Posted on November 1, 2012

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To Avoid Strangulation, Do Not Repeat These Top 10 Myths When in the Company of Ron Paul Supporters 23:26:15
Ron Paul: We Are Young 20:30:45
It Begins: Ecuador Demands Repatriation Of One Third Of Its Gold Holdings 19:39:55
Jim Willie: Central Bank Gold Rehypothecation Scandal to Take Gold to $5,000/oz 19:48:30
Guardian: Obama faces stiff task to blunt Gary Johnson's challenge in Colorado 16:52:05
Think sobriety protects you from "The War On Drugs?" Think again. 15:07:16
Pro Marijuana Legalization? I bet you are still biased and I'll prove it 14:52:41
Frontline: "Big Sky, Big Money." MUST to see the horrible state of our elections! 14:14:59
Ron Paul on Teaching Freedom at LRC Anniversary 12:15:49
Court OKs Warrantless Use of Hidden Surveillance Cameras 21:25:53
Reflections on the Loss of Liberty - Andrew P. Napolitano | Mises Oct. 26th 09:43:29
New York State Asks DC to Cover All Storm Costs 09:41:48
Ben Swann Reality Check: Is the FBI making us safer breaking up terror plots? 11/1/12 09:01:21
Polling Phone Call Last Night 08:26:09
The "deflation is bad" theory is the biggest academic-sponsored fraud in history. 08:24:27
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Obama & Romney, "They Dont Give a F About Us", Vote Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Vermin Supreme! 23:58:36
Colbert seriously just disrespected Ron Paul and supporters. 23:54:12
Van Eck phreaking - tempest - use on LCD laptop displays 23:52:45
Green Party Has Federal Matching Funds, National Third Party Status. It's Been Done. 23:43:21
Random acts of Kindness 23:26:14
Write-in Ron Paul Is A Romney Campaign Division Tactic 23:22:05
‘We Need Food, We Need Clothing’: Staten Island Residents Plead for Help 3 Days After Sandy 23:22:02
New Jersey to deploy military trucks to serve as polling places (Video) 23:18:46
Media Spokesperson Training 23:14:50
Republican National Committee alleges voting machine troubles in Nevada, other swing states 23:08:44
The US & our allies are fighting terrorists who have defined this conflict as religiously based. 23:07:15
This may be why we're seeing more high-profile retirements and massive stock sales 23:06:11
The Alpha Strategy 23:04:13
US warns Israel off pre-emptive strike on Iran 22:59:26
TSA Screener Arrested For Alleged Child Rape (Video) 22:54:46
Without Electricity, New Yorkers on Food Stamps Can’t Pay for Food 22:37:29
Blueprint For Obamacare 22:25:26
My Response to a GOP Supporter Stuck in the Two-Party System 22:22:56
NBC/WSJ/Marist polls: Obama leads in Iowa, running neck and neck in N.H, Wis. 22:12:14
Inside the polls: Obama's slim lead comes from women, cities 22:10:31
Russia Today: 'us Defeat In Syria Would Be End Of Us Hegemony In Middle East' 22:06:48
Pilot Down (Video) 22:05:10
Russia Today: Israel To Stay On Its Own If Iran Is Attacked, Us Warns 22:04:54
Free & Equal Would Like Our Help! 22:04:44
Gov. Gary Johnson debates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney 22:00:47
How To Tell if You Should Vote for Gary Johnson (in 2 minutes) 21:57:10
Live SHOW 11 PM Chuck Suter reports on the FED lecture series he attended tonight 21:50:18
Help STOP Monsanto and require food labeling - its going to be close, need a last minute push please donate if you can 21:50:03
Letter from Senator Alexander Regarding My Request For Him to Cosign Audit the Fed in the Senate 21:49:46
Look at all the anti-write in posts! 21:45:09
Call To Action! Remember, Remember The 5th of November! 21:30:52
New Children's Song "Peace In Me" 21:17:32
more romney woes 21:13:05
Let's Break the 2 Party System 20:56:49
No Worse Enemy pt.1 > The Christian Libertarian 20:44:27
Michigan State Police protecting, and serving the shit out of you. 20:40:36
FEMA - one thing I think the government should be responsible for... 20:38:29
Volcano power plan gets U.S. go-ahead 20:37:09
Religion and Proof 20:27:59
Oregon GOP Hard Up for votes? Check out this letter I got in the mail 20:25:55
Radio-Ready Ad (MP3) for Ron Paul Write-in, Friday 11/2 Last Day to Buy Time! Start Early! 20:25:24
Continuation; National Emergency W/ Respect to Weapons of Mass Destruction (Declared 1994) 20:25:20
Ron Paul has enough write in states to win the election at 302 with extra to SPARE 20:22:13
Meeting Gary Johnson CU Boulder 19:56:34
Gonna be funny a few days after the election to come here and see all the Ron Paul write-in 19:53:52
Greg Hughes and Gary Johnson Sign Wave 19:52:46
Obama & Romney Voters Realize They Voted for Armed Robbers (aka: "government") 19:51:33
Judge Jim Gray Speech at Marijuana Policy Project 2012 19:48:10
Gary Johnson on MSNBC - Weekends with Alex Witt (2012-09-29) 19:46:34
Judge Jim Gray on Late Night In The Midlands - Gary Johnson's VP (2012-10-01) 19:44:53
Gary Johnson Talks with Brian Engelman on TNAM 19:43:17
Gov. Gary Johnson debates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney 19:37:44
Huffington Post: Romney Backtracks On Fema 19:33:25
Barclays Threatened with $470 Millon Fine for Rigging Electricity Market 19:25:17
When Gary Gets His Millions 19:22:10
Time: Who Is Gary Johnson? And Why Is the GOP So Mad at Him? 19:17:33
This is how similar Romeny and Obama are! 19:17:24
Discovery Channel | HAARP America's Most Secret Structures 19:03:11
Americans Proudly Voting for Evil 18:49:15
QE Sandy? what a joke the federal reserve is a joke 18:38:52
CIA Spy: Obama's Oct. Surprise And Iran's EMP Plan To Defeat US In WW3 Scenario (Reza Kahlili Full 30 Min Interview) 18:21:41
Let's Get Real: Does Anyone Think Their Votes for Obama or Romney Will Decide Anything? Diebold Decides, Period. 18:15:41
Gary Johnson Does Another Sublime Interview 'Waking Up' America 18:02:02
6 Bizarre Factors That Predict Every Presidential Election 18:01:35
A&M Code Maroon 17:53:41
Casey For Freedom: Continuing The Ron Paul Message In Maine 17:37:30
Psyops 101: A brief history of fake news 17:34:22
Stossel: Federal Government Should Not Be Involved in Disaster Relief 17:30:07
Society wants you to be dumber 17:28:10
Court ponders whether to force woman to have abortion against her and her parents wishes. 17:19:43
I spoke with Spire Law Group today regarding the $43 trillion lawsuit 17:18:06
If Ron Paul Made A Compelling Endorsement For Gary Johnson Would You Change Your Vote? 17:09:24
Mitt Romney acting like a weasel - video! 16:49:16
TIME: Who Is Gary Johnson? And Why Is the GOP So Mad at Him? 16:32:15
Virgil Goode Ballot Access info 16:30:09
Soviet Slave Labor - 5 Categories 16:07:34
New York Ron Paul write-in 15:52:39
Rand messes up again. 15:44:14
FLASHBACK: The Pre-Global Warming string of the WORST Hurricanes to Ever Hit New York in the 1930's 15:42:01
Networking prepper site a good idea? 15:40:42
Gary Johnson - Supposedly Lutheran? 15:30:27
Gotta stop and give thanks, man am I glad we are preppers. 15:19:53
Opportunity Knocks! 15:15:50
The return of apathy 15:11:39
Minnesota District 7 Liberty Lovers 14:57:11
An Ancient Evil Awakens 11-6-2012: Hoover Dam False Flag Soon? 14:47:32
Ice Cube - Everythang's Corrupt - "I heard the U.S. Mint is about to print" 14:45:40
Daily Paul Poll - Who are you voting for? 13:41:18
New Obamacare Tax Form Mandates Americans Report Personal Health ID Info to IRS 13:30:21
“The Republicans were so intent on getting rid of Ron Paul that they inadvertently created a competitive district.” 13:28:21
History Holds Its Breath 13:19:28
Big Sis Loaning Out Military Style Drones To Sheriffs Departments: Privacy Group Sues 13:14:28
13 Reasons Not to Vote 20:51:29
Surveillance Video Shows Man Beaten, Robbed In Nyc As Hurricane Sandy Struck 13:06:47
A picture is worth a thousand words 12:59:10
How Will the Fed React to Sandy? 12:56:09
Let me be perfectly clear: My vote does NOT imply consent. 12:53:01
Actor: If Romney Wins By Slim Margin “America Will Explode” 12:41:28
Help Out Hurricane Victims 12:37:25
Dear Sandra... estimates are running as high as 50 Billion... so big deal, that's nothing. 12:29:03
Staten Island Borough President: Don’t Give Money to the Red Cross 12:22:53
Gary Johnson Talks NWO, Bilderberg & Bohemian Grove 11:56:36
A Hurricane Blowtorch (wowowoooowww!) 11:23:12
"Geauxing Galt" is a new novel by Jason Garey 11:11:56
The Philosophy of Liberty video 11:07:43
11 Year Old Girl Supplies Power to Sandy Victims, Donates Proceeds to Red Cross 11:03:22
Catch Kurt Haskell today on the Alex Jones Radio Show and Breaking the Set on RT TV! 10:56:06
Drive-thru flu vaccines being administered for 'emergency response' purposes 10:42:18
Free-Market Anarchy and Halloween 10:41:10
Ron Paul recent speech: 10:36:42
Delete 10:36:00
WOW! Gary Johnson Talks NWO, Bilderberg & Bohemian Grove (Video) 10:28:45
The American Lands Council - A way to take back our Federal lands 10:21:11
Leno: 'Hurricane Sandy Has Already Created More Jobs Than Obama Has'(Video) 10:17:48
The Grasshopper and Ant explain federalism 10:13:51
Student Arrested After Romney Shooting Claim 09:55:11
You’re Eight Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terrorist 09:35:03
Romney Campaign bought 5k worth of goods to give to supporters to give back to him for "relief" effort. 09:24:50
Should Tweeting False Information Be A Crime? 08:58:53
Gary Johnson in 2nd in Pennsylvania according to! 08:43:21
Swedish Town Pays Jobless Youth to Move to Norway and Job Search 08:30:57
LRC: Teaching Freedom (Ron Paul Speech At The Mises Institute) 08:30:29
The compassion of the elected official... 08:28:38
Supreme Court to decide if K9 unit can sniff around your home with no warrant. 08:19:37
Posse Comitatus Marines & Police conduct joint urban training exercise 08:08:33
Forbes DHS sec Napolitano hypes up cyber threat using storm Sandy 08:01:23
UN to investigate US drone strikes that cause civilian deaths 07:57:47
Public TV Station Excludes Libertarian Who Met Qualifications 06:57:46
Alex Jones, the $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit and LAME Stream Media 06:36:22
Presidential Historian Doug Wead to appear LIVE on streaming radio TODAY (Election Day)at 8AM! 06:35:10
Little girls who reach puberty as young as six 05:41:31
Bill O'Reilly's "Shut Up" Memoirs 04:43:57
Daily Caller: Women Claim Sen. Bob Menendez, D-NJ, Paid For Sex In Dominican Republic (Video) 03:21:58
Tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney 03:18:00
My upcoming predictions. I'm happy to tell you that I've figured it all out. 03:15:12
halloween being silly steve irwin impression. 02:51:28
What brought you in? 02:49:30
The Guide to Trading Candy 02:26:09
Flip-flop Mitt does it again! 02:07:55
Ron Paul Should Have Endorsed Gary Johnson 01:34:09
As if Sandy hadn't done enough damage; Fed may print even MORE money... 01:09:51
FACEBOOK Post from Oregon Ron Paul Supporter to Richard Gilbert about Oregon Write-ins 01:03:54
Bloomberg issues minimum passenger mandate for cars entering Manhattan 00:28:12
CDC: U.S. Birth Rate Hits All-Time Low; 40.7% of Babies Born to Unmarried Women 00:19:31
Hysterically funny antiwar, antinationalist satire - Arguably the funniest movie ever made. 00:15:49
US to hit borrowing ceiling at year-end: Treasury 00:12:08
Political Class Dismissed - Endorsement: Write In Ron Paul for President 00:10:18