Posted on October 28, 2012

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All U.S. Stock Markets Closed Monday Due to Sandy 23:52:25
Beyond the Petro Dollar: U.S. soon to become world's top oil producer 23:35:34
GOP's Mike Rogers (R-MI): Bombing Iran Would Not be an Act of War 23:17:57
Lawrence O'Donnell On Why He Does Not Report On Espionage Act And NDAA 21:07:34
I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a Soldier - the first anti-war hit record 19:45:47
When the Military Becomes the Police... 19:27:09
Trailer: Behold a Pale Horse 15:27:44
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Great Example of the Root Problem in this Country 23:58:25
A lot of peole not sure which way to go 23:55:57
Rothbard on Marx 23:53:30
2012 Election Guide For Legalization Voters 23:52:38
Halloween Candy Trading Fun 23:50:13
Gary Johnson Polling at 5% in NM 23:33:22
Liberty Patriots in Maine! Write in Ron Paul 23:30:57
Fighting the Nashville Blues 23:22:05
What If No One Voted? Interviews w/the People VIDEO 23:11:16
Ron Paul 2012: Epic Consistency and TRUTH 23:10:10
Let's Go Time Traveling Through Texas 23:10:04
Video: Rise of the Machines USA - Drones 23:02:34
Time traveling zombie children warn you to vote for Obama 22:54:51
2012 Pre-election Day Living Will Form 22:35:21
$43 Trillion Federal Complaint In New York - Pdf 22:23:48
Vote for an End to the Two Party System by Voting for Gary Johnson 22:21:02
Alex Jones Interviews Rockwell 22:18:58
Brainwashed show on the Discovery Channel 22:15:51
Truly I'm a believer indeed 21:57:09
CNBC Digital VP's Children Murdered After $43 Trillion "Bankster" Lawsuit Suit Post, Post Removed 21:49:24
Tiger Woods 21:43:38
TokenLibertarianGirl "Your First Time" Parody 21:35:18
Six Non-Conspiratorial Reasons Democracy Produced Such Pathetic Candidates 21:29:17
Now, that is what I call "Sky-writing" 21:12:15
FreeAndEqual debate moved to November 5! 21:11:40
2 Minutes, Must Watch Video: How Marines Welcome a President 20:51:03
I have a question for fellow members of the DP 20:48:20
A Mexicans point of view from an Obama presidency (VIDEO) 20:41:33
A Great Lecture by the Late Mike Mentzer ( the Dr.Paul of the bodybuilding world) 20:27:33
Corporate Welfare in Australia 20:24:55
Mitt Romney Assures Another 9/11 Attack; WAR with IRAN! 20:15:28
TONIGHT: Liberty Live Stream Team Show With The Fish Sisters - Jared Hendrix From Va 19:01:36
Chip-in Fund Balance Sheet for Jim Uprichard & Update 18:38:22
If this isn't worth some help by Ron Paul fans, I don't know what is 18:28:52
9-1-1 response to suicideal 16 year old: SWAT team, sniper kills him 18:13:35
B.C. teen arrested for photographing mall takedown (VIDEO) 18:10:05
Court ruling: Mobile and cordless phones cause brain tumors 18:01:30
NJ police officer attacks woman in wheelchair & her 4 yr. old son 17:53:11
Let's Get Out The Vote! Liberty Movement, Unite! 17:50:58
Judge: Aurora police were justified in stopping 25 cars at gunpoint in search for bank robber 17:49:47
Republican nominee for US Senate in Washington is a liberty candidate and needs your support! 17:49:12
Insurance Companies Rip Medicare Off for $282.6 Billion 17:39:12
Just voted early in MD 17:37:31
Judge: Aurora Police Justified in Stopping 25 cars at Gunpoint in Search for Bank Robber (VIDEO) 17:19:47
The Best Way Forward 20:53:56
Cyber Security Fails As 3.6 Million Social Security Numbers Breached In South Carolina (VIDEO) 17:06:56
Drone-murders of Americans 'Totally right, totally Constitutional': Homeland Security Chairperson (VIDEO) 16:53:43
There has never been a better time to reject this country’s two-party system 16:48:47
Why I CHOSE Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano. 16:45:28
US 'Secret' Drone Base and Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 16:45:12
Washington Times: Third party Presidential debate date changed to Nov. 5 due to Hurricane Sandy 16:40:30
Gary Johnson to Boise Weekly: 'There is No Santa Claus' 16:31:38
Thought-provoking evidence showing the need to protect your identity. (Video) 16:17:39
Plans announced to bring Criminal Charges against Every Corrupt Government Official in America 16:14:33
Gary Johnson is Not on the Oklahoma Ballot, That is Why Ballot Reform is Needed in the State 16:11:21
"Organic" Compounds on Saturn? 16:06:46
The Free & Equal Election Foundation “Take Over D.C.” Money Bomb 15:50:37
Surveillance: Florida Woman Left Topless Surrounded by Police (VIDEO) 15:23:51
50 year old cartoon telling the Truth! 15:20:17
War is Unsustainable 15:03:16
The Real Mitt Romney 14:57:49
How To Confuse An Obama Supporter 14:44:58
Is Housing About To Tank? 14:29:27
Calabasas High student backs third-party candidate 14:28:13
Democrats For Gary Johnson 2012! 14:19:10
Leonard Peikoff, of the Ayn Rand Institute, on the Election 14:08:25
A Tale of 2 Hurricanes: Sandy versus Erin 13:56:28
If you think Sandy is a big stormcheck this out 13:40:27
Not-Voting Roll Call 13:38:16
Anonymous launches "Operation Jubilee" 13:34:10
Even worse than excluding 3rd Party candidates from the CPD debates... 13:22:47
Marco Rubio Leaves Stump After Daughter Is Injured in Car(t) Crash 13:21:03
Banks appraising homes and commercial property, then foreclosing with no late payment 13:18:53
Letter: Johnson the best alternative 12:54:00
Navy Replaces Admiral Leading Mideast Strike Group Because of Ongoing Investigation 12:52:19
Marines prepare for zombies? 12:42:37
Is Russia Today a Good or Bad news Network. Opinions? 12:38:57
Searching for links or files 12:35:46
October 28, 312 1700 Years 12:34:01
Letter: His choice remains Ron Paul 12:33:49
BREAKING: Retired NSA Analyst Proves GOP Is Stealing Elections Part I 12:05:19
Electric wheel hub motor, can convert any car to a hybrid electric vehicle with a bolt on application, Check out the video 11:51:06
Which Political Campaign Slogan In 2012 Is Best? 11:40:13
Connie Mack vs Bill Gaylor? (Florida Voters) 11:38:18
Why This Election Matters Despite the Similarities Between Romney and Obama 11:30:29
More Proof That GOP Flipped Votes in Romney's Favor During Primaries 11:21:30 Poll - Who Will You Vote For? 10:56:45
No more whining about the 2 party system 10:44:57
Free and Equal Elections Foundation Moves Presidential Debate to the 5th of November Due to Hurricane 10:36:03
Slate Map of Obama's Drone Strikes is a Red Herring; Critical Info Not Disclosed 09:46:54
'After 26 years in TV weather and two years with NOAA, Sandy may pose the greatest risk to human life that I have seen' 09:36:28
Leaked: 2012-2013 Flu Vaccine Insert 09:06:08
Presidential Debates Bracketology 08:33:05
Is Hurricane Sandy just a taste of what is really coming? 08:18:05
I Want To Say Goodbye 07:55:54
Copyright: The New Mercantilism - Techdirt 07:46:19
For those who still think Rand Paul is a good guy 06:31:25
Why the IRS Has Stopped Auditing Churches—Even One that Calls President Obama a Muslim 06:24:16
Looking for talented Freedom Lovers! Do you have an eye for news? 05:23:15
Anyone else watching "Last Resort"? 05:20:18
A Hurricane Once More, Sandy Defies The Rules 05:13:15
NY Times endorses O* 04:06:44
Why does Ron Paul retain so much enthusiastic support? 03:36:21
Cop Shoves Crippled Woman With Cerebral Palsy (video) 03:33:49
Christmas End the Fed Protest Rally 03:32:47
Vote Gary Johnson for President 2012 03:05:54
Another Vote for Gary Johnson 02:54:24
Bill Kristol - "I’d be happy if Ron Paul left." 02:50:54
40 Million Dollar Man 02:31:06
Gary Johnson on Stand Up with Pete Dominick 02:11:59
Gary Johnson on Las Vegas News KSNV 02:04:09
Gary Johnson Explains The Libertarian Presidential Platform To C-SPAN Callers 01:58:34
redistribution of wealth 00:55:38
Engineered Storm? HAARP Monitoring Project Records Strongest Readings Ever Directed In Path of Hurricane Sandy 00:51:22
Robin Hood - The Final Tax 00:49:14
Donal Trump Owned By David Letterman on 'Made in China' Ties 00:40:42
Arizona Libertarian Joe Cobb in 2-way for U.S. House 00:39:28
Ron Paul moderator of 3rd Party Debate 00:29:49
Not so fast-Still Report #41 - Roger Stone 00:24:53
The Eternal Human 00:24:19
Americans ARE fed-up: Positive Responses to WriteInRevolution in Coon Rapids, MN 00:22:56
Not so fast-California Libertarian Party Debate, March 4, 2012 00:06:57