Posted on October 31, 2012

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Policing for Profit: Outrageous Civil Forfeiture Case Begins Next Week 19:35:49
FLASHBACK: Global Cooling -1970's Environmental Hysteria 23:33:49
Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein arrested in Texas 17:48:06
Tom Mullen: 2nd Third Party Debate: Will Americans listen on the 5th of November? 20:41:24
Now Iowa is threatening to arrest UN election observers 15:36:27
. 14:32:27
Little girl is tired of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney! Aren't we all. 14:19:06
Police Officer Tasers 10 year old boy for refusing to clean his police vehicle. 12:07:39
Ron Paul on Preparing for the Economic Collapse 16:54:14
Young Super PAC millionaire moguls vow to rid the GOP of war mongers, big spenders Brat PAC 09:57:32
Oklahoma State Convention - Parking Lot Convention - Song & Dance. Tribute to Parking Lot Patriots 15:56:54
Taxes are Cool: Facebook's Zuckerberg tells Obama he's "cool" with paying more taxes - Video 07:45:58
Jersey Shore Completely Destroyed by Hurricane Sandy | Aerial View 07:35:17
Ben Swann Reality Check: Could One Ohio County Decide The Entire Presidential Election? 00:11:27
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Nigel Farage interview on Fox News (weeks old interview) 23:57:29
France 'hits Google with €1 billion claim' in content row 23:45:53
Police dressed in army fatigues & automatic weapons sent to evict woman from her home 23:44:23
Judge Napolitano: Did Facebook Censor Navy SEALs Over Libya Attack? 23:43:03
Mayor Bloomberg Issues Minimum Passenger Mandate For Cars Entering Manhattan 23:38:25
Oklahoma Prepares for Open Carry Gun Laws 23:37:13
The Strategy for Winning California for Ron Paul is deceptively simple and fraught with Human frailties. 23:33:42
Congressman Calls for $12 Billion in New Debt to Pay FEMA for Hurricane Sandy 23:31:40
Obama/Biden indicted by Florida grand jury 23:29:19
A Response from Senator Rand Paul about Homeland Security‏ 22:54:06
Here comes the first MSM article to foreshadow an Obama victory based on Sandy. 22:33:26
Ron Paul is still the only real choice for President 22:25:57
Experts warn of superstorm era to come 21:41:23
Has the Election already been Stolen for Romney/Ryan? 21:35:38
Could You Put That Gun Down While I Call the Cops? 20:53:19
RT: First They Came For The Anarchist... (an update) 20:35:35
What Is The Role For Government In A Free Enterprise Economy? 20:11:25
Halloween Scare: Post-2012 America Prediction: Dispute, Riots, War! 20:03:25
Another strange two months for planet earth - A compilation 20:03:22
Liberty Candidate Tisha Casida Supported by Small Business Owner (video) 19:45:34
Best Hurricane Sandy photo I've seen (humor) 19:24:42
Gary Johnson Explains How to End the Two-Party System for Good 19:01:44
Is Ron Paul an official write in candidate in Oregon? Has the Paul campaign filed the necessary paperwork in Oregon? 18:59:55
It was hot and sticky. A book by L. Joseph Mountain 18:17:11
"Make A Youtube Video" by Tatiana Moroz Directed by WeAreChange (Video) 17:46:14
Yet Another Victory for Ron Paul! 17:45:46
Bankers contributions to Romney 17:44:28
Whither shall the Liberty Movement go? 17:42:27
Scientists offer quantum theory of soul's existence 20:28:05
Gordon Duff: US military planned mutiny to topple Obama 18:08:02
Ben Swann: What The Media Isn't Telling You About The Drug War (Video) 17:32:43
The elites have known WHO murdered JFK since the day it happened. 17:21:43
Did Romney Cheat At First Presidential Debate? 17:18:14
Funny Gary Johnson video 17:16:27
Pat Buchanan's bizarre Romney endorsement 17:09:43
A 4 year old feels the same way we all do about the elections... WATCH! 16:51:35
Great Picture: My freedom is dying behind closed doors. So is yours. 16:46:27
Keeping the Revolution Alive: Conference Call Schedule for Write-in Votes and Exit Polls 16:38:00
Together we will restore the blessed Republic! ('Bomb Iran' team not included) 16:25:11
On Halloween, US military forces train for zombie apocalypse 16:24:34
nuf said 16:23:48
The Continuing attack on Private Property, When the Robber is Robbed. 16:19:03
No Prank: On Halloween, Us Military Forces Train For Zombie Apocalypse 16:05:49
Gary Johnson: Since I was 17 years old, I’ve paid for everything that I’ve had in my life 15:47:30
What the New World Order Thinks of YOU 15:45:42
The Libertarian Case for Gary Johnson 15:29:29
Washington Times Blog: Is Obama above the law? Gary Johnson says 'no' 15:21:10
Obamney makes little girl cry 15:02:52
Food Inc... 14:30:57
The Brat PAC: Super young Super PAC spending millions on election 14:30:20
2 Refineries, 3 Nuclear Sites, And 6.25 Million Residents Still Dark 14:22:42
Japan: Panasonic (#3 Employer) LOSES $9.6B this year.. and that's AFTER firing almost 39,000 people. 14:08:55
New Landmark Study on Aspartame 13:56:08
Obamacare Makes Your Health Privacy a Government Matter 13:41:02
More than 1.5 Million Pounds of Arsenic-Laden Drugs Sold to Meat Producers 13:37:32
Ron Paul drummed out of the GOP Convention! 14:03:01
GM 3Q Profit Falls 14% 13:19:12
Republicans Have Won Every November 6th Presidential Election Since 1860 13:14:45
New ADP Count Slashes Job Creation for September 13:12:05
Obamacare exempts millions, prisoners, illegals, welfare recepients 13:01:04
Ohio: More Voting Problems As Ballot Cast For Romney Comes Up Obama 12:48:11
Aspartame is linked to Leukemia and Lymphoma in new landmark study on humans. 20:34:11
The vote for Liberty is never wasted 12:41:37
$ Make six figure income. Guaranteed. No work involved. $ 12:32:02
Aspartame is linked to leukemia and lymphoma in new landmark study on humans 12:31:21
Did Obama Fire General Who Tried To Save Ambassador Stevens? (Video) 12:27:56
The Myth of "Rights" 12:18:32
Article has me confused! Who exactly are we all voting for? 11:47:37
Michelle Bachmann 11:43:11
Supreme Court Justice 11:40:49
The Nation's Deathbed 11:28:57
Ron Paul endorsed candidate Denny Rehberg a liberty candidate? 11:22:27
My God, you can now get arrested for possession of salad ingredients 11:11:29
Yahoo! Article On LFA Pac 11:09:30
Is this the future of America? 11:07:09
US Supreme Court To Argue Use Of K9 Search Outside Your Home 11:02:04
The libertarian 'Liberty for All' Super PAC 10:49:43
Obama accepts Osama Bin Laden donations from Pakistan for his campaign. 10:28:01
(VIDEO) Gov. Gary Johnson debates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney 10:18:16
The REAL political spectrum 08:53:13
Get the Dough Out of Politics 08:49:08
Plan to sit it out this election? Prepare for the wrath. 08:42:17
Write-in Ron Paul commercial on Cincinnati radio! 08:18:45
Who Killed Lucia and Leo Krim? 07:06:29
From Richard Gilbert - Romney staff arrests imminent 06:44:09
Fun With DHS Keyword Madlibs! 06:35:53
The biggest Civil Rights issue of our time... 06:31:22
Mitt Romney Demonstrates His Commitment to Economic Recovery By Suspending Television Ads 05:44:00
New National Anti-TSA Campaign: Opt Out And Film Week 05:02:53
Hurricane Sandy's aftermath and power outages could affect voting on Tuesday 04:07:44
Facebook Censors Navy Seals To Protect Obama On Benghazi Gate 03:42:42
Remember how the "Market Meltdown" was credited for the Obama landslide of 2008? 03:36:48
Obama Lost California Today 03:04:09
Supreme Court to consider how and when police can use drug-sniffing dogs 01:10:30
Ben Swann: What The Media Isn't Telling You About The Drug War 00:58:09
Obama Ordered DHS to Control Hurricanes 00:53:32
This is what you must tell Romney supporters in democratic stronghold states 00:25:26
What to make of the polls? 00:24:57
Celebrity video urging people to vote... Consider who will actually be influenced to do so by this nonsense. 00:24:52
Humor: "Dear Red States..." A Letter From The Blue! 00:15:54
Happy Halloween 00:15:53
Judge Napolitano: Reflections on the Loss of Liberty 00:14:55
Ron Paul 2012 : Tales of the Revolution (Episode I) 00:10:41
Today, the ongoing War on Terror has eroded the original intent of the framers 00:01:02
CNN channels Ron Paul and Gary Johnson: Why not legalize Pot? 00:00:00