new video: Romney Exposed 01:21:24
Homeland Security develops Molecular scanners to search without consent 01:14:13
CBS: Disabled Grandma Uses Bear Spray To Fend Off 13 Attackers After Her Marijuana Grow 01:11:48
Bill Gross "The Fed Is Significantly Influencing The Bubbling Of Both Bonds and stocks" 01:01:27
Paul Ryan fake photo op! 00:56:54
If you have one of these banks for your mortgage read on: 00:33:43
Video: Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Arrested at "Private" Debate 00:20:45
Election Day Chaos? Obama Supporters Claim They Will Kill Romney If He Wins Election 00:11:27
Fukushima On Verge Of Complete Collapse? 09:39:34