Posted on October 23, 2012

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Open Thread: Free & Equal Third Party Debate 20:52:23
Ron Paul Interview: The Prairie Fire of Freedom 21:37:37
Nigel Farage: Bailouts were to take control of Europe - 10-23-12 18:26:07
Jury Nullifies in "NJ Weedman" Marijuana Trial 18:44:39
"We Are Change" asks "Our Leaders" about Kill Lists 20:42:13
Grand Illusion: The Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny 13:32:24
Bain Capital Owns Clear Channel (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Etc.) 12:40:11
She Dared to Verbally Challenge the Mighty Authority of the TSA (video) 12:08:32
Ron Paul Endorses 5 Candidates in Maine (UPDATE) 12:01:22
Lessons of History - Iranian Coup of 1953 10:16:27
To honor Russell Means, please learn about Leonard Peltier. 10:46:06
Stocks Plunge at Open After Weak Earnings; Dow Down 250 10:31:51
George Will Makes Great Comment! 03:45:18
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Peter King (Romney minion): US Constitution allows killing US citizen without due judicial process 23:43:15
The ECSTACY of not voting 23:17:41
Guess who "loves" the idea of self-driving cars? 23:17:04
Teenager admits being paid by NYPD for spying on Muslims on program created by the CIA (VIDEO) 23:15:52
Rutherford Institute Calls on State Legislatures to Protect Americans from Weaponized Police Spy Drones 23:04:45
It takes one to know one- Mike Adams calls Lance Armstrong a "psychopathic liar" 22:56:53
Taking the ‘foreign policy’ out of foreign policy debate 22:56:50
GOP sends me large business reply envelope. What should I put in it? 22:19:02
The Genetic Roulette Movie 22:13:18
Was Ron Paul Wrong? The Inevitable Confrontation: East Vs. West 22:03:47
Donald Trump has 'the divorce papers of Michelle and Barack Obama’ 22:03:43
Political Views of Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism 21:22:49
3rd Party Debate Tonight @9est On Cspan 20:53:07
Ron Paul or no one! Really? 20:51:58
Active Region on The Sun Emits Another Flare (VIDEO) 20:40:01
RT presents third-party presidential debate (Video) 20:32:17
Obama's October Surprise: Secret Deal With Iran (VIDEO) 20:30:54
Another Breakthrough!: Science discovers a new element (VIDEO) 20:29:47
Parallel these times; Church history, Crusades, Inquisition, NDAA 20:27:21
Urban, disadvantaged at greatest risk to be targeted for state propaganda 20:17:45
8 videos that can change America - help restore the Republic 20:16:47
Ron Paul - Certified California Write-In Presidential Candidate 20:16:14
Informant: NYPD paid me to 'bait' Muslims 20:12:36
Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney. Epic Rap Battle 20:10:24
Video - Justin Amash at LPAC 2012 19:59:59
RT Presents Third-party Presidential Debate 19:44:52
Jerry Doyle says that he voted for Mittens Robamney today. When did he first say he was going to vote for Romney? 19:37:03
Liberty Economics 101 19:36:35
Liberty Live Stream Team Show with the Fish Sisters - Jared Hendrix from VA 19:31:59
UK officials providing intelligence for US drone strikes could be "encouraging or assisting murder" 19:30:35
Another man stands up to checkpoint thugs in Texas and wins. (Video) 19:17:56
Obama Supporter Interviews Herself 19:13:14
A Conservative, Constitutional Argument In Favor Of Gay Marriage 18:53:26
Jimmy Kimmel Asks Americans: Who Won the "First Lady Debate"? 18:38:55
That's government "services" for you. Paralyzing you for your own protection 18:27:13
Gary Johnson Soldier Bio 13: Do we hate Democracy in Iran? 18:24:37
Police or rent-a-cops shoot wildly at a couple fleeing from a hit and run (Video) 18:21:51
12 Unanswered Questions About the Cuban Missile Crisis 18:18:49
Gary Johnson vote is about making history, not helping Romney 17:59:55
List of U.S. Accomplishments Since 1992 17:47:57
Italy - 7 Members of Science sentenced to 6 years each 17:34:31
Clinton Allowed Stevens to Die in Benghazi to Keep Saudi Gov Involvement in Syria Secret 17:26:33
US National Spy Budget FY 2013: $52.6 Billion 17:20:36
FDNY Presentation: The Transient Hazard of Food Trucks (Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid) 17:06:58
Indiana Senate Debate Includes Libertarian Andrew Horning 16:46:47
Washington Times: Ron Paul and Gary Johnson supporters are not a “non-factor” in this election 16:34:34
Ron Paul Speaking tonight at the Lake Jackson Civic Center on how the national debt affects your pocketbook 7pm 16:25:44
Informant: NYPD paid me to 'bait' Muslims 16:11:28
40 Reasons To Ban Guns 16:05:49
Reuters Poll: Obama Is Going To Trounce Mitt Romney In A Landslide 16:05:42
Zombie Romney (for laughs) 16:02:18
Final Presidential Debate: An Orgy of War-Mongering VIDEO 15:52:53
Video- Gary Johnson after the debate 15:20:51
Great NEW Gary Johnson Tv Ad: Cast a vote for Peace 15:17:30
Germany insists on regular checks on gold held in foreign vaults 15:17:17
Gary Johnson Releases Statement On Foreign Policy Presidential Debate 15:06:01
Romney Only Truth spoken... 14:53:50
Thank you fellow liberty proponents 14:48:26
Russia condemns United States for human rights record 14:45:43
The Day After The Election, Will Gold/Silver Go Up or Down? 14:35:35
. 14:13:58
CNN Re-Airs 10-22-12 Presidential Debate, Refuses To Give "Third Party" Debate Coverage 14:07:47
Final 2012 POTUS Debate Tweet Recap 13:57:20
Looking for 'Liberty Defined' online by chapter. 13:15:11
Hamas And Muslim Brotherhood Get Access To Obama White House According To Visitor Logs 13:00:18
Education or Indoctrination?: Piedmont high school students involved in 'Fantasy Slut League' (VIDEO) 12:44:43
What Happened On This Day In History? 12:34:49
A Good Night for Ron Paul 12:34:43
Debates commission caught in fib to Boca Raton audience, lawsuit continues 12:27:21
World Bank Luminary: Breed Smaller People To Increase “Metabolic Efficiency” 12:26:11
Sign Invites Detroiters To ‘Bend Over And Vote’ 12:22:47
UK to double number of drones in Afghanistan 12:18:32
Ron Paul Endorses Five DOLPAC Candidates In Maine 12:09:40
No One's In Debt..When Banksters Are Charged With Worldwide Treason Terrorists 12:02:30
The New Pot Barons 11:37:53
Messengers for Liberty - episode 6: Speak out for Liberty 11:24:15
. 10:58:16
Liberty Day Challenge July 4th 2013 V2 10:45:32
Japanese Question 9-11 10:43:34
Apple set to unwrap mini-iPad to take on Amazon, Google 10:31:44
DC Considers Ban On large Sodas 10:21:14
We Can’t Let You SEE the Gold: German Parliament Denied Access to Inspect German Gold Reserves Due to ‘Lack of Visitor Rooms' 10:16:06
♥ Debate Day Money Bomb ♥ 09:59:34
U.S. probes deaths for links to Monster energy drink 09:54:40
"United States Government" Is A Private Company Categorized Under Marketing Programs and Services 09:34:34
What if We Adopted A System Where The Banks Did Not Create Our Money? 09:12:09
Corona, CA removes false legal directive from police red-light camera website after 4 years 09:04:17
CIA Blowback 08:51:09
UPI: 3rd-party presidential nominees to debate 08:48:12
Libertarian candidate visits campus 08:42:16
Anarchists in America-How it Works 08:24:08
Stand up for Ron Paul 07:15:53
DNC Chair Doesn't Know What 'Kill List' is, Ignores Question 06:34:04
Restoring Liberty in North America; could a Sound Money Sparkle bring down the Planners' System of Things ? 05:40:31
Even when people wake up, they don't wake up 04:40:50
Scientist in Italy sentenced to six years in jail for not predicting earthquake 04:01:24
Marc Faber on CNBC: "Reduce Government by a Minimum of 50 percent" (VIDEO) 03:31:46
I am so happy to continue to stand with Ron Paul's principles & values long past this rigged election. 03:17:25
Politico: Larry King says "Gary Johnson should have been in the debates." 02:55:17
Anger in America: CBC Propaganda Film 01:38:54
Did Ron Paul influence Romney or Obama? poll 01:02:24
Video- Gary Johnson after the debate 00:49:25
thomas Jefferson 00:26:20
Just for a little comic relief 00:23:34
Finally, a post-debate poll that restores a little bit of my faith in people 08:20:40
Why Romney will "win" the election 21:50:08