Posted on October 30, 2012

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Could Eating Too Much Junk Food Give You Alzheimer's? 21:55:34
Do you people remember the Reform Party? 19:16:33
The Atlantic: The End of Laughing at Marijuana Reformers 18:47:18
The Supreme Court Exposes Obama’s Circular Logic on Wiretapping 18:11:08
Sandy financial cost put at $20bn. (Funny how $20bn seems like nothing anymore) 17:41:17
Tom Woods: No, World War II Did Not Help the Economy 12:03:17
Ron Paul Warned Us: United States, Not China, Is Biggest Currency Manipulator 11:30:55
CNN channels Ron Paul: Reduce our overseas military commitments. 09:45:01
Who will you be without Ron Paul? (Different paths to our common ground.) 08:50:57
Doug Casey Video Interview: 'There will be Panic into Gold;' Also some blunt speech about central planning. 12:18:50
Post Hurricane Sandy: Northeast Aftermath 08:11:31
Google Launches Voter Information Tool 01:29:13
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Johnson in Foreign Policy Debate with Romney and Obama 23:52:49
More tyranny! Los Angeles bans purebred pets from being sold in stores -! 23:52:20
Jesse Ventura new interview on Alex Jones show 10/30/12 23:51:42
Here is a opportunity for us to help a Liberty candidate. Ron Paul supporter attacked by opponent/SD democratic party 23:29:31
Can someone explain to me The Sanctity of Life Act of 2011 - 23:23:13
Who Needs Ron Paul Anyway? 22:54:02
Killing Off High Frequency Trading with Taxation (because Regulations / Fines / Courts Don't Work) 22:37:51
'Sovereign Citizens' cleared of taking foreclosed homes 22:30:58
John Embry: “The revelation of this central bank conspiracy will make the LIBOR scandal pale in comparison.” 22:29:09
November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) 22:27:52
Free and Equal Foundation Changes Presidential Debate to November 5 Due to Hurricane 22:26:37
This is what the "Show me the note" defense looks like in South Carolina 22:25:24
Royal Bank of Canada subpoenaed in LIBOR probe 22:24:36
The Top Ten Reasons to Own Silver 22:20:53
New Mexico State Trooper Tasers 10 - Year - Old Boy For Refusing To Clean Patrol Car 22:04:03
Daily Paul Tv Channel 22:00:46
9 scenarios and all lead to stock plunge 23:48:51
Local news reporter grills President Obama on Libya 21:29:33
Election Quiz (be careful, lol) 21:26:19
An Elegy to Russell Means, Ron Paul Supporter 21:23:47
Louisiana Bans Cash Transactions for Second-Hand Merchandise (over a year ago?) 21:02:20
Zombie granny threatens to burn America if Romney wins. 20:38:09
6-Year-Olds, Now Fighing in the Afghan War 20:36:02
I Hope Ron Paul Endorses Mitt Romney: America Needs A New Quarterback 20:29:35
Letter to the Editor of the Albany Democrat Herald - Albany, Oregon 20:27:21
You want to learn about Gary Johnson? 20:08:00
Bad news for Romney. 19:40:01
Elect Tisha Casida to Congress! 19:18:59
Help needed for a friend. Does an employer have the right to force their employees to 19:14:34
Gary Johnson, Libertarian presidential candidate, turns Boulder upside-down 19:07:44
Peace Agreement With The Banksters: Proposal 19:04:18
An email from Liberty Alliance 18:59:23
Racism is a huge issue 18:50:18
Lessons From Another Hurricane (Originally published 6/14/2006) But Still Relevant 18:49:46
Wall Street Journal Story On $43T Bankster Lawsuit Is Back Up! 18:23:17
The r3volution and an Independent meets Occupy! 18:09:27
Fight Back with Exit Polls: Launches Plan to Verify the Votes 17:54:04
'Alert' Declared At New Jersey's Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant 17:41:18
Why the invasion of Normandy was unnecessary! 17:38:57
Does Sandy Give Obama an Advantage ? 17:36:47
Oath Keepers .999 pure fine silver 1 oz. coins are available for pre-order. 17:27:48
People's Commisar Guzevicius Orders for Baltic States WWII 17:24:23
It would be very much appreciated 16:45:01
Vote Now: Should Marijuana Be Legalized? 16:43:41
43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit Video: Please Report Views (Being Surpressed) 16:37:17
FEMA making preparations to postpone presidential election 16:29:35
Kids Have Spoken... Official Winner is Obama! 16:23:12
Real Money.. Sound Money.. Constitutional? 16:20:41
Slave Mentality 16:12:54
George Will on redistribution of wealth and contradictions 15:58:20
David Icke ~ Put your guns down...we don't want war! Wembley Arena 2012 15:10:40
Everyone Knows What Ron Paul Stands for, No One has Even Heard of Gary Johnson, That's Why Ron Paul Write in Stronger 14:49:29
FIJA, Fully Informed Jury Association, Orlando, Florida, Leafleting 14:31:28
FOUR more days… Let's finish strong 14:29:00
Income Tax - Gildersleeve 1942 14:24:12
Gary Johnson at Colorado University, Oct. 29, 2012 (full video of the event) 14:09:51
Libertarian voter guide for California ballot measures 13:53:07
Eapen Thampy speaks at Gary Johnson Rally in Boulder, CO 13:45:43
Romney Financed By Drug Lords, Mossad? 13:29:43
Rand Paul Open to 2016 Presidential Run 13:29:30
“Rogue” U.S. General Arrested for Activating Special Forces Teams; Ignoring Libya Stand-Down Order 13:26:06
Gary Johnson at CU-Boulder: I would like to abolish the federal reserve 13:24:11
The endless wars of the future: Why votes for Gary Johnson matter now more than ever 12:45:41
Bank of England director: Occupy was right 12:42:03
Obama Executive Order Expands Homeland Security Reach Into Local Law Enforcement 12:30:55
Video: Time Warner Kills TV Show Critical Of TSA (Video) 12:22:59
National polls are meaningless at this stage in the election 12:20:44
Political Reporting (via reddit) 17:39:20
3-Candidate Comparison Sheet (Ron Paul, Obama, and Romney) 11:57:27
DroneNation Movie Pt3 The Drones come home to Roost 11:57:24
Hang Ron Paul's picture on the wall and call it a day 11:37:46
Gun Owners of America 2012 candidate rating scorecard 11:25:42
I'd like to write in Ron Paul, but not sure if my state will simply throw it away or not ... 11:18:56
Film: The Ludwig von Mises Story 11:11:56
Ron Paul Warned Us: United States, Not China, Is Biggest Currency Manipulator 10:33:39
CNN Muses: What Happens If No One Wins The Election? 09:48:22
GJ robocall disappoints 09:43:27
$43 Trilion Returned to Treasury from Big Banks Would Restore the Economy Almost Overnight 09:36:17
Larkin Rose explains "Voting For Dummies" 09:25:48
From the Secret Service 09:23:26
Pink Floyd taking bricks out of the Wall? (Rogers Waters on Russell Tribunal) 09:11:06
The New World Economic Order: Deepening the U.S.-EU Transatlantic “Trade Partnership” 09:06:01
Ron Paul Revolution: The Write-in Campaign Strategy *Do It Now!* 07:47:17
Public Education, is it for the J-O-B-S? 07:25:56
The nanny was on SSRIs 06:59:16
How Rome went bust and how US is following EXACTLY the same path - unfunded gov 06:55:28
Happy Halloween Daily Paul! Scary news of the day 06:48:03
Freepac, Chicago - Andrew Napolitano 10/26/12 06:30:11
Massive Fires Destroy Dozens of Homes in New York 06:07:47
Here it is - EU Commissioner - 'Santo Subito' 04:58:43
The Jitter Prank 02:26:12
! 1 more write-in for Ron Paul 2012 ! 01:30:25
4409 - Scottsdale Police call me a TERRORIST 01:12:56
Last Day To Help Gary Johnson Beat Romney/Obama in Local Online Poll...Disclaimer: I'll Be Writing In Dr. Paul Tomorrow 11:35:47
Sharks Swimming in NJ Neighborhoods, Goldman barricading HQ with tungsten? 00:42:08
Video: NYC ConEd Plant Explosion During Hurricane Sandy 08:21:32