Posted on October 27, 2012

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Ben Swann and the Media's NDAA Problem 15:02:02
A Graphic Showing Every One of the 284 Reported Drone Strikes in Pakistan 19:40:17
Cloud Atlas: The Wachowski Siblings have created a masterpiece 21:19:59
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Still Report #38 Not So Fast Mr. Johnson 23:59:14
Powerful 7.7 earthquake near Alaska-Tsunami warnings 23:55:44
Romney Deception documentary 23:47:03
High Def Photos - Drones of all sizes 23:45:33
British ExxonMobil oil chief 'assassinated' in Brussels street 23:33:49
Britain rejects US request to use UK bases in nuclear standoff with Iran 23:24:21
Vietnamese Banks Who Paid Dividend On Stored Gold, Were Quietly Selling It To Appear Solvent 23:18:03
CNBC Exec’s Children Murdered, 1 Day After CNBC Reports $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit 22:38:20
Halloween Costume 22:31:44
Classic Joe Rogan - Keep'n it Real (Video) 21:45:03
Abortion Rights Are Pro-Life by Leonard Peikoff 21:25:40
Defending my last post 20:50:33
Kyle Clark. Another Ben Swann? 20:24:14
SEAL Father: Obama, Biden, Clinton showed no remorse 20:23:37
My absentee ballot says I must "declare an oath" that I am a US citizen! 20:12:45 What a bunch of worthless propoganda! 20:08:36
Ron Paul/Judge Napolitano Now CERTIFIED Write-in Candidates in CA (Other States Too) 20:06:00
Jesus Christ: The ESSENSE of libertarianism...and anarchy ! 19:59:13
any liberty lovers that i haven't added on twitter 19:56:57
My email to Ben Swann 19:44:23
its not about me but about the truth i have no desire to be famous on youtube 19:38:27
I have been convinced to vote for Romney - an exercise in sarcasm 19:33:38
Send clear message to corrupt GOP, write-in Ron Paul in CA, Iowa, NH, DE, RI,VT,AL,ME,WI,WY 19:16:06
Imran Khan on U.S drone strikes in Pakistan and his detainment by U.S State Department for questioning 19:09:06
A Protest Vote 19:05:40
Catching Electronic Election Fraud By The Grand Jury 19:02:17
New Creepy Pro-Obama Video Uses The Children 19:01:32
Boman Qualifies, Stabenow Cancels Libertarian Pushes for Debate 18:34:57
Syrian Blowback - BBC 18:21:06
What Is The Biggest Lie Ever Told? 18:14:21
Floccinaucinihilipilification 18:05:06
Did the DP change? 18:00:02
The Real Ron Paul - What You Don't Hear In The Debates Reddit 17:56:30
Why Mitt Romney wants a bigger Navy: John Lehman is in the Shipping Business 17:54:50
What is the plan for 2016 if Romney wins? 17:44:44
tony blair and george bush should be tried and people in power plan things ahead of time 17:39:59
Ben Swann YouTube Channel No Longer 'Reality Check'? Missing Videos 17:34:16
Obama Wore Earpiece During Debates With Romney? *PICS* 17:19:25
Silver or Gold? 17:18:28
Danny Devito: Vote Yes on Prop 37 16:50:28
It's The Voting Machines That Have To Go Down! 16:44:09
Video:Obama Watched Them Die 16:31:49
Something smells like three day old fish laying in the hot summer sun. 16:21:39
Is voter fraud being committed in Ohio?ALERT! 16:12:33
Lots of great opps to spread Ron Paul's msg out by commenting on these articles 16:09:14
Just saw a guy wearing an NFL looking T-Shirt that said "Obama Back 2 Back 2012" 16:03:26
African Union: Western Nations to Bankroll Mali Invasion 15:44:22
Got my first Gary Johnson snail mail donation request letter today 15:24:57
CNBC executive, oil executive killed 14:46:55
Send a strong message to the corrupt GOP by casting your vote for 'Governor Veto' Gary Johnson! 14:45:02
Smoking gun stats: Nationwide GOP election fraud against Ron Paul 14:34:39
Sunday Night: Liberty Live Stream Team Show With The Fish Sisters - Jared Hendrix From Va 14:21:15
Britain: Talks Under Way on US Using Bases for Iran Attack 14:04:18
I'll be a short way across a field from a Paul Ryan rally today 14:03:52
Gary Johnson support in California! 14:01:47
Us Presidential Write-in Candidate Requirements For Each State 13:53:39
Write-In Rules? Please help! 13:53:10
Ron Paul or Gary Johnson? Will the revolution vote for Johnson? 13:26:27
Gerald Celente on KWN, 10-27-12; Where is all the Gold? 13:17:15
Please don't yell at me 13:09:00
Nigel Farage interviewed on KWN, 10-25-12 (audio) 13:04:51
British refuse US of stacking their bases 12:53:40
New Afghan war phrase, with no decisive end seen 12:53:24
Why I’m wasting my vote on Gary Johnson 12:31:58
It there a maximum amount of time a house can be in foreclosure? 12:31:40
Okay, I'm now an LA County Poll Official in my precinct.. 12:27:11
Is everything about pot? 12:12:46
Children have been jailed for farting in class and wearing the wrong colored clothing 11:36:53
Obama wants to help you to fix your credit! (Video) 11:30:15
America: The Food Stamp Nation (Sobering Infographic) 11:23:53
Romney's Foreign Policy: About Face or Two-Faced? 11:09:17
US 'Secret' Drone Base and Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 11:06:22
nanny kills 2 kids related to multi trillion $ lawsuit against banksters 11:05:50
The Holocaust Shuffle (Article includes 4 video clips) 10:51:14
Gangs with Flags. Alex Jones talks to Lew Rockwell about government. 10:36:39
It's Official! Ron Paul, and Judge Napolitano are Official write-ins on the California 2012 General Presidential Ballot 09:27:38
Liberty Movement anthem for this year's battle and battles to come... 09:18:48
ID Theft After South Carolina Security Breach 09:18:48
My Halloween Costume this year - maybe yours, too? 09:18:34
Rapist Pedophiles In Power 08:07:43
we are all in this together the media destroys image 07:47:04
Colin Powell - History of Poor Judgement 07:44:19
end the wars end the federal reserve end the drug wars, 06:53:19
How To Win California’s (55) Electoral Votes For Ron Paul in 10 DAYS 03:53:31
Government Is Force And Violence - Who Will Reduce The Size of Government? 02:53:21
Ron Paul or Gary Johnson? Will the revolution vote for Johnson? 02:02:00
Seattle protestors say: Hell no to drones in the sky ! 01:46:13
Baghdad Jim REFUSES to debate! Read why he MUST! 01:15:53
Ron Paul got me out of debt! 01:15:26
Propaganda and Disinformation: How the CIA Manufactures History 01:07:09
Uncounted - The Tragic Story of Athan Gibbs 00:50:48
Uncounted - Clint Curtis: Million Dollar Programmer 00:40:40
The Second American Revolution - An Audio Presentation 00:29:20