Posted on October 18, 2012

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You have to listen to Dr. Jill Stein talk about being arrested outside the debate this week. Your blood will BOIL! 23:21:04
NYT Five Thirty Eight Blogger Nate Silver on the Daily Show 22:40:20
Rand Paul Headed to New Hampshire to Campaign for Mitt Romney 22:31:51
Video: Dr. Ron Paul In Utah Huge Ovation! 4,200 Attending! 21:05:59
ACLU: Records Reveal Boston Police Spy on Political and Peace Groups 18:21:41
Story from the McDonald's drive-thru 17:24:37
Utah, did you know Ron Paul is visiting you today? 16:31:11
Can I get everyone's objective opinion on this please? Thank you. 15:25:00
7 Phrases You Can't Say In Presidential Debates 13:03:27
You Can't Solve A Problem 14:54:24
Growing! Welfare up 34% Now Tops $1 Trillion 10:48:04
One Week Until U.S. Has 3 Aircraft Carriers Facing Iran 10:26:19
What do Ben Swann, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Josh Tolley and Thom Hartmann have in common? 10:03:59
The First Time, But Certainly Not the Last: Twitter Withholds Tweets at Government's Request 09:56:22
Another Obama Executive Order Allows Seizure of Americans’ Bank Accounts 03:09:37
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History of Iran and the USA From 1953 to Present in 10 minutes 23:52:40
Exclusive: The scientists who turned fresh air into petrol 23:27:10
Former head of Israel’s spy agency Mossad Meir Dagan seeks liver transplant in Belarus after European and US surgeons 'refuse to 23:24:06
Dr. Paul mentioned on the Daily Show last night? 23:14:05
Ron Paul supporters mourn the loss of their son 23:02:13
Gary Johnson Jill Stein debate 22:56:52
Gary Johnson on Fox Business' Cavuto 10/17/2012 22:40:28
Rand Paul goes above and beyond the call of duty for Todd Akin 22:35:07
Stop military rape in Okinawa 22:25:16
Please, tell me this isn't true 22:19:50
Cassadaga, NY rejects public water fluoridation measure 22:12:57
Its is Immoral and Unethical to Write in Ron Paul's name 22:10:05
Ron Paul supporters turn out in droves for speech at UVU - VIDEO - Local News Coverage 22:02:05
Hey - The DEMOCRATS are scared of all the votes Gary Johnson will take from Obomb'em! 21:53:00
Did Donald Trump flirt with running for president to create a Federal Reserve distraction? 21:38:20
I met "Alexander the Great" 21:22:30
Spain Proposes Law Prohibiting Recording And Capturing Of Local Cops In Action 21:11:47
Ron Paul Revolution California: *Deadline Alert - Hurry Up Now!* 20:54:44
Utah gives Ron Paul Rock Star Treatment! 20:47:50
Ron Paul supporters turn out in droves for speech at UVU 20:25:44
"Heather Brooke: My Battle to Expose Government Corruption" 20:23:33
FDA Contradicts Obama: Planned Parenthood Not Licensed to Do Mammograms 20:22:35
Iran Launches Submarine and Destoyer Into Gulf During U.S. Naval Exercises 20:18:19
Doug Casey's Message and Advice to Libertarians, Anarchists, and Free Thinkers 19:56:49
Should you let your dog kiss you? 19:51:29
The Federal Reserve Bomb Plot 19:48:16
A McDonald's burger fails to rot not because of mysterious chemicals, but low moisture 19:38:53
Gary Johnson / Jill Stein Debate on NOW 19:38:15
Drone Attacks Kill 80% Innocent People : Malik 19:26:41
Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson is making waves 19:23:35
Ben Stein Is An Idiot (VIDEO) 19:16:52
Monsanto tries to criminalize saving seeds, drags farmer into court 19:00:11
. 18:58:33
Ben Stein: More Taxes Needed to Pay Down Bankster Debt 18:55:17
The Objectivist Party 18:49:15
Gary Johnson To Ron Paul: "thank You" 18:47:18
Pakistan Interior Minister: 80% Killed By Drones Are Innocents 18:46:46
John Boehner in Charlotte, NC Catching an Earful (Video) 18:28:13
Gary Johnson Applauds Court Ruling On DOMA 18:26:20
Always believe... 18:15:48
Solitary in Iran Nearly Broke Me. Then I Went Inside America's Prisons. 18:06:53
About those Chat Box Invitations I keep getting 17:42:37
Time for a discussion of Ayn Rand 17:41:26
. 17:36:17
WATCH: Rise of the Machines: “A Drone in Every Home” 17:29:54
About the 7 ?s on MDs ballot 17:22:36
But WHO really is Mitt Romney? 17:05:44
Latest Gary Johnson radio Ad: "Liberty on the Ballot." 17:05:15
US more of a killer than hijackers - accused 9/11 plotter 17:03:19
This is our plan to win America back, by MatLarson10. Must see video. 16:54:19
Chicago seeks to impose a tax on bullets and firearms 16:48:42
Theo Ellington Takes A Stand Against San Francisco Police "Stop and Frisk" Policy, And The Mayor Listens 16:43:08
When a promising Cancer treatment was destroyed 16:42:45
Iran: How long can debt-laden US remain world power? 16:34:00
Liberty Candidates in Pennsylvania? 16:30:43
The world is still listening to Ron Paul even if the US is not! 16:28:35
Rand Paul Slams Claire McKaskill 16:21:23
Why Does Affirmative Action End at the Gridiron? 16:05:59
. 15:56:23
Gallup: Romney 52% Obama 45% 15:54:39
How Mitt and Ann made millions–and Mitt's hedge fund donors made billions–from the auto-industry rescue that he condemned. 15:45:11
Hedgehogs VS Politicians: You Decide 15:42:27
Nightmare election scenarios worry both parties 14:41:15
King 14:39:36
Homeland Security graduates first Corps of Obama’s Brown Shirts – Homeland Youth 14:37:22
Gary Johnson admits: "Probaly getting 3rd place this election" 14:11:23
My Answer to People Saying I'm Throwing Away My Vote by Not Voting Romney or Obama 14:06:30
NATO ‘Regrets’ Killing Children in Southern Afghan Attack 13:58:18
I wonder if this will land me on any "list" 13:37:31
I just received a letter yesterday for a Fannie Mae Loan Modification 13:22:35
Policymic: Ron Paul Sound Currency Message is Resonating With Worldwide Leaders, Including China 13:20:39
Suggestion: Email Bomb C-Span for Debate Coverage 13:16:15
Form 1040 13:13:57
Scientists: Creativity Part of ‘Mental Illness’ 12:47:40
. 12:44:39
Solyndra presses for bankruptcy plan OK over US objection 12:41:53
WATCH: Rise of the Machines: “A Drone in Every Home” (VIDEO) 12:33:34
Report: Welfare government's single largest budget item in FY 2011 at approx. $1.03 trillion 12:25:07
Moody's downgrades world's oldest bank to 'junk' 12:17:03
Poll: Which Presidential candidate do you support in the 2012 general election? 11:46:30
Behind The Benghazi Cover-Up 11:40:51
Number of independent voters skyrockets 11:40:23
Pre 911 Israeli spy ring? http:/ 11:33:44
Where is the backbone? 11:22:20
Yemen: Suspected US drone strikes kill 7 militants 10:55:22
My response to being told that my vote is a wasted one... 10:52:19
"Writing in Ron Paul is a wasted vote." 10:47:48
Gary Johnson to debate Jill Stein tonight from UW 10:43:16
Head of Zimbabwe Reserve Bank Comments on QE3 10:31:09
Man dies during Greek protests as EU leaders gather for Brussels summit 10:28:49
Who Won the "First Lady Debate"? 10:24:17
The Truth about Fusion Centers- Julian Sanchez 10:18:44
Collectivists collect to collectively paint... 10:04:03
I just told someone I'm voting for Gary Johnson and she said... 09:55:13
Humanity is Rising: New Anthem of Truth! 09:54:14
. 09:23:54
Liberty/Unity Suggestion Plan 09:23:38
Happy Halloween to the American sheeple! 09:00:51
Vice-Presidential Debate: Joe Biden OWNS Paul Ryan 08:57:09
Some good Post-Collapse books 08:40:59
fishyculture's tribute to the Bush Family 08:39:41
Propaganda and Perception Management, and the Process of Dehumanisation 07:13:06
Theme Song 07:12:12
Mitt Romney: The Great Deformer (by David Stockman) 06:44:00
The US Is Governed By Psychopaths 06:40:22
Terrorist plot to blow up Federal Reserve uncovered 06:15:28
Food For Thought: King of The Hill's Hank Hill Wakes Up and Takes The Red Pill 04:22:34
Attn: Ben Swann, What would you ask Dr. Paul? 03:39:45
Police Beat Man Resisting Arrest In Crown Heights Synagogue 03:27:25
Paul Craig Roberts RIP America, the death of American jobs 03:17:57
Gary Johnson on Red Eye this Morning 10/18/2012 12am P/ 3am E 02:48:33
Video: The American Police State 02:35:13
Make your own gun kits. 02:29:10
Important T.S.A. Update 01:47:37
Voting Is A Fool's Game. Just Ask Charles Bukowski 01:18:56
Man With Pot Misdemeanor Dies In Jail After Allergic Reaction. 00:38:35
Derivative Meltdown and Dollar Collapse 00:16:11