Posted on October 4, 2012

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Ben Swann Reality Check: The Real Numbers Behind Romney and Obama's Deficit Plans 23:38:30
Amping Down: Japanese families physically/voluntarily capping their own circuit-breaker boxes (30 amp to 10) 20:59:41
. 19:49:41
Who Really Won Last Night's Debate? Goldman Sachs 19:30:53
Friday’s jobs report bigger than the debates 16:43:14
Jesse Ventura: "Clint Eastwood Only Got It Half Right!" 15:09:27
Tell me I wear a tinfoil hat! 17:06:59
Ron Paul Would Have Crushed Obama in the Presidential Debate 15:37:56
Networks, AP cancel exit polls in 19 states 13:18:43
Why is Ahmadinejad considered "evil"? 13:51:46
Iranian Holodomor 10:12:04
Barack Obama: The Amateur 23:17:29
Rand Paul Interview on Jon Stewart's Daily Show (10/3/12) 07:42:39
MSNBC Chris Matthews EXPLODES Over Obama Performance 07:57:41
Peter Schiff interviews John McCain: You Can't FIX a Ponzi Scheme Senator! 16:27:38
How Technology Destroyed The Once Substantive Presidential Debate 08:41:22
Ben Swann Reality Check: Who Is Behind The Commission on Presidential Debates? Are The Debates Rigged? 00:02:14
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Help to debate! 23:18:53
Obama/Romney - Fema Camp (music video) 23:12:26
Is The Internet Being Used To Manifest A Negative Reality? 22:54:31
Mom jailed in CA for kids missing too much school 22:45:47
Gary Johnson Campaign Accuses Pennsylvania Republicans Of “Watergate-Style Dirty Tricks” 22:42:07
Bain's Blood Money: Pieczenik Unloads 22:41:31
How One Man Bought A $25,000 Car With $1,000 Worth Of Quarters 22:28:35
Live Debate Tweet Recap 22:16:16
Presidential Debate Or Beauty Contest 22:12:07
30 min interview w/ Steve Stockman, the Republican running for Congress in Ron Paul's district 22:08:30
Pat Buchanan: Romney Gives Best Debate Performance In 52 Years 21:57:47
All George Carlin "You are a slave" videos have no audio 21:54:58
California gas prices over the past few days. It is a bad sign for the rest of you. 21:09:05
Giraldi: Why I Dislike Israel 21:06:45
I Had An Affair With Mitt Romney Last Night 20:45:20
Ron Paul Returns as Honorary Chairman of Campaign for Liberty 20:39:19
Marc Faber & Jim Rogers On Our "Clueless, Ignorant, Dangerous" Leaders 20:20:26
Freedom Supporter Needs Your Help 20:18:54
Ron Paul endorses Ted Yoho for FL-3 20:06:19
H. R. 6357- To prohibit the extrajudicial killing of United States citizens and for other purposes 19:53:32
. 19:27:31
Isn't it about the issues, not the man? 18:53:55
U.S. Army Characterizes People “Frustrated With Mainstream Ideologies” As Terrorists 18:45:25
Banks bankers; What are they doing with the money? 18:39:08
Take a Picture of Your Write In For Ron Paul 18:33:43
TSA steals traveler's money as RETALIATION for complaint -Oct 2nd 18:19:52
Wholesale Gasoline Shortage In California Causes Gas Stations To Shut Down: Hoarding Next? 18:08:32
Plutonomy Will Win the Presidential Election, September 27, 2012 18:01:25
Peter Schiff speaks his mind to John McCain 17:35:13
Video of the nomination papers being submitted for Dr. Paul & Nevada's vote from the convention floor. 17:31:15
Video: A Briefing On Iran's Nuclear Program 17:17:00
Seek Out All Liberty Candidates! It's A Numbers Game! 16:22:53
Researchers Unearth Bacterium that Produces Pure Gold 16:22:39
Gary Johnson: First Debate Missed Key Campaign Issues - Fox Business News 10|04|2012 16:01:06
Explain this bill to me ... PLEASE 15:56:12
Gary Johnson and Ron Paul Supporters Got Shut Out of Presidential Debates 2012 15:46:39
Gary Johnson Debate 15:16:09
US and Turkey to take ‘in-depth’ look at creating Syrian no-fly zone 15:10:56
Robert Gates: War on Iran Would Be ‘Catastrophic,’ Make Tehran Nukes ‘Inevitable’ 15:07:09
Independent voter numbers have surged 14:54:29
Did He Do What Needed to be Done 16:21:41
Debate Ratings: Fox News Tops Cable News For First Debate, As More People Tune In Than 2008 14:28:20
Gary Johnson Interview: Six Burning Questions for the Libertarian Party Nominee 14:20:08
BLOOMBERG: California Gas Stations Begin to Shut on Record-High Prices 14:20:02
Whole Foods confirms it knowingly sells products containing Monsanto's genetically modified corn: Don't ask, don't tell! 14:12:29
Radical bi-directional flying wing design gets NASA funding 14:01:08
Just shut up... 13:49:55
"In a lot of ways Russia also seems freer than America..." 13:37:07
TSA Reinstates Approval To Film Policy After Backlash 13:36:17
HURT: Obama debater: Making Jimmy Carter look awesome 13:29:54
Question for Paul supporters who are not voting this year: 13:29:06
Rare US meningitis outbreak grows; 4 dead, 22 sick 13:22:30
Is It Okay to Kill in the Name of Public Safety? 13:20:28
Romney's New Constitution: FedGov Can Do Whatever Beijing Is Willing To Subsidize 13:10:39
NASA: Warp Drive Engine for Faster Than Light Travel 13:03:29
Building Bridges WTPN with Ben Swann on A9 TV (September 20, 2012) 13:01:59
HuffPost: Let Gary Johnson Eat Cake (and Debate) 12:56:19
Mortis Noctu - Don't Sleep (End the Fed) Revolutionary Music Video 12:55:36
Busted On Video! Tsa Agent Stealing Passenger Property, Blames Wife! 12:53:07
The Philadelphia police officer to be sacked for punching woman. 12:46:40
Chris Matthews Has Meltdown, Admits MSNBC Liberal Media Bias 12:25:25
Roger Stone is Gary Johnson's Jesse Benton 12:24:31
Gary Johnson: First Debate Missed Key Campaign Issues 12:23:19
Texas Senatorial Debate: Ted Cruz v. Paul Sadler (Full Debate, 10/02/2012) 12:21:54
Palin warns: Obama Camp will not go down without swinging; will pull something (VIDEO) 12:16:29
Contact Anheuser Busch to boycott sponsorship of Presidential debates 12:15:30
Gary Johnson guest on Alex Jones 10-4-12 @ 2:30 pm ET 12:12:49
Gary Johnson Interview w / Alex Jones - GCN -1:30pm CT 10-04-12 12:12:48
Animals engineered with pinpoint accuracy 12:07:53
Rand Paul Discusses Denver Debate on CNN 14:53:16
Romney, the faux Conservative on Banking regulation 11:49:05
New TV ad: Republicans Blow the Whistle on Romney 11:45:09
Discussions on "Crisis Initiation" 11:43:54
Jim Lehrer gets bullied during debate 11:33:45
A BARMY new trend in body art has emerged in Japan – known as the “bagel head” 11:28:46
Army conducted secret chemical testing in her impoverished St. Louis neighborhood 11:27:01
Messages from FEMA, NWS, FCC, Department of Homeland Security, etc... now delivered right to your smartphone 11:22:26
National virtual ID card scheme set for launch in UK (Is there anything that could possibly go wrong?) 11:11:18
Orders to US factories plung in August on planes and computers 11:03:15
Video: Al Gore blames the Denver altitude for Obama defeat in debate 10:59:40
Ohio ballot now available...and Ron Paul isn't on it as a write-in. Votes for Ron Paul will not be counted. 10:57:44
Conspiracy to Abolish the Federal Reserve 10:55:44
Europe-wide ban on Monsanto GM corn imminent in wake of French study linking it to cancer 10:53:57
Ex TSA Agent Pleads Guilty To Stealing $500 from Passenger for Complaining 10:47:34
Overpopulated? Aging? Interview with John F. May concerning the demographic future of the planet (Sen. Public) 10:40:32
Romney's Wealthy Backers Are Bailing Out! 10:13:11
Ron Paul at LPAC 2012 10:10:40
NYT: Rift Grows Between Israeli Leaders Over Relations With U.S. 10:03:00
China pushes for new global money 09:24:59
Ron Paul Supporters: Don't Cry For Us Mitt Romney 09:11:58
Roger Stone Tweets: Ron Paul furious with Jesse Benton 09:11:49
Deleted 09:08:59
Here it comes 08:59:40
Gov Gary Johnson Debate (Oct 3, 2012) 08:37:37
Video: Romney Admits He's a Fascist at Obama Debate (10/03/2012) 08:31:09
Surprise! Obama is going to throw the election 23:14:14
Obama should choose Romney as his vice president in 2012 and... 07:15:26
Social Security Deficit Could Mean a 25% Benefit Cut 07:04:07
Dr. Alan Sabrosky: "It is a 100% certainty that 911 was a MOSSAD operation" 06:59:17
Iran: Why not back your Currency with Your GOLD / Your OIL ? 06:57:41
JPMorgan rivals face billions in damages after New York fraud case 06:55:50
Did you know? 06:51:21
3D Printed Firearms Company has Printer Seized 06:43:51
FBI - Romney Must Be Disqualified - Bring your evidence - Keep it simple 05:37:14
Why They Had To Stop Ron Paul 05:23:47
Lost in migration: Earth's magnetic field overdue a flip 04:57:34
How JP Morgan screwed Nikola Tesla and the world! 04:42:19
Judge Napolitano on New York's Lawsuit Against JP Morgan 04:30:02
John Babiarz, Libertarian candidate for Governor of New Hampshire on Ron Paul 04:02:41
Excessive Pride often hides behind Patriotism 03:57:00
The Mexican Drug Cartel Vs. Mitt Romney's Mormon Family 03:26:02
Who's Afraid of an Open Debate? (video) 03:21:24
Write in Ron Paul POLL 02:36:06
Social Security? 01:53:28
Anyone know anything about Art Robinson - Ron Paul endorsed? 01:39:07
Rand Paul: Romney Needs Strong Debate Performances to Win 01:35:44
1 01:24:39
Liberty needs a voice in this election. Fuck the establishement and focus on local elections! 01:19:28
In case anyone missed tonight's debate. 01:01:27
Disgusted 00:59:02
Chris Matthews TRASHES Obama After Horrific Debate Performance 00:55:50
The Liberal Mainstream Media Goes Beserk over Obama's Debate Performance 00:46:07
Chris Matthews Freaks Out, Obama should watch MSNBC! 00:41:58
Mini Hordes of Marauders go Viking on Detroit Gas Stations 00:21:48
Obama throwing in the towel? 00:13:00
Tonight's debate. This picture says it all. 00:06:53