Posted on October 21, 2012

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On the ballot in MA: The Right to Die. How would you vote? 21:40:52
Bernanke Likely to Step Down in 2014 21:29:19
CBS affiliate bottom third graphic: Obama re-elected, weeks early! 20:54:35
The Student Loan Bubble: Why Federal Student Loans Benefit the Schools, not the Students 19:55:39
US Soldiers Guarding the Poppy Fields in Afghanistan 19:51:22
10 Urgent Preparations before Election Day 18:00:19
Free & Equal Preview: Larry King moderates 3rd Party Debate 17:08:02
CIA chiefs face arrest over horrific evidence of bloody 'video-game' sorties by drone pilots 13:27:45
Forbes: Mitt Romney donors & bundlers are board members of e-voting company 11:15:21
Blue Republican Endorses Three Opponents of American Oligarchy 17:46:39
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John Wayne would of supported Ron Paul 22:14:49
Upon libtards and hate 22:04:00
Sweet place for cool Ron Paul and some Fu@k the gov stuff 21:47:01
Aaaaand... Here's Your "October Surprise"! Happy Halloween! 21:40:41
Judge Jim Gray on Federal Lawsuit related to Monday Night Debate 21:30:18
Just talked my wife into staying without paying 21:25:51
Missouri liberty State candidate needs phone bank help 21:09:23
A Very Unique Presidential Debate 20:52:24
Farrakhan praises Ron Paul; blasts frontrunners national debt plans 20:37:48
California! Voter Registration Deadline 20:08:00
Israeli propaganda exploiting the ignorance of Team Red. VIDEO 19:53:37
Is it the Man or the Message? 19:30:43
About Akin's legitimate rape remark 19:25:27
Question from a first time Oregon voter 19:24:05
This Gary Johnson Supporter Approves Write-in Voting For The Good Doctor 19:06:23
Judge Nap for President, 2016? 18:55:35
Moldova bans communist symbols 18:43:54
Multivitamins reduce cancer risk in men over 50, study finds 17:37:04
Mitt Romney homepage = WOW smh 17:07:04
Be a Good Debater: Know the Logical Fallacies 17:02:14
UN monitors at US elections 16:59:58
... 16:57:38
6 Months In Federal Prison for Witnessing Against Drone Warfare 16:54:33
You've Been Declared Legally DEAD - Here's How To Correct The Record 16:51:14
The Writings of Robert A. Heinlein 16:33:16
The result of voting for lesser evil for generations 16:23:04
TSA Removes X-Ray Body Scanners From Major Airports 16:06:08
Government Has Now Conceded The Invalidity Of Title 18! 16:03:33
Fish Can Cloak, Become Invisible To Predators 16:01:29
How to grow your own superfoods this winter 15:51:37
Naturalization Act of 1790 15:45:49
George McGovern passed away 15:41:15
Hostile takeover of the Democratic Party? 15:37:33
Daily Paul Topics show why GOP shuts Ron Paul supporters out. 15:23:01
Deleted : Previously reported 15:05:17
Thousands of Pro-Lifers call Planned Parenthood for mammograms after President Obama implied the organization offers the service 14:49:40
BREAKING: 8 People Injured in Mass Shooting near Wisconsin mall 14:48:04
How we all should vote 14:20:52
Colombian Prostitute Dania Londoño to Publish Book on Secret Service Sex Scandal 14:12:06
Major US, Israeli Air Defense Exercise Begins 14:03:25
Pat Buchanan: History will credit Obama’s debate performance for Romney’s win (VIDEO) 13:55:01
Fiverr > Silver ($28 so far...) 13:41:33
FBI raids for possessing anarchist literature 13:39:21
Should I vote for Obama here in Oklahoma? 13:37:21
The remarkable, unfathomable ignorance of Debbie Wasserman Schultz (VIDEO) 13:31:08
Ron Paul Revolution: *Prayers!* Pray That Obama Destroys Romney 13:16:47
Personal Protection on a Budget. 13:13:42
A Ponzi Scheme Called America 13:06:42
Obama and Romney: War No Matter Who Wins Election 12:55:30
The Maine Ron Paul Movement’s Uncertain Future 12:03:20
The Main Thing I'm Looking For In Tomorrow Night's Debate 11:57:10
Ron Paul on Healthcare March 19th 2010 on CNN 11:27:33
Dr. Paul elected President by the House of Representatives? 11:23:18
Gold to hit all time record? 11:16:14
Gun Gripes: Obama's Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) 10:40:37
Turks suspect US plot is behind Syria's implosion 10:15:01
How Do You Grade Official Ron Paul 2012 Campaign? 10:06:20
Monday's Foreign Policy Debate 10:03:25
If Obama Wins America Is Dead 09:59:37
Top Posts On DP Are ANTI Ron Paul. 09:55:54
Death Panels in Britain and the USA - Depopulation Plans 09:14:55
George McGovern’s Legacy as a Libertarian Hero 09:06:58
Gary Johnson on Fox News' Geraldo at Large 10/20/2012 08:28:30
Liberal Senator George McGovern (D-S.D.) DEAD at age 90 08:07:46
Election Fraud Machine in Full Swing 07:36:38
Jesse Ventura: Mitt Romney Was Picked Four Years Ago ᴴᴰ 07:06:17
Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber - The Bubble (Trailer) 06:59:57
Am I Free to Go? 06:29:26
New World Order Coins 06:14:39
L.A. Freeway 05:04:45
Guy Clark Stuff That Works 04:28:14
For Ron Paul I don't wanna grow up 03:35:44
There's a lot of people not sure which way to go 03:11:12
Screw You, We're from Texas 02:51:14
United Nations will monitor US elections! 02:40:04
John Prine and Marty Stuart : Souvenirs 02:33:24
Great clip of John Wayne talking about what freedom means! 02:27:41
Angel from Montgomery 02:10:37
An Ally in Allred? 01:55:34
Gary Johnson on Geraldo at Large (video) 01:48:27
What I'm Buying Now Instead of Money Bombs... 01:38:10
The Novel 1984 and Parallels to Today 01:08:11
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Trotskyites for Romney 00:35:54
Private Community Peacekeepers Are A Reality 00:19:50
Inflation, war collectivism and the politics of national security 00:12:02